Sara’s Temptation Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: All individuals are at least 18 years old and consenting.


Sara was lying in bed next to her husband Peter, contemplating on the events that led her here.

Sara was a 36 year old married woman. Her physique could be characterized as busty. What’s more charming about her though was her green eyes in contrast with her pale skin and her beautiful natural red hair. Sara’s sexual relationship with her husband was fine, though not that fulfilling. This was mainly due to her husband’s sexual impotence, which led to mostly oral sex and sex toys. It also led to them not being able to have kid and having to adopt.

Jake was Sara’s 18 year old son. He was of African descent and consequently had more of an athletic physique. Despite that he was an introvert and had trouble making friends at college. That meant he would end up spending most of his time in his room or with his parents. His parents took great care of him, him being their only child. One week ago, while playing baseball, Jake got seriously injured on his knee and so, he had to stay at home for a few months until he could recover. That meant Sara had to take care of most of his needs like getting him to the bathroom and getting him food.

That morning, while she was laying in bed, an idea hit her that made her very wet. Even though she would have loved at that moment to pull aside her panties and start playing with herself, she had to go downstairs and make breakfast with her family. As she approached the kitchen she saw Peter reading the newspaper and Jake watching his phone.

“Good morning to the men of my life!” she said and gave each of them a small kiss on the lips.

“Good morning mom!” said Jake surprised by Sara’s action.

“Good morning love, I made pancakes but I’m afraid they’ve gone cold cause I didn’t wanna wake you!” said Peter.

“Aww it’s okay, I’m glad you remembered what day it is today.” said Sara and gave Peter another kiss.

Today was their anniversary, and Peter as usual did everything he could to make this day perfect for the both of them. He planned to take her to an expensive restaurant and buy her a diamond necklace. Sara really appreciated how her husband took care of her, but all she could think of at that moment was the idea that made her wet and how she was gonna make that idea a reality. At that moment her sex drive was analogous to that of an 18-year-old virgin. But she knew she had to be patient for now and make sure Peter has a great aniversary day.

They ate breakfast all together and talked about how they were gonna spend their day. Even though Jake wasn’t biologically related to them, they had great chemistry and were close with one another. After a while when they were all done, Peter kissed his wife and left for work. While he didn’t really love his work, he didn’t mind doing it, and had settled on it long ago. While he was gone Sara was mostly busy with her own work on her laptop, and she also helped Jake move around the house and brought him food.

Around 7 hours later when she was done with her work, she knew that the moment had come, and she anxiously walked up the stairs to Jake.

“Hey baby, do you need me to get you anything?” she asked as she saw him on his bed chatting on his phone.

“No, I told you I need some time alone!” he told her being visibly angry at her.

Jake, being an 18-year old, was horny for most of the day and Sara knew by the huge bulge in his pants that he was masturbating before she entered.

“I’m really sorry honey I forgot!” she said even though that wasn’t really true. In fact, she was very much hoping to find him in this state.

“Before I go, do you want me to get you to take a bath now that I have some free time?” she added.

“Yeah, sure!” Jake replied.

Sara helped Jake up and together they started walking towards the bathroom. It was very much a struggle to move Jake around since he was quite heavy for her. Thankfully, the bathroom was very close to Jake’s room, so she didn’t have to waste too much of her energy on transferring him.

As they entered the bathroom, Sara summoned up all the courage she could and told Jake:

“Jake, I thought I might help you with your bath today since it takes you so much time when you do it alone” Sara said and instantly got turned on by what she was doing.

“Yeah… Sure mom!” said Jake surprised at his mother’s proposition and also excited at the idea of showing her his big dick.

“Great, let me help you get those clothes off of you!” said Sara and instantly started lifting up his t-shirt.

As she started lifting up his shirt, Jake’s bulge became even bigger. He was fully erect at this point and Sara was pretending like she hadn’t noticed. After she was done with his shirt, she fell to her knees and her mouth was 3 inches from his bulge. Without asking for his permission, Sara grabbed his pants and boxers and pulled them both down, revealing his black dick. Sara had never seen a dick that big before. The difference between his and her husbands was huge, and also his altyazılı porno husbands couldn’t get hard. If Jake hadn’t interrupted the silence she would have just took it in her mouth until it was all dried up.

“Ehmm, can you help me get in the bathtub mom.” said Jake who was at this point so hard he didn’t need much more to just blow his load in her face.

“Yeah, sure baby! Sorry for that I was thinking of how I’m gonna help you get in the bathtub” she replied.

Getting him in the bathtub was indeed a bit of struggle, since he couldn’t really move his leg at all. Still, she didn’t really mind it, considering that she got to grab his ass in the process. As he laid in the bathtub Sara started soaping his back and going from his chest, down to his abs. At this point her pussy was begging to be fucked by him, but she knew she had to resist her urge for now.

“I know i shouldn’t really be saying this, but you’re quite well-hung Jake!” she said while soaping his lower back.

“Thanks, mom! Your body looks really hot too!” said Jake who on hearing that got even harder.

“I mean… not just well hung, that thing is huge! I’ll need quite some time to clean it up” she added.

At that time, the car could be heard from below, Peter had returned. Instantly Sara put one of her hands on in her panties without Jake noticing and rubbed herself just a little bit. She couldn’t resist it knowing that her husband was in the house too.

“Yeah, maybe you should do it faster cause dad will want to take a bath too probably!” replied Jake, who couldn’t believe what was happening. This beautiful woman, who was practically not related to him, was going to rub his dick and hopefully suck on it too. At that moment he was feeling the luckiest guy alive.

That’s all the encouragement Sara needed to get in front of his and put her hands on his dick. She needed both of her hands on it so that she could rub it from top to bottom. She loved rubbing it slowly and teasing him by rubbing his balls. She didn’t remember the last time she rubbed a hard dick, but at that moment it didn’t really matter. All she could think of was extending this moment forever and that meant suddenly stopping rubbing his dick, whenever she felt that he was close to cumming.

“Baby, I know that you don’t have any sexual experiences but you can’t finish on me, I’m just here to help you!” she said and loved how that turned Jake on.

Suddenly, Peter opened the bathroom door and saw his wife with her son’s enormous dick in both her hands, right in front of her mouth. He felt shame by how he couldn’t give his wife that kind of pleasure, but also he got turned on at what was happening.

“What the fuck are you doing? Is this what you do when I leave you alone?” he said angrily.

“What are you talking about?” she replied not letting Jake’s dick off her hands.

“I’m just helping Jake bathe cause he’s hurt. What did you fucking think I was doing?” she added and moved one of her hands from his dick to rubbing his balls with soap.

“Yeah dad, I asked her to help me out cause it took me too much time alone.” Jake said and felt his dick begging him to cum.

“This isn’t right! Jake should be bathing alone, he’s an adult!” Peter said.

“What is your dirty mind thinking. So I can’t help my son out when he needs me?” she said and started rubbing him faster.

“You can help him just not in this way” Peter replied and started feeling a bit ashamed, even though he didn’t think he was in the wrong.

“You know what, I’ve had enough of this. I hope you’re proud of yourself” she added and left the bathroom.

Jake and Peter were left in the bathroom astonished at what had happened. Peter loved watching his wife rub a huge black dick and was the horniest he’d been for a long time. Still, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed because of how Sara seemed to be truly offended by what he implied. There’s no way she didn’t know what she was doing, he thought, but wasn’t really sure.

“I’m sorry Jake, I’ll let you finish your bath now!” he said and left the room.

Jake was still in the bathtub ready to cum and now that he was alone he could finally release. He couldn’t get his mind of how his mom rubbed his dick, and how hungry her she seemed for it. He knew that if they kept going he would have fucked her again and again, for hours.

Sara, who had now locked herself in the bedroom, had pulled down her panties and started fingering herself. She used 3 fingers trying to simulate what Jake’s dick would feel like, while with her other hand she was viciously rubbing her clit. Up until this day, she had to satisfy her pussy mostly by herself. Her husbands mouth was good, but it wasn’t enough for her sexual appetite.

“Baby, can i come in?” Peter said while knocking on the door.

“Leave me alone!” she shouted, even though she secretly wanted him to stay there. She was turned on even more by how naughty the whole thing was.

“Please, we can talk this through. It’s our anniversary today, I don’t want it to be amatör porno like this!” he added feeling really disappointed at how this day had treated him.

“Just give me a bit of time to thin… FUCK” she screamed as she started squirting all over the bed .

She had forgotten that her pussy can have given her such pleasure. All she wanted at that moment was Jake’s dick cumming in her. Rubbing him for 5 minutes was enough for her to squirt, she couldn’t imagine how fucking him would feel like.

“Are you okay baby? What’s wrong?” Peter asked concerned.

“I’m fine, just let me rest. We’ll talk at night.” she replied finally before falling asleep.

Sara fell asleep deeply. In her dreams she saw herself with Jake and Peter, watching a movie in the living room. What made her realize that it was a dream was that she was sucking Jake’s dick in front of her husband while they were watching the movie. Even though it was clear what she was doing Peter didn’t tell her anything and kept watching the movie. As Jake was about to cum, Sara woke up. She was again, very horny and in dire need to get fucked. She realized that it was night, and she had to have dinner with her husband for their anniversary.

“Baby, i brought you dinner upstairs.” said Peter while knocking on the door.

“Come in!” Sara replied, and she realized that maybe she should have cleaned up her cum before letting him in.

Peter came in and kissed his wife, while playing with her boob with his other hand. Peter was very much into his wife’s huge breasts and took any chance he could to play with them. Sara totally ignored the food her husband brought and responded her husband’s gestures. Peter at this point, pulled Sara’s tit out of her bra and started sucking on it, while with his other hand he pulled her panties aside and starting rubbing her clit.

“Fuck, I needed this!” Sara said passionately.

“You’ve seen nothing yet!” Peter replied.

“Do you remember how i told you i have an anniversary present for you? Well here it is!” he said and pulled out a box from under the bed with one hand but with the other kept going.

Sara grabbed the box, while Peter was at this point eating her pussy. She enjoyed how her husband was eating her and trying his best to please her but it couldn’t compare to her latest experiences with Jake. Sara opened the box, and was instantly shocked by what she encountered. It was an 8-inch dildo, just a little bit smaller than Jake’s dick. She instantly started rubbing her clit with it while Peter was eating her out.

“Baby, that’s such an amazing present!” Sara remarked.

“Yeah, I thought you might need something more sexually and I knew you would appreciate this!” Peter replied.

“I want you to shove it all in me! Don’t go easy on me.” Sara said and Peter had never seen her that determined.

Peter really didn’t go easy on her. He shoved half the dildo in her pretty easily since she was already wet. Sara screamed in pleasure and thought to herself that if she screams loud enough Jake will hear. Peter kept shoving the dildo in her until it was balls deep in her pussy. He loved how his wife was practically sucking the dick in her pussy like she needed it.

“Let it go!” she told him and grabbed the dildo. She was going to use that dick the way she wanted and Peter was gonna watch her do it. She was practically in ecstasy by what was happening.

“DO YOU LOVE WATCHING THIS HUGE DICK FUCK ME? FUCK!” she screamed so that Jake will hear her fucking.

Jake meanwhile was very much awake and listening to his mom since their bedrooms were very close to one another. He knew about his father’s impotence so it wasn’t hard to guess what was happening. While she was fucking the dildo thinking about riding him, he was beating his dick while thinking about fucking her. More moaning could be heard and that turned him on more than he thought it would.

“Oh FUCK I’M GONNA SQUIRT ALL OVER!” she shouted, and she delivered. She suddenly pulled the dildo out and starting squirting all over Peter who was looking amazed at his wife.

“Oh my fucking God!” said Peter who at this point starting eating her pussy again and cleaning her up.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck that was so good! Keep on cleaning it I need to rest.” she said, and she pretended to fall asleep again while her husband was cleaning her up.

Peter fell asleep after a while right next to her. Sara who was just waiting for her husband to sleep, got up and starting walking towards Jake’s room. She peeked through the door just to confirm what she was suspecting. She saw Jake on his bed, with his dick resting flaccid on his belly and cum everywhere on the bed. He wasn’t very careful about concealing that he was fapping which really pleased Sara, who wanted to know that he came with her moans. At that point she thought of waking him up by sucking him off, but she instantly realized what an absurd thought that was. She couldn’t get careless now, that her plan was starting to fall in place, she needed to be patient for it to work. Sara arap porno returned to her bed and fell asleep.

The next day, Sara and Peter woke up and made breakfast together. Last night had really rejuvenated their relationship and made Peter forget all the recent events with Jake. Jake got downstairs and starting eating breakfast with his parents.

“How did you sleep honey?” Sara asked him inquisitively.

“I slept like a log. I was exhausted last night for some reason!” Jake said hinting at last night’s ejaculation.

“Well, you’d better eat all your breakfast then to replenish all your energy!” she said and gave him a small kiss on the lips.

Jake kissed her back and then gave her a kiss on the neck while grabbing her waist with both hands. Sara let out a little moan, but she quickly disengaged from him. They would have these moments of tenderness lately but Peter thought it was nothing to be alarmed about.

“Dad do you have work today?” Jake asked while having a hard on from his previous interaction with Sara.

“He took a leave from work today baby, he called in sick, so we could spend the day together.” Sara replied before Peter could.

“Yes I thought today would be a good day to be with your mom, since we had a little bit of reconnection yesterday.” Peter said and giggled.

“Peter, don’t say such things, what will Jake think of us.” Sara said and pretended to be shy about what Peter said.

“Don’t worry mom. I heard quite a lot of it anyway. You were quite loud!” Jake said and his bulge got even bigger.

When Sara listened to this she couldn’t believe that Jake would openly admit to her that he heard her fucking. Something in the way he said it and his look towards her, made her know that he wanted to fuck her, and that made her very horny. She could barely continue the conversation after that remark.

“Well, baby, I’m sorry you had to hear us!” Sara replied.

She instantly got up from the table and went to the bedroom alone. She was thinking about what Jake said at the table and thought of playing with herself. She quickly dismissed that thought cause she knew she had to keep her sexual energy up throughout this day.

Sara spent most of the day watching TV with Peter, while Jake was in his bedroom. At some point around 4 o’clock Jake shouted from the next room that he needed to go to the toilet.

“I’ll get him!” Sara said and got up fast to go pick Jake up.

Sara had to get Jake to the toilet a couple of times a day. She didn’t really mind it though cause sometimes she would peek through the door and watch him pee. Even though he wasn’t erect when peeing, she couldn’t resist looking at it.

As they arrived in the bathroom, it was her chance to take control of the situation and make her plan a reality. At that moment, she couldn’t believe what she was going to do. It felt like she was in a dream, and she had no control over what she was doing.

“Hey baby, maybe I can help you with your bathroom business, you know, take care of you.” she said clumsily.

“Yeah of course!” Jake said enthusiastically. Jake was already half erect and when he heard that he got harder at the idea of his mom watching him naked.

As they got in Sara got him in front of the toilet, and pulled down his hands like she did a few days back in the same bathroom. As she saw Jake’s black dick just a few inches from her face, she gave it a little kiss in the head and got up. She loved teasing him with things like that where it could be interpreted as something sexual, or as a sign of tenderness.

“So you hold on to the toilet and pee while I hold this!” she said and grabbed Jake’s dick with one hand and directed to the toilet.

“Oh wow, okay!” Jake said amazed at Sara’s aggressiveness. He didn’t really expect her to grab his dick.

As she was holding his dick with one hand, she held his ass with the other on the pretence of helping him stand.

“Baby, this thing is as big as a log. I wonder how girls your age are gonna fit it in them!” she said as she was looking with lust at his dick.

“Yeah, I’m not sure they can handle it mom.My dick needs a woman not a girl.” he replied to his mom’s remark.

“I bet!” Sara said, and she gave him a little slap on the butt as he was finishing up peeing.

“Before we go, let me dry you up.” Sara said and fell to her knees.

She grabbed Jake’s dick with two hands and put as much as she could in her mouth, sucking all the pee and cum she could, using both hands to squeeze it all out. Jake could see ginger milf from above sucking him off like her life depended on it. He surely hadn’t expected this was gonna happen, but at that point that didn’t matter to him. All that mattered to him, was to make sure that he was gonna cum in her mouth, until there was not a drop of cum in him.

“Oh baby, yeah give it to me. Fuck mommy’s mouth! I need it so bad!” she said and moaned while Jake’s dick was in her mouth.

Jake’s couldn’t really speak at this point. All he could do was grab his mom’s head and shove it deeper in his dick. Sara on the other hand, was very vocal with moaning and talking, she wanted to make sure that Jake enjoyed it as much as she did, and she certainly enjoyed it more than she even imagined, since she hadn’t had a real dick in her mouth for more than 10 years.

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