Saturday Night Special Ch. 04

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(Continued from Chapter 3)

A couple of miles down the highway, I saw a sign pointing to the left, advertising “Beachside Camping, 3 Miles”. I slowed and turned left just past the sign and drove in the direction of the shore. Sure enough, there was a sign, “welcoming” us to the Triple M Campground.

“We’re going to camp?” Teri said, a little surprised, as I turned in the lot. I stopped. “Well, hell, little sis, if you’d rather get a motel or something, we can do that. I guess we’ve got enough money.”

Teri’s face brightened. “Oh no, this is awesome. I haven’t been camping since I was like, 14.”

I drove on to the office and went in and talked to the old fellow, who sat on a sofa facing a large, oval table. He had the tv on and was watching a baseball game.

“You got anything open, mister?” I said.

“Believe we do,” he said. “What you need? RV? Tent site?”

“We have a tent.”

“OK. That’ll be $20 for one night, $30 for two nights, $65 for all week, all seven days.”

“You got showers and water?”

“Yup. Showers and potable water, no extra charge. Hot water in the showers. Snacks and sodas in machines outside the office. Beach is about 200 yards down that way, down that path there. I got lots of regular customers comes back every year ’bout this time, some even in the fall.”

“How’s the bugs?”

“Not too bad. We get some skeeters sometimes. County comes and sprays down along the inlet once a week, so skeeters don’t bother us too much.”

It sounded pretty good. I reached in my pocket and handed the old man a twenty. He started to talk about how his family had owned this land back “three, four generation, back to ’bout 1880s.” I cut him off politely and asked him where to set up

“Well,” he said, thinking a minute. “What we got left is likely over this way.” He pointed to the left, away from the beach path. “You can run over there and see which suits you. Fires welcome if you got your own wood and keep all the burning in those truck rims all around. Just kinda keep the noise down and mind to your own business and you’ll have a nice time here.”

“Thanks, friend,” I said, shaking his hand.

I got back to the car and climbed in. “Twenty bucks,” I said to Teri. “Not bad, eh?”

“No, that’s good,” she said, half-sleepily. “Maybe we can get something nice to eat or buy some fireworks. She sounded more like a sweet little girl, my little sister Teri, than she did the street-wise, grown-up Teri. I drove slowly to the left, as the old man had indicated, and we found a level spot in soft sand, a little bit away from the other tents. I pulled the old tent bag out and freed the contents, unrolling the orange tent and staking it down. Then I raised it up with the poles. Last, I spread the old blanket like a rug and rolled out the sleeping bags.

“OK honey, we’re home,” I called out, and Teri giggled. At the same time, she seemed unusually quiet and reserved, as though she had slammed shut some part of her during her abuse by the cops. She sat up and said, “Bobby, I wonder if there’s a drug store around here. I want to get some shampoo and some things I forgot to bring.”

“I don’t know honey. We can go look.”

We got in the car again, drove back to the highway, and turned toward town. Not far down the road was a Kroger with a pharmacy sign out front. “How bout this, sis?” I said. “That’s fine,” she said, still quiet, her enthusiasm shut down somehow.

I parked, and Teri got out. “You need anything Bobby?” she asked.

“Oh no,” I said, my protection instinct whetted sharp. “I’m coming in with you.”

We walked into the grocery, and again she took my hand as we walked. Inside, she went to the pharmacy area, and I went scouting for food. I got bratwurst and rolls and mustard, a can of beans, a canteloupe and some cherries. I went to the checkout and set down the basket, then went back for a case of beer.

Teri came along with czech experiment porno a bottle of four-dollar shampoo, conditioner, and some other female-looking stuff. We checked through, and we split the $35 total. The clock in the store showed 5:20. It was a hot, lovely, sunny evening.

As we drove back to the camp, Teri began to cheer up some. I mussed at her hair and tickled her a little, and she laughed. We stopped in front of the tent and unpacked our goods. Teri set aside a little, flowery box and saw me looking. “It’s a douche, Bobby. Damn it Bobby, I feel filthy like I’ve never felt filthy before. I feel like I need to flush my whole body out and start over like a baby, be a virgin all over again.

“You know, I’ve never used one of these before. I don’t know if I’m supposed to stand on my head with a turkey baster or what. I guess I’ll just follow the directions and see how it goes.”

She took her little box, her shampoo and toothbrush and all the other little items, put them all in the plastic Kroger bag, and started off in the direction of the bath house. I went to the back seat of the car and grabbed the towels and one of her little two-piece swimsuits and went off after her. “Little sis,” I said. “I don’t think they have free towels in there.” I handed her one of the towels and the clean suit and walked with her to the showers. And once again, she took my hand as we walked together.

There were two bath buildings, one for women and one for men. She went into the women’s building — a painted plywood shack, really, with linoleum on the floor, and I waited outside, making sure no one disturbed her. Maybe ten minutes later, I heard the toilet flush, then I heard the water come on in the shower stall. I felt like I could not leave her alone, so I stood by the door, waiting.

Teri took a long, long shower. Finally, the tap shut, and I heard her drying and dressing. She came out with her hair still wet, looking fresh and young — my little sister. She had on the plain yellow bikini I’d handed her, and she took the towel and wrapped it around her, tucking it tight in back

“My gosh, stranger, aren’t you cute,” I said to her.” She stuck out her tongue at me and laughed.

“You still have that other towel?” I asked. She disappeared for five seconds, then came out and threw the towel at me. “You know, you could have come in and helped me wash any time,” Teri said. “There wasn’t anyone else in there. And I needed a good, hard scrub.”

I laughed now, realizing she was being playful with me to help my mood. She was very good at that, very subtle with it. I couldn’t figure why she’d waste it on a clown like Ronnie.

“OK, I’m going to shower too. If there’s no one else inside, I’ll call for you,” I said. I walked to the men’s side, and sure enough, I was the only one inside. I started the water, peeled off my clothes, and stepped into the old steel stall. There was a bar of soap in a little pan on the side. I soaped up — face, arms, chest. I even ran the bar soap through my hair, lathering it up good. I soaped my parts, pulling my dick out full length. I felt the curtain open, and Teri stepped in with me, wearing just the top of her two-piece.

Teri took me in her arms and slid her body against my soapy chest. She took the bar of soap in her hand and rubbed it up and down my dick, then let the soap drop and tugged my dick up hard, sliding her hand along it.

“Bobby?” she said, almost in a murmur. “I want you to wash me. I want you to wash my pussy. I want you to wash it hard.” Her smile smoldered as she slowly slid down the enameled sides of the steel enclosure. She sat on the floor of the stall and spread her knees apart. I moved a bit so that the water from the shower head splashed onto her pussy.

I sat down across from her, and it was a tight fit, our legs crowded together. Teri handed me the wet washcloth in her hand. I found the soap czech first porno video bar on the floor, soaped up the cloth, and began scrubbing at her sweet cunt. I placed two soapy fingers in her hole and swirled them around, then took the cloth again and cleaned her thoroughly, soaping her pretty little bush, then up and down her slit.

“Harder Bobby, please,” she begged, and I scrubbed at her parts so hard it must have hurt, grinding the heel of my hand against her tender parts. I continued in this way for some time. Her head fell back slightly, and her eyes closed, and her breath came quicker and ragged. I couldn’t take any more. I pulled myself up and again directed the water onto her pussy. I gradually turned the cold tap down, and the water flowed hotter and hotter. Still Teri just sat there and took it. I turned the cold all the way off, leaving fully hot water to fall onto her cunt. She flinched and grimaced, but still took the burn, until . . .

“Ooohhhh owwww Bobby, turn it off now.” I immediately turned the tap off. I helped her to her feet and gave her a long, tight hug. She felt wet and pure, like a sea nymph rising from the waves. I was really starting to love this girl, in ways that had nothing to do with brothers and sisters.

“You’re all clean, inside and out,” I said to her. “You are sweet and pure.” I could smell a faint hint of strawberry fragrance, and I mentioned it to her. “That was a strawberry douche,” she said, giggling. “It does smell nice, don’t it.”

I quickly dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist, and I rolled my clothes into a ball. Teri dabbed at herself with her wet towel and cinched it around her body. Then we both ran back to the tent, and we tumbled inside. I found a clean pair of boxers and pulled them on to cover up. Then I unwrapped Teri and took both the towels outside, laying them on the ridge of the tent. I went back inside the tent.

“Ohh I feel so much better,” Teri sighed. I looked at my wrists, still reddened and sore from the handcuffs, and I looked at Teri, and suddenly, the ordeal of the afternoon seemed to darken the sky again.

“What’s wrong, Bobby?” she asked. “Please Bobby, don’t blame yourself.”

“What, baby sis?” I said, a little surprised and stupid.

“For what happened today. Those bastards raped me, Bobby. There was nothing you could do. They fucking raped me. I know you would have done something if you could have, and it took them a pair of cuffs and a bench vise and a gun to stop you. It wasn’t your fault.”

Again, I felt terrible, as if someone had cut my nuts off. “Teri, that was the worst thing you could do to a man. I’ve always looked after you, haven’t I? I’ve always gotten you out of the tough spots, even when I got hurt doing it.” My face fell further. “To not be able to do a damn thing about it — to have to see those motherfucking sons of bitches hurt you and humiliate you . . .

“Teri baby, I would have died trying. You know that, don’t you? I couldn’t stand seeing that happen to you. I almost could have killed myself right then because there was nothing I could do for you. It killed me baby. It killed me inside. And I can’t even think of what it must have done to you.”

“Bobby, I just took it. There was nothing I could do either. It was like I just disconnected from it, like that was domeone else getting fucked while I was just me, all, like, I don’t know how to describe it. I had to take it that way, because any other way I would have gone crazy, for sure.”

“But did it feel . . . “

“Bobby, I won’t lie. I love the feeling of a dick in my pussy. But, like, it wasn’t my pussy, if that makes any sense to you. I felt it, and it felt like fucking, but it wasn’t me getting fucked. Do you understand?”

I did, sort of. But Teri was smarter than me, and I was impressed with what she said. She was tough and smart, sure. Now I was learning that czech game porno she was brave, maybe braver than I was, in some weird way.

Then Teri let down, and tears welled in her eyes. “Oh Bobby,” she pleaded softly. “Am I clean? Is it all gone? Is it over now?

“Tell me I’m clean. Tell me I’m still pure and pretty and worth being loved. Kiss me Bobby. Kiss my pussy, please.”

I felt very queer. If I hadn’t been able to protect her, why would I deserve the honor of kissing her cunt? Or really, of doing anything other than watching over her, making sure nothing bad ever happened to her again?

The answer came to me slowly. Perhaps I was the only one she trusted enough to kiss her abused womanhood, to take away her sense of sin and shame, to tell her with total fidelity that yes, she was clean. So I crawled between her legs, held my lips to her pussy, and kissed it gently. She shuddered and sighed. The faint, sweet strawberry scent came to me as a hint of delight. I ran my nose through the soft, dark fur of her bush — clean, all clean. I fliched at her clit with the tip of my tongue, then circled the tip of the button , nipping at it with my lips and teeth. She smelled, and tasted, wonderful and clean.

She moaned, and her breath came in little cloudy puffs. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, then flattened it and licked it like a cat licks, wirh long, broad strokes. Then badk to the clit for more kissing, sucking, nibbling and licking. I kept this up a long time, as her breath came quicker, her moans louder and more prolonged. “Oh god Bobby, yessss,” she cried. I caressed her thighs, then held her knees and tickled the backs of them with my fingers, licking her pussy and dealing out different motions and pressures on her clitoris. I sucked and licked her clit, kissed it, and felt the tension build in her body.

She suddenly clamped both hands on the sides of my head, holding my face tightly to her pussy. Her hips began to rock in wavelike motion, and she twisted and wriggled her ass, seeking the last milimeters of pleasure. And Teri went off like a moon rocket, with a long, broken cry, her ass humping wildly, and spasms ripping through her hole, all her parts, her whole pussy.

I slowed my motions and tasted her, drank of her, the gentle actions keeping her on her high, sexual plateau. She began to rise out of it again as I kissed and lapped at her vagina, her lower lips and her clit. She began to cry out once more. “Oh Bobby yes god oh yessss,” she cried out “Oh please, fuck my pussy with your mouth.” Again she rose toward the heights, and I timed my motions to the sounds of her moans and cries. She gave out a long, low scream as I carried her up and over the peak once again.

She was completely gone now. “Jesus Bobby, now. You have to fuck me now. You’ve got to fuck me, gotta fuck me, now, please, with your big hard dick.”

I mounted up and used my right hand to guide my hard cock into her pussy, then drove it all the way in with one deep, hard push. Teri screamed, the scream trailing off to what sounded like mourning as pleasure rocked her body. I began pounding at her slowly; she was already there. My hard, fat dick seemed to split her in two, and in a short while of pumping into her, she came again with a series of loud, high-pitched growls and cries.

And on we went in this way, with me slowing and speeding up, raising and lowering my angles of approach, kissing her hot mouth, squeezing and bruising her pretty breasts. After what seemed like an hour, I let myself go and went to work hard and hot in her tight hole. I felt the orgasm building as I banged into her hard and fast. She somehow reached around and with her hand tugged and squeezed my balls. And just like that, I came in a torrent, blasting her pussy with hot, heavy gushes of cum fluid — shot after shot after shot.

I crashed hard onto Teri’s body and lay there weakly, trying to find my breath. Teri too lay quietly, dancing her fingers lightly and slowly across my back. I don’t know what love is supposed to feel like, but just right then, I felt it.

“You are the best,” I whispered to her, kissing her mouth, her eyes, her ears. “I swear to god, no one will ever hurt you again.”

(Please continue to Chapter 5)

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