Runaway Bride Yvonne and Lance

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“This’ll do,” sighed Yvonne as she lifted the saddle from gray horse. He was watching the river beyond eagerly. With a grunt he trotted off the river’s edge. Even now tears dared to be let go as Yvonne prepared for the night. She had spent nearly the entire day riding and her legs were sore and raw it seemed. She would not marry him though no matter the cost. Yvonne removed her boots and dress, leaving on her undergarments. Relieved, she dipped her toes into the cold water. Her white undergarment could suitably enough be called a dress, if you were a fairy or gypsy.

She had always promised herself that she would marry for love. With the war becoming ever so near to their own borders, her mother had insisted that she settle down. The fact that her father would be home in a months time gave her mother just the right edge to demand her daughter marry. Of all people a duke! Yvonne huffed at the thought, it was all about breeding, money, and being in the know. Even if she did not admit it, she had always known that her mother had regretted her marriage. Every time Lord Albert passed by her mother would smile knowingly. A look of regret would pass through her eyes as she’d blink back the memories.

The dress was much lighter, she had always hated the dreadful things no matter how beautiful they made her look. She had to admit that the green one her mother had given her for her sixteenth birthday had fit her perfectly. It rolled with her every curve as if in a dance. She could not believe that she was soon to be nineteen. A young girl of her age usually would not go riding through the woods alone. Yvonne was not that kind of girl though, and Marry had said that this was the safest part of the forest. It was rare that dangerous animals traveled there or people. Travelers in that part of the country were kind enough and wouldn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.

“Blue,” she called laughing as she watched him suddenly take off at a trot. He ran around the small clearing along the riverside as he tossed his head excited. She could not imagine having that much energy, considering that he had run the entire day in their so called ‘get away.’

A yawn escaped her lips as she stood to fetch her blanket. After unpacking, she unrolled the cloth and laid it upon the grass near a tree. She hadn’t thought about a fire, but it was summer after all. Yvonne had to admit that she hadn’t thought about these things, but it was too late now. Running was the only word that had plagued her mind at the moment. Blinking, she lay down on the bed roll and kept a knife close in case of danger. The wind picked up causing a nice breeze to cover her body. Blue was not too far away, and for his footsteps ended near the waters edge to her left. She could hear him eating as he grazed on the dew grown grass.

Something wasn’t right, she could feel it in her bones as she felt her mind slip away. All the arguing, the running, the crying had worn her out. Footsteps caused her eyes to fly open but it was too late. Above her a figure hovered as she threw her hand underneath to her knife. In a flash she pulled it out ready to lunge it at the stranger.

“Stop!” cried the man as he caught her by the wrist. She was breathing hard now as sweat poured from her forehead. She had wanted to avoid marriage, but had she merely traded herself in for being raped by a stranger. It was practically the same thing, when you think about it.

“Please, leave me alone!” she cried desperately as she tried to pull her wrist away.

“I’m not going to hurt you. Relax,” he said in a calmer tone. Yvonne’s heart was racing in her chest as she sat up a bit and tried to pull away.

“Then let me go!” she demanded as she tried to gather her scattered thoughts.

“Will you hurt me?” he asked as he look her straight in the eye.

“I can’t make any promises. But I won’t hurt you as long as you leave me alone.”

“I all ready told you that I won’t hurt you…I just wanted to know if I could be of any assistance,” he said with a smile. It was hard to seeing him in the dim light as the stars increased. They began their nightly dance causing the world to darken. His face was almost impossible to read, but she could make out the outline of his eyes in the moonlight. The moon’s reflection off of the river caused a glow to fall across the edge where she sat shaking.

“No. I don’t need anyone’s help. Thanks but I’ll be all right,” she said nervously as he let her wrist go. He began to stand and she did as well. She stood, knife pointed his way as her eyes narrowed and adjusted to the moonlight. “I”m just passing through, I don’t need any trouble…Please,” she said as she suddenly realized that she was wearing her underclothing. Never before had a man seen her with her hair down, let alone in her undergarments. She was breathing hard now and glad for the covering of darkness. He laughed softly in the darkness, causing her heart to flutter.

“Maybe I can help…It’ll be cold tonight. You’ll freeze without a fire,” he said as he pulled off his own coat casino oyna and tossed it too her in the darkness. She caught it out of pure reflex, and a scent floated toward her nostrils. God, he smelled wonderful. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something about that smell that was comforting.

“Thanks, but I don’t want to burden anyone,” she mumbled feeling embarrassed for her thoughts. He stepped closer and she suddenly realized that she had dropped her knife.

“You’re not…You’re a runaway aren’t you?” he asked as he laughed.

“Maybe, maybe not. My mother always told me not to speak to strangers,” she added feeling brave as she lifted her chin higher. Chuckling, she watched as he walked across the clearing and picked up a few branches. She stood in shock as she watched him carry perfectly cut logs next to her.

“How did you?” she asked as he suddenly snapped his fingers causing a fire come to the pile.

With a smile he stood from the fire and sat down at the waters edge. With a grunt he pulled off his boots and rolled up his pant legs. With a sigh of relief he placed them into the water.

“My horse was stolen a village back, and I had to walk,” he said as scrunched his face from the pain. He was silent for a minute it seemed as he listened to Yvonne as she pulled on the coat.

“You may join me if you like…I’m all ears,” he said as leaned back onto his the palms of his hands and sighed.

“Why are you being so kind to me?” asked Yvonne as she sat down and dipped her toes into the clear water. The sound of crickets and a lone duck filled the wood. Somewhere far off a wolf howled causing her to shiver, but the stranger merely laughed. He watched as she wrapped her arms around herself. She was trying not to cry, and he could see it in her eyes.

“I’m just being a gentleman,” he said with a laugh as he tried to lighten the mood.

“I’m serious…Most men would have seen me and you know,” she mumbled feeling awkward.

“I know…But you seemed a bit well I don’t know how to put it,” he sighed as he gazed at her. In the fire’s glow he could now make out her features. He smiled all ready loving the way her lips curved in a half smile as her brown eyes glistened in the glow. Sparks flew in her eyes it seemed as she tried to hide the tear in her left eyes. Her long brown hair was thick and reached her lower back. She seemed to be blushing in the darkness at the thought of him seeing her like this.

“I know…I am a run away, but I have good reason,” she said with a whimper.

“Oh? You can say it,” he said as he reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her left ear revealing the rest of her face. She tensed for a moment at his sudden touch and blinked up at him.

“My father he left to the war…My mother wants me to marry…I know this will sound stupid, but I always promised myself that I would marry for love. I just can’t marry this man,” she said as she bit her bottom lip and turned her head away.

“I understand,” he sighed as he leaned closer. She looked his way eyes blinking longing for rest and not just sleep but rest from the worries of her life. She sighed leaning her head onto his shoulder as she relaxed…He was doing something, was it magic? She knew from the moment that he had started the fire that he had magic abilities. Was he using them to calm her? He was a stranger after all.

“His name’s Lance. He’s a duke, I’ve never met him. I know that sounds horrible, me judging a man I never met. But he’s eight years older than me, and if he’s anything like the Duke’s I know…I don’t want to think of that. The last Lord my mother tried to sway to marrying me was a stuck up bastard if you ask me…And Marshal he scares me with those hawk like eyes of his. After years of Yvonne do this and Yvonne listen up and Yvonne sit up straight, or Yvonne you need lose weight, I just can’t take it anymore,” she said as she began to cry. Smiling, he took her into his arms as he held her gently.

“Yvonne,” he said softly as he tested the name on his lips.

“If they find me,” she said as she buried her face into his chest and cried.

“I won’t let them take you,” he whispered as he pulled her away and forced her to look up at him. He wiped away a few tears here and there with his thumbs. “Everything will be all right,” he smiled as she shook her head. “Shh,” he whispered as he leaned in and pressed his lips against her own.

“Please I,” she pulled away. He took wrapped his arms around her waist and held tight as he pressed his lips once again to her own. At first she grew tense, but after a second or two he felt her lean into him as she placed a hand onto his chest. He might have used magic before to calm her, but this was her doing. She alone must have wanted him to kiss her back. It was then that he felt her tongue enter his mouth causing him to tense. He felt his penis harden as he longed to pull her onto his lap.

“I’m sorry,” she said suddenly as she pushed him away with the hand on his chest. Her eyes were wide canlı casino in the dim light as she breathed hard. He could not help to stare at her chest as she breathed hard looking quite in shock. “I don’t know what came over me,” she added as she pulled her hand away from his chest. His arm though still hung around her waist, and he wasn’t letting go.

“Please don’t stop,” he said breathing hard longing for her to kiss him again.

“I can’t…We don’t even know each other,” she argued shaking her head as if to clear it as she tried to stand up. Her hair hung around her eyes and mouth like a curtain. He reached out and tangled his free hand into her hair as he pulled his lips back against hers.

“Please I,” she began when he pushed her back onto the ground. He pressed his lips against her own, and before he could think she was giving in and letting her tongue fill his mouth.

Pulling away he stood and pulled off his tunic along with his undershirt.

“Wait I don’t know if I’m,” she began as he pulled off his trousers revealing the his white underpants. With a nod he left them on, but with a laugh he took hold of her wrist and pulled her into the water. Her sudden scream of surprise echoed across the water as they fell inside.

“I can’t swim,” she cried as she tried to lift up her head panicking.

“Your all right,” he said smiling as he wrapped his arms around her. Terrified, she threw his arms around his neck and held tight as he pulled her up against his chest.

“It’s all right…You’re safe,” he whispered as he leaned in for another kiss. As he kissed her he let his hands travel down her back as he gripped her under-dress. He began to tug at the clothing longing to pull it off of her. She tensed at his touch and her kisses hesitated. He breathed into her mouth the calming magic once again. It wasn’t forcing her to let him have his way, it merely promised her that he wouldn’t hurt her, it gave her courage where she needed it the most.

With a quick tug, he pulled her dress up above her waist line. Her eyes were wide as she shivered from the cold water. Her nipples were hard beneath the fabric as he lifted it up and off of her body. With a groan he took hold of her left nipple as he began to suck and rub along her skin. He smiled inwardly as he heard a soft groan come from her lips. He wrapped his other arm around her waist and gripped her left ass cheek as he left his fingers sink in massaging it gently. Her hands were caught up in his hair as she moaned longing for more.

“Here,” she said as she let her hands fall to his waistline. Hurriedly, she began to tug away his underclothing. He tossed their clothing up on the shore. With a deep breath of anticipation he pulled her naked body up against his own. He groaned loudly as he felt his erect penis touch her crotch area as she pressed up against him with her breasts against his chest tightly.

He bent his head low and let his tongue run between the two breasts as he cupped her ass into her hands pulling her up against him. Her wild abandon began to sink in deep as she pulled him up and shoved her tongue into his mouth as her tangled her hands into his light brown hair. His stubble covered face rubbed against her skin causing her senses to rise.

He moaned against her mouth as his penis pressed against her body. She tugged on his bottom lip with her teeth and rubbed her tongue all against the inside of his mouth. Hurriedly, he took hold of her waist and picked her up as he set her back onto the shore. She reached up nervously to cover herself as the realization slowly sank in deep.

“It’s all right…Your beautiful,” he whispered as he pulled himself up out of the water. He climbed up and pushed her down onto her back.

“I don’t know…Are we?” she began. Before she could say another word, he pressed his lips against hers and rubbed his body against her own wet one. In the dim light of the fire he studied her body with his eyes as he leaned away momentarily. Her eyes were wide with a mixed fear and anticipation. He blinked letting a calmness sink from his own body into hers. She bit her bottom lip, and he knew that she could feel the pleasure that was taking over his own body.

Smiling, he ran his hands down the smooth curving of her waistline. Her wider hips curved down into longer legs than most women he had seen. He smiled as he leaned in too suck on her neck. He began to rub her breasts gently with his hands as he sucked on her neck and made his way up and down again. “You can moan…Moan for me?” he whispered into her ear.

“No,” she said tensing under his touch. He breathed against her neck and rubbed her nipples harder as he pinched a bit at them. Before she could say another word, he took his left hand and placed it onto her clitoris as he began to rub gently. He heard her gasp loudly as she bit back a moan about to escape her lips.

“Let it out…It’ll make you come faster,” he said into her ear as he kissed his way down to her chest. He then kissed across her stomach as he let go with his kaçak casino right hand and held onto her hip. He kissed across her smooth stomach as he rubbed in small circles. She moaned loudly as his lips suddenly reached her clitoris. He pressed his mouth hard against her as he shoved a finger from his right hand into her vagina.

“Ah…Oh!” she cried as he slowly worked in another two fingers. He looked up momentarily to see her head turned back as she placed her hands against her breasts. She was rubbing and pulling at them furiously. Smiling, he plunged back in once again. He sucked on the center than let his tongue gently glide up and down smoothly across the area causing her to shake and moan even more.

“Let it out…Scream for me love!” he commanded loving the fact that he was the first man ever to please her in such a way…if she only knew who he was…

“No…I can’t…This it’s…harder,” she begged as he worked in fingers in faster as he felt it grow to fit the length and size of his now four fingers. She moaned as he pushed and pumped them in and out.

“I want you to be able to cum with me, when we make love,” he said before going back to sucking her hard as he tugged against her gently with his lips. She was moaning loudly as he pounded his fingers deep within her. He could feel the back, but made sure not to hurt her. He wanted to take her virginity with his own cock, not his fingers. Every time though that his fingers touched the back, she moaned louder and almost screamed as she pulled her hips away.

“Aw! God, please don’t stop…I’m almost,” she moaned as she bit her bottom lip. Smiling, he pulled away leaving her panting hard as a look of disappointment crossed her face.

“Spread them further,” he said as he got to his knees and pushed her legs farther apart.

“Wait…I don’t know if I’m,” she began when he leaned down and pressed his lips against her own. She was shivering a bit from nervousness and a bit from the excitement.

“I won’t hurt you…I promise, It’ll hurt for a second, but then it’ll feel all right,” he whispered as he kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear.

“I’m scared…We shouldn’t,” she began when he breathed once again letting the calmness settle. She now could feel his own passion the desire to mate, to fill her up with himself, to make her his.

Groaning she ran her fingers through his hair and latched onto the back of his head as he rubbed himself against her hard. He too was now shaking from excitement as he leaned back and kissed the inside of her legs. Carefully, he spread them further and placed his on the outside as he placed the head of his cock at her opening vagina. The tip was dripping with precum as it throbbed and twitched.

“It’ll be all right..I’ll take it slow,” he reassured as he slowly moved the tip inside. He had his hands palm down onto the wet grass. He moaned as he rocked himself a bit further inside.

“Aw!” she moaned as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she kept her one hand on the back of his head. The feeling of her tight walls pulling and tugging around his cock made him moan louder than she had. He closed his eyes as he pushed in deeper.

“Aw…Fuck! It’s so tight, Yvonne, oh God,” he moaned as he pushed all the way inside.

He felt the dick touch the back causing her to nearly scream in time with him. He pulled out and then pushed back again as he started a steady rhythm. She screamed through the first pain, but it too faded away to moans as he finally pulled her legs up onto his shoulders. Fiercely now, he began to pound his cock deep into her. He loved the sound of her moaning, her first begs to stop, then her moans that longed for more as he pushed in deeper. He felt his dick rub against the top, and her walls tightened around his dick.

“Aw…I”m almost there!” she cried as she pressed her free hand against her clitoris and rubbed in a fast circular motion. He moaned as well as he fucked her harder. She wasn’t used to that type of language coming from a man, but it made her body tense with the heat as her nipples hardened and she flexed her walls longing to cum with him.

“Scream! Go for me love! God, I’m almost there too…It’s going to be a big load,” he groaned as he felt her walls tighten even harder around his cock. She stopped rubbing her clitoris suddenly as she moaned loudly. It echoed through the trees as she released herself onto his cock. He felt the walls tighten and the juices add to the motion.

“I’m there!” he yelled as his hands balled up into fists and he released inside of her fresh body. He closed his eyes tight as he felt his cock twitch inside as it released his cum deep into her vagina.

“Oh god…That was amazing love,” he said as he rolled onto his back on the grass. His heart pounded in his chest as he breathed deeply as sweat poured from his forehead. Yvonne merely sat up silently as she gazed down at the naked man beside of her. She was trying to come to grips with the fact that they had just had sex. She was sweating hard now, and what made her even more confused was the fact that she had wanted it and from a stranger of all things. As she watched him relax in the firelight, something very heavy crossed her mind.

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