Seduction of My Mother and My Aunt

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My mother Lalitha is a 45 year old Widow. My father died of Cirrosis last year. My mother is a beautiful woman with a full body. She has a curvaveous breasts and I have had a chance to see her nipples which were dark in color. Her hips are curved and her stomach is bulging a little. The best part is her Bottoms, her ass. They must be atleast 45 in size and they flare out into the petticoat. My mother wears only saree and she looks very beautiful in the saree.

I have fell in love with her about 14 years ago and I have been masturbating fantasising about her. My father was a drunkard and I used to save my mom Lalitha from him every day night from beatings, harsh words and she would look at me with great pride and I slowly became her saviour.

Slowly I started nurturing my love for her, my Lalitha and I never could look at any girl or woman other than my own mother. She had become my Lover, and I was desperate to convey my feelings to her. My fantasies were to see my mother undress in front of me and sleep in my room. My fantasies also were of our marriage and she will be my wife and I her husband. We would also produce many babies and my mother, Lalitha will become mother to my children.

All this came to the stage when one night we both were alone in the home I went to her room and woke her up. She woke in a daze and I walked her to my room. As soon as we reached our room I pulled her to me and tried to kissed her on the cheeks and started pulling her saree. My mother suddenly realised what was happenning and tried to pull away. I was completely out of control and I pulled her to me and started squeezing her breasts. She was breathless and her saree had come off when I pulled her saree fully so that she stood in front of me only in Blouse and Petticoat. I just stood back and looked her over. Here was my 45 year old mother in front of me in only minimum clothes and she looked so beautiful. I pushed to the bed and fell on her. My mom was struggling fiercely. I pushed her petticoat up and exposed her thighs. Mom’s thighs were very thick and very soft. I just could stop any more and I put my fingers to her panties and pulled it forcibly.

My mother was crying out ” Rathan I am your mother you should not do this it is not correct. It is sinful, no son will do this with his mother. My body is not for you. ”

I told her ” Mother I love you, I love you not only physically I am in love you as a person. I want to give you life, you have suffered a lot when that beast my father was alive. Now since he is dead, I am the man of this house and you are my woman.”

Lalitha suddenly looked up and said” Rathan do you love me? I thought you only want my body. I feel it is not correct. I don’t want to spoil you at this young age you could marry a girl of your age” I laughed and I said ” Amma I cant feel any thing for any other woman except you, Everyday I think of you and I masturbate I have been doing this for last 14 years. I love you Lalitha, my mother. If you reject me I will not do anything but I will never have a girl or woman in my life.

It is my mistake that I have fallen in love with my own mother. I should had sense to see that my mother will never love me.

Lalitha my mother immediately with tears in her eyes said ” no Rathan that is not true I love you. Only thing is I was loving you as my son. Now I have to think and see how our relationship will change if we sleep together.”

“Amma I will give you a good life. I will always take care of you I will love you no husband will love his wife.”

Rathan I don’t know why I am so lucky, I find you attractive and I also feel somethings but is it correct?” I left her there dejected and she walked away from me to her room. Next few days we spent the time in the home in great tension. I could sense that she wanted to discuss the issue bothering us but she was having the courage to talk to me.

Slowly as the things thawed my mother again started talking with me and I also responded in kind. I started buying sarees for her when ever I came back from travel etc. She would always appreciate and drape herself in the saree and show it to me and ask me How she looked? I always would answer ” You look beautiful “.

As this continued one day she asked ” Rathan I am bored being in the home always I would like you to take me to a movie. ” I said why not? Which movie? She said she would like to go to MG Road Theatre. I was secretly thrilled, we landed in a part sex movie. In this movie a young guy will be seduced by a older woman and he becomes her lover. The lady’s role was handled by a middle aged woman. I liked the woman since she resembles my mother in built and looks.

We went to the movie and as we sat through I found that mother was thoroughly enjoying the movie and she was sharing the dialogs with me and would laugh with me and occasionally put her hand on my legs and squeeze. As the interval came she thanked me for bringing her to such a nice movie. I brought a Fanta and some chips. We ate the chips and shared the bottle of Fanta. I was secretly happy to drinking from the same bottle and share it with my mother.

In one scene as the Woman finally succeeds türbanlı porno in seducing the boy I was thrilled to see the scene. The woman let her hair loose and as she walks to boy sitting on her bed. She says ” Want to see what I have hidden from you? and she removes her saree. My erection started paining me and at the same time I could adjust since mom was sitting beside me. The woman goes to the boy and kisses him and pulls him on top of her and the scenes only shows the boy lying in between her massive legs and she pulling her petticoat up and up.

After the movie Mother suggested that we should eat outside and then go home. I liked the idea and we went to the hotel. We ate the food and then while we were going back Mom said let us do some shopping. We went to alankar plaza and there I went inside into one of the saree shops. Mom picked up a few sarees and asked me how they looked I did not like any of her selections and picked up a nice looking saree gray in color and very thin that it was almost transparent. Mother looked at the saree and then laughingly said ” If I wear that saree the whole street will be behind me ” I said you could wear it only in the home. She looked at me a odd way and said ” Yeah I could wear it in the home and you will be there to see me “. I bought her three different colored saree like the gray one and gave it her.

I bought her a gold necklace and there itself presented it to her. She told me you may present this to me in home and gave it back to me.

When we reached home I changed my clothing and waited in my room in anticipation of the consummation of my dreams with my mother.

My mother Lalitha came a little later into my room. I looked at her with interest she was wearing the saree I had bought for her and she looked very sexy. As she had told me it was very thin and transparent that her body was very nicely visible.

I picked up the necklace and ” will you accept this now?” She said ” I will if my lover puts it on me personally ” I walked to her and she turned her back to me and stood in front of the mirror. I put it around her neck and tied the catch. Then I just put my hands on her back and caressed her. She was moaning and she pushed her enormous ass against me. My cock was already erect and it became even more distended when my mother’s ass started wriggling against my pant. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed. They were so soft and fluffy that they kept slipping away. I put my hand around my mother and pulled her tightly to me. My mother stared at me in the mirror as I cupped her breasts. She shouted ” lower Rathan move your hands lower, touch my cunt. I moved my hands lower and pushed them inside her petticoat and into the inviting cleft between her legs. Mother gasped and ” Rathan take me and fuck me like I have never been before and she turned towards me and hugged me. I kissed her madly. She passionately returned my kiss and opened her mouth.

She removed her saree slowly and I impatiently pushed her to the bed and moved her petticoat up till her panties were exposed. I put my hand to the band of her panties and pulled it down. She ” Hurry I cant wait any longer ” She groaned and spread her legs invitingly for me. I moved between my mother thighs till my cock hung directly over her sweet cunt.

I kissed her boobs and then her lips which parted to admit my tongue. I clung to her and kissed her with rising passion. Mom put her hands to my ass and pushed me against her and she also rised her hips. I started trying to aim my cock to her cunt hole she stopped me saying let me do this. She took my enormous cock in both hand and positioned it exactly to her cunt hole and said ” Push now ” I slammed immediately.

” Rathan ” She screamed while I was having the heavenly feeling of having penetrated the tight pussy in a single thrust. Mom’s eyes bulged as I rammed fully into her and could feel the expansion of her pussy muscles. Slowly I reached the walls of her womb and started stretching them as I pushed further.

My mother Lalitha was thrashing and trembling madly ” fuck me Rathan fuck me like a sooley, I am your whore I am your slut. I plunged deeper and deeper reaching the entrance of her womb the very place where I had taken birth. I knew what I was doing and I also knew the implications. The implications of sex between a mature man and a fertile woman. It can only be pregnancy for the woman. I was thrilled by the prospect that from our love there could a family. The excitement was heightened by knowing that my cock was immersed in the cunt of own mother and I was ruing the fact that I should have fucked her a long time ago.

I could not hold any longer and I started spurting my sperm into her fertile canal. She also orgasmed at the same time and as she held me tightly I was filling her womb with my baby making juices.

After the last spurts of my sperm emptied into my mother’s pussy I pulled out my cock and examined myself wonderingly. Mother looking at me strangely asked me” what are you thinking ” I lit up a cigarette and puffing satisfactorily I pulled my mother Lalitha to me and said ” I cant believe what has happened just now ” We have fucked türk porno and I have become your lover.” She contentendly purred into my ears “I am your mother and your lover, I also cant believe that it was so good, I love you. ” I hugged her and finished the cigarette and started cuddling her. Slowly sleep overcame me and I fell asleep with my mother in my arms.

Next day morning when I woke Mom was waiting near my bed in her black saree I had presented and with a sexy smile served coffee.

As she bent to give me coffee I caught her hand and drew her to me. She fell on me and gave me smile. I asked her ” amma (mother) will you be my wife?”

She turned her head down shyly and answered ” I have always been unlucky in my life. I had a bad marriage, a drunk husband, poor house. I had to pawn all my jewels. Now in my middle age I have the luck of being mother to a son, who has looked after so well. You have given me everything. A woman wants a nice home, a person who will look after her, will look after honour and will love her. You are that person. I very lucky indeed to be your wife. I promise with my heart I will be your woman until I die”.

I said ” Amma I want to marry you and live with you forever. Lalitha ” I also want to live with u forever. I want to have your children. Will you give the children”

I grabbed my mom by her hips and gave her a kiss on the lips and told her ” I make love to you as often as possible so that you can become a mother to my child at the earliest. I lovingly ” Lalitha my darling, my mother I said and pulled her saree which she easily parted with. Now she was shyly standing in front of me in only blouse and petticoat. Her face glistening with sweat and her breasts were heaving with her breathlessness. I glanced at her midriff which was bare. Her stomach was white and I could make a pleasant bulge and then lower her hips flowered very wide. Her ass was round and at least 40.

I pulled onto the bed and pushed her petticoat up. She cooperated by lifting her legs. I pushed until her cunt was completely uncovered. I removed her panties and then bent between her legs. She smilingly opened her legs. I could wait any longer and I pushed myself against her and entered my mother’s cunt.

I cried out Lalitha my love, mom, I love you. She purred in my ears “Rathan, my husband and pushed her mouth against mine. I kissed like no son will kiss his mom. I pushed her lips open with mine and put my tongue into her and at the same started fucking her.

As I fucked her she started bucking. I pushed veryhard and she ” You have reached my womb plant your seed in me. I want to be impregnated. I want to fulfill my duties as your wife. I lovingly kissed her while my hands were playing with her boobs. Lalitha, my love you are so good I have wanted to fuck from last 14 years now I have chance, Amma I love you .

I fucked her very hard and after 3 minutes I started shooting my cum into her womb. Mother ” you are giving me enough for the baby to made. I hope I will have my egg ready to join your juice and she pushed further against me” I held onto her and slept.

I woke up to find the room dark. I went down to find mom in the kitchen. She looked at me and shyly turned her head and closed her face with her hands. I hugged her from behind and said I love you. She turned her face and said Rathan. I grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips while my hands worked on her boobs. She pushed me away saying some guest are coming I should get ready. I reluctantly took bath and then came down to find mom talking to my aunt. I winked at mom and told her I am going out buy some things.

I came back 2 hrs later to find the house locked. I opened the door and went upstairs to find Lalitha in my room arranging her things. Soon as she saw me she gave a lusty smile and told I have shifted to your bedroom and from now onwards you will never sleep alone.

I smiled and handed over all the things I had bought for her. I told “Lalitha you should wear the saree with navel showing.” She coyly went to come back dressed. I impatiently waited. My mother Lalitha came 15 minutes later with a tray in hand. The tray had a Whiskey bottle and packet of cigarettes. She gave a drink and I took the cigarette and started smoking. She came near and told me please tie the Mangalasutra (a thread indicating the sign of married woman). I want to have my husband do it. She turned around I had a admiring look at her spotless back going down to big ass. I pressed myself against her and tied the mangalasutra while she smiled at the me lovingly from the mirror. I looked at her face and she took the mangalasutra in her hand and reverently touched her eyes. Then she fell to me feet and asked me for blessing. I blessed her with a dozen children.

I turned her around to find the saree fall off and it revealed a low cut blouse showing her cleavage very nicely and when I looked down her navel was big on her bulged stomach. I could not stop myself from caressing her stomach and putting my finger into her navel.

I removed her saree and pulled the string of her petticoat. When they came off I could see her panty barely covering türkçe porno her cunt. Her cunt hair was flairing out from the panty. I asked her to turn around so that I could have look at her ass. She turned and I had her ass in the full splendor.

They were white in color and bursting out of the panty. I pulled her to me and removed her blouse. Here was my mother of middle age standing in front of me shyly in only bra and panty. I her son was also her loving husband and we joined in the incestous marriage of lust, love and need. I loved her and cherished her as my woman and she loved me as her beloved man. We both promised each other that we will be lovers as long as we live.

I took her to bed and she laid on her back and invitingly removed her panties. Then slowly she removed her bra. My mother was completely naked and she spread her legs for me to take her and fuck her. I bent on her and then lovingly entered her. We were in a unholy embrace of incest and I was my own mother and she was egging me on. She had completely accepted me as her husband and I had started calling her Lalitha more often than mom. Lalitha moved with me as I fucked her. When I drained out my cum she clung to me saying “please do not separate from me. I always want to be in your embrace. I love you my husband. I ” Lalitha I love u and fell on her.

The following experience is about my relation with or how I raped my my aunt. You know generally one is turned on by your aunts. They seem of the right age for the fuck. You know I also lovethose woman in the age group 35 to 55. They tend to become wide on their hips and they develop a soft belly and it kind of shows from the side view if they are wearing a saree especially if they wear it below their navel.

I have fucked one of my auntie when I was 19 yrs old. It was accidental for her but very purposeful for me. Her name is SubbuLakshmi. I was studying for my engineering I had go out from Bangalore. I had made a room which had a small attach bath with walls coming to waist high for preventing water from spreading into the room.

Subbu Aunty is my favourite she is my mother’s sister. She is about 45 yrs old now. That time she was 37 or something. I had a crush on her. She would flirt with me a lot whenever I go to their home (which was quite often). She is a heavy woman on the breasts and her ass. She is not very good looking but my taste is more for the personality, and blind love (cover the face fuck the base).

Since Bangalore is not very good for throat problems her doctor advised her to move out from Bangalore for a few months. Now everybody debated in the family and decided that she could stay with me in the place I was studying (Davangere) and she would help me with all the cooking etc. When she landed up in my place I was thrilled because now everytime her saree slips from her shoulder I could see her cleavage, her wide ass encased in the saree. Best of all I also could take out for walks all alone and slowly in the confines of the room I would hug her kiss her and cuddle up to her. She would kiss me back and tell me “My favourite nephew”. This continued for many days when one early morning I woke up to sound of water splashing.

I woke up and saw my aunt in just bra and panties bathing. I did not get up I just watched her as she soaped herself and washed her body. After the bath she towelled herself dry and moved very near to my bed take her saree, pettycoat from the overhanging rope. I was very hard and my aunt is just standing beside me 6 inches away in just bra and panties. Her panties were white in color and since it was completely wet I could see her black cuntal hairs. Her thick thighs and her fantastic belly. I could help it I got up and hugged her.

Subbu suddenly realised I was awake and tried to push me away. But I was so aroused that I pulled at her panties and tugged. She was pushing me away. I became violent knowing very well that she had nowhere to go. I pulled her to bed and kissed her lips. She was fighting all the while suddenly in our tug of war her panties snapped. I held her hands with my left hand and with my right I spread her legs wide. I sat between her legs and holding tightly I pushed my penis into her cunt. As I entered her there were tears in her eyes and she was moaning and asking me to leave her. I could not help it I started fucking her. As I fucked her she started getting aroused because she put her hands on my shoulders and started shouting obscenties to me to fuck her harder and harder.

I came inside her. She was crying and she told me I am feeling very good. Thank you for forcing me, otherwise I would never have allowed this. After that incident we were kind of love birds for the duration she stayed with me. She would always initiate the love making. She would clad scantily like the movie cabaret actresses. Aunty was so good that even today when I go to her home (she is a widow now). She has a daughter who is studying outside Bangalore and other daughter is very young. Whenever I go to her home I get to stay atleast a night where I will be her lover. She prepares my favourite food then we watch a porn movie and then go to her bedroom for the fucking till midnight or as long as it takes to tire ourselves to sleep. After 2 months she became pregnant and gave birth a beautiful girl child. I sometimes wonder if that Child is mine you know. I have asked her a few times but she looks distantly and laughs.

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