Senior Week to Remember

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The original thought came from a memory of an event that happened just after I graduated high school. All people in the story are 18, but not much older!


After being out on the beach for most of an afternoon, me, my girlfriend, and her best friend went back in to the hotel. Everyone was still in bathing suits as we were sitting on the couch, watching something or other on TV. My girlfriend was to my left and her friend was on my right. Both were cool in the AC, so both put blankets over them and each leaned a head on my shoulder and I had an arm around each of them.

Being that my girlfriend (Lauren) had on a bikini, it was easy access to start fooling around, especially since she was under a blanket. I started by fondling her ass and slid my hand inside her bikini bottoms. She quickly caught on and it wasn’t long before she had my bathing suit undone and pushed down so she could start stroking me. She started slowly at first so not to move too much or make too much noise so her friend (Mandy) wouldn’t know what was going on. What Lauren did not know at the time was that Mandy had already taken my hand and placed it onto her tits.

I moved my left hand down a little further inside of Lauren’s suit and rubbed her slit just a little and got my fingers wet. I started fingering her slowly from behind with my middle and ring fingers. When I did that, she let out a slight moan, but tried to stifle it. She stopped stroking me for long enough to slide my bathing suit down around my thighs. I took the liberty of pushing them down all the way down to my ankles and then removed them completely. When I was resituating myself on the couch, I made sure to get myself and Mandy in place Onwin so that I could reach whatever I desired.

After settling back in, still with my left hand fingering Lauren, she took her left hand and started stroking me a little more. That is when I noticed that she had taken her right hand and was now playing with her clit. At that point, I had never been around a female when she was masturbating, so it took everything I had to hold my orgasm off. All the while, I was still rubbing Mandy’s tits.

It did not take Mandy long to figure out what was going on and she resituated herself, changing from laying with her body on me to rolling onto her back and putting the back of her head on my chest, one foot on the floor and the other on the armrest. When she did this, she took my hand and placed it on her mound on the outside of her bathing suit and she started rubbing her tits.

While that was going on, I was still fingering Lauren and she was still playing with her clit with her right hand and stroking me with her left. I felt Lauren speed up with her right hand on her clit and very soon she was on the edge of cumming. I noticed that Mandy was listening and really getting into it and she had turned and looked at Lauren’s hand pumping me under the blanket several times. I slid my hand inside Mandy’s bathing suit and began rubbing her clit. When I did that, she let out a slight gasp and arched her back. Lauren saw and heard this and knew what was going on. I was ready to die on the spot, but something else happened. Lauren knew what was up, so there was no use being quiet now. She blurted out “Oh Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

She came slowly but when it came, it was a very long, Onwin giriş shivering orgasm that never really stopped, she just kept moaning and bucking against my hand for at least a minute. It was everything I had in me not to cum yet. When Lauren finally stopped, she raised up and pulled off the blanket she had over me and her, exposing my cock, Mandy’s head still on my chest. Lauren reached over and pulled the blanket off of Mandy and exposed my hand under her suit, fingering her, and Mandy’s tits since she had taken her top off. When Lauren took the blanket off, Mandy stopped and took her bottoms the rest of the way off. When she lay back down, she laid her head on my thighs, just below my cock, but looking up at it.

I took my hand and started fingering Mandy again as Lauren got back in the same position on my left side and started playing with her clit again with her right hand, stroking me with her left, but this time intently focused on watching me finger her best friend while she was rubbing her tits. I easily slid my fingers back into Lauren’s pussy and she started pushing back into my hand again. I slid my thumb up to her pussy and coated it with her juices. I then slid my fingers back into her pussy and started rubbing her asshole with the tip of my thumb. She gasped as the sensation went through her and then relaxed, allowing me to slide my thumb in her. The sensation of being completely filled caused her to cum again almost immediately, this time more violently than the first.

Mandy was getting into watching Lauren stroke me just inches from her head and started moaning and bucking more, pushing her pussy hard into my hand. Hearing Lauren cum again brought Mandy close to the edge. Mandy leaned over and licked the underside of my cock. This brought me so close to the edge I almost lost it right there. I was pumping away inside of Lauren’s pussy and ass with my fingers and rubbing Mandy furiously. Mandy licked the underside of my cock a few more times, but as she was ready to cum, she looked away from my cock and looked straight into my eyes. We locked eyes for a few seconds and then she rolled her eyes back, arched her back, grabbed her tits with both hands, squeezing them hard and said with increasing speed and intensity “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, Oh, oh, oh, FUCK!!!” Writhing with her orgasm, I felt Lauren begin to cum again. I looked at her and her gaze was focused on my fingers pumping in and out of her best friend, Mandy’s body writhing. Lauren’s ass tightened around my thumb and then her pussy gripped my fingers again. I couldn’t hold it after this, Mandy still bucking against my hand, her back gone from arched to curved forward, her stomach quivering with her orgasm, Lauren with her ass pushed back against my hand, all while she is still stroking me. Mandy turned her head and licked the underside of my cock a few times and I exploded, Lauren pumping long spurts out of me, some landing on Mandy’s face, some landing on my stomach and chest, the remainder oozing down my cock across Lauren’s hand.

Mandy, her orgasm subsiding, leaned over and licked my cock clean, while I was still fingering her pussy slowly, eliciting involuntary spasms left over from her orgasm. I slid my thumb out of Lauren and remained slowly rubbing her pussy, getting the same reaction from her. Lauren leaned over and began to kiss me, then leaned down and licked some of the cum off of my chest. She then leaned down and kissed Mandy on the lips and looked at the two of us, smiled, and said “this weekend just got so much better!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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