Ryan’s Story Pt. 29

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Ryan’s Story

Chapter 29

I again woke alone in my bed. Apparently, grandmother had already left. I climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Going past mother’s room, I looked in and she was also gone. As I neared the bathroom, I heard the shower running. Walking in, I saw Julie taking a shower. I stood for a moment, admiring her trim, fit body. Nice size breasts, firm and capped with nice large nipples. Flat smooth stomach, strong athletic legs, and a beautiful large cock and balls hanging between her legs. She looked over and saw me and smiled. I walked over and opened the glass door and stepped into the shower.

“Did you miss me,” she said, “Little brother?”

For an answer, I dropped to my knees in front of her, opened my mouth, and took the head of her cock in, running my tongue over the smooth surface.

“Mmmm,” Julie moaned, “I guess you did miss me.” She placed one hand on my head to guide me and the other on the wall of the shower to keep her balance.

I felt her cock harden in my mouth and pushed forward, letting it slide into my throat as it came to full eleven-inch hardness. I then started up and down with my mouth on her cock, sucking, as my hand cupped and massaged her large ball sac. I continued to suck and fondle until with a loud groan, Julie shot her warm load into my mouth which I eagerly swallowed. After a moment, I pulled my mouth off of her cock and stood.

“Thanks, bro,” she said, “A great way to start the day, a blowjob from my little brother.” Kissing my cheek, she got out of the shower.

I finished washing up and got out of the shower and dried off. Walking down the hall to my bedroom, I decided to go downstairs and get some juice. Since I was now alone in the house, I just went down naked. After drinking some juice in the kitchen, I headed back upstairs to get dressed. As I passed through the living room, the front door opened and Aunt Sue walked in. Seeing me naked in the living room, she smiled brightly and said, “Wow, what a wonderful surprise,” and walked over to me.

“What are you doing here Aunt Sue,” I asked?

“Stopped by to pick up some papers your mother left for me,” she said, pointing to an envelope on the table.

Staring at me, noticing my little cock was rock hard, she walked over and squeezed my cock and balls, firmly, causing me to gasp.

“Somebody is being naughty this morning,” she sneered at me. She pulled me over to the sofa by my cock. Sitting down, she pulled me down across her lap. “And naughty boys need to be punished.”

Holding me down with one arm and trapping my legs with one of hers, Aunt Sue began to spank me, hard and fast. I was squealing and squirming as her hand slapped my ass cheeks, soon I was sobbing and begging her to stop, but my little cock was rock hard. Grabbing me by the hair, she pulled me up onto the sofa. She had me on my knees with my head over the back of the couch, undoing her pants, she pulled out her hard twelve-inch cock. Stepping up to me, she rammed it completely in me, causing me to scream out, and then my cock shot its load onto the sofa. Laughing and holding me by the hips, she started fucking me, hard and fast. Her body slammed against my red, sore ass. With a loud grunt, she shoved deep into me and shot her warm load. After a few minutes, she pulled her spent cock out of me, zipped up her slacks, picked up the envelope kaliteli gaziantep escort on the table, and walked to the door. Pausing as she opened the door, she looked at me with a smile and said, “All of you will be coming over to my house on Sunday for a cookout. The twins are looking forward to playing with you. Have a nice day.” And she left.

I stood, cleaned off the sofa, and went upstairs to get dressed for school. I put on a very tight pair of jeans and a tee-shirt and headed off to school, only one class this morning.

After sitting through my class, I headed down the hall to Dean Carter’s office. As I passed Phylis, the chubby secretary, going the other way carrying some papers, she said to me, “Ryan. Dean Carter is expecting you. I will be along shortly.”

I opened the door to the Dean’s office, entered, and closed the door behind myself. Sitting at her desk, Dean Carter looked up at me and smiled.

“Hello Ryan,” she said to me, pushing back from her desk in her chair, “Take your clothes off.”

I stripped and walked naked over to her desk, her eyes on me. She turned slightly in her chair, motioning me to come closer. As I stepped up to her, she reached out and fondled my cock and balls. Putting her hands on my hips, she pulled me over in front of her and sat me on the edge of her desk. I laid back on the desk, my legs spread on each side of her chair. Running her hands over my belly and legs, she leaned forward and took my cock into her warm mouth. After a few minutes of sucking on my cock, she stood and dropped her slacks and underwear. I looked at her hard twelve-inch cock, leaking precum. She grabbed my legs, lifted them straight up, and stepped forward. I felt the head of her cock push into my eager hole, sliding in easily. Moaning, I laid my head back over the edge of the desk as Dean Carter pushed her cock completely in me, sliding out slightly and pushing back in.

The door opened and Phylis the secretary came in, closing the door behind her. “Looks like I am just in time,” she said walking over to the desk. Standing by my head, she dropped her pants, her eleven-inch cock rock hard. With my head hanging over the desk, she placed the head of her cock against my lips and said, “Open wide honey,” and pushed into my mouth.

In the meantime, Dean Carter had continued to fuck my tight hole and now Phylis was pushing her cock into my throat. I felt her hand on my throat and her large ball sac against my head.

“Oh,” she said, “I love to see my cock in your throat,” as she massaged the bulge in my throat.

The two of them then started pushing in and out of me in unison. Pulling back and shoving in together, I felt the two cocks fucking me face and ass. Dean Carter was the first to cum, with a loud moan she pushed into me and gave me her warm load deep. She kept her cock in me as Phylis continued to fuck my mouth, watching the bulge in my throat move as Phylis continued. Soon Phylis cried out, pushing completely into my throat and her cock swelled and spasmed as she shot her load directly into my gut.

The two of them then slowly pulled their cocks from me, leaving me with an empty feeling. I lay there for a moment as they put their clothes back on. Finally, I crawled off the desk, standing before them naked. Phylis began stroking my hard little gaziantep kaliteli escort cock as Dean Carter watched, smiling. Soon I was thrusting into her hand and as I was ready to cum, Phylis leaned over and took the head into her mouth. I shot my load and she swallowed it. Standing back up, licking her lips, she smiled at me and gave my ass a slap.

“Okay Ryan,” Dean Carter said, “That’s it for your tutor session today. You can dress now and leave.”

I dressed and smiled at them, left the office, and headed out the door to the school wing. As I started to walk up the sidewalk, heading for home and car pulled up and stopped beside me.

“Hey cutie, come over here,” the girl behind the wheel yelled to me. I walked over and leaned down to her open window.

The blonde asked me if I wanted a ride home, sitting in the car with her legs spread, the bulge in her jeans visible.

Looking at me, with a smile, she said, “I’ll give you a ride for a blowjob.”

I smiled at her and said, “Okay.” I climbed into the passenger seat and she drove off. “Didn’t I see you at Futa House at the party,” I asked her?

“Yes,” she laughed, “I live there. That was a fun party, glad you were there.”

She pulled up in front of my house, turned off the car, pushed her seat back, and smiled at me. I reached over and unfastened her jeans and reached in and fished her hard cock out. I leaned over and took it into my mouth, sliding my mouth down and feeling it push into my throat. I sucked up and down her cock and in no time she moaned, holding my head down and shot her load into my mouth, I swallowed it all.

Sitting up, licking my lips, I smiled at her and said, “Thanks for the ride.” I opened the door and walked up to the house and she drove off.

As I walked up to the house, I noticed the cars of mother and grandmother in the driveway. There was a car parked in the street at the house in front of ours. I noticed also the for sale sign on that house had a sold sign perched on top of it.

I walked into the house through the kitchen door and yelled that I was home and walked into the living room, and stopped dead in my tracks. Sitting on the sofa with wine glasses in their hands was my grandmother and a large, beautiful black woman. They both smiled at me.

“Hi honey,” grandmother said to me, “This is Tonya, my real estate agent. I just purchased a house and we are celebrating.”

The black woman stood and she was very large, at least six foot four inches, and had a thick body and large breasts. She was dressed in a dark pantsuit with a white blouse. She smiled at me and held out her hand.

“Hi Ryan,” she said, “I am pleased to meet you. Your grandmother talks of you often.”

My little hand was lost in her large one, her grip strong and firm. My eyes were staring into hers.

Stammering, I said, “Nice to meet you too. Where did you find the house to buy?”

Laughing, grandmother said, “Right across the street.”

Tonya finally released my hand and sat back down. “Would you like to join us in celebrating?” she asked, running her eyes over my body.

Keeping my eyes on hers, I said, “Sure. I’d love to. I’ll get a glass.”

As I walked to the kitchen, I stopped and looking back over my shoulder asked, “Where is mother?”

Tonya was staring gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan at my ass and grandmother said, “Upstairs getting dressed. She is going out tonight.”

I smiled at Tonya and went into the kitchen and got a wine glass. I returned to the living room and grandmother poured me a glass of wine. Smiling at the two of them, I held up my glass and said, “Here is to grandma’s new home. I am so glad it is close.” We toasted and I sat down on the chair across from them.

Just then, mother walked in dressed for a night out. She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, giving me a nice peek down her low-cut blouse at the cleavage I loved so much.

“Where are you going mother,” I asked.

“Gladys and I are going to Maria’s. In the mood for some of the good food.”

Laughing, grandmother added, “And one of the cute busboys.”

Mother just smiled. “Dinner is in the oven. Ryan, can you take care of it for me?”

“Sure mom,” I said, “I’ll get the table ready and finish the cooking.”

Mother left and the three of us chatted for a bit, they had to tell me all about the house.

Grandmother stood and said she had to go to the bathroom. I stood and said I should get dinner ready. Tonya stood and picked up the wine glasses and the bottle. I walked into the kitchen, followed by Tonya. As I stood at the counter, getting dishes for dinner from the cupboard, Tonya stepped up behind me, pressing against me.

She whispered into my ear, “Well little man, what are we having to eat?”

I leaned back into her warm body, saying “It looks like a stew.” And I rubbed my ass against the large bulge in the front of her slacks.

“Sounds good,” she said, “But Sugar, I’m really hungry for something else.” as she ground her bulge against my ass.

Breathing heavily, I could only stand there and feel her pressing against me. I could feel her breath against my ear. Whispering at me, she said, “Baby, I am very demanding. I don’t like to be disobeyed.”

And she stepped back from me and set the wine bottle down on the counter just as grandmother walked in. We each took a plate of food and sat at the dining table to eat. I sat directly across from Tonya and whenever I looked at her, she stared directly into my eyes and had a smirk on her face. I blushed and had to look away, I could not hold her stare. The conversation was light during dinner, mostly about the house that grandmother had just agreed to purchase. After dinner, we cleared the table, putting everything in the kitchen. I started to clean up the kitchen, the women retired to the living room. Soon they stuck their heads in the kitchen, grandmother announcing she was headed to take a long hot bath and Tonya saying she was headed home. Grandmother thanked her and headed up the stairs. Tonya took her time getting her purse and walked back into the kitchen. I was standing at the sink washing some dishes and she walked up behind me. Without saying anything, she slid a hand down inside the back of my shorts and squeezed my left ass cheek. I gasped and moaned, she leaned over and said, “I do love a nice white boy ass,” and squeezed again. Then she asked me for my phone. Drying my hands, I reached across the counter, staying where I was so her hand stayed inside my shorts, and handed her my phone. Taking it with her free hand, she punched some buttons. Soon her phone rang and sitting mine down, she answered. Then leaning over and putting her mouth to my ear, she whispered, “Now I have your number. I will be calling you and I do expect to be obeyed.” With that, she gave my ass another squeeze and turned and left. I stood there on wobbly legs, my little cock rock hard, my head spinning. I knew there was no way I would ever be able to say no to Tonya.

(To be continued)

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