Sam and Jake Pt. 07

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Sam said goodbye to Jake the next morning as he left with Emma, off together to spend two weeks with a bunch of 10- and 11-year old kids. She smirked to herself as she got ready for work, wondering how much time and energy they would have for ‘extra-curricular’ activities. It had been over 20 years since she’d been a camp counsellor but she remembered vividly how tiring it was. Still, there had been a few days she’d been able to get away for some private time, so maybe Jake could too.

The rest of the day went well, work kept her occupied. The thought that Jake had left her for two weeks only crossed her mind a couple times, but once she got home it was a different story. The house felt so empty as Bill wasn’t home yet, and for all she knew may not even come home tonight. His schedule seemed to fluctuate a lot.

Sam sat down in the living room, contemplating the next 14 days by herself. One could see it as torture, a sentence to be waited out, each day agony as the time slowly ticked by. Or it could be an opportunity. Time and space to relax, indulge in any desires or whims that came her way. Contact some friends and get out, spread her wings and just luxuriate in the freedom of having exactly zero responsibilities outside of work.

It was this thought that appealed the most. Theoretically she could be pregnant right now, with her son’s baby. If that was her future, in nine months she would suddenly have a lot of responsibility again, and these next two weeks would be a distant dream. She bounced up off the couch and went to get her bathing suit. Some time around the pool would be a great start to her two weeks of ‘Sam’ time.


Jake ducked, but wasn’t fast enough, and got a ball in the side of the head.

“You’re out!” screamed the kid.

Jake trudged to the sidelines, cursing the kid’s aim. He’d been beaned three times already and it was only day 4 of his time at camp. He still didn’t know the brat’s name, but he knew his face. It was permanently etched in his memory with a gloating, smug expression. Dodgeball seemed to be the only sport these kids liked, they played it several times a day, if they weren’t eating, swimming or canoeing.

Jake cursed the day he’d accepted Emma’s invitation to be a counsellor. For one thing, he rarely saw her, she had her own group of campers she spent day and night with. For another, he was exhausted each night and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. If this kept up for the entire camp he’d be begging to go home at the end.

The actual activities of the kids weren’t super tiring, it was that he hadn’t gotten a full night’s sleep yet. One or another of his campers kept waking him up throughout the night for different reasons. He groaned as he realized that this was what being a parent would be like.

As he stood watching the remainder of the dodgeball game, he saw Emma across the field. She was watching her campers in their own game, though it wasn’t dodgeball. Red Rover, maybe?

He watched her butt as she walked around in her tight shorts. They were long enough to be modest, but almost tailored to her, as they didn’t leave much to the imagination. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, the light brown queue trailing down her back. She had on a tight white t-shirt that showed her white bra keeping her tits covered. Jake realized that despite the theatre and the pool, he hadn’t seen her naked. She turned and caught him staring, so she waved. He waved back. He had to be careful with thoughts of her naked.

His lack of privacy in the cabins at night meant he couldn’t relieve himself. It had been 4 days since his day with his mom, and he was feeling a bit backed up already. He was starting to pop boners at awkward times, so staring at Emma’s ass was a sure way to create another popup tent in his shorts. Thankfully he hadn’t been caught yet, but was mortified at the thought it could happen.

Turning his attention back to the game, Jake saw that the smug kid had won, again, and so he blew his whistle to get his campers’ attention.

“Alright time’s UP!” he bellowed. “Time for lunch, head in and get washed up!!”

The campers slowly made their way to the meal hall for probably more grilled cheese and milk. As Jake walked behind them, herding them like cats, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He hadn’t been touched by anything except a dodgeball since he got there, so he was startled and turned. Emma was there, a foot away, a big smile on her face. A few wisps of hair had escaped her ponytail and floated around her face. Close up like this he realized that her t-shirt displayed her breasts quite well. How had he never noticed?

“Hey there,” she said.

Jake smiled back, happy to be able to talk to her instead of perving on her from afar. “Hey back,” he said. “Long time, no talk.” He tried to keep the accusation out of his voice.

She grimaced in sympathy. Clearly, he had been unsuccessful. “Yeah, I know. This is what the first week is like. By the weekend the travesti gaziantep campers will have settled down a bunch. We should be able to talk again then.”

“You know, when you pitched being a counsellor to me, it felt like there was an implication of more one on one time…” he said. He raised an eyebrow and gave her a leer to show he was teasing.

“You got that impression?” she said, innocently. “I don’t know what you mean. This is a wholesome camp.” She brushed by him, murmuring, “Meet me at the boathouse at 11 tonight.”

He cursed as she walked away, his cock swelling to make a tent in his shorts that would definitely be noticed. He stood there in the field and watched her go, her hips swaying, thankful that his campers were already in the meal hall.

Later that night he thanked his lucky stars that all 10 campers seemed to be in a deep sleep. He threw on a t-shirt and boxers and crept out of the cabin to make his way to the boathouse. The night was clear and the moon and stars made enough light to easily see where he was going.

The boathouse was a long building that housed the camp’s canoes. The door was always open during camp, and now the entry was a yawning black portal that promised privacy. Inside, Jake stopped and looked around as best he could. There was very little light. He got out his phone and turned on the flash and shone it around.

“Emma!” he whispered.

“Shhh…” came the reply. “Back here.”

He followed the sound of her voice and found her down one row of hanging canoes, next to a rack of life vests. She was dressed in a full-length red flannel robe, hair hanging loose, pretty face lit up with a broad smile. She was truly gorgeous, and Jake’s heart skipped a beat at the sight.

“You said this was a wholesome camp, so why did you want to meet up?” he teased.

“The camp might be wholesome, but I’m not,” came her reply. He clamped down on a yelp as she rushed him, planting a kiss on his face, hands on his shoulders.

He returned the kiss with enthusiasm. Immediately he noticed again how different a kisser she was from his mom. Her lips were plumper and moved slower. She used her tongue more, and opened her mouth wider to meet his.

Jake grabbed her hips, pulling her towards him, pushing his erection into her stomach. He was pleased to hear her moan in response. Her hand dropped from his shoulder to his groin between them, rubbing over the outside of his shorts.

Emma pulled back from his face and said, “Fuck, I’m so fucking horny after 4 days of no privacy.” She was fumbling at his button, opening his shorts and dropping them to his feet.

“Really? I thought I was the only one.”

She shook her head. “I want your dick so bad. We only have time for a quickie.” With that she pulled a condom wrapper out of her robe pocket and handed it to him. “Here, put this on.”

As he unwrapped the condom and then wrapped his cock, Jake watched in awe as Emma spun around and bent over, presenting her robe wrapped behind to him. She flipped the robe over her butt, and he was almost overwhelmed by the sight in front of him.

The incredible ass he’d stared at in school was now naked a foot in front of him. The hottest girl in school was now begging for his cock. He could smell her arousal as the aroma of her pussy wafted up to his nose. His cock surged in the condom.

Even with a wet pussy exposed for him, he couldn’t resist worshipping her magnificent butt first. He caressed her cheeks with both hands, gently rubbing the fleshy globes from top to bottom, side to side. His fingers dipped between her cheeks, tickling her sphincter.

“No time for play, Jake. Fuck me now!” came her hoarse whisper.

Jake felt a moment of remorse. He wanted to fuck Emma more than anything but wanted to take more time at it than a late-night quickie in a boathouse. He wanted their first time to be memorable. He did owe her though…

He knelt down behind her, and grabbed her thighs to hold her in place. Closer now, he could feel her heat on his face as he leaned forward and planted his tongue directly between her labia, swabbing it up in one lick to her butthole. He was pleased to hear her gasp out a groan in response.

“Oh Jake, please just fuck me.”

He shook his head, buried there between her glorious meaty cheeks. His tongue was now slathering over her lips, roaming up and down, in and out. He tasted her juices as they dripped from her, scooping them up on his tongue and swallowing. Hands still gripping her thighs, he spread her legs open more to give him access to her clit. Once he could get his tongue to that magic button, he felt her tense up.

“Ohhhhhh, Jaaaake,” she moaned. “Ohhhhh that’s it. OOhhhhhh!” He kept up his assault, his tongue now a rigid rod that he stabbed into her opening over and over, more pussy juice drooling from her. He couldn’t help but compare her taste to his mom’s and found that he enjoyed both.

He gaziantep travesti let go of one of her legs to use his hand, massaging her clit with firm pressure. He was rewarded by more girl lube on his tongue, as she started to quiver there, bent over in front of him.

“Huuuuhhhhhhnnnnnnn” she hummed, keeping her mouth closed to stay quiet. As Jake continued to slather his tongue over her pussy, he was delighted to feel her vagina spasm as if trying to grip his tongue.

“Jake, I’m cooomminnnnngg.” She stayed there, bent over, coming, lines of saliva and juice running down her legs. He eased up on his tongue, and sat back, instead using his other hand to plunge a finger inside of her tight opening.

“Ahhhhh, oh please, no more!” she cried. “Too sensitive, please.”

Jake smiled and slowed down, eventually removing his hands from her in a slow caress. He pulled the condom off his rigid cock and stood up, pulling up his shorts. It wasn’t easy or fun to cram himself back into his clothes but figured it was better this way.

Emma stood up, her robe falling back down over her butt. She turned around and leaned against the back wall. Her face was red as she stared at him. He grinned and wiped his face with his shirt. He’d have to get that stuffed away in his luggage until he got home.

“Why did you do that?” she asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I’ve been dreaming of your cock, not your tongue,” she said with a smile.

Jake shrugged a half shrug. “I didn’t want our first time to be a quickie in a boathouse,” he said.

Emma’s mouth dropped as her eyes widened, “Really? That’s so sweet.” She moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him. When she eventually pulled back, she said, “You’re going to have to wash up before you head to bed. You taste like my pussy,” she said.

Jake grinned. “I might never wash again.”

He did wash up before going back to the cabin but had to rush to make sure that he wasn’t missed by any camper waking up. The next day was a tough one, as he was still very horny and tired, but he noticed that Emma was very smiley and happy whenever he saw her. That was worth it.


Sam sighed and stretched her arms up over her head. She’d almost fallen asleep by the pool. Despite the umbrella, the heat was almost too stifling to stay awake. Her glass of water was almost empty, so she forced herself to stand up and get another one from the kitchen.

It was now one week into Jake’s absence and she had done her best to indulge in every pleasure, guilty or not, that she could think of. Spa day, movie day, shopping day, each one with a different friend. Today was a lazy day, Sunday, to recover from the party she’d thrown the day before.

It was a type of awakening for her, as she realized that she’d been neglecting some of her friendships after starting – it still felt strange to think it – fucking her son. So, over the last week she’d reconnected with some of them, spending a couple hours a day gabbing and catching up, culminating in last night’s get-together.

It wasn’t any type of big thing, she’d just invited a few friends over to sit and listen to music, but somehow they’d invited a few friends as well, and before she knew it, there were 20 people all scattered throughout the kitchen, living room and poolside. She’d been a bit alarmed at first but then shrugged and went with it.

The hardest part of the night, in fact the last week, had been her efforts to avoid tipping anyone off that she wasn’t drinking. She felt a bit silly about it. There was no indication as yet that she was pregnant, and if anyone had noticed she’d have been bombarded with questions she didn’t want to face yet. She wanted nothing more than to talk about her plans to have another baby, as she knew her friends would be supportive and helpful. Some of them had mentioned wanting to have another baby as well, so she knew she wasn’t alone in her desires.

In the kitchen she filled her glass with water from the fridge and drank deeply. She’d gotten a bit too hot there, so she stood in the cool kitchen and thought about why she hadn’t mentioned a new baby to her friends. It felt like a betrayal of sorts. They had never been anything but supportive and open with their own plans, so to keep this to herself was admitting there was something to hide. And of course, the only thing to hide was who the father would be.

Bill was on board with being labelled the father, so really there was nothing to keep her back from proclaiming her plans to the world if she wanted. Her friends had no reason not to believe it. Yet it felt dishonest in a funny way. She was keeping her relationship with Jake a secret, and could never divulge it, but hesitated to tell the lie that anyone except her son would be impregnating her. Like it wasn’t fair to him.

Sam gave her head a shake. This was supposed to be a lazy day, not a deep thoughts day. She’d figure gaziantep travestileri out what to tell people when she didn’t have a choice. After all, she wasn’t there yet. She had a sudden revelation come to her. It had been 4 weeks since her last period, so she should have started her next one today. She mentally tabulated how she felt, and there were none of the signs of an impending period. She hummed in satisfaction, happy at the thought she might be on her way to bringing new, wonderful, life into the world.


Jake collapsed on his bunk and groaned. He had a precious 10 minutes of quiet time in the cabin waiting for his campers to finish brushing their teeth before lights out. It was a moment that occurred once each day, and he enjoyed it immensely. This was the final night of camp and he was looking forward to going home tomorrow. To see his mom, of course, he missed her immensely, but also so he could empty his balls, which surely had to be a deep blue by now.

Two nights after his tryst in the boathouse with Emma, she had walked past his table at dinner and whispered ‘midnight’ before walking away. Jake had been very glad he was seated, so that his instant-hard cock wasn’t visible. It took some time to go down because every time he thought about meeting Emma it would pop back up to full strength. It took an argument amongst the campers to distract him enough to make it go away.

Come that night, however, his meetup with Emma was cancelled when one of his campers was sick in their bed and he had to take them to the nurse. He called in another counsellor to help clean up the puke and by the time it was done and the other campers settled down again, it was past midnight. He did go check the boathouse but she wasn’t there, so he went to bed. The next day he’d tried to apologize but she cut him off, saying she understood.

Somehow, they hadn’t had a chance to get together the entire next week. Between sleeping under the stars with their campers one night, to further illness, so just plain exhaustion, they hadn’t even really exchanged more than a few words.

Just as Jake felt himself drifting off, the quiet was broken by his campers entering the cabin. He groaned inwardly and stood up to make sure they got into bed, but was surprised when they went fairly easily. It seemed that two weeks had finally sapped them of their energy, just when it was time to go home. He wasn’t going to complain.

Usually, he’d hang out in front of the cabin with the other male counsellors waiting for the campers to drop off to sleep, but today he just lay back down on his bunk and closed his eyes. He was ready for the camping experience to end.


Sam hummed to herself as she flitted around the kitchen, getting ready for Jake’s return. He had just texted to say he was on the way and would be home in 30 minutes, so she was preparing a surprise. She wasn’t sure what kinds of food they provided to them at the camp. It was surely nutritious, but it probably wasn’t very tasty. Or sweet.

A careful perusal of the tray in front of her showed the entire feast was ready to go, so she wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for later. She then went up to their room and opened the window to let any fresh breeze in. She changed the bedding, putting on some light silk sheets she’d bought just for this day. Then came her last surprise. A black teddy with sheer panties and top. She wrapped herself in a black silk robe and walked downstairs. He should be home any minute.

Just as she got down, she was rewarded by the front door opening.

“Mom?” she heard her son shout from the front door.

Sam wanted to run down the hall to him, but decided that might ruin the sultry, sexy look she’d been going for. Instead, she walked to him, taking every detail in as she approached. His face was tanned with dirt smudges, his hair messy. His eyes were wide as he looked at her, his lips parted as if she was a mirage in a desert. She giggled at his expression, then took in the rest of him. His t-shirt was wrinkled and dirty, as were his shorts. The shorts that had a distinct lump in the middle of them.

“God, Mom, you are a vision. You wouldn’t believe how hard it’s been the past two weeks.”

“Actually, I would. I can see it from here.” She kept walking towards him, hips swaying, breasts bobbing in the barely containing teddy. He stood there and watched her come, not moving until she was within arm’s reach.

As she got close enough, he reached out with his arms, pulling her into his chest, almost too tightly. He moaned in her ear as she felt his cock push into her belly.

“Fuck, Mom, you feel so good.”

Sam felt a thrill spread throughout her body at his touch and his words. She hugged him close, filling her nostrils with his scent. Body odour, sweat and man, a heady mixture. Her already primed pussy started to flow as she absorbed it all. His hard muscles, his arms gripping her, the rod now pulling away from her. Away?

“Don’t let go, Jake. I want to hold you for a bit.”

“I can’t, Mom. It’s too painful.”

She let him retreat and looked down at his groin. “Too painful? Did Emma wear it down to a nub?” Sam kept her voice light, teasing, but felt a flash of jealousy as well.

“No, the opposite. I haven’t had the privacy to be able to relieve myself the whole time.”

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