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It’s late and you’re at home, sitting in your executive spinny computer chair with no light other than the glow of your laptop screen…it’s raining outside and you’re vaguely aware of the sound while you’re working late, trying to make your looming deadline.

I quietly enter, using my key, wearing a long, black, belted coat. My dark hair is damp. I soundlessly remove my high heel shoes and set them by the door.

You are unaware of my presence and I move towards you, my perfectly manicured feet padding soundlessly across the wood floor. As I walk I untie my belt and slip off my coat, revealing my super slinky red dress. When I finally reach you I don’t say a word, I put my hands on your shoulders and knead your tight muscles.

You stiffen momentarily, and then relax a little, exposing your neck to me so I can rub the stiffness away. Your head is tilted to the left…but instead of rubbing your neck my hands move down your chest and I begin to unbutton your shirt. As I do this I lean towards you, whispering “hello handsome” in your ear, my warm breath makes you begin to tingle. I nibble on your ear, starting at the top, slowly working my way down to your lobe, while still working the buttons on your shirt…

I’m moving slowly, and finally the last button has been worked free. I’m now kissing your neck…down the right side…letting my tongue linger on your hot skin. You turn your head slightly towards me, your eyes half closed, and you breathe in my scent, a combination of perfume and shampoo. You lean towards me to meet my lips with yours but I shift out of your reach. I stand up, spin you slowly towards me, lock my eyes with yours, and lean in slowly, intently, a small smile curving my lips. I close my eyes at the last second and cover your lips with mine. I push your shirt open to reveal your shoulders, chest and torso…while my tongue plays over your lips, alternating with softly biting your lower lip. Your breathing gets heavy…

You try to pull me close to you but I resist… I break the kiss, ataşehir escort locking my eyes on yours again, trailing the fingers of my right hand down your chest, down your belly, and hook my finger in the band of your pants.

I get down on my knees, still holding your gaze, and run my hands slowly back up to your shoulders, first trailing up the sides of your body and back over your chest, then slowly tracing back over the path my finger took before. You close your eyes and your head drops back, resting on the back of the chair…

Once my hands have found their way down past your belly I unbutton your pants with a flick of my wrist. I slowly unzip you, your breath catches in your throat, and you’re hard and pulsing. I wrap my hand around you, squeezing gently. Your eyes are still closed, your breath heavy, your hands gripping the armrests of the chair. There’s nothing separating you from me. I stroke your tip with my thumb, feel you throbbing…

I lean towards you and run my tongue up the length of you, starting at the base, lingering over the tip, then run my tongue back down. I repeat the upward stroke, and then take you in my mouth. Shallow at first, sucking…bobbing my head, each downward motion taking you deeper and deeper until the entire length of you is in my mouth and you’re touching the back of my throat.

The rhythm starts slowly, getting slightly faster with every stroke. Every few seconds I come up for air and scrape my teeth over your sensitive tip. You’ve moved your hands from the arm rests and have your fingers entwined in my hair.

You’re starting to lose control, you’re close to the edge, but I still have plans for you…so I slow down…you’re protesting but I’m having my way.

One final upward motion, and I linger, sucking you for one second more, wrap my hand around your length, and slowly pull you out of my mouth. I rise up on my knees and pull my dress over my head. There is nothing between it and me. I fling avcılar escort it away from me and lean back into you. I wrap my hands around your wrists after I place you between my breasts, then I slide up the length of your body, skin to skin.

You open your eyes and meet my gaze. My lips touch your jaw, my teeth scrape over your stubble, and then our lips lock as I straddle you. I don’t take you inside me just yet, I tease you just a little first. I masturbate you for five seconds, and then rub the tip of you against the heat of me. I am slick and starting to throb in anticipation of having you inside me…but I still wait, savoring the heat and the building pressure from your sensitive skin rubbing against mine.

Finally you can’t take any more. You take the power away from me, thrusting deep inside of me. I can hear a guttural sound, deep in your throat as I gasp and cry out at the unexpected pleasure…of feeling you fill me. We’re fused together, you thrusting harder and harder, me rocking against you, I can hardly breathe.

Our momentum has moved us to the edge of the chair. You stand up, I wrap my legs around you, and you carry me over to the rug. You pull out of me; I’m whispering for you to stop pulling away, begging you not to but you continue. You place my ankles on your shoulders and enter me again, hard, making me cry out in both pleasure and a little bit of pain. You steady the rhythm and I writhe on the floor, unable to reach you with my hands. My chest is heaving, I’m gasping for air, my fingers are trying to grip your legs, you’re slick with sweat and I can’t. I squeeze my eyes shut and bite my bottom lip. I’m breathing your name; it’s a mantra inside my head.

You pull out of me again; you lean over me and ravage me with your lips. I say your name out loud, I breathe it into you. I’m wound tight as a spring; I need you to touch me everywhere. You rise back up, run your hands over my breasts, down my sides, over my belly and down avrupa yakası escort along the insides of my thighs. You touch my heat gently with your knuckles as you travel. I shudder, that slight touch like fire burning through me. You run your hands back up my thighs and then you stop with your hands over the tops and your thumbs resting along the crease where my leg meets my pelvis.

You slide your right arm under me…and flip me over on to my stomach… then lean in and kiss my left shoulder…you trail kisses up my neck and into my hair.

You rise up on your knees again and position my hips so that my right leg is straight and my left is bent at an angle, giving you access to enter me from behind.

You wrap yourself around me and enter slowly, slowly gaining momentum until the rhythm is fast and furious. We’re both struggling to hang on to the last threads of control. You’re moaning, but it sounds more like a growl, and I’m almost crying. The pleasure is intense, it’s almost too much. We’re both desperate to hang on while at the same time praying for it to be over, we’re both near insanity. You’ve had your hand squeezing the nipple of my left breast but you stop suddenly, leaving me feeling both bruised and desperate for you to continue.

You slide your hand down my belly and your fingers find my clit. You stroke it and the dam breaks, I’m falling, crying out, I can’t make sense out of anything, the only awareness I have is of the pressure in my head and the sensations flowing through me in waves.

It’s too much. I need you to stop and I wrench your hand away. You continue to thrust, almost at the peak of what you can take. I reach around, take your balls in my hand, and squeeze. Fireworks shoot behind your closed eyelids and you cry out. Not words, but sounds that are almost feral. You thrust into me one last time, then stay tight against me. I feel you pulsing inside me as you come. I feel your heart beating against my back. I feel you breathing; your face is next to mine, your head resting on my neck. We both try to catch our breath.

Finally, after what seems like long minutes you pull out of me. I start to move but you stop me. Your right arm is tucked under my right side and your left arm is circling around me. You hold me close and whisper that you aren’t ready to move yet. We lay like that for a long while…until we both fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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