Sensual POV

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Author’s Note:
This is my time ever showing anyone something I’ve written. I welcome all criticism!

I start gently rubbing across and down your shoulders as I softly kiss behind your ear, tracing my lips down your neck before gently biting just above your collar. My hands lift your shirt slightly to rub across your stomach to just below your chest as I kiss my way across your collar and just lightly between the top of your breasts. I run my hands up your sides, pulling your shirt higher, then run my hands up your sides, just brushing along the sides of your breasts. Kissing slowly across your stomach, I run my lips up slowly between your breasts as I pull off your shirt and lightly bite just below your collar; softly kissing each spot after I bite it.

Putting a hand behind your head, I grip your hair as I lean up and pull your lips to mine, kissing you as I trace my other hand across the bare skin of your chest. I trace my tongue against yours while sliding my free hand down your body. Rubbing along the sides of your legs, I run my hand across your hips, trailing my fingers just beneath your waistband before returning it to rub your breasts, lightly pulling the nipples as I kiss you harder. I softly bite your lip before kissing along your jaw and down your neck. Running both my hands down your chest and along your sides, I kiss my way down between your breasts and across your stomach.

Sliding my hands under you, I grab your ass, pulling you towards me as I kiss along the top of your hips. Slowly pulling your shorts down past your hips, I kiss my way gradually down your long legs before pulling them off and kissing back up. Softly biting the soft skin on the inside of your thighs, I run my hands back up your legs and brush then across your hips and stomach while I lean up to kiss you again. Massaging both hands across your breasts, I move one back to behind your head, pulling you into the kiss, while slowly sliding the other one lower, gently rubbing the inside of your now bare legs.

Moving my free hand higher, I bring it slowly up between your legs. Continuing to kiss you deeply I run my fingers across the outer lips of your pussy, rubbing gently, keeping to the sides. Gently teasing along the edges, I begin to put more pressure, rubbing up one side Niğde Escort and down the other. I spread my fingers across, rubbing them up both sides as break the kiss and softly trace my lips softly just behind your ear. I firmly pull back on your hair as I gently bite the side of your neck while finally rubbing one finger lightly up between your lips, gently brushing across your clit. I press two fingers gently against your clit and begin to rub in slow circles. Continuing to kiss my way down your neck, I begin to rub my other hand across your breasts, pulling gently against one nipple then the other while slowly increasing the pressure as I continue to rub your clit.

Sliding those two fingers lower, I press lightly against the opening of your pussy. I press my thumb against your clit and continue rubbing in slow circles while pressing my fingers gently against your tight pussy. Pushing them just slightly into you, I begin to rub just inside past your lips while continuing to run my thumb around your clit. Pulling back briefly, I remove my clothing before stretching back out beside you. Laying against you, feeling your body against mine. I return my hand between your legs sliding my fingers lightly between your lips before returning my thumb to your clit and pressing two fingers slightly into you. I reach my other hand behind your head and begin to kiss you. I run my tongue along yours and pull you against me as I push my fingers further and curl them up, beginning to press gently as I continue to rub circles across your clit.

Breaking the kiss, I take your hand and wrap it around my cock which pulses slightly at your touch. I lean down and continuing to press two fingers just inside you, while lightly kissing along the lips of your pussy. With my fingers still gently stroking inside you, I use my other hand to gently part now glistening lips, revealing your swollen clit. Leaning in, I begin to run my tongue lightly against your clit. Placing my lips around it, gently trace my tongue in slow circles as I start to increase the pressure with my fingers, pulling up inside you. I begin to press harder with my tongue while continuing to stroke faster with my fingers, pressing them the rest of the way in. I pull my fingers harder up inside you, feeling you tighten Niğde Escort Bayan around them.

I finally lean up and kiss you, letting you taste yourself on me, sliding my tongue back against yours as I move my body between your legs. I run my free hand along your body, gently caressing it as I kiss you. Pulling my fingers slowly out, I grab my cock and slowly rub it against your clit. Starting with the head, I run the entire shaft slowly along the length of your pussy, rubbing it against your clit the whole time. Leaning forward I continue kissing you as I wrap my arms behind you, pulling you against me, letting the pressure of our bodies continue pressing my cock against your clit. I slowly shift my hips continuing to slide my cock between the lips of your pussy, against your clit while I pull you against me. Shifting down slightly, I press the head off my cock against the entrance of your pussy, feeling the warmth. Despite how wet you are, you’re so tight that I can feel the pressure as I push slightly forward. The head of my cock finally pushes slightly in, pressing just inside. I hold still for a minute before pulling back out, wet from being inside you, and slide the head back across your clit. I do this several times, pushing a little further in each time.

As I finally press half my length into you, feeling you squeezing tightly around me, I pull you tightly against me and thrust the rest of the way in. Holding still for a minute I let you adjust to feeling me inside, my body pressed up against yours, my cock filling you as your pussy squeezes around me. I kiss you deeply as I slowly pull out until just the head of my cock is still inside you, then quickly slide my full length back into you. I continue pulling slowly back until I’m almost out, so only how tightly you’re squeezed around my cock is keeping me in you, then quickly thrusting all the way back in, filling your pussy as I pull you against me. I lean back so my cock is angled up, pressing against your g-spot with every motion. I begin sliding my full length in and out of you as I take your hands and put them to your breasts. As you begin to grab them and pull lightly on your own nipples, I put one hand under you to pull you against me as I put my other hand down to begin rubbing your Escort Niğde clit as I slowly slide in and out of you.

Pulling your legs together, I place them up against my shoulder wrapping you even tighter around my cock as I start thrusting harder into you. I reach around your legs and continue circling my fingers around your clit as I start fucking you harder, making you moan every time I slam my cock all the way in. Filling you with every thrust as I circle your clit faster with my fingers. You can feel me starting to swell inside you before I slow down and roll you onto your stomach, keeping my cock inside, filling you up. I pull you up and back against me, pushing my cock as far into you as it will go. I hold it there as you grind your hips against me, making me moan as you tighten around me. I start slowly sliding my full length in and out, letting you feel every inch of me as you tighten around me.

I take your hips in both hands as you reach back and begin playing with your clit. You start moaning louder as I begin thrusting harder, pulling you back against me every time I pushed myself forward, filling you as you continue playing with yourself. I press you down against the bed, and lean forward, lightly biting the back of your neck as I grind my cock into you. I continue pulling out and thrusting harder into you as you continue to tighten around me. I grind my cock against your g-spot every time, making you moan louder as you feel the orgasm building. You start squeezing tighter around me as I keep grinding my cock against your g-spot. You feel me starting to swell inside you as I start to moan as well, feeling myself getting closer to cumming with you.

Your body begins to shake and I feel you pussy squeezing tighter as you begin to scream. I feel you get even more wet as your pussy starts tightening further around my cock, and your whole body shakes as you start cumming. The feeling is too much and you feel my cock starting to swell further and pulse inside you as I start moaning louder and you know I’m about to cum with you. While you’re still cumming, I thrust my full length into your still shaking pussy and you feel me filling you with my cum. The warmth makes you start to shake even harder as you scream again, feeling me fill you. I continue thrusting my cock into you even as we both cum, reveling in the feel of our mutual orgasms.

I finally collapse onto your back, laying against you as you feel me continuing to pulse inside you. Laying there after we’ve both finally gotten off, enjoying just feeling me still inside you.

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