Salenna Ch. 07

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Nathan came around with his draft web site, it was brilliant, he had used photos he had cut out of magazines and scanned to give everybody an idea of what it might look like but he said he really needed actual photos to do the site justice.

Brit rang around and purchased a couple of good digital cameras that would be delivered the next day so she asked Nathan if he wanted to come back tomorrow and be involved with the photo shoot so they could get pictures of what he wanted. Again he couldn’t believe his good luck and said he would return in the morning. He wasn’t to sure that taking on this job was good for his health, he was masturbating thinking about the girls and again looking at the pictures of himself and Brit. Was six times a day too much? He didn’t want to know the answer because he couldn’t help himself anyhow, he fell asleep dreaming of the morning.

A round table conference was held to sort out who was going to do what, what shots they were going to do, where the shoot was to be held and who was going to be on cameras and lighting.

Barry was on one of the cameras and decided that all the softcore shots be done first, that meant the girls in bikinis, some revealing street wear and finally heaps of nude shots.

Nathan was staring all agog and when the shots of Salenna in the raw were being taken he had to run to the toilet, he had never seen tits like them even in stick books let alone in the flesh. With the cheesecake shots done and the nude shots in progress, everybody was naked and flashes were going off everywhere, they must have over 200 hundred shots by now.

“Okay, lets swap cameras the girls will take the shots and the boys will pose” said Roger.

“Don’t forget that half the audience watching this site will be women, so we need to cater for them.” The girls took photos inside, around the pool and in the garden, the boys all looked superb, with they’re muscles flexed and a spray of oil on their skin. Craig and Barry were impressive with their slack cocks dangling down and slapping their thighs.

Roger winked at the boys, “Brit did you hire any fluffers for this morning? We need pictures of the boys with their cocks hard and the girls will be busy with lighting and cameras.”

“I’m sorry Rog I forgot.” Brit replied all flustered

“You are normally so efficient, what’s wrong with you lately, we can’t have Nathan here waiting around, he has a job to do.” Roger was acting in a very stern manner. “You’ll have to suck all the boys yourself when they need it, so we can finish on time.” The boys gave Roger a wink back, they loved the way he teased Brit.

“I’m sorry, I’ll do my best, please don’t be angry.” Brit thought she had won the lottery, she shrugged her shoulders and the straps of her top fell down and her huge tits flopped out, she pulled the top over her head and with one press stud to undo she was on her knees naked and ready for action. God had never stopped smiling on her since she walked through the doors of this house and she silently thanked Him.

The girls wanted some shots of Craig naked by the pool in his relaxed state and then some with an erection. The first shots done, Brit took Craig’s cock in both of her hands and fed it into her mouth, in 20 seconds it was raging and the girls finished the shoot. Nathan was off to the toilet again, the sight of Brit sucking Craig’s huge black cock was too much, Christ he had pulled himself off three times already and they hadn’t taken a lunch break yet.

“What’s the matter with Nathan?” asked Jill “has he got diahorrea? He keeps going to the toilet.”

They broke for lunch, Nathan had to find an excuse to get away, he was embarrassed and he was the only one left with clothes on and had a permanent hardon. He grabbed the cameras and downloaded the pictures to the computer, transferred then to disc so he could take them home leaving the cameras free for the next session.

The afternoon session was to be hardcore but mostly simulated so that the shots would come out crisp and clear, somebody would have a video camera going just incase there was some exceptional shots that might be missed.

Sean and Celeste were the first to be filmed, she sucking him to hardness and pausing while shots were taken, then Sean nearly fucking Celeste with the head of his cock just touching the pussy, more still shots. Then he did the same near her arse and finally he put if in to the hilt but no pumping, more still shots. The last scene was of Celeste sucking his cock before he shot all over her face, the filming was arduous for them both but they were starting to realize what professionalism was all about, all the time instructions were being barked out from the crew.

“Celeste, mouth wide open, tongue out.”

“Sean, head back when you cum.”

“Celeste, look at the camera while he cums.”

“Sean, wave it about when you cum, we don’t want it all in the same place.”

“Celeste, change hands the left one is blocking the view.”

“Sean, gaziantep escort grab a handful of her hair as you cum.”

“Any cum that lands in your mouth Celeste, don’t swallow push it out with your tongue so it dribbles down your chin.”

“If he cums in your eye just shut it and keep looking at the camera, don’t wipe it away with your hand.”

“Okay, we’re ready if you want to release it Sean, some in the mouth, some on the face and the rest on her tits.”

Sean couldn’t hold back any more and let it go, remember head back, first shot in her mouth, second on her face, a hand full of hair, third back to her mouth. Celeste was smiling at the camera all the time as globs of cum landed everywhere, pushing cum out of the corner of her mouth before swallowing the rest, they wanted shots of her throat swallowing.

It was finished. “I bet you all thought we were enjoying ourselves, didn’t you?” said Celeste as she wiped herself down with a damp flannel.

“That was bloody hard work, so you can do without us for a while we’re going to have a proper fuck.”

“How’s it going Nathan, reckon you’ve got some material to work with?” asked Roger.

Poor Nathan was a gibbering mess, he had never been surrounded with living sex in his life although he fantasized about it often when he tugged himself, now when he went home he would have 100 megs of pictures, it would last him a lifetime.

“Perhaps a few more shots, maybe some of Jill and Barry and a few of Salenna and Craig that might get the interracial crowd flocking to the site.” He hoped that sounded like he knew what he was talking about, in actual fact he was flying blind and only wanted some shots of big black cocks in blonde holes.

Ray and Christy were next, both of them having separate shots before being photographed together on the bed, first in embrace, then Ray sucking Christy’s tits and then on down to her cunt. He had to lick her till her clit was poking out and her cunt was swollen and oozing. He had to stop while close up shots were taken, then back onto it again but this time stimulation with just the tip of his tongue on the clit, more close up shots.

Brit was busy with Ray’s cock getting it hard and wet before it was photographed plunging into Christy. “Hold it on the up stroke and then again on the down stroke, we want clear shots for the stills, not blurred.”

“Legs scissored around his back, arse off the bed, look at the camera, smile.” The commands were being issued from the film crew as the flashes went off, at last Ray pulled out and came all over Christy’s cunt and stomach and then slumped on the bed.

Jill was next, but just on her own with a vibrator first massaging her body before stimulating her clit and cunt, lots of shots of her swollen clit. She was getting horny so she called Barry over to fuck her, the cameras were recording it all when she called out “I’m cumming………I can’t stop.”

“Pull out Barry we want shots of Jill as she ejaculates.” Was the instruction, so he rolled off and the flashes were firing as Jill shot cum out of her cunt spasmodically as she came, they kept shooting as her orgasm subsided.

Time was getting on so the last scenes were to be of Craig and Salenna, they got on the bed and Salenna started sucking his cock till it was hard, wet and glistening. Craig was pinching her nipples till they stood out proud and erect, then he sucked them, the contrast of the milk white skin of Salenna and the black skin of Craig made the scene even more erotic.

“Brit, keep Craig hard so we can lead straight into a fucking scene.” Barked Roger. Brit slithered onto the bed to put Craig’s cock in her mouth to keep him hard but not intrude on the photos being taken.

“Salenna get on your hands and knees so Craig can fuck you doggy style and arch your head back as he plays with your tits.” Somebody called.

“What about me, I haven’t cum yet.” Said Barry.

Salenna motioned Barry over and put his cock in her mouth and began sucking as Craig pushed his cock into her cunt and started fucking.

These pictures will be a knock out thought Roger, two huge black cocks pumping a blonde with the BIGGEST tits ever and finally squirting cum all over her.

Nathan was beside himself he didn’t want to go to the toilet to pull himself or he would miss out on the action so he put his hand on his cock via his pocket to relieve himself.

Brit noticed, “Nathan come over here and let me help you.” She undid his belt and let his trousers fall to the ground as she grabbed his erect cock and started giving him a hand job.

The feeling was like nothing he had ever felt in his life as he looked down and saw Brit pumping his cock with her hand and her mouth open ready for his load. He felt it coming from his toes and wanted to blast all over her face and in her mouth, his cock spasmed in her hand and he shot what he felt was a massive amount.

Brit pumped away at Nathan’s cock anticipating a mouthful of nectar but all she got was a dribble, it was a dry blow, he had masturbated so often that there was no more semen left, Brit felt cheated.

She was on her feet and pulled Roger over to the bed, her body was quivering, all day she had been sucking cock for no reward and now she needed some sexual gratification. Her cunt was salivating with the anticipation of being fucked, she was like Pavlov’s dogs ready to be fed.

Brit mounted Roger and began fucking him, it was the most brutal fuck he had experienced as her frustration of the day was being relieved.

Brit had been on heat for some 6-7 hours and her orgasm came in only seconds, but the intensity was frightening, her scream was low, guttural and continuing, her cunt contractions were so strong they nearly bit Roger’s cock off. The explosions of light going off made her feel is if she was in another galaxy.

She only had the one massive orgasm, she would keep the multiple orgasms for tonight when her body was more relaxed. Brit surfaced with clapping and cheering from the team, “That was awesome, I’m glad we’ve got that on film it could come in very handy later.” Said Sean.

Brit blushed, she had been caught fucking on camera for all the world to see and felt a little embarrassed, then she thought, if they reckon that was good you should see me tonight, I’m going to fuck Rog till his cock blisters.

Nathan’s senses were operating at 110%, he was sure he could smell the sexual aroma coming from Brit, he could certainly hear her screaming and as he watched her orgasm he came again, another dry blow, but it still felt good.

The writhing, screaming and finally the orgasm where the body muscles contracted all over, as if she had taken a bait, her mouth and neck muscles pulled taut, her leg muscles almost cramping they were so tight, then the collapse. Nathan was hooked, he knew he would never see another woman so dynamic, beautiful and sexy in his lifetime, he was under her spell and would become Brit’s slave.

Nathan was always within a couple of meters of Brit as if there was an invisible lead between them, he anticipated her every move and was waiting to do her bidding.

She on the other hand had no idea the effect she was having on Nathan and just accepted that he was a kind and considerate young man that enjoyed playing with her tits when she asked, the rest of the team accepted this behavior as routine.

Nathan took Ray aside one day and asked “Could you give me a few tips on eating pussy? You seem to be a bit of a gun at it and I’ve never done it before. I just want to be ready if the occasion arises.”

“Sure” said Ray.

“Hey Jill come over here and help us out.” He called to the nearest girl.

“Nathan wants to learn how to eat pussy and it would be easier to explain if he had a model to work on.”

“Not a problem.” Said Jill as she flopped on the bed and put a cushion under her bum. She spread her legs and her bald cunt was staring up at Nathan.

“Okay let’s get started, tongue out and lick all around her cunt and the top of her thighs.” Nathan did as he was bid.

“You’re going to quickly, slow it down a bit so Jill can appreciate the feeling, now the outer lips, suck them into your mouth and run your tongue all around them. Put your tongue into her cunt and begin long slow licks up to her clit, use both hands to fondle her tits and pinch her nipples.”

Jill’s cunt started to leak and Nathan could taste and smell it, kind of a musty smell and a yummy moresome taste, he kept up the long slow licking, how long had it been five or ten minutes?

“The clit should be swollen and hard by now, sticking out of its little hood, concentrate on licking that.” Ray’s voice seemed miles away as Nathan buried his head into Jill’s cunt following the instructions. Jill’s cunt was running copiously by now and she grabbed his head with both hands and ground it into her cunt.

“Her breathing will get deeper and faster as she approaches orgasm, don’t stop licking, keep pace with her, now index and middle fingers together and deep into her cunt.”

Nathan could feel Jill’s cervix as his fingers slid in and out, her cunt tightened round his fingers as he kept licking and she screamed out as she ejaculated. They both came together, Jill in Nathan’s mouth and Nathan in his pants,

“Keep licking, Jill might want to cum again.” Said Ray

. Jill shook her head as she finished her orgasm, “I’ve got work to do, maybe when I have more time.”

“Hey, Nathan you’re good, was that your first time or was that all bullshit?” asked Jill.

“No it was my first time.” Nathan replied.

“If you get any better than that you can lick me anytime.” She said to Nathan. He was kneeling in front of her, his face smothered in her cum but he wasn’t about to wipe it off, it could crack his face before he did that, this was something he wanted to remember forever.

At the end of each day Nathan would have to tear himself away from Brit and go home to work on the web page, the comforting thought was that he had hundreds of pictures of the “team” in action if he needed relief.

It took about a week before Nathan had it right and he made sure that the meta tags included “Big tits, big black cocks, blondes, young bodies etc” so anybody doing a search would happen on the site. He was really proud of what he had achieved and had a lot of series of about 20 pictures each that he could vary every 2-3 days to keep the site from going stale. He stuck a counter at the bottom to check how many hits the site was getting. Nathan couldn’t believe the hits the site was getting, it had only been up a few days and it was into the thousands, email was pouring in asking what videos were on release, what the names of the “8 team” were and where could they met them. This was all relayed to Roger and the team.

The 8 team plus Roger, Brit and Nathan met to talk about the web site. The girls and boys were excited that they had some recognition and maybe on their way to becoming stars, albeit pornstars, time to get the whole deal organized so they had some direction in which to head.

The team had been tossing the name of the studio around for a few weeks now and they had decided on “Orgasmic pictures” what did Roger and Brit think?

Great, it was hard to think of a name that stood out that hadn’t been taken and they could register, next they needed to get some videos out immediately to appease the public and strike while the iron was hot. Roger’s idea earlier on about editing the tapes out of the rec room seemed the solution, there was scenes of fucking, sucking, blow jobs and arse fucking between everybody.

So “Summer vacation” was their first tape, followed by “Cum shots by the 8 Team”, that should hold the audience till they got their first real production out. Brit and the team went to work as never before editing and cutting scenes, phone calls, prices for duplicating and distribution and a million other things that needed to be tidied up.

Promotional work had to be taken care of so while Nathan was busy with the web site they gathered together to discuss how he would be implicated. Roger suggested Nathan be taken onboard as he had done such a good job and that he get 10% of the profit from the site, if he wanted to he could sell the girls pants, market posters of them or any other crazy idea, as long as the team agreed. This in addition to the sale of video tapes, DVD’s and any advertising that came along should keep him happy, the team not knowing anything about business okayed it – he seemed a nice enough guy and Brit had control over him if he stepped to far out of line.

Nathan was told of the deal and asked if he wanted in, he couldn’t say YES quickly enough. He was deliriously happy, he would be almost part of the team, be around Brit all day and be immersed in the world of sex.

Brit said she would help him start up but that he would need staff in the near future as this looked like turning into a huge operation, he accepted her help and guidance and promised he would repay her someday when he was a millionaire. As to the matter of staff, Nathan put a small line at the bottom of the site, “A competition may be run in the future of a Salenna or Jill lookalike if there is enough interest, email me with your thoughts.”

The days disappeared into each other as they willed the project to success, failure was unthinkable otherwise they would have to split up and go back to school. Brit had blossomed since her arrival, she loved her job, she had lost all her inhibitions and sex was now her God. At night she was so tired that she craved sleep but when she crawled into bed with Rog the addiction took over and she had to fuck.

The first one was ferocious as if they were punishing one another and the climax for both of them was shattering, as they came down they kissed and hugged each other. The next one was slow and full of loving, Brit came and quickly fell asleep with Rog’s cock plugged in like a dummy. In the morning she blew Rog ever so gently so as not to wake him, to thank him for the previous night, then jumped out of bed to tackle the new day.

Roger lay there in a half doze after his ejaculation, at first he thought he had a wet dream then he realized what had happened and smiled to himself, the most perfect fucking machine had just got out of bed to make breakfast, how rich he was. Some men spent millions looking for a Brit and never found one, and he found her and wasn’t even looking, how ironic life was.

The house was jumping as everybody was gearing up for their first film, it was going to be lavish the sets and scenery had to be perfect, the lighting and cameras just right and try as they might they had to hire some extras.

Brit was all efficiency as she dealt with problems, answered the phone and directed people about, but by lunch time she could feel a migraine headache coming on and stopped for a cup of coffee. Nathan was hovering about and sensed that Brit was getting agitated, was this the time to try his new found talent?

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