Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 26

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David Makes a Call

David Lindstrom wasn’t sure he should be calling Sally Czarwitz but he had been bragging, so …

“Hello David,” Sally answered somewhat quizzically. David was one of the many guys she had sex with in high school. Since graduation she had been having sex with as many as possible of the guys in her “stable” as she considered them. She hadn’t done David yet this summer but was surprised he called. Her guys knew she preferred to do the calling.

“Hi, Sally,” He paused.

“You called, David. Did you want something?”

Now that she was on the phone, he was less sure of himself, Well, … Sally, I, Uhh, I have my cousin here from Idaho.”

She had a good idea where this was going.

He continued, “I kinda told him about us.”

“About us?”

“Yeah, … uhh, … about how we have sex.”

“Ohh, You did?”

“Uhhh, … yeah, well, he said he’d never had sex.”

Now she was certain where this was going and began considering what her answer would be. A virgin might be nice, but no experience?

“Yeah, I told him you were a ‘sure thing’.”

“You did, did you?” Sally was both laughing inside and a bit put out.

“Yeah, I’m sorry.”

Sally wasn’t that upset, “What’s done is done.”

“I guess so. Anyway I told him you could teach him all about it. I mean he’s read a lot, he’s real studious, but I told him you knew what to do with the girl’s parts and how to use his. You know, like you did for me?”

“Why don’t you show him.”

“Sally, I’ve got no lady parts to work with. I mean he’s seen plenty of pictures and videos. You could really show him. You know?”

She had decided that working with a virgin guy and showing him the ropes, what she thought of as the female ‘pleasure buttons’, might be a kick. “Yeah, I could, I guess.” She didn’t want to sound too anxious. Let him beg. She had discovered that a bit of reluctance got the guys hornier.

It certainly worked with David, he felt his cock rising. “When do you think you could come?”

“First I’d like to talk to your cousin. Does he have a name?” She wanted to get him aroused too since she intended to get together as soon as possible.

“Sure, Ron, Here, Ron, she wants to talk to you.”

Ron answered hesitantly, “Hello?”

“Hi, Ron,” Sally used her most pleasant voice. “So you wanna fuck me?”

Ron was nonplussed. He wasn’t used to such blunt speech from a girls. “Uhh, … Yeah. I guess.” his cock was already responding.

“You guess? You guess? I’m not sure that’s good enough, Ron. I’d sure like to fuck you, but only if you want it.”

Ron’s cock had never been so hard, “Yes, I want to.”

“What’s that you want, Ron?” She was teasing him.

“Uhhh, to do it.”

“Do what, Ron, can you say it?”

Ron manged to get out, “I want to fuck you” in a barely audible whisper.

“I didn’t hear that, Ron, You don’t sound very anxious.”

He was plenty anxious and got up all his nerve. As a result, after a short pause, he practically shouted into the phone, “I want to fuck you.”

“More like it, Ron, Well like I said, I want to fuck you too. I want to fuck you today, as soon as possible. Where can we do that?”

Ron handed the phone back to David, “She’s gonna do it,” he gasped out. “She wants to do it now. She wants to know where.”

David took the phone, “Sally, that’s great! Ron will really appreciate it,”

“You have to be there too,” Sally told him. “I think a two on one will be nice. Maybe you can show Ron some of the finer points.”

David became a bit reluctant. He hadn’t expected to be involved. He wasn’t sure about being naked with Ron and having Ron watch him fuck. Though it was a bit exciting to think about, especially the part about watching Ron fuck her.

Sally was impatient with the delay. “So where are we meeting?” Sally’s rule was that the guy identified the place. They knew that her home was unavailable.

“Come by my place.”

There were a few guys who used their home either because their parents didn’t care or were never around. But David wasn’t one of those. “What about your parents?”

“They’re away. No chance of any problem. My brother and sister are with their grandma. The house is all mine for now.”

“I’ll see you in a half hour.” Sally, a nymphomaniac, was always ready for a sexual encounter.

David’s Home

“She’ll be here in an hour,” David told his cousin. “Where should we do this.”

“My bed? the guest room?” Ron suggested.

“That’s a full bed. My parents’ king size bed would be best for us all.”


“Oh, yeah, Sally wants to fuck us both. I hope that’s okay.”

“Sounds, well, sounds, kinda embarrassing.”

“Yeah, It does. But Sally was pretty insistent. She’s worth it.”

“A real looker?”

“Not really, just really sensual. Give her a chance.”

“Won’t we mess up your parents’ bed and sheets and stuff?” Ron had experience with messing up his own sheets from masturbation.

“We have over a week casino oyna to clean them and remake the bed. It’ll be fine.”

“If you think so.”

“Yeah, should we be naked when she gets here, or in our underwear? Do you have any tight briefs?”

“I always wear those cotton things.”

“What do you think?”

Ron had specific fantasies. “I was hoping she’d undress me.”

“Sally would like that. Put on clean underwear though.”

“Maybe a shower?”

“The cleaner the better, Sally likes that.”

Both showered, dressed in clean clothes and sat silently on the sofa waiting.

Both jumped up when the doorbell rang and David opened the door.

“Hi guys,” Sally smiled as she entered.

At first, Rob was disappointed. The young women he saw was very plain looking with a too large nose and mouth. He hair was quite frizzy. Her skinny body was flat as a board and just as straight, showing almost no figure. She was wearing a tight short denim skirt and a very tight top that emphasized her lack of breasts.

Sally was surprised at Ron’s appearance as well. He was short and thin and looked like he was maybe 14. She wasn’t up to fucking an under-age kid. She was thinking she should have asked David about that beforehand and wondered how to get out of it. She brushed past David and walked right over to Ron. Might as well get it over with, “You must be Ron?”

“Yes,” He responded, noticing that she had no bra and that her aureoles were clearly visible through the fabric of her tight top and that substantial nipples were noticeable. His mouth got dry.

“I hope you don’t mind my asking but just how old are you?”

“I know,” he responded shyly. “I get that a lot. I’m 19. Really!”

“Yeah he is, Sally, a year older than me.” David chimed in.

“Oh, sorry, but I needed to ask.” Sally grabbed Ron in a tight hug. Her hands wrapped around him and grabbing his butt pulled his crotch tightly against her leg. She felt a substantial hard-on.

Ron didn’t know what to do. His arms just kept to his side as he felt her leg rubbing against his privates.

Sally pulled away slightly. Staring him in the eye she gently admonished him. “Don’t know what to do with these?” She took his hands and pulled them around her back, lowering them to her own butt. She grabbed around him again, pulled him close, and once again rubbed his cock with her leg. She placed her mouth firmly against his and forced her tongue inside.

It didn’t take much force and as soon as Ron realized what she was doing, he responded by pushing her tongue back into her mouth with his. Without really thinking he pulled her hips tightly to him.

David stood watching in astonishment. When they separated Sally asked him, “Where are we going? Wanna get started down here?”

David answered, “My parents have a king sized bed.”

Ron asked, “Start down here?”

“Sally responded to Ron, “Sure, lots of preliminaries.” She emphasized the point by firmly stroking his cock through his clothes.

Then she turned to David, “Your parents’ bedroom? Is that wise?”

“They’re gone for two weeks.” was Ron’s response.

“Away on a cruise with my folks,” Ron added.

“My brother and sister are at our grandparents,” David explained.

“With my little brother,” Ron added.

“We’re watching after the house,” David explained.

“They must trust you.” Sally stated.

“We’re pretty trustworthy,” Ron admitted.

“Let’s change that up a bit!” Sally exclaimed. “Let’s go upstairs, no need to consider when to go into the bedroom if we’re already there.”

She grabbed Ron around the waist so they were hip to hip and told David, “Lead the way.”

David preceded them up the stairs and into the master bedroom. On the way Sally told Ron, “The number one rule is that your responsibility is to please the lady. It’s my responsibility to please you.”

“But how?” Ron asked.

“That’s what I’m here to teach you. Keep in mind that not all women are the same so you have to be sensitive. But what I’ll show you will work with almost all of them.”

Ron was having trouble suppressing his enthusiasm, “OKAY!” He had forgotten any disappointment he had experienced when he first saw Sally.

“Very nice,” Sally said, “Let’s get this comforter off. Any extra pillows? More pillows are always good!”

Sally and Ron folded up the comforter and then the blankets while David went out and returned with his arms filled with four pillows.

Premature Ejaculation

“So Ron, what do you think? What wouldyoulike?” Sally asked.

“Can I undress you?”

“Okay, If you’ll let me do the same to you. But what do we do about that guy?” She indicated David who was standing off to the side.

“Dunno. Does he need to be here?” Ron asked. David remained silent. He knew to let Sally be in charge.

“You need to lose your inhibitions, so I want him around. I want him naked too.”

Ron placed his hands at her waist and began pulling up on her top.

“Not so fast. How we remove canlı casino clothes can be important,” Sally informed her student. “Different women and different guys will have different ideas. It’s usually a good idea that it happen gradually. Don’t just jump out of your clothes or rapidly pull them off your partner. the idea is to build up the emotion and get each other aroused. One of us could get naked first but I like it when we both gradually get naked together. And, David, you just undress along with Ron. Take off whatever piece of clothing I remove of his.”

Ron, could you please take off my shoes and socks?” She asked politely, sitting on the bed and raising her right foot.

Ron knelt down and took off her shoe and sock.

“Don’t just move on,” She instructed. “Massage my foot. You need to take every opportunity to give the lady pleasure.”

As he massaged she gave some more instruction. “You don’t need to stop with the foot, rub along my leg.”

He hesitated at her skirt. “You don’t need to stop, we women really like having our thighs rubbed.” He pushed under her short skirt along her outer thigh.

“Especially the inner thigh, Ron, You need to just be doing these things without being told. Keep in mind that I love feeling many of the things you’d like to do with me.” She guided his arm so his hand pushed gently on the crotch of her panties. “Ahh! yes, there, Ron!”

He caught the hint and massaged the soft panty covered pillows.

“Ahh yes, my other shoe, please.” Sally lifted her left foot.

Ron pulled of the other shoe and his hand swept up her left leg toward the prize.

“Slow down, big boy, take off the sock, massage the foot. Do it enough that I can enjoy that. Gently rub up and down the leg, slowly get to what you were aiming at.”

She sighed in encouragement as he did what she asked. “Ahh, yes, that’s the ticket! And a light touch at the beginning, a light touch.”

“Ohhh!” she moaned in pleasure as he began following her instructions. “That’s right, your responsibility is to pleasure me. You can count on me to return the favor.” She gently took his face in her hands and kissed him hard and wet. Her hands went to his waist and she pulled up his shirt, encouraging him to raise his arms so it came off revealing a white undershirt. “Your shirt better be off too,” she told David without losing her focus on Ron. She looked into his eyes and smiled her alluring smile. He responded with a wet kiss of his own.

She stopped him from putting his arms around her so that she could remove his undershirt. She stood, taking him up with her. “Very nice,” she said as she gently rubbed his hairless chest. “Nice abs,” she fibbed as she ran a hand along the waist of his shorts, pushing very slightly inside and then unbuckling his belt.

“Maybe you can help me with my top.” She raised her arms to confirm her meaning.

Ron had taken her instructions to heart. He slowly pulled the top off from the bottom, stroking her stomach as it was revealed, and even giving it an occasional kiss. He was astounded at the size of her hardened nipples as they came into view and tentatively touched them.

“Ohh, yes.” she encouraged him and lowered her arms to push his face into her chest. “Kiss them, please.” There was no hesitation as he kissed her left nipple and as she pulled his head to it, he sucked it into his mouth and massaged it lightly and then more vigorously with his tongue.”

“Oh God!” she responded, “Don’t ignore her twin sister.”

As Ron worked on the nipples,she writhed to show her pleasure and pulled her top the rest of the way off. She kissed him passionately, while rubbing her damp nipples against his chest and pushing her left thigh against the hardness at his crotch. Maintaining mouth to mouth contact , she reached down and removed his belt.

Then she released him and sat on the bed, her face at his crotch. She unhooked and unzipped his shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor, revealing a pair of Spiderman boxers. “Ohh, Spidie,” she smiled at him, “don’t see those much.”

“I have to buy boys sizes,” he mumbled as an excuse.

“Love ’em,!” she exclaimed, “but you might want to go with plain colors for other women.” She pulled them down, exposing his erect, 7 inch, thin, uncircumcised penis.

“Oooooo!” she pronounced and sucked the tip into her mouth. She began an intense blow job making full use of her lips and tongue.

Ron wasn’t used to the stimulation and quickly reached the point of no return. “Ahhhh!”

Sally realized he was about to cum and that there was nothing she could do to prevent it. So she intensified her activity.

As a result, with a loud “AAAAAAA!” Ron erupted. As his body quivered, he pumped her mouth full of semen. She kept up her stimulation until his moans died down and no more semen was forthcoming. Not a drop came out as she swallowed it all.

“That was a bit unexpected,” Sally joked as Ron stood gasping. “But understandable for your first time. I know you’ve got more in you. She lay back on the bed. “Take your shoes off and lie kaçak casino next to me.”

While Ron complied she said, “Your turn,” to David. He still had his shoes on. “Get naked and bring me that cock.”

Getting Down to Business

“Ron, I think it’s time you took my skirt off.”

He eagerly jumped on the foot of the bed and grabbed the waist of her skirt. There was something about the way she smiled that made him hesitate. “Slowly,” he remembered. He found the skirt had a button and zipper to one side which he carefully unbuttoned and unzipped. Then he stroked the thin, flat belly above her waistline and moved his hands around to her back. He pulled the skirt slowly down, keeping his hands on her back and pushing under her panties until he felt her soft, pliable butt. Then he moved his hands around to the front where they encountered her pubic hair.

“You are a quick learner, Ron, that feels wonderful.”

Meanwhile David had gotten on the bed and, in response to her unspoken command, knelt at her head, his 5 inch, hard penis in her face. She had commenced playing with it and kissing it and sucking it. Stopping only to give direction and encouragement to Ron who was slowly pulling her skirt down her legs, one hand on each leg. As he reached her feet, she placed them against his chest and gently pushed him back, then she playfully flipped the skirt into the air and over his head.

“David, show your cousin what to do with a panty covered pussy.” David responded by cupping the mentioned part of her anatomy with his hand as she resumed sucking at his cock. He massaged gently and stroked it gently with his fingers. He took one finger and ran it between the fleshy folds, pressing especially hard at her clit. Then he gently pinched her substantial labia and massaged between thumb and fingers. Ron looked on, admiring the dark triangle of her neatly trimmed bush and the folds of labia that showed through the translucent panties. His cock came to full attention as the softness between her legs was kneaded.

“Ooo, that’s enough, David. Can you do that, Ron?” He was happy to oblige and with a bit of encouragement with her hand she showed him exactly where to rub his fingers and where her hardened clit was.

“I think we’re going to need a condom, David, please get one from my fuck kit.” Ron hadn’t noticed the small sport bag she had brought into the room and placed on the floor. He was too preoccupied with the feel of her soft flesh through the crotch of her nylon panties to look.

As David retrieved the requested item, Sally said, I think it’s past time for those panties to be off. Don’t you Ron?” As Ron started to slowly move the waistband down, she told him, “Just get them off, please, just get them off!” He pulled them all the way down and off her feet. She spread her legs for him and her substantial, blood engorged labia blossomed forth.

Ron couldn’t help himself, “WOW!, they are so, so, BIG!”

Sally laughed, “yes they are.”

I’ve seen pictures but, nothing like this, they are so, …”

“Big?” Sally laughed.

“No, beautiful. Can I touch?”

“Ron, what do you think we’re here for?”

He gently touched them, “Soft! Like velvet, so soft! are they always like this?”

You mean my vulva?” Sally asked. “Only when they want a man’s attention and are looking forward to having a cock between them.”

“No, I mean all girls. Are they always so big, so soft.”

“Most aren’t so big, Ron. Most are soft. That feels so good, Ron. Can you separate them with your fingers?”

The two large flaps were already partially separated and he had no trouble putting a finger between them and separating them. “Soft and, so wet, and slippery. I’ve read about women being ‘wet. but I never imagined. Soft, velvet, wet, slippery, …” He was moving his fingers back and forth in the channel between the flaps, a hard nub at one end and the opening of a deep hole into her at the other. His cock felt harder than it ever had. It stiffened and throbbed with intense desire for that hole.

“Ron, the clit, pay it special attention.” He began rubbing at it with occasional movements up and down the damp channel. “Go inside, Ron, if you want.”

Yes, he wanted! He shoved a finger inside her vagina.” God, It’s wet in there. So Soft, so slippery.” He swirled his finger around, feeling the ribbed walls and wanting his cock to be there. He felt a hardness at the end of the channel, “What’s this?”

Sally knew where his finger was, “A kinda hard ball with a dimple?”

He felt for a dimple and found it, “Yeah.”

“That’s my cervix.”

“Oh, of course.” He felt all around it and continued to slide up and down inside her, amazed at feeling things he’d only seen in diagrams and pictures.

She challenged him, “how many fingers can you get in?”

He tried, “two, three, that’s pretty tight.”

“Do four.”

“Yeah, they all slip right in.”

“I bet you can get your whole hand in!”

“He squeezed his thumb and fingers together and began pushing in, “My thumb isn’t making it. Wait, there it goes, he smiled broadly as he pushed harder, “Oh, Yeah!” he pushed it in up to his wrist, wiggling his fingers at her cervix and swirled his thumb around inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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