Screwing Mum’s Hot Friend

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Ed sat in his room. Eighteen and a big strapping lad. A decent bloke. Just not decent enough for a hot girlfriend. He didn’t even want a tall, hot blonde – that wasn’t his style. He was more about the bigger lady, someone with something to hold, a pretty face, red-haired, pale skin and freckles …. and a huge rack! After all he was 18.

What made it worse was that his mum’s best friend was over and he’d been banished to his room. That was cool, he hit the internet and found his favourite sites. Up popped image after image of big beautiful women. He narrowed the search finding his ideal set of pics. His cock twitched as the images fed into his mind. But where he really wanted to be was downstairs.


“He just hasn’t found the right girl yet.” Jinny said to her friend. Kate had been complaining that Ed just wouldn’t get out there and find someone.

“Problem is, I think he has” Kate replied, “but you’re not going to like it”

“try me”

“I’ve noticed the way he looks at you, Jinny, I think he’s got a crush on you. And I spotted some of the things he’s been looking up online through the crack in his door once. Jinny, they look just like you. Hot redheads, big tits…”

“I’m flattered” replied Jinny, a twinkle in her eye “and has he chosen one yet?”

They giggled at the expense of Ed as a thought began to wash over Jinny’s mind.

She wasn’t married, in fact she had no attachments and liked it that way. She had guys she could call on, some married, some not who would come at a moment’s notice to satisfy her. There were even a few of her girlfriends who she’d been with.

“Kate, Niğde Escort maybe I could give Ed what he wants. You know he’s into girls like me, and, well, he’s hot…”

“Well, this must be a first, actually asking someone if you can screw a guy. Hey, look, I love him but the boy needs pussy and he’s obviously into you. Tell me you’ve noticed him checking you out!”

“Would I be saying this if I hadn’t?”


Ed came trudging down the stairs. Maybe they wanted him to dash out and grab more wine for them. He opened the lounge door to find just Jinny and two glasses of wine. She handed him one and told him that his mum had popped out but that she didn’t think it was fair for him to be up there alone.

She passed him the glass of wine but rather than pulling away continued towards him until her sizeable chest gently pushed against his. He could feel her huge mounds pressing softly against him and his cock twitched as he realised that he was being set up. And he didn’t care.

He found somewhere to offload his glass and put his arms around her – as much as he could – he’d never realised her beautiful size and how dificult it would be hold her fully. By this time she’d lost her glass too and her hands busied themselves unbuttoning his shirt.

Ed lost it, he couldn’t resist. Grabbing the opening of her V-neck blouse he ripped it apart, wild passion racing through his mind. Jinny’s massive tits hung in their lacey cups before him. He’d never seen such a beautifully pale, freckly body and it was his for the taking. His first time and he was about to screw Niğde Escort Bayan the woman of his dreams.

In a moment they were in nothing more than underwear and Jinny dug into Ed’s shorts to release his raging hardon. It sprang to attention and she instantly dropped to take it deep into her mouth. Ed almost came there and then but some how resisted. Standing in the middle of his lounge with a beautiful women sucking his stiff rod down her neck was not what he’d expected but she worked every inch of his cock, head to hilt making him inconceivably harder.

As she felt him begin to pulse, tasting his delicious pre-cum she stood and brought her whole body to rest against his. Her tongue probed his mouth and he tasted his own juices on the tip of her tongue. Sending him into overdrive he ripped away her soaking wet panties and pushed her against the piano. She grasped at her enormous breasts offering them to him. He marvelled at the size and softness of the pale flesh dotted with freckles and lined with faint blue veins.

“Suck them” she said “suck on my big tits like a little boy” she demanded.

His mouth drew in the hardened nipple as he marvelled at the saucer sized areola that surrounded it, dark and sensual. She threw her head back thrusting her pussy toward his aching member but he was intent on enjoying the feast of flesh presented to him. He bit and pulled at her nipples as they became increasingly sensitive to his oral assault.

Working the huge mounds of flesh he brought her, unexpectedly, to the point of orgasm, the waves of sensual pleasure washing over Escort Niğde her trembling body. And before she knew what was happening he spread her weakening legs and for the first time thrust his engorged member deep inside her pussy. She came instantly, shaking violently and losing hold of her breasts. Still grasping at them, he hungrily mauled the masses of shaking flesh, pushing against her and pulling her tits towards his hungry mouth. She squealed in pain and pleasure as her body pulsated again and again.

Then Ed pulled out. Before she could find her feet and get into her right mind she was being pushed over the table, her plump ass bare in front of him, her tits squashed against the table mats, and her pussy dripping, ready for his intrusion. He wasted no time and plunged deep into her creamy hole, violating her deepest, most intimate areas. He reached around to grasp a sensual purchase on her tits and pulled himself as far in as he could. Pounding deeper and deeper, grasping at flesh he came, a massive explosion deep inside her pussy. She yelped as the shots of hot, thick, creamy juice poured into her, filling her. She felt the pulses against the walls of her vagina and the shots of his cum hot against her innermost parts.

He pulled away, slumping down onto the piano stool, his cock dripping with his own juices combined with this beautiful redhead’s. But Jinny wasn’t finished. She turned and dropped to her knees, once more taking his cock between her lips. Working every inch of his shaft she brought him to the point of explosion one more time, and sent him over the edge. He pumped the last of his juices into her hungry gullet and slumped back against the piano. Jinny slurped every last drip of his juice into her hungry little mouth before resting back on her heels. Looking to the crack in the door she subtly winked at the proud, watching mother peeking through.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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