Sarah’s Journey Ch. 027

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027 Ok, that may have been a bit impulsive.

I woke up the next morning with Chris’ morning wood stabbing me in my ass cheek. I got up and went to the bathroom, then came back to bed. I pushed him over to see if he would wake up, he didn’t, he was now laying on his back still asleep. I don’t see how he slept so soundly. His morning wood was slightly holding up the blanket as it rested on his pelvic area pointing at his face. I have to admit I thought about crawling on top of him, but didn’t know where any condoms were and I was not going to rummage through his pockets. Not to mention I was still sore from last night, but not bleeding this time.

I pulled the blanket back exposing his morning raging hard-on. It must be awful to wake up like that every morning. I mean I wake up horny most days, now anyway, but it’s not as bad as his situation looked. You guys have a tough situation there, I do not envy you at all.

As he snored lightly, I poked at his dick a bit, then I picked up his balls. I pulled them down toward his feet gently, with a very gentle grip. His cock would get pulled with them and would stand straight up. I don’t know why but this entertained me immensely. I kept lazily playing with his cock as he was sound asleep and well it was there just begging to be paid attention to. I liked being able to inspect it without him being awake, and there actually being light to see it. I loved how pretty the head was, how the ridge ended at the bottom of the tip that seamlessly transitioned right to his shaft. In 15 years of marriage, I never actually got to ‘inspect’ a hard penis, without my ex being awake and us working on having sex.

I just sat there squeezing, stroking, lifting up and looking at it closely. I let go, it returned to pointing up at his face while standing a bit up off his pelvis, it was obvious that the thing was straining as hard as it was. I leaned over and licked the bottom of his head, as I’d been told that’s the most sensitive. His dick jumped a little, but he was still asleep. Well that’s interesting I thought. Maybe it has a mind of its own I thought, laughing to myself. So I licked it again, same result. I licked one of his balls and it contracted just a little. I don’t know why this was so fascinating and entertaining but it was.

I just sat there playing with his cock for a few minutes. Then I wondered if he could cum while asleep? I mean the guy seemed like he could sleep through anything. I grasped his hard shaft and started stroking him up and down. I did this for a minute or so, yet he still snored. I also wondered what it would be like for him to maybe be woken up by cumming, if he slept to that point that is. So I kept jerking his cock up and down, not violently as I had before but firmly enough that it would definitely stimulate him.

A minute or so later he snorted and exhaled. Turned his head then right back to snoring. Maybe I was getting somewhere? I leaned forward to stick the head in my mouth, but my gigantic beachballs of breasts got in the way and I couldn’t lean over like that sitting down. Sometimes these damn things were more trouble than they were worth I thought out of frustration. So getting up on my knees to let my breasts rest on the bed and his leg, I lowered my head to his cock, still stroking him at a decent pace. I wrapped my lips around his cock shaft just after the tip, swirling my tongue on the head, flicking the underside as best as I could keeping my teeth out of the way. I licked his cock like a lolly-pop, put it back in my mouth, flicked the head with my tongue some more never stopping with my hand.

My arm was getting tired but I was having fun. I noticed how my arm touched my breast pressing against it making them giggle with every stroke. Reaching over and cupping his balls with my other hand I gently massaged them never stopping stroking him. His ass cheeks tensed, then his balls contracted a bit, I felt his cock swell like it did when he was going to cum. I was fascinated because he was still snoring. [Yes seriously]

Then it hit me, where was he going to cum? I had him pointed up but didn’t want his cum raining down on my bed clothes. I didn’t want to chance spraying him in the face and, wasn’t too excited about swallowing it. As he was ever closer to cumming, letting go probably would be the worst decision I could make. I lifted up my huge tits and stuck his cock in the middle of them pressing them together with my arm. I had him pointed straight at my chest between my breasts while still jerking him off faster now that he was close.

A few strokes later his cock jumped and that telltale swollen lump raced down his shaft. I felt him shoot while engulfed by my breasts. It hit my chest then started to drip down on my fist that was still full of his cock. That’s about when he jerked awake and moaned. The next shots also were fired out of his cock that was surrounded by my breasts, his cum started to ooze out the top and from in between them dripping down the crack of my cleavage. He was definitely awake now and still cumming. His abs were contracting that made him raise off the bed a bit. I thought he looked a little like a fish bursa escort out of water, laughing to myself.

Still beating his cock more vigorously now, since he was awake, the last few spurts fired out of his cock making more of his jizz ooze out from between my breasts. He stopped, took a deep breath staring at the ceiling. Letting go of his cock, and getting up for the shower to clean up the cum mess that was all in between my breasts, on my chest, and dripping down the fronts of them I was kind of surprised how much cum there was between them. I guess that was because of how much skin there was between them, I was still getting used to just how massive these things were.

Showering off quickly and returning to the bed.

‘Morning sleepy head.’ I said just like last time with a smile.

‘You know, you make a fantastic alarm clock?’ he said sleepily through half open eyes.

‘I’ll take that as a compliment.’ As I leaned over, completely swallowing his still hard cock to his balls, dragging my lips firmly up the shaft, flicking my tongue over the top as it popped out. With a smile I looked at him, jumped out of bed still naked and walked to the kitchen.

Working on something to eat, the shower came on. Chris stuck his head around the corner, ‘No cold water this time got it!?’

Chuckling, ‘Ok.’ I replied, as he disappeared back around the corner.

I had some fruit, the shower turned off, then I heard Chris on the phone talking to someone. His tone became uneasy, then slightly aggravated. Probably his ex I thought. Along with the thought that I don’t want any drama spilling over in to my life.

I walked back into the bedroom, where Chris was standing still naked talking on the phone. I could hear the frustration in his voice. I felt bad for him. To this day I still don’t know why I just walked over to him got on my knees and started sucking on his now soft cock pretty vigorously. Slowly it started to react filling my mouth as I kept masturbating him with my mouth.

He put his hand over the phone, looked at me and mouthed ‘Stop.’

I looked back at him, took his cock out of my mouth and said, ‘Ignore me and take care of your business.’

Having to turn his attention back to his phone I swallowed his cock again, trying to be as distracting as possible. Why I found this entertaining I don’t know but I did. As he eventually got fully hard again, my head was hammering on his cock as fast as I could go. I was seriously trying to get him to cum again while he was on the phone. Maybe I was thinking of it as saying hi to his ex? I still don’t know, but I was trying my best to get him off again.

He finished up his phone call looked down at me like ‘what the hell?’ I just smiled walked back into the kitchen to finish breakfast.

‘What was that?’ he asked following me into the kitchen.

‘You know I’m not sure, for some reason I wanted to see if I could get you to cum before you hung up the phone with her.’

‘And you’re going to just stop?’

‘Well you’re not on the phone with her anymore.’ I seriously didn’t know what I was thinking it just seemed like the thing to do.

Chris got dressed, had a banana and headed out. I liked hanging out with him, he was cool. So I also got dressed, but went to the gym. As I got into my workout with the usual level of attention that had dropped significantly because I’m here often, I wasn’t really paying attention to anything but my workout. As I was finishing up, I took a second to look around. There was a new guy there that I hadn’t seen before.

He was a little shorter than me, and holy shit was he built. Most of the guys there could lift a lot of weight but they were also carrying a lot of fat. This guy was ripped! He looked perfect, not so little fat to look unattractive, but you could definitely see the veins and his muscles that rippled with amazing definition. Holy hell I was getting wet just looking at him. I was staring and almost couldn’t stop. Right then he looked directly at me. I froze I wanted to look away like I wasn’t staring but I couldn’t. He smiled with a small wave.

My face felt hot and I’m sure I was beet red. Picking up my stuff and heading for the locker room, I had to walk right past where he was working out to get there, trying to not die of embarrassment while hurriedly walking only made things worse by exaggerating the bounce of my breasts. Approaching his bench, he stepped over to the side as I was passing.

‘Hi, my name’s Russ.’ He said a naturally as ever.

Stopping and turning to face him, ‘Sarah.’ I think I giggled a bit like a school girl.

‘I noticed you working out across the way.’

I just smiled not knowing what to say.

‘I’m finished up here, would you like to get a shake at the bar?’ He asked referring to the horribly overpriced nutrition bar up front.

‘Ummm, sure.’ I stammered.

‘Great. I’ll meet you up there in a minute.’

I just smiled as he turned around revealing his bronzed back and the massive lat muscles between his shoulders. I hurried to the locker room because I was afraid my wetness was going to run down my legs. Entering the locker bursa escort bayan room and almost running to the first stall that was open I slammed the door shut, whipped down my shorts sat down and masturbated right there. It wasn’t 10 seconds until I orgasmed and had a bit of relief. This was nuts, that had never happened to me before. Again, wondering if there was something wrong with me for being like this now that I was single again. I wiped off, washed my hands, and packed up my bag.

Walking toward the nutrition bar I was hoping he wouldn’t be there but was also hoping he would. Rounding the corner there he was. Standing with his back to me in a brightly colored jacket, that was just enough to advertise his muscles but not so tight it was restricting.

‘Hey, Sarah. Right?’

‘Ummm, yes.’

‘Russ.’ He smiled. ‘Can I get you something?’

My mind raced, ‘A protein shake.’ How stupid of an answer was that? That’s 90% of what they had. It’s like going to McDonalds and just asking for a burger. What a face palm moment.

‘Ooook, so, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry?’

‘Chocolate.’ I croaked.

Smiling he ordered then handed me the overpriced shake that tasted like chocolate powder and chalk.

‘C’mon.’ he said motioning with his head toward the front door.

I walked next to him trying to not stare, concentrating on the cup in my hand. Holding the door open for me we walked to a bench nearby and sat down.

‘So, I’m guessing you’re not new here at this gym?

Swallowing so I didn’t croak out an answer again. ‘Yes I’ve been coming here over a year now.’

‘I thought so.’

‘Why’s that.’

‘You weren’t getting stared at the entire time by everyone.’ He said with a bit of a devious smile but with still managing to be polite and nonthreatening.

‘Sorry, but you’re definitely one that gets noticed in a crowd.’ Referring to my giant breasts that I felt stupid behind right now.

‘Ya, that’s a thing’ trailing off.

‘So I moved here to LA a couple of weeks ago, and am getting settled in happy to find a gym finally. I moved here from wah wah wah wah, wah wah’..wah wah’.wah wah wah wah wah’.’ That was all I heard because I couldn’t stop staring at his arms and chest. I swear this guy was straight off of a sculptor’s pedestal. Talk about chiseled!

‘Sarah’ he said snapping me back to the fact that he was talking. God I felt so shallow.

‘I’m sorry, you were saying you were from where again?’ I managed.

‘Cocoa Florida.’ He said with a bit of a knowing smile.

‘Sounds warm like here.’ God did I just talk about the weather like a 70 year old?

‘It is but the traffic isn’t nearly as bad.’ He replied along with a few other sentences.

Still sitting there like a tongue-tied teenager, floundering in a conversation, I just couldn’t think.

He looked at me for a few seconds not saying anything. ‘Would you like to have dinner this evening?’ I’m glad he was conversational because I damn sure wasn’t able to be.

‘I’d love to!’ I spouted almost before he finished his question.

We exchanged numbers agreed on 1900hrs, along with meeting at the 7-11 a few blocks from my condo. I just hoped they didn’t start to think I was a hooker meeting my tricks there. It was 1600 now so I hurried home to shower. Half way home I realized I didn’t have but 2 dresses that both screamed FUCK ME! Heading to the dress store hoping to find something that would be at least half presentable that didn’t have to be held on with tape.

Angelique helped me again. We found a blue cocktail dress that hugged me perfectly, from my thighs, to my ass, back, stomach before jutting out abruptly when it met the bottoms of my gigantic breasts. But the top was big enough to actually cover them without looking like they were bulging out and about to tear the dress apart at its seams.

Now hurrying home again and actually making it this time. I raced to shower (stopping to get a double shot of bourbon in the kitchen), fix my hair and a bit of makeup before getting dressed. As I got the dress out of the plastic, unzipping the back to get in to it, I stepped in started to zip it up but it felt tighter than at the store. By the time I was in it, my breasts looked like they had been packed in the thing and were bulging out of the top basically screaming FUCK ME before this top explodes. In a panic I called the store, Angelique answered.

‘It’s Sarah, did I get the right dress?’

‘Yes, why what happened?’

‘It’s way smaller than it was when I tried it on.’

‘Like you can’t pull it up?’ she asked sensing my urgency and panic.

‘No like the top shrank and I’m spilling out the top everywhere.’

Angelique started laughing, ‘There are fitting zippers in the top on the inside. I always zip them up when packing a dress so they don’t snag.’

I sat the phone down, peeled the top down as my breasts damn near exploded out of it. Sure enough 2 zippers on each side. Unzipping them I pulled the top back up again, this time my boobs actually fit like I expected.

‘Oh thank God you’re the greatest!’ I hurriedly said in the phone, abruptly hanging escort bursa up.

It was 1850 and I still had to get about 6 blocks down the street. No sexy shoes tonight, grabbing comfortable flats, and 2 shots of bourbon to calm me down. I ran out the door. Having to try and cover 6 blocks in 10 minutes seemed like it was impossible without running. But being sweaty wasn’t a good option either. Maintaining a brisk walk I actually made 6 blocks in less than 10 minutes. At least that was a relief.

I went inside and bought a water, because I was thirsty, but more so I didn’t want to look like a hooker waiting to pick up a trick. Especially dressed as I was. I wasn’t in anything overly revealing or sheer, but the blue dress did show off the girls, like everything I put on them. You could definitely see the top of them with my cleavage that looked like you could lose a foot-long hot dog in it.

I walked outside and down the walkway out front. About that time a 90’s Corvette pulled into the parking lot, thankfully as I was starting to get called to from some guys across the parking lot. I could see Ryan’s face in the drivers seat. As he parked, I walked to the passenger door leaning down as he rolled the window down.

‘Hey stranger.’ he said with a smile.

‘Hey your self.’ I replied smiling. While listening to the guys across the parking lot booing. As I opened the door to get in, so I didn’t look like I was negotiating a price, I turned my back to the car, sat down folding myself up with my breasts landing on my thighs as I did. Turned to the left as I swung my legs in along with the breasts so they didn’t hit the car door or frame as I got in.

‘Interesting method of getting in a car?’ Ryan half asked half stated.

I just smiled and shrugged a little not wanting to jump directly into a conversation about the most obvious things about me.

‘I see you have admirers.’ He also commented.

‘Ya, I’m glad you showed up that was starting to be a bit worrisome.’

Not wanting to be too direct about my giant breasts but still wanting to draw a bit of [more?] attention to them, as Ryan was looking at me during our short conversation so far, I reached across my chest with my left hand grabbed the outside of my right breast and pulled it further into the car. I may [did] exaggerate that move [much] more than necessary. While closing the car door with my right hand, then releasing my breast as it pressed against the car door.

Ryan just smiled trying not to look at my rack that now took up almost all the space in the passenger seat.

‘Ok, so dinner. How hungry are you?’

‘I haven’t eaten since my shake at the gym, thank you again by the way.’

‘Good me too. So, anything you hate or are allergic to.’

‘I’m not a fan of Korean, but I can work around most anything.’

Pausing for a few moments, ‘Ok, got it.’ he said as he got ready to back out.

I reached for the seat belt. As I pulled it out, I again grabbed my right breast to hold it [further than necessary] from the passenger car door to put it on. The chest strap wasn’t long enough to go around the breasts. In that second, I still can’t describe how hot I felt and how amazing I thought that was. I started to just pull it underneath with the lap belt.

‘Umm, I can move the seat back if that will help, with what I definitely don’t see is a problem.’ He said with a half-smile, those eyes, and chiseled jaw line.

Feeling my face get flushed I pretended to be a bit embarrassed. ‘That might make things easier.’

He reached under my seat and released the adjustment lever. The seat released, slid back hitting the stops at the end of the guide rails. Conveniently causing my breasts to bounce heavily back and then forward in the top of the dress that was already a bit over filled as it was. I felt my top get jolted down a bit as this happened. I didn’t think my nipples were showing but wasn’t completely sure. I decided to address this in a moment. I was able to get the seat belt around me moderately comfortably now.

With the click of the seat belt I decided to now readjust my top. I grabbed it and pulled up giving the girls a shake to settle them back into place. Looking back at Ryan now. ‘Ok, now that we’ve got that taken care of.’ I smiled.

He backed out of the parking space and turned out on the street. As we drove we chatted about the general getting to know you type stuff. He was a good conversationalist, well spoken but didn’t seem to have the douchey attitude I was worried about when he pulled in, in a sports car. He drove safely and politely but was a bit aggressive around corners and the like, but again not enough to be a jackass. I hate rude and shitty drivers.

We arrived at a Sushi bar a few miles from my place that I had been wanting to try. I do love Sushi but damn it’s expensive for good sushi anyway. Hell even the not so good sushi isn’t that great. He jumped out of the car as I was still unbuckling my seat belt. As I turned he had already opened the door and was there to help me out of the low riding Corvette. Not sure if he was being uber polite or just wanted a better view. I got out holding his hand, even his hand felt hard as the rest of him looked, as I did there was a tingle in me that was purely shallow and physically based. I hadn’t ever really been around a guy that was as much of a hard body as Ryan is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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