School Disco

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John stood pressed against the bar, leaning on it with both his elbows to maintain his place in the queue that was little more than a gaggle of men and women who pressed and jostled for a place at the bar. The music was loud and pounded in his ears and he looked back to see the people standing between the dance floor and the bar where a few girls danced and gyrated slowly, almost unconsciously, as they waited for a gap to open in the crowd. ‘Jesus Christ! What does he want now?’ John thought as he caught sight of Ed stumbling across to the bar, his arm around a girl who clearly wasn’t too keen on supporting his weight as well as her own. John looked at his watch, almost a quarter to two, the club would be closing soon.

‘So much for the drink,’ he thought as he began to edge through the crowd towards the pair. Ed was tall with dark hair and very drunk, the girl with him, Sally, was shorter and fair, brown hair and a clarity in her walk that made it quite clear that she wasn’t nearly as drunk as Ed. John met them both by a column, ‘where are the others?!’ he shouted over the music.

‘They decided to go home, sent us to get you so we can beat the rush,’ Sally moved away from Ed so that she no longer had to support him, ‘they are in the queue for the cloak room, said to meet them there.’

The three walked down the stairs to the cloakroom, joining the queue at the back behind the others. James and Dave leaning against the wall talking to Andy and Jo, his girlfriend. John leant against the wall next to Dave, ‘sorry mate.’

Dave turned to John, ‘we are going to head off, the place will close in a bit and we want to get a taxi before everyone wants one.’ John nodded in agreement and then looked surprised when Sally walked backwards into him. He felt her lean against him for a second, pushing backwards slightly with her hips, before she moved forward again to speak animatedly with the drunken Ed. John didn’t pay much attention to the conversation, Sally was a friend of Jo’s who had taken something of a shine to Ed when they had met in a bar earlier in the day.

John picked up his coat and the seven met outside by the taxi stand. ‘So how are we all getting home?’ He asked looking at the group.

‘Well we all want to get a taxi and Ed isn’t going to be able to walk it,’ James looked at the row of taxi’s, ‘how about you?’

‘I don’t mind walking,’ Sally had moved away from Ed again and was standing close to John whilst he looked through his wallet.

‘I haven’t got the money for it really so I’ll walk back with Sally,’ John put his wallet back in his pocket, ‘I need the exercise anyway.’

‘You sure?’ Andy asked standing with his arm around Jo, ‘We can probably work it out if you want to hop a cab?’

‘Nah, don’t worry guys, I’ll walk Sally back and be home in a bit.’ John began to do up his coat, ‘it isn’t too bad a night.’ Ed stood and tried to talk but collapsed back into the car as James pulled him inside. The others climbed into the cab and it pulled away leaving John and Sally standing outside the club.

They began walking up the hill and John looked at her again in the yellow glow of the streetlights, they had been at the ‘back to school night’ and Sally was wearing her ‘uniform.’ It looked good on her, many girls just wound up looking like tarts in the short skirts, blouses and ties but John reckoned Sally looked different, the skirt was a real school skirt but he doubted she had ever worn it that short at school. Her blouse was light and hung loosely outside her skirt, moving gently in the breeze whilst the tie şerifali escort with its red and white stripe hung loosely around her neck and her light brown hair was tied behind her head. No, she did look different, the skirt and blouse showed off her figure beautifully, the blouse just tight enough to show off her breasts without giving away too much. Her face was striking, with deep red lips and eyes of deep blue, almost piercing as she turned up to look at him and suddenly he realised he was staring and was embarrassed.

‘You ok?’ She asked him with a smile.

‘What? Oh, yeah, fine,’ John looked down, ‘sorry.’

Sally laughed, ‘ok then, where abouts do you live?’

‘Up in Endcliff, how about you?’

‘I’m up that way, by Halifax actually.’

‘Great, that’s on my way so I can drop you off there.’ John looked at Sally and then looked down at his coat, ‘are you cold?’

‘A bit yeah,’ She never seemed to stop smiling, ‘I’m fine though.’

John took off the long black coat he wore and hung it around Sally’s shoulders, ‘take it, I’m too warm anyhow.’

She put her arms through the sleeves and seemed to snuggle down in the coat and they walked on. They talked as they walked, about Jo and Andy, about university life and their courses. Sally stood close to John, buffeting against him as they walked and soon he found it was more comfortable to walk with his arm round her and so by the time they were through town and into the streets near their flats they were holding each other close. They stopped by an alley so that John could do re-tie his shoe and as he stood Sally grabbed him by his shoulders and pushed him back against the wall. She threw herself against his body and ground her hips against him. He blinked as he felt her lips meet his as her hands pulled him closer, exploring his body.

He felt her fingers through his hair and unconsciously his arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her close as he kissed her back. As he closed his eyes he felt her push against him and step back, she stood looking at him, then turned and walked on down the road.

John shook his head, still slightly shocked by the kiss and the suddenness of her withdrawal. He walked after her down the dark street until she was again at his side, ‘what did I do?’ He sounded perplexed as he walked along side her.

‘Nothing,’ she smiled up at him, ‘what’s wrong?’

‘But you…back there…you…you kissed me?’

‘Yeah? And?’ She carried on as if nothing had happened.

‘What? Oh, erm, nothing I guess.’ John carried on walking as she began to buffet against his side so that he had to return his arm to her shoulders. ‘Fair enough,’ he thought as they walked. Suddenly she stopped, pushed him against the wall of a garden and kissed him again. This time she was all over him, her hands found their way past his shirt and stroked his back, her nails digging in gently as her tongue probed and explored his mouth. His arms were around her, holding her body close to his and exploring it. He felt the texture of her skirt, her underwear beneath it, her blouse, the curve of her back, her hips, her ass. She tried to pull away but he kept hold of her and continued to kiss her until she moved her hands from her hips and pushed his shoulders. She moved back and stood for a second, looking at him.

‘Hmm,’ she looked pleased with herself, ‘what are you staring at?’

John was dumbfounded, he looked around, ‘what? But you…’

She was walking down the street again before he could finish the silivri escort sentence and so he rejoined her. They walked on until they reached her flat, she opened the door of the block with her card without saying a word to John, he stood by the door expecting her to turn and say good-bye but she did not, simply walked across the hall and called the lift. As it arrived and the doors opened she stepped inside and pressed the button for her floor. John watched in amazement as the doors closed and the lift went on. Turning to leave John remembered she still had his coat.

‘Bollocks!’ He began to run up the stairs, he took the first and second floors at top speed but as he got to the third he heard the lift a floor above. He ran up the next flight of stairs and just caught the door of the corridor before it closed. ‘Hey! Wait!’ He called after Sally as he saw her step through the door of her flat. It was closed before he reached it, leaning slightly on the door he realised it was unlocked and entered the room.

‘Sally? You there?’ The room was dark and shadowy, there was little light from the corridor and the curtain was pulled.

‘What do you want?’ Sally stepped from behind the cupboard.

‘You have my coat.’ John looked at Sally who was now only wearing the uniform, the coat must have been behind the cupboard.

‘Do I now?’ She smiled, ‘is that all I have?’

John was puzzled as she stepped towards him, brushing against him gently and closing the door. He peered into the darkness, he could see her moving by the door, she seemed to be taking something from the hook behind it. Then she turned, this time she eased herself between him and the wall, pushing against him as she moved.

John couldn’t take it any more, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her, his hands were on her ass, pulling it towards him, grinding against her as he kissed her deeply, she broke the kiss but didn’t push him off and she moaned as he began to kiss her neck, gently following its curve down to the top of her shoulder, relishing in the softness of her skin and the smell of her body. She moaned again and pushed him back, ‘I thought there was something you wanted!’

He looked at her, just able to see her eyes in the dark, he wasn’t sure he understood her. ‘You came up for something? Take it Johnny, I won’t give it to you!’ She gently pushed him back but without commitment.

He kissed her again and took the tie from her neck, throwing it across the room. As his kisses worked their way down her neck his hands moved inside her blouse, pulling it up from her skirt. He felt Sally’s leg hook behind his, pulling him towards her as he began to undo her blouse. Slowly she began to push away against his shoulders but her leg remained around his, he had to reach up and gripped her wrists, holding them above her head as he kissed her chest, pulling her bra down with his teeth he began to kiss her tits. She moaned but continued to fight back with her hands, struggling against his grip.

He pulled her hands to the side and turned fast, his momentum throwing her onto the bed. In a second he was on top of her, straddling her, holding her hands above her head. Taking both wrists in one hand he reached to the side of the bed and found her tie, with which he bound her wrists and looped the tie around the wooden bed head. She moaned as he took off her bra and pulled it with her blouse up to her wrists. She writhed under him, trying to push him off as he leant down and kissed her. ‘Ok, I’ll take it,’ şirinevler escort John whispered in her ear, pushing up her skirt and pulling down her black thong. He rolled off her and his hand began to move up between her legs, gently tracing a line up the inside of her thigh as he began to gently nibble her ear.

‘So what do you want?’ He whispered in her ear, ‘come on Sally, what do you want?’

She didn’t answer but moved her head aside as he began to kiss her neck, moaning quietly. ‘So come on, what do you want?’ He whispered again as his fingers began to trace the full lips of her pussy, ‘you going to tell me then?’ slowly he traced his fingers up and down, gently pushing one inside so that he could feel the soft warmth within. She started to moan more loudly as he sucked on her nipple, his fingers steadily working their way deeper inside her, she was wet as he slowly slid two fingers deeper making her push up with her hips against him. Gently he drew his fingers back and she let out a sigh, but his and did not leave her, he spread her juice along the edge of her lips and found her clit, he rubbed gently and then harder, making her shake and buck her hips whilst he played with her breasts, kissing, fondling and nibbling until she shook uncontrollably.

He raised his head back to her ear. ‘So you like that do you?’

‘Mmmm, yeahhh…’ Sally moaned quietly.

‘So what do you want?’ John whispered, mischief in his voice, ‘your going to have to tell me or I don’t know what to take!’

‘Take me!’ She was shouting as his fingering got too much, she shook and moaned and groaned as she began to cum, not noticing as his other hand undid his trousers and dragged his shirt over his head. ‘For FUCKS SAKE!!’ She half shouted half squealed, ‘TAKE ME NOW!!!’

John leapt on top of her, replacing his fingers with his very erect cock, she bucked against it as he rubbed the head along her pussy lips, making it wet with her cum. ‘You want this?’ He grinned as he teased her, pushing his head against her clit, ‘you want it?’

‘Yes! Yes!!’ She was quieter but there was desperation in her voice.

John slammed inside her, moaning as he pushed his cock deep into her. He grunted was he pushed, pulling her legs up to his shoulders so that he could get deeper inside her hot, wet pussy. She was moaning again, her legs shaking as he filled her up. She was bigger than she had expected and felt so good as he pulled her hips up towards him.

‘Fucking hell! That…Feels…So…Good!!!’ She cried out as he pounded into her. She began to scream as he pushed harder and faster, ‘Oh!! Come on! Ahh! Faster!’

John could feel himself get closer to cumming, she was shaking harder and now biting her lip as she felt her own orgasm begin to build inside her. It was growing stronger and stronger as he pushed into her, it felt like he got deeper with each thrust of his hips. ‘Cum in me NOW!!’ She shouted as her orgasm hit her, she cried out with pleasure as his cock moved deep inside her, his movement uncontrollable as he pushed harder and harder. Instinct took over and he moaned as his own orgasm began, it seemed to build from his toes, higher and higher.

‘Fuck, Sally! You’re so good!’ He groaned as he pounded into her, he could feel himself on the very edge, and then his cum was pulsing into her, deeper and deeper as he pulled her up towards him and tried to force his cock further into her. All his muscles were tense, he ground his hips into her one last time and then lay on top of her. He felt her trembling slightly, twitching when he moved.

He rose to his elbows and looked down at her. She smiled up at him, her mischievous smile, ‘I knew you wanted it.’

‘You said to take it.’ John smiled and then realised what a stupid thing it was to say. He kissed her luscious lips again, savouring their softness, feeling her tongue against his. His eyes closed and he heard her moan as they lay together.

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