Secret Desires Ch. 01 – Take a Seat

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Max was pacing nervously in the lobby of a tall office building waiting for the receptionist to finish her call. He kept sneaking glances at her, drinking in her mane of blonde hair and full plump lips. He could just see a peek of firm full breasts in the opening of her shirt…

“Can I help you?”

Max blushed as he realised, she had finished her call and was talking to him. Worse she’d caught him perving at her. Looking around to make sure no one could hear him he approached the desk.

“I’ve, erm,” He stammered, before clearing his throat and trying again more assertively, “I’ve an appointment with, erm, Secret Desire?”

Cursing that he still struggled at 32 years old to talk to beautiful women. Well, any woman really. It wasn’t even as if he was ugly, he knew he was above average in the looks department and often had women chatting him up. He just struggled to talk back, crippled with a shyness that had plagued him since childhood.

“Ah, you must be Max! Follow me, Madame is expecting you.”

The receptionist stood up and appeared from around the desk revealing long toned legs barely covered by a short tight skirt underneath which the tops of sheer stockings could just be seen. She turned and walked down a corridor to the lifts, hips swaying with each step almost hypnotising Max into following her. Pressing the button to call the lift she looked over her shoulder at him.

“It’s ok that you look at me. You know, I enjoy men looking at my body, the feeling of them undressing me in their minds, the power of knowing they are thinking of nothing but how I would feel wrapped around them as they fucked me!”


The doors before them sprung open. She stepped into the waiting lift beckoning him to follow her and as the doors closed and the lift began to ascend, she started to open her shirt buttons one by one until it fell open revealing her to be naked underneath. She reached behind her and Max could hear the sound of a zipper being pulled, before he knew it was happening her skirt was pooled at her feet, revealing that besides the stockings and high heels she was now completely naked. She ran a hand down her stomach, curling a finger as she reached the mound of her pussy, Max’s eyes widened as she slid a finger inside herself and then pulled it out sticky with her juices. Locking her eyes on his she slid the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

“God that tastes so good, I think you’d enjoy it too but we’re here…”

With that the lift stopped and the doors opened with a ping revealing a tall curvy red-headed woman. Her tailored suit was conservative but the lines of the body underneath were unmistakable curvy, full hips and ass filling the trousers.

“I see you have fulfilled your fantasy, Miss Tyler,” Her voice is reminiscent of dark smoked filled bars and smooth slow-burning whiskey being drunk as she addresses the now naked receptionist, “You are free to go. Mr Locke,” She turned her gaze to Max, “Come with me.”

Max couldn’t have resisted if he wanted to and he found himself walking down the corridor and into a warmly lit room taking a seat across from Madame who had taken her place behind a solid wooden desk topped with dark green leather.

“So Mr Locke. Tell me why you are here.”

Looking anywhere but at the face of the woman before him, Max rubbed his hands over his thighs giving away his nerves.

“I heard that you can make people’s desires – my desires… You can make them come true! I’m too shy to ask any escort izmir of the girls I’ve been with to… Do… what I really want them to… Do… With me. To me, rather.”

Madame stood and walking over to a decanter poured two generous measures of whiskey. Offering one to Max she leans over and whispering in his ear asks:

“So tell me, what is it you really want them to… DO… to you?”


Max’s head felt groggy as he came too as though he’d had a heavy night drinking but all he could remember was that one drink that Madame had poured for him. He couldn’t remember anything after that first sip of drink and her asking him what he really wanted women to do with him. He blinked a few times to clear his vision but quickly realised that all he could see was blackness. He tried to lift his head but couldn’t move it, it felt as though a strap or harness was holding it in place. He could tell he was lying on his back on something firm but comfortable and although he was not cold he knew he was naked. He tried to move his arms and legs but they too were strapped firmly down. Panic briefly flared but then he started to remember the last words spoken to him…

“Trust me Mr Locke I will make sure your dark wish comes true, no harm will come to you. No pain will be felt that you don’t invite.”

It couldn’t be true could it – had they actually found a way to make his fantasy a reality? It seemed like such an odd thing for someone to want that he had been worried he would be laughed out of the office or worse branded a pervert.

A door clicked open and he heard hushed giggles.

“Now ladies, this here is a very special couch that will give you nothing but pleasure should you choose to use it.” This was unmistakable in the smoky tones of the Madame but Max couldn’t tell who or how many people she was talking to. “You will notice there is a zippered section at both ends, if you are happy to continue then I invite you to open them now.”

More hushed giggles could be heard and then Max felt some movement near his jaw, the sound of a zipper being pulled sounded so loud in his ear it would have made him jump were he not safely strapped down. A little bit of light filled the inky darkness and he could feel cool air around his mouth and nose, his eyes were still covered so he had no clue as to who owned the fingers that traced a pattern across his jaw and lips. The sound of a second zipper further down his body caught his attention and before he knew it the cool air was around his cock and balls. A gentle hand gave his balls a quick squeeze which quickly brought his cock to attention.

“Someone looks ready to play,” This was a soft unfamiliar female voice speaking followed by a second new voice.

“Let me see,” Without warning a warm mouth quickly swallowed up his now throbbing cock taking all 8 inches in until he could feel the tip of her nose pressed against him. On the way back to the tip she pressed her tongue firmly against the underside of his shaft causing him to groan in frustration as he slid from her mouth. “He is definitely ready to play.”

There was a sound of rustling and what Max thought was clothing hitting the floor and he cursed inwardly that he couldn’t see a damn thing. He strained his ears and thought he could hear the sound of kissing, yes definitely kissing. In his mind, he saw two naked hot women kissing and touching each other, hands caressing each other. He imagined watching them as fingers dipped lower down their escort izmir bodies, disappearing into wet juicy pussies. He could almost smell their heady aroma, yearning to taste the sticky juices.

He heard movement and felt some pressure above him, then a warm wetness engulfed his mouth. There was a pussy directly on his mouth leaving just enough room for his nose to nestle between the bum cheeks and giving him space to be able to breathe. On pure instinct, he reached out his tongue and was rewarded with a delighted squeal of pleasure when he licked the outer edges of her lips before lapping eagerly at her clit. Wishing he could grab onto her thighs and pull her closer he moved his tongue through the folds of her pussy before finding his way to the wet juicy centre. Pushing his tongue in deep he could feel her contracting around him and the unmistakable sounds of an impending orgasm could be heard above him.

“Fuck yes! I’m so close, don’t stop. Don’t stop, don’t’ stop….nnnrrrggh!” She was panting heavily and her juices were now running down his chin. He kept lapping and licking until she was suddenly not there. His tongue wasn’t lonely for long as he felt a mouth close to his and kiss him deeply before pulling away. “Mmm, I taste delicious but wait until you taste my friend, her pussy is so sweet. I should know I taste it every chance I get!”

His balls were aching with the need to empty and he knew that if he were not strapped down he would have pushed this faceless woman down to the ground and ploughed straight into that sopping wet pussy and not stopped until he’d emptied his load deep inside her.

“My turn,” The voice bought him out of his imagined sexploit and another pussy was ground onto his waiting mouth. This one felt different to the last, the lips plumper and the juices muskier yet sweet tasting. The clit was bigger and he went to work sucking it between his lips earning a deep guttural groan from the woman above. He was desperate to work his fingers into what felt like a tight pussy, to feel her buck under his touch and clamp down on him trying to draw him in. The inability to touch her with anything but his tongue felt better than he could have ever imagined, the frustration swelling his cock and making it glisten with precum. He began working his tongue in and out showing her what he would do with his cock given the chance and was rewarded with increasingly louder groans from above.

He felt a hand grab the base of his cock and before he could process it he could feel the tip nudging at the wet entrance of a pussy. The owner of it moved slowly downward so he could feel every inch of himself being gripped by the slippery pulsating walls. He groaned a deep animalistic sound causing his lips to vibrate against the pussy he was currently tonguing eliciting another squeal from its owner. The girl on his cock started moving faster and with each downward thrust, he could feel that her fingers were at her clit furiously rubbing to get her off. There were no sounds apart from grunts and groans as the three of them fucked and sucked their way into oblivion. Max could feel his load building and his balls tightened, he knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer. He began tonguing the cunt above him faster and faster and then felt his cum explode from his cock in glorious waves. His animalistic grunts causing the pussy above him to contract in orgasm. A few seconds passed and he felt his cock begin to soften and slip out of its current home.

The girl moaned in frustration “I was so close to cumming then, I think you need to do something to fix that…” She climbed off his lap and he felt her gently take his flaccid member into her mouth. He thought he was spent but she slowly licked first up one side of him and then down the other. Next she took the head of him into her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue across the very top of him, teasing his slit whilst her hand massaged his balls, squeezing them to just the point where pleasure and pain meet. He was amazing when the blood started rushing through his veins and his cock grew in size. A few bobs of her (what he assumed to be) pretty little mouth and he was standing proudly at full mast again.

“Now that is more like it, you’re going to love what I want next from you,” There was a naughty edge to her voice and a shiver of thrill and anticipation ran through him. The pressure around his groin returned and it felt like someone was shifting their weight above him, firm fingers took hold of him again and he felt his cock nudging at a tight entrance. She was pushing down so very slowly against him that he thought he would explode again right there, everything felt tighter and drier than before, just when he thought he wouldn’t get in the head of his cock popped past the entrance and it began to be swallowed up again.

“You feel so fucking good in my ass, your cock is so big it feels like it’s tearing me in two. Just a little more, night, a little more. There,” Panting the girl rested for a moment with the whole of Max’s cock buried in her ass. He’d never felt something so tight before, ass fucking was definitely another one of the things that he’d not been able to talk about with women before but he hadn’t mentioned it on his Secret Desire application. He figured that being made into a piece of furniture for fucking, a stationary fuck toy to be used and abused was already too much to hope for. His thoughts were broken when she started to move slowly up and down on his cock, her ass gripping every inch of him. Not wanting to be left out, the girl on his face wiggled a little and he started to tongue her once more lapping at her juicy lips.

The milking of his cock picked up speed and the girl clamped down hard on him, “Fffuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkk me,” she yelled signalling her orgasm as it came crashing down upon her. Taking it as his cue he let his second load go filling her ass with his hot sticky cum, not wanting his face sitter to be left out he doubled down on his movements before slipping his tongue from her pussy and into her puckered asshole. The feel of him tickling her most sensitive area pushed her over the edge and she too came in more subdued grunts and groans.

A few minutes passed and the girls climbed off Max and he heard the door open once more. “Ladies I trust you have enjoyed yourselves; You certainly look well used,” it was the sultry tones of Madame once more filling the air. “You have fulfilled your payment for your own fantasies and may go get cleaned up now.”

“Thanks for the great ride,” it was the first girl who spoke and then the room was quiet as the door closed.

A long zipper was pulled and the cover over Max was pulled off, he blinked in the soft light waiting for his eyes to refocus on the scene before him. Madame leant over him to undo his restraints and despite the heavy smell of cum in the air he was still able to smell her perfume. Her hair tickled his chest as she moved down his body undoing the straps that held him in place and his cock started to stir.

Looking him in the eye Madame said: “Now Mr Locke let’s talk about your payment terms for your fantasy shall we…….”

To Be Continued?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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