Serendipity Ch. 46

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 46 – Party day and beyond

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are above the age of consent.

Copyright (c) 2015 by Acup


46 – Party day

Danny and Bob were up late again. I don’t like the effect it’s having on him. Danny is a real problem solver, and when he can’t it really drains him. They came to bed around midnight and he was barely able to stand while we ran him through the shower.

We let them sleep in a bit, but as much as I would have liked to, he would kill us if we let him sleep too late. The girls gave us each a soft kiss, and I laid here a bit before waking him. I love watching him sleep, the peaceful look on him, a look that would soon disappear when they went back to work.

I just slid down and took his soft cock between my lips, feeling him get hard in my mouth. Seeing that smile enjoying himself without actually waking up. Crawling on top of him, rubbing his cock between my lips and then sinking back on him, watching him come awake as he slid into me.

“Chocolate pixie in the morning is sooo wonderful,” he said as he slid his hand up my hip to cup my boob and roll my nipple between his fingers.

“Morning handsome, ready for another fun day?” as I squeezed down on him.

He squeezed my boobs, “I’d rather be ravaging my girls…”

“Mmmmmm,” I was slowly enjoying my man, feeling him fill me to perfection. “Me too, but right now I bet Bob is about to break out of his boxers ogling them.” Giving him a good hard squeeze, these are the mornings I wish I could keep him inside me forever.

Danny grinned and pulled me down, squeezing and playing with my butt, his finger teasing my rosebud. He slid his hands up my body until he was cupping my chin. He tipped my head up enough he could tip his down to kiss me so softly. “I love you.” He said so quietly I almost didn’t hear him.

“I love you too…” I’m in heaven, plastered against Danny with him in me, feeling him move just a little and feeling him throb inside me with the tip of his finger against my ass…

“I smell bacon…”

“I’m gonna kill her…” Danny snickered and I heard his tummy growl as much as I felt it… I lifted off him and sucked him down my throat a few times real quick and then headed for the kitchen. Wasn’t so funny now was it Master…

I was only partially right about Bob, he was alternating between ogling the girls and praying to the caffeine gods…

# # # # # # #

Damn she’s ornery when she’s horny! My hard on subsided enough to be able to take a piss and slip my boxers on.

God it’s sooo terrible for it to be abnormal to come to breakfast with the girls ONLY topless. Kisses and butt squeezes all around before diving into my breakfast.

Bob and I were commiserating on what we were finding.

“So nothing in common?” Nicole asked.

“Nope, different times, different games, different people even. From yuppies to blue hairs. It is all the same brand of machine, but several different game chips…”

“So what’s left?”


“So they’re not messing up then?” she said with a smirk.

“Smart ass.”

“Well how does that go? When you eliminate the probable, what ever is left, no matter how improbable, has to be the solution. Or something like that.”

“We’ve been over everything in the machines.”

“So that leaves?”

“Well… ummmmm… NO! It couldn’t be?”

“What?” Bob asked.

I grinned and kissed Nicole like I was hinting for her pussy through her throat, “You’re a genius!”

“Of course,” I heard her say as we headed for the basement.

I explained my theory to Bob, and at first he shook his head. But we went over the telemetry and it WAS perfect. No extraneous signals. We pulled up the specs for four other brands and verified them against the machines I had sitting there. Sure enough, different output patterns for every brand…

“I didn’t believe it, but it’s the only thing that makes any sense.”

“Time to make a few quiet phone calls?”

“Quiet hell, whisper.”

“One each, you, me, Chuck, and Christine, any more and it could tip them off.”


I called Chuck and gave him the scenario and prepared him to make some further calls if our hunch panned out.

We all made our calls, and Bob and I sat down stunned. “How could they have missed it?”

“Easy,” Bob said, “Incremental updates. Happens all the time in other systems, but not to have tested it into the ground for something like this is inexcusable.”

I had to shake my head.

“So now we submit our solution and see what happens.”

“They’ll deny it.” Bob snickered.

“What else is there? Go direct?”

“With what? We have no proof.”

“They Niğde Escort don’t know that.”


“Worst case they deny and we still submit our solution.”

Bob grinned, “Call Chuck.”

We called Chuck and laid it out, I heard Christine laughing in the back ground saying ‘sic ’em!’

We went back upstairs and waited… and waited… and waited.

“I need a drink!” I hollered out.

“Don’t tempt me!” Bob responded.

“SHIT, sorry man.”

Bob smiled, “But it’s almost a good thought…” he slapped me on the back and the phone rang.

I about fell on my ass getting off the stool. “Hello.”

“Hello, this is Mark with ACME electronics. I was informed you needed to speak to us about a… discrepancy… you think you’ve discovered.”

“Something like that. Hang on while I switch phones.” I cupped the mouthpiece and pointed to Bob and the office phone motioning him to be quiet.

Bob picked up the phone, and I heard the click. “I’m back. Now about the defect in your control chips…”

“Who said anything about a defect?”

“Mark, your business is to manufacturer your controllers, my business is to find defects in everyone’s equipment.”

“And what do you think you’ve discovered?” he responded with a bit of and edge to his voice.

I also heard the sound change, we had been put on speaker on his end. I looked at Bob and he raised his eyebrows and grinned. They knew something.

“Well Mark, your controllers are misinterpreting the signals from one manufacturer and tripping the progressive jackpots when they shouldn’t.”

“You have no proof.”

Bob kicked his head back in a silent laugh and gave me a thumbs up. This is what he predicted if they were hiding something.

“Mark, we both know what I have. My only decision at this point is if I deal directly with you going forward or if I go back to the local casinos that brought me the problem in the first place.”

Mark came back smug, “You have NOTHING!”

I paused a moment, “You know Mark, you’re right.” Bob looked like he was going to have a stroke. “I don’t have any hard evidence… that the machines are at fault. But what is going to happen when I point out that your controllers are the common denominator in all the problems? Do you think they’ll laugh me off, or are they going to pull all your controllers as fast as they can? And you know they all talk to each other. How long before all your controllers are pulled everywhere, regardless of model, and they start doing their own investigation?”

“Hold on…” the phone went silent. I looked at Bob and he just shrugged. “What are your fees?” Mark asked.

Fuck it, go for broke, “Usually around twenty or thirty thousand per chip or model type. So with the number of models you have that would be about…”

“Hold on again…” this was a different and much older voice. Bob’s eyes were bugging out. “Three hundred fifty thousand… flat,” the other voice said when it came back.

“For the US machines?” I said a bit eagerly.

“Yes,” the voice on the other end responded a bit relieved.

“That would leave the European units, and then the non-disclosure if you wanted to explore that option.”

There were noises and several voices on the other end. “That is not what we were discussing.” He said fairly firmly.

He was saying more and starting to rant, but I smiled at Bob and motioned him to hang up. He hesitated and watched me hang up, then slowly followed. “YOU’RE CRAZY!”

“There’s always the backup plan.”

“But going for the European machines, that’s not even in our area.”

“But they are, picture this Bob. A casino manager in Monte Carlo finds out from a US affiliated operation that he paid some sheik sitting at a thousand dollar a play machine the big progressive when he shouldn’t have. Those progressives make our high roller area look like penny slots.”


The phone rang, “Babe would you get that?”

“Of course.” Nicole answered all sweet then put it on hold.

We left him on hold a bit then Bob and I picked up together, “Hello Mark.”

A female voice responded, “This is Tammy, Mark is… busy. Could we pick up the discussion that was… interrupted?”

“Well that would depend on the tone of the conversation. The gentleman I deal with here with the local consortium are much more pleasant to deal with.”

Bob about lost it when I threw that one out.

“I understand. I’ve been given a quick run down of the situation and wanted to apologize for any… irritations.” She sounded like a lawyer.

“So where does that leave us?”

“Well if there is the error you claim we would want to take care of things quickly… and quietly.”


“And if, theoretically, there may be some units with problems, it would take some time to evaluate every unit.”

“That could create some difficulties with our non-disclosure being chip specific.”

There was a bit of silence as we were muted for a bit. We weren’t making it easy for them.

“Yes Niğde Escort Bayan I could see where that might make it difficult. I’d like you to consider a blanket agreement.”

“Well Tammy, we can dance around this for quite a while, but I have a dinner engagement. So let’s cut to the chase. You don’t want to pay too much and I don’t want to get short changed. That would be a normal situation. But this is not a normal situation with the number of pieces of equipment involved and a non-disclosure thrown in. Does that about sum it up?”

She wasn’t used to straight talk… typical lawyer. “Close enough,” couldn’t even give me a straight answer on that.

“So Tammy, here’s the situation. You’re going to give me a number, a serious number. If I like it we’ll have an agreement and it will not go beyond us. If I don’t like the number I’m going to hang up again. And unlike before you won’t be able to call me back because I’ll be faxing my findings I have in my hand off to the local group. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes… can you hold a bit?”

“Not long, I’m being looked at to get ready for our dinner engagement.”

Nicole gave me a strange look trying to figure out what was being said on the phone.

Tammy came back on the line, “Danny, we have a number. Actually a number range.”


“Please hear me out. There is a bit of a… discrepancy… between some people here as to the number of units affected. It’s not a large amount, but it is a significant difference.”

“I’m getting ready to hang up, do I hear a number?”

“Seven hundred fifty thousand minimum with a cap of one million.” Bob fell off his stool.

“Ten percent by the end of next week to keep the non-disclosure in place with the minimum balance due in thirty days and the final count in one hundred eighty days.”

There was another bit of silence, “the ten percent down, balance of the seven fifty in forty five days but the final count in one hundred twenty days. I can do the US in thirty, but need an extra week or so to get the initial payment from the European offices,” she responded.

“Tammy, you’ve bought yourself a two hour reprieve. Do you still have my attorney’s number?”

There was some shuffling on the other end, “I have it here.”

“Give him a call, I will call him when I get off the phone with you. He’ll have the contract to you within the hour and you will have the following hour to sign and return.”

“We’d rather use our in house…”

“Tammy, this isn’t going to be some fifty thousand word contract full of loop holes. It doesn’t take much to describe the problem with your equipment and for you to acknowledge that if you don’t pay I start talking to my local contacts, does it?”

“Well I don’t know.”

“Tammy, this will be plain and simple. If it takes me longer to read the contract than it does for them to clear the dinner dishes before they serve desert I’ll toss it in the trash and fax my findings out. Am I making myself clear?”

“Quite.” She said a bit sternly before hanging up.

I collapsed against the island, “fuck I wasn’t sure they’d go for it.”

Bob looked at me, “What?!!” he grinned and pointed a finger at me, “remind me never to play poker with you.” He was almost skipping up the stairs.

“So are you coming to the party?” Brittany asked.

I smiled and nodded, Brittany squealed and grabbed Sam to head over to the sorority house.

Nicole steered me to a stool, “Maria, what do we have for Master for a quick bite?”

“Burger and fries?”

“That would be wonderful Maria, thank you.” I said to her.

Maria grinned, “No problem Master,” grinning and squeezing her tit to express a drop of milk and wiping it across my lips.

Bob came down dressed and grinning and waiving as he headed out.

Nicole crawled across my lap and settled in. “That sounded intense Danny, pretty good settlement?” she asked softly in my ear.

I held her close and squeezed her butt dipping a finger toward that ass I had been playing with this morning, “Very good.” I whispered back. Nicole pulled back looking at me with raised eyebrow. I pulled her back close, “upper six figure minimum with a seven figure cap.”

Nicole tensed then hugged me tight, “and our end?”

“Three fifty to four fifty.”

“Have I told you how much I love you?”

“I remember you saying something like that this morning before you abandoned me.”

“I’ll make it up to you later…” as she hopped off my lap and let me wolf down my burger. I grinned watching her now bare ass wiggling up the stairs.

The girls presented me with my costume, if you could call it that. A gold ‘turban’, pointy toed shoes, and a vest that was too short and didn’t close. Talk about being on display. I was going to say something until I saw the girls’ costumes. Veils, billowy tops and long pants. Oh did I forget to say they were all sheer and the girls had white jewels in their belly buttons and white enamel bells on their nipples in addition to their Escort Niğde collars?

There were a few couples and singles trickling in. Some of the ladies put a lot into their costumes, others were using it as an excuse to party naked. There were a variety of sluttish nurses, witches, etc. A lot of them were fishnet base with a few other things added on, and a few choice costumes that were the real thing but left open or pulled just the right way or hitched up enough to make a real nice costume.

Gladys and George came in with Gladys dashing upstairs to Maria’s workshop.

I turned back to see a young lady come in in a trench coat. The surprise was when she slipped it off and put her hard hat on. Hard hat, tool belt with suspenders squeezing her tits together and work boots. But the tool belt wasn’t full of tools, more like adult toys.

“You should see her Christmas costume.” George said beside me.

“Hmmm?” I responded watching her move and jiggle across the room not really looking at him.

“Santa’s Elf with candy cane dildos. Peppermint flavored pussy is an excellent desert.”

I turned to him, “Really?”

George smiled, “She makes them herself. Sometimes she asks for volunteers to demonstrate, other times she’ll lay back and use one her self.”

I grinned, “That could be interesting.”

Gladys came down and she looked wonderful, a little naked winged nymph covered in a light layer of fine glitter, but her ‘wand’ almost made me cringe. A decent dildo with something jammed into the tip and wrapped in silver with a silver glitter ball at the end.

I looked down at her, “and what are you supposed to be?”

“I’m the orgasm fairy, if you behave I’ll give you just the right touch and make you cum.”

“The right touch huh?”

“I didn’t say touch with what.” And leaned forward to suck George down, groaned the groan of a satisfied woman, came off him with a noisy slurp, then giggled and scampered off to join my girls setting up the buffet.

There were several ladies from The Hotel setting up, and while three of them were in their black string bikinis, two had put shirts on over them.

I walked over to where they were working, “Good evening ladies.” Two of the bikini girls responded back with good evening. I stopped in front of the two that had the shirts over their bikinis. They were trying to look at my cock and not look at my cock.

“Ladies, you did get the uniform requirements for this event?”

“Yes sir, minimum black bikini.”

“No ma’am, MAXIMUM black bikini.”

“But we can’t… it said minimum.”

“No Ma’am, I wrote the requirements.”

“But we can’t run around like that!”

“Ma’am, the requirements of the job were clearly posted. You may stay as long as you follow the guidelines you were provided. You may wear less, but not more.”

“That’s obscene!”

“That’s your choice.”

The two older ladies chose not to stay. One of the younger ones stopped me, “So this is the maximum?” she asked tugging on her bikini string making her tit bounce in the process. I smiled and waived to our nearly naked guests. She giggled and scooted back over to her two remaining co-workers. Very shortly the bikini’s were pulled close and narrow, later two of the three removed their tops, and one of those two did away with her bikini all together near the end of the party.

Things were progressing nicely, plenty of food and music with a fair amount of groping and kissing when things got a bit quiet. I turned to see Brittany escorting two sheriffs’ deputies over.

“Master, these two deputies need to have a word with you,” then hopped and turned in the air landing beside me letting her tits bounce oh so nicely making her nipple bells ring.

I recognized the first one from our moving day, the other, a BUSTY female, was new. “Is there a problem officer?”

He grinned, “Not from where I’m standing, but my wife might disagree.”

The young lady snickered.

“Well since the place is wired for sound and video you have nothing to worry about. Now to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?”

“We stopped by earlier in the week, but you were out of town. Thought you’d like to know, your realtor was convicted on all counts and sentenced to consecutive sentences.”


He grinned, “Yea, seems Judge Teresa didn’t take kindly to her swindling ways. They couldn’t get her on a number of other charges over the years so I would bet this was her way of evening the score.”

I just laughed, “That just breaks my heart!”

The party was getting back to normal.

They both chuckled, “That’s what I thought. Well we just stopped to pass on the good news and show my new deputy that not all rumors she hears should be denied.”

Brittany chuckled beside me, “Yea, Taffy always was a skeptic.”

The young ladies eyes went wide.

“You don’t remember me do you?” Brittany asked twisting side to side making her bells tinkle just a little.


“We always sat in the back on Wednesday nights and critiqued Father Thomas.”

“BRITTANY?” Brittany grinned and held her arms out. “But you moved out of town.”

“I’mmmm Baaaack!”

There was some female giggling and hugging.

“Have you two had your meal break yet?” Their heads shook in stereo.

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