Saving Each Other

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My wife left me. She left me for another woman. The divorce wasn’t contested so it didn’t cost me anything in the way of property. But it sure cost a lot in other ways. I’m pissed. I’m depressed. I failed and wonder what I could have, should have, done. I made a commitment, a serious commitment, was open and trusting and got shit for it. I’m wounded. Another woman! Hell, I’m even feeling inadequate. And as the months go by I’m not getting over it. I know I should. I know I have to.

I told an old friend from school, Fred, that I’d like to just withdraw, go hide in a hole somehow. Obviously, he told me not to do that, which I knew, of course. But he offered something else. He suggested that I spend some time at his family’s extra home or cabin near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I knew the place, my old friend and I had spent a week there years ago skiing. It’s not much of a place. It’s been in his family for something like fifty years. But skiing at Steamboat was a better place to go hide than in my apartment in New York.

About a dozen years ago I had dropped out of school for a quarter to be a ski bum near Stowe, Vermont. I took a minimum kind of job and managed to ski almost constantly. Well, I’m not really capable of being a true ski bum I don’t think, I mean I had a job. And I didn’t ski constantly since I had to work some but I skied a lot. A couple years later when Fred and I went to Steamboat I learned that Stowe was sort of like high school to Steamboat’s college. The snow is better, the runs are longer, the altitude is higher, the scenery even more magnificent. Skiing through the Aspens at Steamboat is a whole ‘nother thing.,

So, I arranged with my Dean, where I teach, to get a quarter off. It meant I had to wait a couple months but what does that mean when I’ve been miserable for even more months already. So, I’m finally off to Steamboat and can stay for a couple months if I enjoy it. If that doesn’t snap me out of my funk I don’t know what will.

The cabin is outside of town a little in fairly open country. I ski for three days and it’s absolutely perfect. Beautiful weather, great snow. It makes me glad I’ve gone to the gym and kept in fairly decent shape. My muscles are sore but manageable. There’s a snowmobile and I think about taking it out for a half day and talk to a local guy at the gas station and he tells me that out of my back yard if I head Northwest, I should have a fair number of miles of open land. Some houses or cabins, perhaps an occasional road to get across, but relatively open country for a long way. So I decide to do it.

I’ve driven snowmobiles before. I once had a motorcycle and they handle similarly. I also know about safety. I take along some extra gas in case I need it, pack a little lunch , dress really warm and head off. It’s a real kick. I feel like a cowboy in a movie, riding the open range. I’m not sure but I probably was fifteen miles from home when I learn that I hadn’t planned carefully enough. It started to snow and moved very quickly to serious snow, approaching a blizzard. I had to get cover. I head in what I think is the direction to some civilization. I can hardly see, it’s almost a white out. Scary. Then I notice some ski tracks right next to me. The skier can’t be far ahead or the tracks would be covered so I keep my eye on them and follow them. Almost immediately I see a dark figure and pull up next to it.

“Can I give you a ride?” I have to yell to be heard. The person turns and looks at me. I think I was a surprise. She yells back. I didn’t know until I heard the voice that it was a she.

“My cabin is just ahead. I’ll climb on and we should be there very soon.” she yells back. She tries just straddling the snowmobile but that isn’t going to work so she gets out of her skis, holds them across her lap, pulls up behind me and holds on around me. I start up and move ahead. We’re not going fast. I can’t see a darn thing and don’t want to hit something dangerous. Very soon, perhaps two minutes, I can see an orange glow to our left. I point at it. “Shit!” I hear from behind me. “That must be my cabin.” I rev up slightly and head for the glow. A large dark shape starts looming in the midst of the snow.

We both jump off the snowmobile in front of what must be her cabin. There is a fire on her roof. Not a huge fire, I think the snow is actually helping hold it down and may even put it out. “Do you have a hose, some place to connect it? Maybe I can put out the fire.”

She looks at me and motions to follow her. We head up on a porch , she opens the door and we go inside. I follow her into what is obviously the living room. Looking up we can see a small charred opening. “Yes, I have a hose. Up here an outside water tap freezes in the winter so the hose is inside and the connection will have to be inside.”

“How about a tall ladder?”

“Yes.” She scurries and I follow. Next to an outside door the hose is coiled and laying there. A threaded water tap is also there. I start connecting the hose and she starts pulling out an extension ladder from under a staircase şişli escort leading to what must be a second floor or loft. I get the ladder up against the fire place and it looks like I can get up near the hole in the roof. I pull the hose along and climb up. I can actually get enough of my head up through the hole to see a fairly small, smoldering fire, very low flames. The snow actually is putting it out.

‘Can you turn on the hose?” I ask. I aim it at the flames and soon water gushes out. The flames are gone quickly. I look back down. “Turn it off.” Once the water is off, I drop the hose and look back out. No fire. Some water and some burnt ceiling are on the floor, a little snow is coming in. Messy but a minor mess. “Do you have a tarp? Anything that I can spread out over this hole to keep the snow out and heat in?” She runs off and comes back with a fairly big tarp, perhaps 9 x 12 feet. I come down to the floor, roll it up and climb back up and shove the roll up through the hole. It’s cumbersome working from what’s the middle of the problem but I get the tarp unrolled on the roof, on top of snow and sort of push and pull until it seems to me to be spread out about as good as I’m going to manage and certainly cover the hole.

“That ought to do it for now,” I tell her as I climb down. “It’s snowing so hard that the tarp will be covered in minutes which ought to help hold it down. It’s certainly temporary, as soon as the weather clears something better needs to be done but for now it ought to keep the heat in and the snow out. Some melting snow and charred wood will probably still leak and leave some very dirty water so we probably should put something under there to catch as much as we can.”

She leaves and comes back with a bucket. I try and figure where stuff might drop and place the bucket there. Then, for the first time, I look around and really see the place. We’re in a large room with a high ceiling. It’s truly a beautiful place. Expensive. Since I saw some stairs, somewhere there must be a second floor.

“Thanks,” she says. “I probably caused this. I love a fire so before I went out to ski I built a big one, intending for it to still be burning when I got back. I guess I succeeded since there it is,” she says as she looks at a normal, nice fire in the huge, stone fireplace. “The fire must have been too big and sent some embers out on the roof. You’ve been terrific about this, I owe you.”

“Oh, no, I owe you. With that blizzard, if I hadn’t met you I’d probably be freezing to death by now.”

She smiles. “Yeah, the storm. Well, I don’t know how long it will last but I think you’re going to have to stay here until it clears up, aren’t you?”

I realize that we’ve been so busy that we’re still in our jackets. So, as I start to pull my arms out of mine, I reply “Thanks, I’ll take you up on that. It looks as if I’ve lucked out and found the best possible place to be in this weather.”

She gets out of her jacket, hat and gloves. She’s a very attractive woman. Pretty face, healthy, trim body from what I can see. She’s still fully dressed, sweater, heavy pants, boots, but it’s obvious that she’s way better than most. About my age, too, thirty or so. “I’m David,” I say and reach out to shake her hand.

“Oh,” she replies, slightly startled, then smiles and reaches back toward me. As we shake, she says “Ann.”

I let go of her hand. Nice, firm handshake, though. “You’re stuck with me for a little while. Sorry.”

“Oh, no. I’m glad you’re here. Much better than living through another snow storm all alone. Do you want anything? A drink? Cocoa or coffee? Something to eat?” She turns and starts out of the room so I follow her. As I learn, we’re headed to a very professional looking kitchen.

“I don’t care. Yeah, I guess something would be fine. What do you suggest?”

“Well, we’ve both just been out in the weather so some hot chocolate sounds good to me.” She goes to a stove top and turns on a gas burner. “The fire didn’t get to the propane tank, I guess. This still works. If it had, we’d have probably seen a huge explosion.” She runs water into a kettle and puts it on the burner. She then stretches a little to reach up into a cupboard for two mugs. It pulls her sweater tighter. accentuating what looks like a full pair of breasts. I actually feel a little guilty checking out her body like a lecher. She’s a stranger that’s being kind to me. She empties some packets into the mug, smiles at me, and in a minute pours hot water from the kettle into each mug. After stirring, she hands me one. “Well, here’s to survival.”

We move to a table and chairs and sit down, each sipping our cocoa. “I’ve looked forward to visiting Steamboat again,” I said. “It’s a beautiful area. You’re fortunate to have such a lovely home out here.”

“Yes, I agree. It’s a lovely area. I’m from San Francisco originally but moved here as soon as I finished school and have been here ever since. I’m probably here for good now.”

I saw no pictures or indication of others so I ask, “You taksim escort live here alone?”

“Now I do. It’s a long story and wouldn’t be all that interesting; I’m divorced.”

“So am I. That’s really why I’m here. I’ve been feeling down about it for a long time and thought that maybe a few weeks skiing would help shake me out of it.”

“How long has it been for you?”

“Eight months now.”

“I’m nine months and it still hurts. You think it’s all right. Make a commitment, trust the guy, give yourself to him and then he cheats and cheats and cheats. It hurts. And it makes you feel, oh, inadequate.”

“I agree. My wife left me for another woman. Talk about inadequate, boy, it’s that in spades.”

“It’s sex that does it, isn’t it? I mean, marriage should be so much more. Sharing, caring, living, whatever. Then it turns out, I could never satisfy him. No one could. I think he shagged a maid in our hotel during our honeymoon when I would have thought we had so much sex he would be worn out.”

I actually smiled at that. As she looked at me, so did she. “Same here. She used to tell me how great the sex was. Said that I did oral better than anyone, like I really wanted to. In fact, I did want to, I loved it. Then she goes off with a woman where, I suppose, oral is all there is. I’m fairly sure she had experience, maybe was bi, even when I first met her. Maybe she used me to try and see if she couldn’t be normal and then decided she couldn’t. Well, at least the divorce was easy, uncontested.”

“Mine was not easy. He fought me all the way, wanted to drain every dollar out of me that he could. But I had all the evidence, could prove multiple cheating on his part. And I had better lawyers than him. At least I won the divorce.”

“I don’t know the answer. I don’t know how I’ll ever get over it. I know I’ll have a very hard time ever making a serious commitment to anyone, trust anyone again. I don’t know, maybe the answer is to be like them. Just have sex with no strings attached. I don’t know whether I can go through that again, go back to being a horny sophomore trying to fuck every girl I meet.”

She actually laughs. “That’s o.k., the girls you were fucking back then were doing the same thing. Just enjoying themselves, making out with any guy that struck their fancy. I had that stage, too.”

Then she looks at me and grins. “I’ve seen these storms before. This will probably go on for a couple days. We’re stuck here, just the two of us. We might as well enjoy it. Maybe help each other get over their misery. A good shower together might turn us both on. Want to?”

What is this? Am I hearing right? “Maybe the cold has slowed my brain but I don’t want to make a mistake and end up out in the blizzard. Do I understand you right that you’re suggesting we fuck?”

She smiles. “Well, I wouldn’t say it just like that and I hope it involves more than fucking but, yes, that’s what I said. It’s been something like ten months and I miss the sex terribly. One reason I went off cross country on my skis was to do something other than masturbate again.”

I stood up. “Lead the way.” She has a sort of dirty smile as she leaves the kitchen and starts up the stairs. I walk behind her. She’s three steps ahead of me and I watch her butt sway as she steps. She appears to have a really healthy, athletic body. We get into a hall and then into what is a surprisingly large bathroom for a mountain cabin. It makes me realize that it’s actually her home, not just a second, resort home. She’s getting out of her boots before I finish looking around and start to follow her lead. Off comes her sweater, her blouse, her pants. She’s down to bra and panties when I pull my sweater over my head. When I see her again, her bra is off. She’s really very attractive, about as desirable as any one I’ve ever been with. The kind of body you dream of. Really fit, slim. Small waist curving out to feminine hips, fairly wide. Great legs, look strong, well muscled and shapely. Her breasts aren’t huge but they’re definitely there, her nipples sort of small, dark and hard, above full half-spheres standing up with no sag. Her nipples look as if she’s already aroused. Then her panties come off, her breasts hanging loose as she bends to pull them down. She has an attractive face, more next door cute than beautiful. Brown hair cut a little short, dark eyes. As she straightens, I can see a full mass of hair between her legs. “You have a terrific body,” I tell her as I pull my pants down. I then get my boxers down, my cock bouncing up, already hard in anticipation.

“You have a terrific body, too,” she says, turning to turn on the water in a good sized walk-in shower. “Looks like you’re ready for this.”

I’m standing in the shower washing a lovely female body with my bare hands. She’s washing mine. And just like I spend a fair amount of time on her breasts, she spends a fair amount of time on my cock and balls. This is obviously very sexy and just as obviously we’re going to have sex. But it’s strange. I’ve never topkapı escort been in this situation before when I have yet to kiss or hug the female. I will most likely kiss her vaginal lips before her facial lips, suck on her clit before I suck on her tongue, push my cock well into her before I ever hold and caress and hug her romantically. It isn’t romance, it’s sex. And, what the heck, why not?

I kneel on the floor as I get soapy hands up between her thighs. She spreads some to make room. “Put your hand on my head to balance as I lift your leg,” I tell her. I get her one thigh up on my shoulder, spreading her pussy open to me. I splash water on her using my hands to rinse everything. I use my hands to pull her plentiful hair to each side as I get my face up into her and my tongue into her and start moving it around, licking. She starts moaning. I work my tongue as far in as I can, move it forcefully inside her then pull it out a little and move up to her clit. It’s sort of like a worm right now and I get my tongue against it and sort of flit on it, then my lips and pull on it slightly. Her moans become gasps. I slide two fingers up inside her vagina as I continue to work on her clit. She screams as I can feel fluids coming from her and her insides gripping my fingers. I pull back and stand, holding her leg up with my hand and use my other hand to get my cock aimed into her. I press her against the tile wall as I push fully into her. The leg I had hold of wraps around my butt, pulling me even tighter.

Her face is at my shoulder. As I start pushing up, pounding into her over and over I can feel that she’s almost biting me. Her lips are keeping her teeth from digging in but she’s at least partially supporting herself by biting my shoulder as she gets her other leg up around me. I lean her even harder against the wall and use my legs to continue shoving up into her. She’s plenty tight. Each time I withdraw slightly, her whole body drops a little and then I lift her again with my cock moving up into her. My mind is partly taken over by the raw sex but part of it remains conscious and I realize again that this isn’t romance at all but just sex. Good, strong, emotional sex but sex, not love. She cums again before I do but I’m not far behind. I stop pumping into her and just lean against her, holding her to the wall, her legs slowly leave my butt and move down, my cock stays in her.

“God, that was good,” she says against my shoulder. “It makes me realize how much I’ve missed it.”

I step back a little, pulling out of her. We just stand there looking at one another for a moment. Then she starts washing my cock again, or massaging it at least. She also moves around, lifting a leg to rinse off her bottom and her legs where my cum was running down. It only takes a minute and we’re as clean as people who just fucked can be and she turns off the water and we start drying each other. I wouldn’t have thought I could be back up as quick as I was but with her drying me and massaging me, I am. And she soon is on the floor with half my cock in her mouth and one hand wrapped around the base of it as she goes to work on me. I remember my wife saying that I did oral sex like I wanted to and Ann is after my cock the same way. She wants this, likes it, knows what she’s doing. I’m surprised she stays at it as long as she does because it takes me awhile before I cum. But finally she gets what I guess she was after, a mouthful. Although less than she would have got if she’d done this earlier.

She sits back,licking her lips, looking proud of herself for sucking me. I squat down, get my hands under her arms, Lift her, then shift my hold to carry her into the bedroom. I lay her on the bed, get next to her, get my arms around her, hold her close and kiss her. Screw it, I think it’s time to do it right. I do everything I’ve learned works. I kiss and fondle and lick and caress almost every inch of her body, sucking her nipples, even her toes, finally working my way up the inside of her legs to eat her out thoroughly again. I have to make it last a little while in order to let me recuperate and get erect again. Finally, after moving her to screams as she orgasms, I slide up over her and push my way into her again. I last and last. We fuck missionary style, then doggie, she ends up on top riding me and she cums in every position before I finally do again. We’re both drained. She lays down on top of me and very quietly breathes out, “I hope it keeps snowing for days and days.”

She finally rolls off to the side and we hold one another, enjoying our memories of what we just did. She finally says something. “Who are you David? Or can I call you Dave? What do you do? Where are you from?”

So I tell her. Dave is fine, what I’m used to. I’m 34, teach mathematics at NYU, live in New York City. A very factual minded guy, not arty or romantic.

So she tells me. She’s 32. Her family has some money so she’s free to work at what she likes even if it doesn’t pay well. Has an art gallery in town catering mostly to the toruists. She also says I may not think I’m romantic but she hasn’t had any better sex from anyone so there must be some romance in me somewhere. She also says, sort of like a question but not exactly, “You teach math at a college? You’ve got to have a doctor’s degree at least. That’s pretty good at your age.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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