Serendipity Ch. 42

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Female Ejaculation

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 42 – Travel day, or thumping Mickey

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


42 – Travel day, or thumping Mickey

After a week of doing my best to see what the girls had planned for the Halloween party, it was time to take the girls out of town.

I TRIED to sleep in a bit on Tuesday, but the girls were having none of it. For Sam, Nicole, Brittany and I it wasn’t that big of a deal, Francis was a bit wired, but Maria was running around like she was in the middle of a tornado! Even when she was pumping she was jittering like she wanted to go do something.

I had to get behind her and cup her tits while she pumped. “Maria…” I whispered in her ear before I nibbled on her neck. “What are you so worried about?”

She started off in FAST Spanish, making Brittany snicker. I leaned back in and actually nipped at her neck with my teeth and squeezed her tits a bit. She squeaked a bit, then exhaled and finally switched to English.

“I’ve never been on a trip like this…”

“Never?” snuggling my cock against the crack of her ass.

“Mmmmm… I know we did a trip when I was little, but nothing since.”

“Well as long as Sam keeps the plane right side up,” Sam threw her napkin at me and stuck her tongue out making Maria giggle, “It should be an uneventful boring trip.”

She wiggled her ass back against my firm cock, “Not too boring I hope.”

“With you girls? NEVER!” making them all giggle.

I was going to get the bags, but in her running around as I was waking up and watching the girls crawl out; she had taken them all out to the van.

Maria relaxed enough to actually finish pumping, but her hands were at the bottles waiting for the tone of the motor to change. From the pop I’m pretty sure she didn’t wait for the suction to equalize, that and the gasp and smile…

The girls turned to go upstairs, me having to follow all those naked wiggling asses, seeing those glistening pussy lips in the keyhole in the morning light. That lovely ass coming right at my face like I could stick my tongue out and lick it… BAM!!… I had my nose in the crack of Sam’s ass.

“Told you he was staring at our asses…” someone said and then they were scampering up the stairs giggling. All I could do is shake my head and grin, my girls knew me so well.

I have no idea how they did it, but when I rounded the corner they were all dressed and slipping on their shoes, well all but Maya, and Maria was slipping a little matching dress on her. All my girls in light summer dresses, wide straps down to a large button holding up a gauzy dress. The only thing not making them all match was little Maya’s diaper sticking out from under hers.

I began to turn to my stack of clothes, but there was a rush of women. Maria handed me Maya, then kneeled down and held my boxers open for me. I put one foot in, and then stepped in with the other… and right into her waiting mouth. Her hands slid up the outside of my thighs bringing them with her as she took me in a few times, then gave me one last lick from root to tip as she pulled them up completely.

Sam was next holding my shirt, then slipped around to button it up… while taking a break between every button to run her fingers through my chest hair.

Nicole and Brittany were kneeling in front of me with my slacks. First Nicole’s side, and a hand on my ass with a squeeze once I had that leg started, then Brittany doing the same with the other, both of them squeezing my ass until they had to pull their hand out, and each of them giving my now very firm cock a squeeze before Nicole knelt in front of me and zipped me up while Francis slipped my jacket over my shoulders. Of course slipping my jacket on included pulling me back against her chest and then grinding her pussy against my ass as she reached around to get her own grope of my cock.

“Are we ready yet?!!” Maria asked impatiently, the girls just snickered quietly and turned me to the door.

As soon as I made a step, or more accurately lifted my foot to make a step, she turned as was out and around the corner with fast foot steps down the stairs. The girls giggled and I shook my head. We made our way down stairs, now I followed dressed wiggling asses, but I think the dresses and the swishing of them actually accented it. Of course we found the front door standing open and Maria no where to be found. Think she was looking forward to this a bit?

As we went out the door, me closing it behind us, there was Maria standing beside the van, and I enjoyed another aspect of those sun dresses. While they were not sheer, they were translucent in the morning sun, outlining their figures cevizli escort perfectly in silhouette in the dresses. I watched them for a few steps, then had to catch up as they lined up beside the side door, Nicole stopping and giving me ‘the look’. I grinned and hurried up to open the side door for them and give them a hand in, getting a cheek kiss and a ‘Thank You Master’ from each one.

Things were pretty quiet on the way to the airport, just little whispers and giggles. We made quite a parade walking to the plane, a duffel and dress / suit bag apiece. But my duffel and bag seemed to hold more than the girls. Made me grin thinking how little clothes their bags would actually hold. And of course I just happened to be walking behind them into the morning sun going to the plane.

Sam opened the door and let me in first, so no watching the girls climb the ladder. I tossed my bag in the bottom and hung my suit bag. I turned to find Nicole standing behind me in the door way. She handed me her bag and duffel, as soon as I had them in hand she reached for the buttons on her straps and released them, letting her dress fall into a ring around her ankles grinning at me watching her.

That was followed by Brittany, Sam, Maria, and finally Francis. Although Francis had to give a bit of a wiggle to let it drop past her chest. There I was in a plane full of naked women with their dresses piled at my feet. And after Maria threw Mayas dress at me, ‘We missed one…’ Maya was the most dressed of the bunch in her diaper! All of them sitting there, legs spread as much as the airplane seats would allow, grinning at me looking at them. “Now this is the way to travel!”, I said as I draped their dresses over an empty seat.


I took a seat between Nicole and Maria, Maria a combination of excited and nervous, trying to watch everything at once. I took Maya from her and handed her to Brittany before she crushed her without realizing it. Good thing I did, she got a white knuckled death grip in the arm rests when Sam powered up the engines, and let out a little scream when she released the brakes. I would have hated to see what she would have done in the rear facing seats…

Her daughter on the other hand took it all in stride, giggling and blowing bubbles as we climbed out. Maria was so focused on looking out the window she did actually scream a bit when I put my hand on her bare thigh. She glared at Brittany giggling at her.

We leveled out and Sam turned off the seat belt sign so everyone let out a sigh and undid belts. I undid mine and began taking off my jacket as Maria grinned up at me. “Would you like to assist me?”

Maria jumped up without saying a word, still grinning. As she reached for my jacket I put one hand in the middle of her back and grabbed her ass with the other pulling her in for a nice kiss, pulled back to look her in the eye, then leaned in slowly for a long deep kiss. Feeling her melt into me, grinding her pussy against my hard cock, wrapping her arms around my neck to crush her chest against me.

Once she relaxed a bit I let her loose, grinning as she took my jacket off my shoulder, draping it across my seat. She turned to take her seat and I reached for my shirt buttons. She saw this and batted my hands away. I ran my fingers along her arms as she undid the buttons, bringing them up her bicep and then down the top of her tits as she got to the bottom button.

Watching her areola pucker as my finger made its way to her nipple, Maria arching her back to lift her tit higher as I leaned forward to lick it gripping the edge of my now open shirt to keep from falling over.

I enjoyed a taste of warm milk from each nipple before Maria slid to her knees, seems once it was unbuttoned it was up to me to take it off, she had more important things to do.

Maria groped my hard cock through my slacks, then grinned and bit her lip as she undid the belt, then snap, then every so slowly lowering my zipper. Her hands came up slowly along my hips going for the waist band, getting her fingers in to lower them… the pulling my slacks and boxers down in one quick pull and wrapping her hand around my cock.

‘Mmmmmmmmm’ as she wrapped her lips around me, her hand making up for what she couldn’t take in. But she wasn’t going for broke, she was enjoying what she had. Running her tongue around and around, licking like an ice cream cone while stroking me with one hand and cupping my balls with the other.

Maria tipped me down as far she could with as hard as I was and tried to take me in, but I was much too hard to go far. She got up on her knees and trapped my cock between her warm tits while she reached for her bag.

“Master?” she asked as she pulled a large dildo from her bag. “Would you do to me what you did to Sam?”

“What’s that?” as she stroked her lips with the dildo.

Maria raised up and sat the dildo on the floor, then slowly sank part way down on erenköy escort it, hissing a bit as she did. “Before the truck stop, and before you dropped her off.” setting down with most of the dildo inside her and leaning forward to lick the bit of pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

Brittany said something in Spanish, then tossed Maria a couple of folded up

towels. It must have been good because Maria gasped and then lifted, the dildo trapped in her tight pussy, and slid the stack under her.

“Oh I don’t know Maria,” she looked like she could cry. “I mean with Sam I barely knew her so I could hold out a bit. But with you I have all these images in my mind of a hot naked Mexican babe. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold out.”

“That’s the whole idea,” as she grinned and sank down completely on the dildo, then cupped her milk filled tits, squeezed a drop from each nipple and put it on my cock.

“Oh now that’s naughty,” as I began stroking my cock in front of her. Maria began rising and falling on the dildo, still holding her tits up on display. “I’m going to have to think about all those delicious memories.” I dipped my cock down and brushed it across her nipple, getting a bit more milk.

“Hmmm, one that will be forever etched in my mind id the first time I saw you. I’d just gotten back from The City. I heard music from the sorority house and decided to investigate. I dropped my bag and clothes in my room, and then went to go down the hall.”

I began stroking a bit faster. “And there you were, coming out of the front bedroom with Maya still nursing, turning and heading downstairs, your sweet ass with the nicest wiggle. I was thinking to myself I wonder what it would be like to be suckling that nipple, what would your milk taste like?”

There was a snicker from Nicole, and while Maria had her eyes closed, the rest of the girls were all ears… and fingers in pussies…

“So there I was following you across behind the pool, catching little glimpses of your pussy between your legs as you walked. Watching you ass wiggle as you went up the stairs. Mmmmmm, but when you bent over to put Maya in her carrier, the pop as she pulled off from your nipple like she didn’t want to let go.”

“You were bent over, legs slightly spread, pussy and ass just begging to be played with. Then turning to work the drywall mud, your tits wiggling and jiggling as you did. My mind going back to you bent over putting her in the carrier, thinking how much I would have enjoyed coming up behind you and sinking my cock into your pussy. Reaching up and squeezing those milk filled beauties. Hoping it really was a drop of milk I saw hanging from your nipple as you put Maya down…”

Maria got a better grip on one tit supporting the other on her forearm and squeezed as she drove down hard on the dildo. There was a screech from her and a squirt of milk from her nipple to my cock.

“I’M CUMMING!!…” as I began unloading onto her chest. Maria was spasming in front of me, partially squeezing her tit and partially trying to plaster them to her ribs. Her body was convulsing in front of me as I shot rope after rope of cum across her tits and neck while she shot spray after spray of milk back at me. She managed to open her eyes, look at me, and open her mouth.

There was a chorus of orgasms as I shot the last little dribble into her mouth, she closed her eyes and rolled onto her back. She screamed and began cumming again as she did, like one of Nicole’s seizure orgasms, the dildo shooting from her pussy and several healthy squirts before she flopped limp and was just breathing hard.

I sat there on the arm rest trying to catch my breath. Brittany, being forever ornery, slid down between Maria’s thighs and began to clean her dripping pussy, and there was the bit of back and forth and Maria screaming and flopping for a bit, then collapsed again… and a little bit of bright pink slipped from between her cheeks.

Hmmmm! Maria had slipped the tiniest of vibrators in her ass, barely bigger than the AAA battery to power it, but evidentially it was enough power to rock her through two orgasms, three if she had it in when I sprayed her chest. Brittany did her best to hide it in her hand, and I did my best to not see it.

I slid off the armrest and in beside Francis, making her gasp when I pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked them off.


“Depends on what your favorite perfume is…”

“ARGGG!!” we heard from the cockpit without the aid of the intercom, Nicole giggled, Francis groaned and slipped down beside me to make sure there wasn’t anything left after covering Maria’s chest. Maria was still out and Brittany was enjoying a leisurely pussy lunch.

Maria and Brittany stayed on the floor in front of us, Maria basking in the glow of a triple orgasm, and Brittany lightly stroking and touching and cuddling. I think Maria knew Brittany had enjoyed her pussy while she esenyurt escort was out, but it didn’t seem to be a problem.

Sam put on the seat belt sign and we buckled in for landing. “Hey babe, I just realized something.”


“Um, the van is in Vegas…”

“Now you think of that?” Nicole tried to keep a straight face, but couldn’t. “I rented a mini-motor home for a few days. it should be beside the hanger waiting on us.”


“Mmmm, not much more than a conversion van. At least if we stop at the rental office to drop it off personally on the way out.”

“Is he cute?”

“Don’t know, but he seemed… relieved… that he wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up underwear and things like the last group of girls that rented it since we don’t wear any…” She didn’t break out laughing, but she did have quite the grin. I was shaking my head as we touched down.

The girls slipped their dresses on… kind of. Only one strap letting the other side almost fall of and bare those delicious nipples. It seems the ground crew was extremely concerned about that, keeping a close eye on those dresses as we made our way to the motor home.

Once in the motor home the girls dropped their dresses and pulled out their makeup and stuff. I was given an address by Nicole and told to take it easy and AVOID THE POTHOLES!

I had to take it easy anyway, glancing in the rearview mirror watching the girls scooting back and forth doing hair and makeup naked can be quite distracting.

I did manage to make it to our destination, but was a bit surprised at the location. A middle of the line restaurant in a middle of the line part of town, definitely not the kind of place I would have normally taken my girls. I would rather have shown them off at the big mall or The Steak House.

I turned to the back to behold a wondrous sight, and one I hope to keep on seeing in one way or another. My girls lined up, with their dresses pulled down under their tits. And not just any dresses, but an even thinner gauzy dress than before, and shorter as well with an elastic neck line that reminded me of a peasant dress.

In front of each them in their hands was one of those black felt trays that Brittany uses for her jewelry. On each tray was a set of the LARGE gold nipple shields she had me look at the other day along with a simple gold ring, and except for simple little studs for Sam and Brittany, all bare nippled. Mmmm but they were dressed to be noticed, even Brittany wearing a shelf bra along with Maria and Francis, but all three matched their skin tone so closely that I would bet they disappear under the dresses.

I walked slowly past them blatantly staring and tits until I got to Nicole. She lifted the tray and bowed her head slightly. I looked between the tray and her bare nipples, barely fighting the urge to lean down and suck on them. I did however lick the back of the shield and put it to her nipple, pressing and wiggling enough to get it started, then gripping the tip of her nipple to pulled it through as I twisted the shield down.

Nicole was breathing hard and quivering when I had the first one in place, and as I made the decent down her nipple with the other one she leaned in against my hand quivering in a nice little orgasm.

I made sure it was seated and began to reach for the ring, but she lowered the tray and picked it up herself in her left hand, then took my left in her right.

She brought the ring to my fingertip, but not quite putting it on then looked up at me. I nodded, she smiled, then slipped the ring on and kissed it before stepping back slightly.

I stepped sideways to Brittany and picked up the nipple shield and placed it on her nipple, sliding down easily with no apparent way of holding it in place. I looked at her with raised eyebrow, she grinned and offered me the tray with the remaining jewelry.

Once I had the tray she took a hold of the shield placing it over her nipple but with her jewelry behind it, tipping it slightly sideway to get her fingers behind it on one side. She pulled back on the stud squeezing her nipple against the edge of the shield until the end of the stud popped through, then from the front pulling the stud the other way to get it popped in from the other side.

She handed me the tray back and I did the other side, but for some reason I felt the need to tug on them just a little making her quiver a little. She picked up the ring on the tray, slightly narrower that Nicole’s, and slipped it on my finger. I heard a click as she snugged it up to Nicole’s.

Now that I was an expert I placed the ring against Sam’s nipples popping the shaft through to the front… of course I just happened to lift on them a bit before she put the ring on my finger against the others.

Francis was just as fun as Nicole, rolling her nipple back and forth, making sure that shield was nice and snug against her areola as she was breathing hard.

I chuckled a little coming to Maria… and Maya. In addition to shields for Maria, there was a white elastic head band with gold stitching for Maya along with a very slim band beside her mothers. I made her grin by putting the headband on Maya before reaching for Maria’s nipple shields. Pulling on and rolling her nipples between my fingers as I worked them down her nipples, getting a nice bit of milk to lick off them and a few gasps as I did.

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