Secret Powers Ch. 05: Training Day

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In the morning, I wake up alone in the bed, with delicious aromas wafting up from the kitchen. I lazily rouse myself, find a robe and slip it on. Padding downstairs, I see the other two preparing breakfast, also wearing their robes.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” Melissa chirps.

Tara smiles at me. “Sleep well?”

“Yes, actually – best in a while.”

“Well good,” Tara says, “Do you have to leave at any particular time?”

“No,” I reply, “I’m not working today.”

“Great!” Tara says, “We have a training day then.”

We have a delicious breakfast. Tara is a fabulous cook as well as a powerful sex magician. I help Melissa wash up, then we adjourn to the lounge room.

Tara says, “Okay, Mary, now for business. To control your powers, you must follow some rules strictly. Failure to do so will cause major issues in your life and for others. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Tara. I have felt the power and I appreciate the need.”

“Good. Now rule one is simple and overriding: Do no harm. If you are ever in doubt about using your power, refer to this one and act accordingly.

“Rule two is also simple: Legal ages only, which as you know is sixteen here in Australia. This should be obvious.

“Before stating rule three, I will explain something. There is a ‘read-only’ option to your powers. That is, you can read a woman, feeling what she emits without sending anything to her.

“So rule three is: Read a woman carefully before thinking about connecting. Make sure she will be happy to participate, as far as you can tell. If you don’t get a complete sense that she will be happy, then do not connect; if you proceed, it’s considered non-consensual sex.

“Rule four follows from rule three: Stop and block the connection if you are causing distress. You will feel it, because, remember, feelings are reciprocal. If you cause distress, you will feel the same distress. It’s like Newton’s third law.”

“Um, what?” I ask.

Melissa explains, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Remember how you and I felt yesterday, and how you and Tara felt at the kitchen counter? Feelings flow both ways in equal measure. This applies to both good and bad feelings, so avoid the bad.”

“Okay, I get it,” I reply, “so now what?”

“Let’s have showers, then dress for the beach. I think I have a bikini that will fit you, Mary.”

We shower and put on our bikinis. Tara’s is a bit tight, so it presses my little boobs up so I almost have some cleavage.

As we wind through the path to the beach, Tara describes what we are looking for. “We want women who could be receptive to lesbian overtures. For your training today, you shouldn’t send strong projections. Learning to block is the most important lesson.”

I ask, “So I tease them and then block?”

“Yes, something like that. Try to turn them onto you a little, then block. Don’t overdo it, or you’ll frustrate them. And if you feel that they are not interested, then just stop.”

“Okay,” I say, as we top the dune and look out over the beach. Several people are lying on the beach and a few are walking. We go down and saunter as a trio. We come up near a couple – man and woman – and I whisper, “She looks bored, should I try with her?”

“Sure,” Tara says. “Melissa and I will look away. Let us know how it goes.”

I gaze at her, seeing if I can get her attention. When she looks back, I turn on a light projection of nipple touching. I sense a moment of excitement, then I feel her revulsion. Oops, she’s not at all lesbian. I quickly turn it off and turn away.

“Not that one,” I say, with a giggle.

“Yes, many women are just not that way,” Melissa says.

We walk along, and I see a woman alone on a towel, reading a book. She’s hot-looking, in a low-cut one-piece. I stop and look. She notices me when she turns a page, looks back and smiles. I project stroking her nipples lightly, and I notice her mouth open.

I feel her return my desire, and I start pulling her nipples. We both gasp and stare at each other. “Okay, now block,” Tara whispers, shaking me out of my daze.

Reluctantly I block, and I feel her disappointment at the sudden cessation of excitement. I smile and turn to Tara. “How did I do?”

“That was perfect,” Melissa chimes in. “I was reading her all the time, and she was really getting into you, and wondered why you turned away. So your block was good.”

“Should I go apologise?” I ask.

Tara chuckles and says, “Oh, it’s not necessary for light flirting. After all, she doesn’t know that you did it on purpose. But maybe on our way back if she’s still there you can try again.”

“That felt pretty easy. What’s next?” I ask.

Melissa says, “You two stay here, and I’ll go scouting.” She shuffles off, and Tara and I engage in small talk while she’s gone. When Melissa returns she says, “I have a challenge for you, Mary.”

“Lead on, Melissa.” We walk along to my target.

“Okay, it’s a woman with a man, but reading her gave me the idea she isn’t happy with him. I didn’t mersin escort probe deeply, so I can’t say how she feels about women.” Melissa stops a short distance from them.

“Right, it’s the couple on the big blue towel to your right. Don’t look yet. Let’s just chat and you can glance over.”

I pretend to chat with Melissa, then look over and see this young woman who’s maybe around twenty years old. Wow, she has a lovely face, a trim, curvy body and incredibly shapely D cups spilling out of her tiny top. She’s sitting up, looking out to sea. “Mmmm, delicious choice, Melissa, thank you,” I say.

Without even thinking, my mind reaches out and caresses the woman’s leg. She jumps, wondering about the touch. She looks around and sees me gazing at her. She has a puzzled look for a few seconds, then she smiles at me. My nipples harden at her smile, and I can feel her nipples harden with mine.

I whisper to Tara, “We’re turned on, and I hate to stop. Is it okay if I keep going?”

Melissa, who has been reading her, says, “Mary’s right, she’s very interested.”

Tara says, “Well, okay, but be careful.”

The woman looks at her man, who is lying face down, facing away from her. She returns her gaze to me, and I project gentle stroking of her nipples. She gasps and her jaw drops, wondering what’s happening. I keep stroking her nipples then give them a gentle squeeze. I can see her nipples harden through her top, and I’m sure mine are showing too.

I smile broadly. She looks back at him, then back at me, unsure what to do. Then she carefully stands up as if to avoid alerting him, puts on her sandals, picks up her handbag and walks over to us. She stops a metre away, looking me up and down, then glancing at the others.

“Hi, I’m Mary, this is Tara and this is Melissa,” I say, pointing to indicate who is who.

“Um, hi Mary, I’m Sonya. Uh, I don’t make a habit of meeting people on the beach like this, but…” she trails off.

I reply, “It’s fine, Sonya, I’m happy you walked over. I saw you and I was very attracted and I couldn’t quit looking at you. I’m sorry if I intruded.” I peer around her. “It looks like you have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, him. I suppose he is.”

Tara interrupts, “Hey Mary, Melissa and I are going back to the house, okay? See you later.”

“Oh sure, Tara.” They both grin at me as they walk away.

I do a quick read of Sonya. “Sonya, are you not happy with your boyfriend?”

She looks into my eyes and a tear drips down her face. “Are you okay?” I ask.

She chokes back tears and asks if we can walk down the beach. I agree, of course, and we walk for about 50 metres. As we walk I read her and feel deep sadness. I stop and ask again.

She launches herself onto me, holding her body to mine and sobbing. When she can manage some words, she says, “Oh, Mary, I’m so unhappy. Kyle and I are engaged but I’ve come to realise that I don’t love him. He’s become very controlling and I can’t handle that. We’ve had fights but nothing gets resolved.”

Her big soft boobs pressing on my little ones stir up my passion, but it’s not the time for that so I block my feelings from her. I hold her close to me and say, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” I let her cry on my shoulder for a while.

When she stops crying, she sniffs and says, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to burden you with my problem.”

“Nonsense, Sonya. I’m to blame for making the connection in the first place, so it’s a price I’m happy to pay.”

She pulls a tissue out of her handbag and blows her nose. She thinks for a minute, then asks, “Connection?”

I look at her and decide that I can’t lay on the whole power story, so I let that slide and just say, “So what would you like to do? Go back to your boyfriend?”

She starts to tear up again and she mumbles, “Not really, but what else can I do?”

I reply, “Tara’s place is just up this path. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if we went there to talk.”

“I’d like that,” she says with a tiny smile.

I lead the way, glad that we have walked in this direction so we don’t have to cross in front of her boyfriend. I walk ahead of her after turning onto the narrow path to the unit. I go into full read-only mode, feeling her looking me up and down, then gazing at my wiggling arse in Tara’s tight bikini. Her nipples harden a little, and her pussy moistens a bit. I sense her confusion that she could be attracted to a woman.

When we reach Tara’s unit, I open the door, which they have left open, luckily. I go inside and call, “Tara? Melissa?” I hear nothing until low moans drift from upstairs. Ah, good, Sonya and I will be alone downstairs.

“I’ve got to go to the loo!” Sonya cries. I show her the way and stand outside, needing it myself. When she comes out, I point out the lounge room. After I finish in the loo, I go to the kitchen and fill two large tumblers with water and bring them out. Sonya is sitting on the sofa, slightly curled up. I feel her sadness again.

“I’m sure you need this, but can I also get you something stronger?” I inquire.

She mersin escort bayan gulps down half the tumbler and says, “If you don’t mind, I could use a drink. Wine?”

“I’ll see what they have.” I walk to the fridge and find a cold bottle of Sav Blanc – not too expensive a brand, so I don’t think Tara will mind me raiding it. I fill two glasses and return to Sonya, sitting in a chair opposite the sofa where she is sitting.

We sip our wine and I sit back, just looking at Sonya and reading her. I feel strong turmoil from her thoughts about Kyle. I can’t read thoughts, just feelings, but I’m sure that’s what’s going on.

I let her think for a bit. She sighs a lot. “Penny for your thoughts?” I finally ask.

She tenses up, holding her feelings inside until they burst out again. “Oh, I’m so unhappy with Kyle. I’m pretty sure I want to leave him, but he’s so controlling, I’m scared that he could hurt me.”

“That’s such a shame, that a wonderful, gorgeous woman like you should be in that situation. I hope you can resolve it.”

“Thanks.” Sonya’s phone beeps. She digs out her phone, looks at it and says, “It’s a text from Kyle, wondering where I am.”

I think for a moment and suggest this reply to him: “I’m safe, don’t worry.” She smiles a bit and taps her response. After a few seconds, we hear another beep. She makes a few taps again and tosses the phone back in her handbag. I’m guessing that she’s put it on silent.

“I take it you’re not going back to join him at the beach.”

“Not right now.”

“You’re fine to stay here for a while. If it’s not prying too much, what do you see in him?”

Sonya thinks for a minute, then says, “At first he treated me like a princess. We met at a party. He had come with a date but he spent all his time with me, making me feel like I was the most wonderful woman in the world. We left the party early, and I kind of felt bad for his date, but I was giddy with his attention.

“For weeks, he’d call and text non-stop and even send flowers. I had never felt so wanted. He treated me to nice restaurants. After three months he asked me to move in, and I was so happy to do it. But once I was there, the control freak in him came out.”

“How is the sex?” I ask.

She blushes. “Well, to be honest, he was my first, so I guess it’s been good.”

“You guess? Only good?”

“I don’t have any comparison.”

“Well, compared to masturbating, for example.”

She blushes brighter. “Oh, I’ve never, you know…”

“You’ve never given yourself an orgasm?” I gasp, truly shocked.

“No, I’ve always been taught that it’s bad.”

“Wow. Well, let me tell you, it’s not bad. So he probably never gave you one either.”

“I’m not sure, I guess not. It feels nice sometimes.”

“Not sure? Nice? Sometimes? Girl, you are being cheated out of your right to pleasure,” I almost shout.

She sits silently, thinking about our last few exchanges. I can feel her turmoil turn to curiosity. She starts looking at my body again and getting excited. My own excitement kicks into gear again. I gaze at her body.

“So what would you like to do now?” I read her again, feeling her look at me with growing excitement.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she says hesitantly, picking up her glass and gulping more wine.

I smile broadly at her, sit back in my chair, spread my legs wide and arch my back. I feel her excitement grow and see her eyes widen as she looks at my body in Tara’s skimpy bikini. I drop my block and send feather-light caresses up and down her body. “Don’t you?” I whisper.

I raise the block to feel her natural response. Her nipples go rock hard and her pulse quickens. A faint gasp escapes her lips.

“I think you do know what you want, Sonya. You are eyeing my body and getting aroused. I’m pleased that you are. I love your body too.”

Suddenly, we hear Melissa scream from above.

Sonya glances toward the stairs with a start. “Is she all right?”

I giggle uncontrollably. “Of course, Melissa’s fine, Sonya. She’s cumming from whatever Tara is doing to her.”

I read a mixture of confusion, curiosity and excitement in her. “Coming? What is that?” Sonya asks.

“That’s slang for having an orgasm – spelled c-u-m-m-i-n-g.”


I pause to let her ponder that. “Would you like to have an orgasm, Sonya?”

“Ohhh, Mary, I don’t know. With you? Oh. I’ve never even thought about a woman that way.”

“Well, I have an idea that might be good for your first time. I’ll let you watch me masturbate, and if you feel like touching yourself too, that would be fine.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“You keep saying that, but I think it’s time for you to find out. If it’s uncomfortable, just tell me to stop at any time.”

I drop my block and start caressing my body, avoiding my boobs and pussy at first. I can feel her excitement. My hands cup my boobs through the bikini top, and then I whip off the top. Her eyes go wide.

“Yes, Sonya, I know you like my little boobs. Watch me touch them, and you escort mersin can copy what I do.”

I stroke my nipples and she can feel my projected touch. Her hands fly to her boobs and rub them. I pull my nipples and she groans, rubbing her boobs harder.

“You can take off your top, Sonya. I want to see your lovely boobs.” She hesitates, but then unties the top and lets it drop. “Oh yes, I love them.”

I pinch my nipples, sending sparks through our bodies. She then pinches her nipples. I take my hands away and let myself feel her pleasure coming over to me.

We moan together, then my hand slides down between my legs. “Mmmm, Sonya, you have made me wet!” I rub my finger on my pussy through the bikini bottom, feeling the wetness. My touch transfers to her.

“See, Sonya, touching your nipples sends waves down to your pussy. I bet you are wet, too. Touch it and see.”

I keep lightly rubbing my pussy and she slides a hand down and rubs hers. “Oh my god, yes, I am wet, Mary. I’ve never felt like this.”

I rub up and down faster. She matches my pace, keeping her gaze on my hand.

“Now press down hard with your middle finger and rub in circles. Do you feel that bump?”

She tries it for several seconds and then goes, “Yesss, ahhh,” when she finds it.

“That’s your clitoris or just clit. It’s your main pleasure spot.”

“Wow, that feels so good. Kyle never found that.”

“Well never mind him now, you just keep rubbing it. And pinch your nipple as well.”

I do that to myself to show her, as well as building my own pleasure.

We rub and groan. Then I say, “Reach inside and slip a finger into your pussy. Get it wet, then slide it over your clit and rub again.” I show her how and we are now getting close to cumming.

Our mutual pleasure shooting back and forth brings us to the edge. “Now harder, faster,” I cry, as we both rub harder. She screams, “Ahhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhh.” We cum hard, juice flowing out and making huge wet spots on our bikini bottoms.

I then plunge a finger into my pussy and fuck myself. She feels that and copies me. I send all my power into her finger, fucking her so hard. She screams as she cums again, and I cum with her.

I stop and hold my finger in me, and she does the same. Our pussies convulse around our fingers as our orgasms slowly recede.

I put up my block to let her come down naturally. I withdraw my finger, and when she finally opens her eyes, I smile and say, “Be back in a minute.” I let her luxuriate in the wash of her first pair of orgasms.

I run upstairs, where Tara and Melissa have finished, lying together.

Tara says, “It sounds like you had fun!”

“Yes, Tara, she’s new to women, so we just masturbated. If you come down, it would be good for you to be in robes, not naked, okay? She’s shy. Do you have two more robes for us?”

“Of course, Mary. Check the bottom shelf in the closet.” I go over and find two robes, put one on and take the other down to Sonya, who has recovered a bit. I hand it to her. She stands shakily, puts it on, and sits back down on the sofa. I sit next to her and put my arm around her. My block stays up since she doesn’t need any more stimulation now.

Sonya leans into me and says, “Wow, Mary. I had no idea that a woman could feel that good. I always thought that sex was great for guys, but for us girls, the best it could be is ‘nice’.”

I say to her softly, “I can imagine that your head is spinning now. I’m glad that I’ve shown you how to please yourself, which is the first step to having someone else please you.”

She turns her head and says, “You mean…?”

I hush her and say, “Not now. You’ve had enough experiences for one day. Another time, perhaps.”

She remains quiet while gazing at me. “I’d like to try,” she whispers. I smile and hold her close.

We cuddle for a while, and then Tara and Melissa pad down the stairs. Melissa beams at us, “Hello, Sonya. I see you like Mary. She’s something special, isn’t she?”

Sonya shyly says, “Um, yes, she is.” Her face goes red as she hides our little secret.

I ask Sonya, “What would you like to do now? Go back to the beach? To your place?”

“I don’t know.” She pulls out her phone and sees a raft of messages. Her jaw drops wide open. I peer over and see the messages, each angrier than the one before, with some missed call notifications mixed in. The last message reads, “I’ll kill you, bitch!”

Sonya and I both gape at the violence. I say, “I don’t think that’s a good idea!”

She scrolls through all of the messages, mouth still wide open. “Uh, no,” she agrees.

Tara asks, “May I see the messages?” Sonya hands over her phone.

Tara reads them all and thinks for a minute. Then she snaps into a military mood. She barks, “Sonya needs to move out now! We must all go over together to protect her as she packs up and leaves.”

Sonya starts to sob. I hold her tightly and try to reassure her.

Melissa reads the messages and says, “Yes, let’s go kill the bastard and move her out!”

Tara replies, “Now now, Melissa, if we kill him, we ruin our lives. But let’s plan this. Melissa, get all of our empty suitcases, so the three of us can pack her quickly. Mary, you keep consoling Sonya. I’ll pull the car around the front.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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