Sarah and Haley: Hot Photography

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I told every single woman who came to the studio to partake in my “art” photography that it was a revenge project.

My wife of eight years, a wanna-be painter, had done nude modeling off and on and toward the end of our relationship she was back on the modeling. Her outings had gotten longer and longer and she was coming home pretty trashed. When she found a cocaine-dispensing art gallery owner, our relationship was over. I was devastated. At one point during the breakup, she told me that the “art world” (all of it?) was HERS and that she couldn’t be with me because I wasn’t artistic.

So I decided to be artistic. With nude models. And get a show and sell my work, something she had never really managed to accomplish.

I quickly discovered that I had a knack for mysteriously erotic photography — a career in theater and dance lighting coming in handy. Advertising a bit got me “wannabe” models, usually young women exploring their femininity. In an era of “#metoo” and publicity around the power dynamics between older men and younger women, I was aware that there was some cliche to my choice. Guy With Camera is a pretty common insult in the photography community and everybody DOES assume you’re sleeping with the models.

I actually worked on the images. I got a show. I sold some pieces. I got a good reputation. And I didn’t sleep with the models. Once with a models chaperone, a bff along for “safety” who walked in like a young Cheryl Tiegs and blew my mind in no time flat. Photography turned into therapy for me, an exploration of my past relationships with women, perhaps of my future? And then I realized that these women were also exploring their own insecurities and going through their own therapy. We were in it together. We talked about relationships with them stretched out before me. They looked into the camera and poured out playfulness or tears and were comfortable for awhile. They sent me “thank you” notes that will be important to me forever.

I had met Haley a year earlier when she approached me for a shoot. At the time, I was struck by her incredible beauty and open nature. Just 18 but with a large portfolio courtesy of a high school boyfriend (lucky SOB!), she wanted to get noticed and do something artistic. We shot a couple times and got great images of her — tanned, athletic and blonde everywhere —and stayed in touch without being able to get our calendars to line up for awhile. She sent friends my way, though, which I figured was a pretty good sign.

Sarah had just come into the studio for the first time a month earlier and I was instantly crushed. A tiny brunette bundle of just-right curves with amazing energy and a determination to be an erotic kitten, I flat-out told her that I thought she was special and that I would be willing to shoot as much as humanly possible with her during what I assumed was the short time she would be available to a guy like me. To my surprise, she said that THAT was exactly what she wanted.

What is “a guy like me”? Hitting 50, tall and approaching overweight status but carrying it reasonably well. I don’t work out, have a stressful day job running my own company and a slew of failed relationships due to workaholism, alcoholism and stupidity. A bunch of gorgeous, fierce women in my life who all watched me try different varieties of self-destruction. I had had two years of celibacy, with the one exception midway through.

I had sent Sarah a shot of an old pre-war burlwood-finish piano in my house and suggested we use it as a prop for her. I had a vision of her tied to that piano and her eagerness to visit had that scenario playing on a loop in my head. She wanted to explore? So did I. I thought about why I was so attracted to her and decided that feeling like a fourteen year old boy with a hard-on wasn’t the worst thing in the world and that if she wanted to be a muse I would give my best shot at playing the “older man” for her book. The house got a serious cleaning. I hauled my junky old Ikea bed out of the house and installed a very nice one with plenty of places to hold onto. All I could see were those D-cup breasts swinging back and forth in my imagination. And then…things got more strange than I could ever have imagined.

The day before the shoot, I had a text from Haley. She was coming into town and wanted to shoot if I was available. Well, I wasn’t. Or was I? Sarah had talked about exploring her femininity, hadn’t she? The thought of the two girls posing together…inferno. To shoot that? Once in a lifetime doesn’t even begin to describe the idea. Yes, Uşak Escort I know…there are photographers who shoot porn or groups of hot girls all the time. But I wasn’t one of them. And I thought that both girls were in a place where they might be looking to be experimental. I wasn’t wrong.

Sarah drove into town early and we spent the day with hair and makeup, a nice lunch and some shopping for her. A true muse, she enjoyed being spoiled. I definitely enjoyed spoiling her. High heeled shoes and garters…again, totally cliche but they were going to look amazing with her on the piano. We made it back to my house around dusk and I opened a bottle of wine and prepared a simple meal with greens and polenta, some meaty stew more as flavoring. These were girls, after all, not linebackers. Haley arrived in time to join us and promptly produced a bag of weed by way of introduction. I begged off, noting that I needed to use the cameras and poured them wine while they both smoked themselves silly. Lighting was already set up around the piano in the living room and I had lit a fire to keep everyone warm enough. Neatly the girls were the same shoe size and for the next 45 minutes the two played lingerie while moving between shoes. By the end, it was JUST shoes, with the two of them posing in the firelight, wineglasses in hand.

I brought out a last pair of shoes for Sarah, ones I knew she especially had liked, and had added something to the box. I saw an eyebrow go up at the little velvet bag nestled inbetween the six inch heels. “You’ll have to have Haley help you with that”, I said with a smile. Without even looking inside, she handed the bag to Haley and then put a hand on my shoulder for balance while she stepped into the shoes. Haley had opened the bag and let the contents fall into her hands, a neat pile of weighted clamps. A blush started to work its way up her breasts and into her throat. “But there are more here than boobies!?” she giggled, “unless you want me to put these on YOU!”

“I don’t think my nipples are big enough, really, but they can be used other places. Lets start with that chained pair on Sarah? You just need her nipples to be totally erect.”

Sarah’s small nipples had been erect for a while, her obvious arousal at holding and being held by the tight blonde pretty obvious. I had caught a growing shine on the edges of her perfect peach mound and was positive she was nearly brimming over. Haley, too, was aroused from the contact and her labia, bigger and meatier but no less perfect, were engorged as were her thumb-sized nipples. But I felt myself go weak in the knees when Haley began pinching and tugging at Sarah’s breasts to make sure they were as aroused as possible before applying the nipple clamps. Sarah’s hand was still on my shoulder for support and it felt as if she really did sag a bit as the clamps were gently tightened. Her eyes were half-closed and her mouth open. I didn’t dare sneak a peak but thought I could smell a muskier smell in the air, as if her cunt had overflowed. She stayed still for a moment, closed her eyes to savor the sensation and then slowly said, “I think I’ll return that favor.”

Taking one from Haley’s hand, she bent down and simply closed her mouth around a nipple. I heard a little gasp as the chain connecting the two clamps swung between her breasts, bouncing a little in the motion. Her hand on my shoulder tightened and the other went to Haley’s hip for a moment. Finally lifting her mouth, she used both hands to pull the nipple out and slide the sides of the clips along it. The air was absolutely electric. For the first time in my life the thought of premature ejaculation ran through my mind. I was so close that I was seriously worried I’d screw this up.

Another long suck on the other nipple and a few sharp toothy nips with her teeth and the other clamp was on Haley with Haley’s hands coming up to hold Sarah under the breasts, her thumbs brushing along the chain dangling from the tips. The girls looked like they had forgotten I was even present, both flushed across the hips and chest. I slowly picked up a camera and began shooting again as they flicked and pulled and toyed with one anothers breasts. Haley’s small, pert boobs straining to stay in the hands that tugged on the nipple weights. Haley finally took Sarah’s chain in one gentle loop around her hand and pulled Sarah in for a long kiss. Snap.

I had shown them the restraints earlier. Run from the underside of the piano, they were designed to hold someone spread-eagle against it. The smile on Uşak Escort Bayan Haley’s face was powerful and almost cruel as she slipped them over Sarah’s wrists and ankles and tightened them back to spread her legs apart. Pressed against the piano, bent slightly backward with her heavy tits lifting up and the chain swinging under them, her thighs were slick in the firelight. Snap.

“Work down her left side,” I suggested, getting back to some direction. Haley complied. Turning her ass toward me she lowered her head to nibble along the back of the rib cage. Sarah writhed at the sensation which made her chain sway and tug on her nipples again. I could see a wild look in her eyes, lip caught in her teeth. Snap.

Arriving at Sarah’s hips, Haley had bent at the waist to present me with her own dripping cunt. The view was exquisite. She bit and nibbled her way across the underside of Sarah’s belly and followed the fuzz of dark hair down from her navel. Sarah began to sway her hips back and forth very slowly, sounds of pure pleasure coming out of her throat. I hit autopilot on the camera and picked up one of the last two clamps. “Haley, this one has some dangling stones. Why don’t you put it on her clit?” There was no trouble finding it now — under the slightest pressure from Haley’s tongue it had risen up from the delicate folds to wait for its pleasure. The clamp went on and a guttural response from Sarah was an affirmation. Snap.

“If you lean back against her, I’ll put this one on you.”

Haley turned and spread her legs to mirror Sarah’s pose. With the last clamp in my right hand, I stepped close to her. The heat coming off both their bodies was palpable. Haley was shivering against Sarah’s chest, her head back against her shoulder and their breathing tearing past me like a ragged wind. My left hand reached down to trace the backs of my fingernails down her pubic mound. The flow of juice was soaking the outside of her lips and I simply firmly pushed two fingers along either side of her clit and hooked around the bone and into her pussy in one motion, pushing her back against Sarah. I heard their shoes click together as Haley took half a step backward under the pressure. A smooth motion drawing out felt like it was counteracted by a hungry mouth as her pussy tried to hold onto my fingers. Haley’s arms reached back to go around Sarah’s shoulders and take some weight while her hips thrust up into my hand. I let her pump for a few seconds, sharp hips banging her mound against the heel of my hand before withdrawing the fingers and giving her clit a pinch. Snap.

Bending down in front of her I couldn’t not take one deep taste of that young body. Her juice tasted light and airy, a clean salt fluid with apple blossoms behind it. Exposing her clit with my left hand, I slid the clamp up either side as she shuddered again. Tightening it just enough to hold, I let the heavy stone pendant under it fall down so that it rode securely in her vagina, rubbing at the entry with every movement. With Sarah similarly decorated, both girls were beginning to shudder every time they moved. Haley turned around and went back to licking and nipping at the bound brunette, enjoying the curves, hefting the heavy breasts as if they were her own. I heard the camera release again.

This was wilder than anything I had ever seen in person before. The two most beautiful young women I knew pleasuring one another in a scene of my creation was quite the ego stroke. My cock was leaking precum like a faucet and I was pretty sure I was soaking the loose shorts I had worn. Should I join in or give direction? I remembered that the clamps should only be worn for a little while at a time and decided that direction was a good idea. “Sweethearts, it’s time to take those clamps back off…let’s let Sarah get off those heels…Haley, can you undo that side and now help her into the next room. Let’s let her lie down on the massage table there.”

I had hoped to use the massage table but now I realized I had more on my hands than I thought. “Sarah, we talked earlier about your feet. Lets start by massaging them and shooting it. Haley, will you rub her shoulders and neck?” We each gently unclamped one side of the chain and guided her to the table. “We can leave the one down here for a bit.” I brushed the stone gently from side to side in her dripping labia and would have sworn I felt her flow spurt just a bit. Turning her around to lay belly down on the table. I drifted a hand up the back of her wet thighs and over her ass stepping to Haley and Escort Uşak using a little more roughness to remove the clamps from her breasts. She twisted her hips into mine as i did it and I bent down to kiss her long and hard, my right hand still palm down on Sarah’s back. Stepping away, I put some pressure on Sarah and stroked back down to her legs, avoiding her pussy as I pressed my hands on both sides of her well-rounded ass. A bottle of light massage oil was nearby and I extended it back up her back, dripping a copious quantity up her spine where Haley began pulling it up her shoulder blades and neck. Letting the oil run back down, knowing that the sensation of it dripping into her ass and pussy would be incredible, I completely covered her feet in oil, presenting them to the camera as it clicked away every five seconds.

At this point I’m sure every nerve in her body was connected directly to her pussy, much as it felt like my hands were directly connected to my cock. Haley was using her fingernails just enough and the flood of sensations had Sarah twisting back and forth under our hands, yips and gasps showing her pleasure. Oil dripping off my hands, I ran them up her legs and plunged two fingers from each hands into the creamy snatch, pulling them apart as they came back out and spreading her inner lips so that my thumbs could rub up the sensitive area inside them. Her hands clawed at the edges of the table and she went rigid, a flood of juice soaking the sheet on the table as her quivering legs spasmed. Letting my fingers keep playing lightly with her pussy, I pulled Haley over and kissed her again. “Honey, lets flip you over here. Haley, can you just go ahead and get on the table over her, butt towards her head, in a 69 position?” They complied eagerly and suddenly I was watching Haley eagerly lap at Sarahs thighs and mound, tongue flicking back and forth to lap up the streams of juice.

The camera snapped and I moved around to where Sarah’s face was straining to reach the blonde pussy teasingly suspended over her. I let my shorts fall to the floor and laid my cock over her mouth. She pushed at it with her lips, shoving it up against the furry muff on the other side. Haley spread her legs wider and the hot cream of her pussy dribbled over me, Sarah’s tongue slowly lapping along the shaft to take it in. Between the two I began thrusting back and forth, feeling the head of my cock hit Haley’s clit, Sarah’s lips and tongue moving down to suck and lick my ball sack. Changing the angle just a bit I slid into Haley, so incredibly small and tight that my average dick felt giant inside her. She was so turned on that she began to cum almost immediately, shaking and whimpering with her face buried between Sarah’s legs. And thank heavens she did because I was so goddamned close myself that another thrust or two would have sent me over the edge.

Instead, I pulled out and walked around to the other end. Hooking my still-oily hands beneath her knees I pulled Sarah down to the end of the table where her swollen and quivering pussy ran straight into my erection. Haley sat back to let her pussy be eaten, putting her palms on the massage table and leaning back to let her hair fall around her shoulders while she ululated at the ceiling. Sarah had the most perfect cunt I had ever seen, let alone been inside, a perfect bite of peach that rippled and gripped like a fucking rabbit. We all had been so turned on for so long that orgasms broke out like a swarm of earthquakes, each girl setting off the other and my jets feeling like lightning shooting out of my dick. I could feel my cum spurting up the walls of Sarah’s squeezing cunt, solid streams that I had no idea I could even produce. I came for what seemed like hours and the girls both hit notes that would have been ear-shattering if I could hear them over the pounding of my own blood.

Only my ego kept me from collapsing right there. Haley had slumped across Sarah’s prone body, both of them heaving. I held the walls and managed to get to the bathroom and soak a couple hand towels with warm water and bring them back and begin slowly wiping the mess off of each of them. I guided them both to the next bedroom and poured them into bed, both small enough that I could encompass them with an arm and we slept nestled together like that.

When I woke, Haley had slipped out but a smiley face note on the bedroom door seemed to indicate a good time. I fixed a bowl of fruit and yogurt for Sarah, which led to other delights through the rest of the morning. I would have sworn that I was drained but every time I rose to the occasion, pumping her so full of cum that she giggled that she was going to gain weight. She left late that afternoon, promising to be back soon, and I sat down to look at the files from the cameras, ready to relive it over and over.

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