Second Blossom Ch. 02

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By morning, Jake and his mother both found themselves in uncharted water. Though Chelsea was still his mother just as she had been for several years, she was also something more. Maternal as the woman was by nature, she was also a woman. Jake saw this with every glance.

They were famished from the night’s workout and sat together at the kitchen counter devouring sesame bagels with cream cheese. Chelsea lounged in nothing but her short and black robe while Jake wore only boxers. They eyed each other happily like candy ready for the taking. Leaning against each other like it was just an ordinary morning, the couple sipped their coffee from warm mugs.

“I’m a little surprised you’re helping me with everything,” Jake commented. “I just want you to know it means a lot.”

“I’m always here for you,” his mother said warmly. “Even if my parenting style is a bit unorthodox, I’ll give it everything I have.”

“Unorthodox is putting it lightly,” he laughed. “I really can’t imagine any of my friends’ moms doing anything remotely close to last night just for the sake of good parenting.”

Chelsea shrugged. “They parent their way, and I’ll do it mine. Who’s to say one is better than the other? All I can do is love the shit out of you whether you like it or not.”

He thought about it a moment and kissed the side of her head. “I prefer your way.”

Sitting comfortably in the arms of someone special was refreshing for Chelsea. It had been a long time since she had felt appreciated, and it was hard to remember the last time her husband had even taken the time to join her for coffee. But today was different. She felt like a woman being appreciated by her man.

Jake followed his mother into the living room where she laid across the couch on her back and parted her legs. He could feel his cock growing inside his boxers, and Chelsea eyed the erection with a smile. With open legs, Chelsea’s pussy was fully on display and could rival any of the seven wonders. Jake wanted that beauty as badly as he had ever wanted anything in his entire life.

Chelsea moved one hand in delicate circles around her folds while using the other to beckon her son closer. “Get on your knees and lean your cheek on my thigh,” she instructed. “Watch my body get excited, and I want you to stroke yourself. Practice staying on the edge but don’t cum.”

Resting his face against her tender thigh, Jake was mesmerized by the spectacle. He could smell the womanly scent and feel its warmth radiating from her body. With every motion, her pussy grew slick and shined from the wetness. He listened to the sloppy sound of wet fingers sliding their way across the smooth surface and knew his mouth was watering. He took out his cock and jerked it aggressively.

“Not so fast,” she warmed without faltering her own rhythm. “Learn to make the most of the moment. Don’t be in such a rush to get to the finish line.” Reluctantly, he slowed his pace. “That’s a good boy,” Chelsea said praising his effort. “I need you to learn some self-control so you handle being inside of me.”

“You want me inside of you?” He asked while watching a clear stream run out of female agent porno her opening before pooling over her puckered asshole.

“Mommy wants that more than anything, my darling. That big cock of yours is going to fill me up so well, and I’m looking forward to it more than you know. Keep watching, baby,” she said rubbing her hand faster across her clit. “I want you to see how wet I get thinking about you.”

Even at a slower pace, Jake was already about to explode. He had to release his grip time and again to keep from going over the edge, and Chelsea praised him each time he recognized his limit. Being so close to his desire was torture. He greedily whipped out his tongue and licked the natural lubricant from asshole all the way up to its source. She came uncontrollably squirting over her son’s mouth and across his cheek as she screamed in ecstasy.

“Give me your cock,” she demanded and placed it at the edge of her soaking slit. “Look where you are.” She pressed it to her opening.

A quick shove was all it would take to be buried inside of her in an instant. It would be the closest thing to heaven Jake had ever experienced. He tried gently easing his way forward but found Chelsea wouldn’t let him advance a single inch.

“Is that what you want?” She asked rubbing his cock in tight circles around her opening. “You want to fuck your mother’s wet hole until she comes again?”

Jake couldn’t take it anymore. Chelsea felt his hard cock growing in her grip as it began splashing her pussy time and again. Some part of her wanted this more than anything, and she almost came from the sensation. Soaked in cum and feeling like her son’s cock was exactly where it was supposed to be, she continued rubbing it around her opening with satisfaction.

They laid there for a time basking in the glow of a very good morning. Chelsea confessed how wonderful it was feeling appreciated again, and Jake gave her naked ass a squeeze making her smile grow.

Chelsea felt like she was a kid again. They spent the day playing miniature golf followed by dinner and a movie. She couldn’t remember the last time she had smiled so much. It certainly hadn’t been with her husband. It was wonderful to be around someone who brought out the best in her. She felt this straight down to the core. But even more than that, it made her love him all the more being certain Jake was with her in mind as well as body.

“Your father stopped paying attention to anything I had to say years ago,” she confessed as they returned home and headed upstairs. “I could hold it against him that things turned out the way they have, but I’d rather move past it. Life is too short to dwell on bad memories. Peter may no longer be mine, but that doesn’t make me any less capable of loving or being loved. I just have to remember that.”

Jake wanted to have the perfect words to tell her that his father was a selfish bastard who’d lost sight of the best thing in his life, but he knew fanning that flame was something neither of them really wanted. Instead, he sat on the edge of the bed and watched as his mother slipped out of her gizli cekim porno clothes and climbed into bed. Jake worked his way out of his and joined her under the blankets.

“I don’t think I could stop loving you if I tried,” he told her putting his hand gently on her waist.

For a moment, the two stared at each other in silence. Chelsea didn’t smile. She was too busy feeling something that left her speechless. Jake was such a comfort. He had always been there for her and was the best son any mother could ask for. And now he was something more. Chelsea could close her eyes and see them laughing together for years to come. The thought was wonderful but made her feel vulnerable. Even so, she continued looking into his eyes despite her hidden fears.

“I love you too, Jake,” she said reaching under the sheet and gently taking hold of his semi-erect member.

The effect was instantaneous. Jake’s cock grew under her touch, and she could feel the blood pumping away making it swell in her hand. She held it delicately without breaking eye contact. And for a moment, Jake didn’t give it the slightest attention. Every minute they spent together made him desire her that much more, but the craving was for something he saw deep in her eyes.

“Lay on your back,” his mother said closing the distance and giving him a kiss.

There were sparks and fire as their lips met, but it left both of them wanting as he did as instructed. Chelsea kissed a trail down his chest and slid her tongue over his abs. Finding herself face to face with the object of her desire, Chelsea looked up at her son as she gave the tip a kiss.

“Is this what you want, baby?” She asked planting her lips on it once more. “Do you want to feel my mouth on you?”

“Yes,” he responded. “I want to cum in that beautiful mouth of yours.”

She put her lips around the head and popped it out of her mouth. “Then I’ll make you cum,” she told him. “But try to resist for as long as you can. My pussy is still waiting for you. The longer you last, the sooner you can start using it.”

Chelsea licked the length of his shaft and watched her son close his eyes. She listened to the sound of his groans and licked away a drop of precum forming on the tip.

“You taste so good,” Chelsea told him, and she lowered her head taking him fully into her mouth.

Blowjobs had always aroused her, but this one stirred her passion in a way completely unexpected. The feel in her mouth and taste on her tongue made Chelsea crave more. Fire had been ignited between her legs, and she could feel her own wetness dripping down her thigh. She needed to have him. Voicing her pleasure with every moan that escaped her lips, she found herself in an increasing state of arousal.

Chelsea’s mouth moved up and down while her tongue circled the head with every ascent. Reaching between her legs and burying her fingers deep into the fire, she cupped a pool of her own juiced and let it drip onto Jake’s glistening cock.

“This is from mommy’s pussy,” she told him already recognizing that he was on the edge of bursting. “Doesn’t it feel good having glory hole secrets porno mommy’s pussy juices keeping you nice and wet?”

Chelsea could barely contain herself. The sight of her own wetness making Jake’s aching cock shine in her hand almost made her climax on the spot. She wanted it so badly. She wanted their juiced to mix together and their bodies to become one. Unable to stop herself, she took his cock deep down her throat feeling her own rush of pleasure course through her when she tasted herself. Jake was right behind her.

The moment his mother devoured him in her mouth was the moment Jake reached his limit. Letting out a loud groan, he grabbed the back of her head holding it in place while streams of cum flew down Chelsea’s throat. She moaned from the force but didn’t fight it. Her eyes watered from the intensity, but she loved all of it. Chelsea swallowed everything her son had to offer and sucked him completely dry. Finally coming up for air with a gasp, she smiled with satisfaction as the taste of Jake’s cum was fresh in her mouth.

“I needed that,” she said putting a hand on her stomach. “You really do make the best dessert.”

“I need you,” she heard Jake say and was caught by surprise at the words coming from her son’s mouth.

“You just gave me enough cum for three meals. Haven’t you had enough?”

He reached for her face and kissed his mother passionately. He could feel her nails running gently down his stomach, and she loved the feel of her head between his powerful hands. He laid on his back and directed her hips over his mouth. Getting the idea, Chelsea sat on his face lowering her dripping pussy onto his waiting mouth.

Jake’s mother let out a moan when she felt her son’s tongue disappear up inside of her. The woman could feel her juices running into his mouth, and Jake eagerly swallowed every drop of the forbidden nectar. His hands reached around and squeezed his mother’s ass. Pressing one finger to Chelsea’s asshole, he applied pressure to the opening while continuing to lick.

“Oh my God!” Chelsea moaned as her head flew back and her back arched. She began moving her hips grinding against his mouth and forcing her son’s finger to probe her back entrance. “You’re eating mommy’s pussy so well. Keep playing with my asshole, baby. It’s so tight and ready for you.”

Chelsea felt her son’s mouth making a suction, and his tongue began flicking her clit. Between this and the sensation her ass was experiencing, the pleasure was too much. “I’m coming!” She yelled.

Jake opened his mouth as his mother’s climax released like a floodgate. Trying to make her orgasm memorable, Jake shoved his probing finger to the first knuckled, and she squirted even more forcefully. The wetness ran across his chin and down his neck. The sight of Chelsea’s son covered in her own juices was the finishing touch to an already perfect orgasm. Breathing heavily and spent, she enjoyed the feel of his tongue slipping back inside of her as the climax began to dissipate.

“That was wonderful,” she commented while sliding off of his face and under the covers.

Chelsea gave her son a kiss that ran longer than expected. It was followed by a second and then countless others. Both of them felt connected, and they recognized this every time their lips touched. Late into the night and finally unable to keep their eyes open any longer, their bodies kept each other warm as they drifted off to sleep.

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