Sarah’s First Time

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*This is a work of Fiction. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.


“What time is the bus?”

“Seven pm. See you at the terminal?”


Sarah and I had this text conversation. Sarah is not my girlfriend. She is not just a friend either. She is my Friend With Benefits. Better understood as Fuck Buddy. We call it “Um-Friend.”

We were friends from college and hung out a bit when we graduated, too. She’s into finance, analyses returns or something. I have a family business in steel. Both of us have landed on our arses in relationships enough to know that it is kind of impossible to have something real and long term. Think of our relationship as helping a friend out with an orgasm. That’s it.

Either way, we eventually decided on a FWB relationship. But, not exactly fuck buddies. This is because we don’t fuck. Sarah is a virgin, and given our age – we’re both 22 – is more than a statistical anomaly. I had a problem with that, initially, but whatever I lacked in sex, she made up in blowjobs. The woman deserves a PhD in blowjobs. So, oral sex was basically the cusp of our relationship, so to speak.

We had a weekend off and were headed out of town to a little hill station near Mumbai called Lonavala. It’s basically a bunch of hills with a lot of houses and quickly disappearing trees. It’s bit cooler than Mumbai and has some decent hotels that allow couples a bit of shut-eye, and the couples in Mumbai showered them with business.

We got there late, around 10 pm, and were worried that the hotel had given our room away to another horny couple. Thankfully, they hadn’t. I quietly signed my name on to the register while Sarah looked on.

“Will you and your.. um…” the front desk guy began.

“The lady and I would like our keys, thank you,” I said confidently. I had no intention of explaining or justifying my relation with Sarah.

“Yes,” he said, handing the key over. The hotel staff seemed to stare at us as we went to the room.

This is probably because Sarah and I don’t exactly look like a couple. In a couple, people stand unnecessarily close to each other. They call each other by disgusting baby names and then go fuck each other’s brains out. It is so weird, on so many levels.

Moreover, Sarah and I don’t exactly look similar. Sarah is hot in my opinion, mind you; she’s about 5’4, fair, with dark hair to her shoulders, cute black eyes, and a pleasant face.

Apart from that, she has huge tits- D cups, I think – the kind that make you want to beg to put them into your mouth. She has a nice round butt, and totally loves being spanked. And although she’s a little bit overweight and fusses about it, she’s pleasing to the eye. But compared to me, she’s a bit small.

I’m around 6’2, with short black hair and fair skin, a hairy chest broad shoulders and generally give off the fact that most of my ancestry was of Persian origin. Thanks to work, I have put on a little bit of weight, but hey, an adolescence spent in a boxing gym stays with you till your dying day.

We found our room and crashed on to the bed. Both of us had had long weeks at work, and were tired.

“Room service?” I asked.

“Yes please.”

“It’ll take half an hour, you know,” I reminded her.

“What can we possibly do for the next half hour?” she asked, sarcastically. I quickly ordered the food as Sarah pulled off her shirt and bra and unhooked my trousers and pulled them down. My cock was nearly at full attention when she pulled my briefs down and began sucking on it. I tried hard to order without moaning, and hung up.

Sarah sucked me deep, and I knew I’d come too soon if she kept going. Pushing her off, I struggled and got on top of her and began to kiss her. She responded enthusiastically, as I sucked on her tits – one of the best parts of her – and helped me unzip her skirt and pull it off.

Sarah is very hygienic, and as I pulled off her panties I thanked heavens for that. Her pussy was always trimmed, if not shaven, and smelled nice. For our weekend, she had shaved, something which made me more than happy.

I breathed on to her warm moist cunt as she groaned and used her hand to pull my head closer.

I licked tentatively around her pussy and gradually zeroed in on her clit, stimulating her into a craze.

I reached up and played with her boobs as she moaned out, louder and louder. I knew she was close.

Finally, adding my finger into the fray, I slowly fingered her cunt as I licked her clit. Her gasps got more and more frequent, and I inserted a finger into her cunt, moving it in and out, very slowly, and then faster, until she came very hard, nearly screaming.

I slowly stood up to check if the room service guy had arrived, and he hadn’t. When I turned around, Sarah was there. She kissed me and slowly sank to her knees, and blew my mind away.

I moaned, trying to keep it low, but not really doing a good job. As I stood with my back to the cupboard, Sarah deep throated me while massaging my balls with her hands.

I gasped. It had to happen. I came. Hard. Into her mouth.

Sarah Anadolu Yakası Escort sportingly took it into her mouth and swallowed. You had to love this girl.

I stood, covered in sweat, and looked at her. She smiled, and pulled my shirt on, and slid into a pair of shorts that she had taken from her bag.

I pulled up my pants and stumbled to the bed.

The room service guy showed up and quickly laid out our food and left, trying not to look at Sarah’s cleavage. I looked at him sternly and he left.

We sat down to eat.

“That was good,” I said quietly.

“I know. I haven’t gotten a release in days.”

“I was actually talking about you doing me. Thanks.”

“I was wondering about something.

“Yes, love?” I asked

“Well, sweetheart, I was wondering about sex.”

“What about it?”

“I was wondering what it feels like.”

“In my opinion, it feels good.”

“Of course it does. I go wild when you finger me.”

“Thank you. I thought I was good at giving head.”

“You are. But I want more, you know. Just a finger and I go wild. When you dry hump me, I love it. But I was wondering what the real thing feels like.”

“When we started making out, you told me that sex was off limits because you wanted it to be special.”

“I do. But hey, it’s hard to find a guy who will ever ‘deserve’ it. Besides, I’m 22, you know. I am tired of thinking about it.”

“You want me to help you out with that?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know.”


“I don’t know. I want it really bad. But then, I want it to be special.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Look, just because I am doing it with you, and you’re not my boyfriend, doesn’t mean it makes it less important for me. I am a virgin you know.”

“So, you want to bleed and all that?”

“Don’t kid yourself. I was an athlete in school. My hymen is a distant memory. I meant that it has to be special.”



“I’m not really good at that.” “Tragedy of life, right?” Sarah said, finishing her meal.

“You know what makes the tragedy bearable?” I asked, slowly following her.


“This,” I said, kissing her. She broke the kiss and ran to the bed and I followed her, where I ate her out for all I was worth.

Half an hour later, when we were slowly drifting off to sleep, I nudged Sarah.

“Hey, you want it romantic, right?”

“Yeah. Let me sleep.”

“What if I do that.”

“We both know you suck at romantic. Your last girlfriend bitched about that to me all the fucking time.”

“Yeah, but, what if I try?”

“I won’t stop you. Now let me sleep.”

Sarah isn’t exactly the most helpful and feminine of women, but she’s my friend, and we do make out a lot.

I had an idea.

Due to my daily regimen, I woke up at seven am and cursed myself. Getting out of bed, I formulated a plan in my head.

I got out of bed and stretched. In the toilet, I finally located a pair of shorts I could wear around the hotel room instead of walking around butt naked. I continued to think about a plan, and it finally made sense.

Sarah woke up about half an hour later, which is exceptionally early for her. Usually, she sleeps till noon on holidays.

“Hey,” she said, pulling the covers around her.

“Good morning. Cup of tea?” I asked.

“Should I brush first?”

“How about bed tea?”

“I don’t get that at home.”

“But I’d like to give you some.”


“How come you woke up so early?”

“When I’m with you, and you get out of bed, I always know.”

“How?” I asked intrigued.

“I keep wondering why I don’t have that stick like thing prodding me in my ass or back.”

I smiled. “Here.” I said, handing her a cup of tea.


“So, what would you like to do today?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Watch TV? There’s not much to do around here, right?

“There is, if you want to.”

“OK, lets see. Till then….”

Sarah and I showered together and then got dressed and went out after lunch. We had asked the hotel to arrange a town car for us, something the hotel decided was an unusual request, and spent the day doing the tourist route.

By six that evening, we headed back for the hotel. Back in our room, Sarah sat in the sofa tired, sipping tea with me.

My phone rang.

“Excuse me.” I said, and went into the bathroom, trying to get a little privacy.

In the bathroom, I ran a hot bath for Sarah while pretending to be on the phone. I had a plan in mind and had already sneaked my clothes out for that evening.

“Hey, I need to get this. It’s work,” I said to Sarah, when I stepped out.

“Dude, we are out on a weekend, remember?”

“Hey, this stuff pays for all my fun with you.”

“Get a job. It pays for mine.”


I exited to the lobby and got hold of a bellboy. I had prepared a small package for her, a pair of heeled shoes, a little black dress and some toiletries.

I wrote a small note on some hotel stationery and gave the Pendik Escort package to the bellboy and paid him some money to take it up to my room.

The note was simple: “Dear Sarah, let’s do something different tonight. There’s a bath running for you, and here’s a dress, a pair of shoes and some things you may need. The car will pick you up at 8 pm, and take you to a restaurant. See you there.”

I bribed the hotel guy to give me a decent bathroom for a bit, where I shaved, showered and put on the blazer and trousers I had brought with me for the cold. Finally donning my leather shoes and splashing on some aftershave, I went to the restaurant to make sure we got a table.

As I sat there and smoked, I wondered if Sarah would go with the plan I had in my mind. I waited for two agonising hours for her to show, and when she finally did, I realised that my fuck buddy was a stunningly attractive woman. She walked in slowly, with confidence and swinging her wonderful behind.

I would have loved to sit there and watch her graceful saunter, but I put out my cigarette and stood up and walked over to her.

“Good Evening.” I said, trying to sound charming.

“Dude, what the fuck?” she hissed at me.

“I wasn’t expecting that. Let’s try again. Good evening, madam.”

“What is wrong with you? First you put me in a hot bath, then you get me this dress and shoes I can’t afford, and then get me to this restaurant that clearly is out of our budget. What is up?”

“I’m paying, tonight.”

“You bet. But what’s with all this? And the jacket? Where is your sweatshirt?”

“You said you wanted it to be special.”

“I did…” Her voice trailed off.

“No pressure. Let’s just have dinner, go back to the hotel and see if you’re ready.”


“Sarah, come on. I’m not expecting anything. Let’s just run with it.”

“OK,” she smiled.

I offered her my arm and walked to my table and pulled a chair for her. She was a bit surprised at the whole affair, but sat down anyway.

I took a chair and sat down, and like magic, the waiter appeared with the menus.

“Would you like to order some wine?”

“What would you suggest?” I asked him.

Sarah motioned me close to her.

“Dude, if I want to get drunk I am not spending a lot of money and the whole night trying to do it. Don’t they have any whisky?”

“Just run with whatever I’m doing, OK?”


We ordered some wine, and it soon appeared at our table. The waiter poured out some in two glasses, and left.

“To a wonderful night?” I proposed.

“To getting drunk on something that sucks.”

We clinked glasses and each took a sip.

“This wine is delicious,” Sarah offered.

“Is it?” I asked.

“I don’t know, people generally say that in the movies. But it tastes better than whisky.”

We laughed and continued to drink and wait for our first course arrived.

“What is with the candles, by the way? Can’t they switch on the lights?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t know. Apparently, women think it’s romantic.”

“Right, du… Sweetheart.”

“Thank you.”

“But seriously, how are you going to pay for all this?”

“I forgot to tell you. One of your contacts gave us a big order. If nothing else, think of this as a thank you.”

“You’re welcome. For the food, anyway. How did you guess my size?”

“I am gifted with spatial ability of women’s bodies.”

“Yes, and did you even request a dress with this view?” Sarah asked, leaning forward.

“Well, I thought, as long as I’m paying, what’s wrong with a deep valley?”

“You bastard!” she teased.

“Yes, darling?”

Sarah and I had fun eating dinner, and when we were done, the guy simply materialised with a pen to sign on to the card receipt.

“Darling, I can pay.”

“Already did. Would you mind if we headed back to our hotel?”

“Sure, sweetheart.”

“You cold?” I asked.

“No, I’ll be OK.” Sarah said halfheartedly. In the cool air of Mahabaleshwar, the dress I had picked out for her wouldn’t keep her warm.

“Take my jacket,” I said, slipping it over her shoulders.

We went back to the hotel in silence. When we got there, Sarah and I made our way to the our room, when I stopped in the moonlight.

“What?” Sarah asked.

“Nothing. The view.”

“Don’t blame me. You bought the dress.”

“I meant the whole thing.”

The moon had come out over the hills. The sky had some clouds, but with the night setting in, the clouds had settled lower in the valley, giving a pristine effect.

“It is nice,” Sarah conceded.

“I meant the whole thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sarah, this may sound cheesy, but I did enjoy dinner.”

“It looked expensive.”

“It was worth the chance to spend a lovely evening, with a lovely woman like you.”


“Honestly, you look… really beautiful tonight.”

Sarah blushed and tucked a stray curl behind her ear.

I leaned in. She tried standing on her toes.

In the moonlight, I Kurtköy Escort kissed her.

The kiss was soft and sweet and a bit romantic, and when we finally broke apart, I could see in her eyes the same thing I felt – she wanted it to go on.

“That was….” I said.


Holding hands, we began to walk towards our room.

“You know, I wear heels all week long, but if I wear them one evening on a weekend, they start hurting me.”

“I can fix that,” I offered.

I swooped low and kissed her, and at the same time put a hand under her knees. With the other hand under her neck, I easily picked Sarah up in my arms.

“What are you doing? Let me down!” She protested.

“You said your feet hurt.”

“Keep picking me up and tomorrow your back is gonna hurt.”

“Let me worry about that.”

Sarah laughed, as I carried her to the door of our room. Fishing through my jacket pocket, she pulled out the room’s key.

She opened the door.

“What is this?” She asked, surprised.

“I bribed the hotel guys to do it. Hope you don’t mind.”

The room had a faint sweet smell. The hotel guys had strategically placed a few candles around the room to keep it dimly lit. It looked like the perfect setting for two.

I carried Sarah into the room. She quickly kicked off her shoes.

“Drink?” I asked.

“Take me to bed, please?”

I gently carried Sarah to the bed and put her down on it. As I tried to rise, she grabbed my shirt collar.

“You’re not going anywhere, mister.”

Pulling me closer, Sarah kissed me. She moved back, very slowly on the bed, pulling me along. I began to kiss her back, and my hands moved from supporting myself to slowly caressing her body.

Sarah moaned as my hand trailed her neck, and began to unbutton my shirt. I momentarily took a break to pull my jacket out from under her and throw it on the floor, and continued what I was doing.

As I broke the kiss and began kissing her neck, Sarah moaned out louder. I pulled my shirt from my trousers and removed my arms from the sleeves and threw it away. Sarah didn’t seem to mind as I moved from her neck to her collarbone, and went lower.

Finally, I reached around her back to unzip her dress. She moved and helped me do it, and i pulled it mostly off her upper body, and kissed her cleavage.

Sarah tried to pull my vest out, but I stopped her and unhooked her bra with one hand, doing something she had taught me how to.

Finally, I pulled her bra off her, and she threw her arms up to let me get it off completely. I kissed her on her chest, and between her breasts. Then, trailing my tongue along her breasts, I gently kissed her nipple, and put it into my mouth.

Sarah gasped when I did that, and seemed to love the feeling. Although my other hand could be better used cupping her other breast, I quickly undid my belt and unhooked my pants and let them fall to the floor.

I kicked off my shoes and climbed on entirely on the bed, helping the feeling of what we were getting into.

Sarah snuggled into a better position as I played with each breast and sucked on it. She liked as I kissed her and finally went lower, kissing her tummy and navel.

Sarah had always asked me to stay away from this particular area for personal reasons, but tonight she didn’t mind.

I seized the rest of her dress and pulled it slowly off her delicious body.

Sarah was in her panties now, and looked at me with a sexy look, egging me to go further. I finally rubbed my finger along her pussy as she moaned. I knew teasing her like this would make her crazy, but I continued anyway.

“Oh god, stop teasing me!” Sarah moaned.

I hooked my forefingers under the elastic band of her panties and began to pull them out of the way. Stripping off her panties was an easy task as she pulled her legs up in anticipation of what was to come.

I pulled off her panties and threw them away somewhere in the room, and decided to concentrate on the delectable task at hand. I leaned in between her legs and put my face near her pussy.

I breathed a warm breath over her pussy, driving her insane.

Sarah’s hips moved to meet my lips, and I began to gently give her head.

I started by kissing her thigh and slowly move to her cunt, and then began licking up and down her slit. Finally, parting her lips with my tongue, I licked at her exposed pussy, dipping into her hole with shallow thrusts.

Thus, stimulating her cunt, I began to concentrate on her clit, driving her insane. Sarah reached out and held my head, and ground her hips against my face, letting me know I was doing a good job.

From the familiar gasps she was making, I knew she would be coming soon. I stopped what I was doing when she tapped my head with her hand.

I looked up and she called me closer. I stopped eating her out and moved up on the bed.

“Yes?” I asked.

“I think I’m ready.”

“You were about to come, I know,” I said.

I felt her hand slowly reaching under my elastic and hold my erect cock.

“I think I’m ready,” she said, holding my cock in one hand, “To have you inside me.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“As sure as I will ever be.”

I stood up and pulled my briefs off in a flash. In the subdued lights, I tried to reach for my pants, for the condom I had in my wallet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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