Sex At The Candy Shop

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Big Tits

Danielle had just come home from work, and ran to the candy shop to buy some chocolate body paint for her and Daniel. {considering he was up for the week} She turned the corner of this huge candy store, and saw Daniel looking at the body paint. she snuck up behind him, and hugged him from behind, and he quickly turned around to see who it was.

“OH jesus! i didnt know who the hell you were! hey baby, were u lookin for the body paint too?”

“ caught me..hehe.”

“My god Danielle, im really really horny. i mean… look” she looked down, and his cock was popping out, making a bulge in his pants. Danielle giggled slightly, and said “Ok, ill handle this” She was still in her skimpy work uniform. She had a simple short dress on, that said her resteraunts name across the breasts. she was hot, so she unbuttoned it so you could see her red laced bra somewhat. she unbuttoned another one, and went to the counter where a 15-16 year old boy was standing there. “must be his summer job” she thought. She walked to the counter seductivly, and leaned obver the counter, making her cleavage more visible. The boy stared at her cleavage, and stumbled with his words. finally he said “c cc can i h hh h help you?” she giggled mischeviously, and said “yes…you can come here big boy” he walked around the desk, and aproached her. she turned around to meet his eye, but he was trying to catch another glimpse of her sweet ass. Daniel was laughing to himself, cuz he knew what she was gonna do. She pulled him to her by his work tie, and kissed him seductivly. while she did this, she grabbed his keys, and stoped the kiss. she then rubbed his thigh, and walked away, leaving him stunned. she signaled for him to follow, and he did. she took him to the back room, shoved him in,and locked him in. both her and Daniel laughed histerically. She jumped on him, and he lifted her up and they kissed for a good while. Daniel then backed her up into the wall, and started combing through her hair with his fingers. They kissed passionatly, and Danielle ran to lock the stores doors. she ran back to him, and started kissing him faster and harder than before. He pushed her against the wall, and started feeling her up. She wrapped one leg around him, and he lifted her up, and she stradled him with both of her legs around him. She was pushed against the wall, and he started fingering her. She leaned her head back and moaned loudly. She put her feet down, and moved to the counter. Daniel grabbed a chocolate bodypaint bottle, and cracked it open. He put some on his fingers, and dabbed it on her nose, then licked it off. He then took another scoop, and put it on her lips, then licked that off too. She then spread her legs to show that she had no underwear on. he put some of the paint on her pussy, and started licking it off.

Danielle started shivering as he licked the chocolate bodypaint off beylikdüzü escort of her pussy. She quickly put her feet on the floor, and pulled Daniel by the neck of his shirt, to the desk. She hopped on top, and spread her leags, and supported herself by her elbows. He started massaging her thighs. He started at her knees, then moved his hands up right near her pussy, then back down to her knees. She opened a little wider, trying to tell him what she wanted, even though he already knew. He went back up her thigh, and brushed against her slit, making chills go up her spine. He saw her close her eyes when he did this, so when he came back up, he stuck his fingers inside her clit, and started making circles around her pussy hole. She pulled him closer, and leaned her head back, biting her lip. He then inserted two fingers into her pussy hole, and started gliding them and out. She was so wet, that some of her juices were drooling down into his palm. He loved this, and as he fingered her, he licked off some of the juices that were forming around her pussy hole. he then moved his tongue up, and started licking her clit. He took the bodypaint, and put some chocolate on her clit, and licked it off with the very tip of his tongue. She quivered, and started tensing up for an amazing orgasm. He decided to hit her spot, and make her cum. He curled his fingers upward, and he hit the right spot. he was still licking her clit, and she burst in a sudden orgasm. Her juices started flowing down his hands, so he quickly moved away from her clit, and started licking up her sweet hot cum. She moved back on the counter with a huge smile on her face. He climbed on the counter, and took her work dress off. He then started to take off his clothes, but she finished for him. Finally they were both naked. Before he did anything, he went to a section of the candy store, and came back with a long, slender lolipop. it looked kind of looked like a cock. He opened it up, and had her lick it. He shoved it in and out of her mouth, as if she was giving him head, and she started licking it like a cock too. He closed his eyes for a couple of seconds, because he wanted it so bad. He took the lolipop, and shoved it into her pussy. The lolipop was about the same length as his cock, but not as wide. So he ran and got another one, which made it feel just like his cock inside her. She moaned with pleasure as he rubbed 2 lolipops in and out of her dripping wet pussy. With one hand, he held the lolipops, and with the other, he started rubbing her clit good and fast. She arched her back, tilded her head backwards, and moaned out in another orgasm. He didnt even sense it coming, so he wasnt prepared. She came all down the lolipops, and onto his hands. He pulled the lolipops out, and he gave one to her, and took one for himself. She started licking beyoğlu escort her juices off, the whole time watching him look at her in amazment. He licked her juices off of it. “Hmm baby, i love your candy cum” She giggled and said “Come here big boy, i wanna taste your candy cum.” He jumped back on the table, and laid down on his back. His cock was fully exposed, sticking up from his body. She grinned at him, and put his whole cock in her mouth. She bobbed up and down, sucking diligently, while deepthroating his hard cock. She finally pulled away, and started licking the hole in his cock lightly with the very tip of her tongue. Goosebumps rose and fell on his skin, and he moaned loudly. She then only put the head of his cock into her mouth, and started sucking really hard. She then stroked the base of his cock up and down with her right hand, and with her left, she squeezed and massaged his balls gently. Just enough to give him extreme pleasure. She was hitting all of the right spots. One more spot needed to be hit. As she sucked the head of his cock hard, but not too hard, she gently licked in littled circles around the hole in his cock. He gasped once she did this, and exploded in her mouth. She started rubbing faster as the cum came, and it made his orgasm last even longer. She swallowed every drip, and sucked him dry after. He laid back, and took a breath, while she straddled on top of him. She rubbed her wet pussy all over his face, but wouldnt let him touch her, or lick her. His face was covered in pussy juices, and he moaned out that he loved her. She moved back, and sat on his chest, and waited for him to recover from such an orgasm. He finally was breathing normal, so she went down to his cock. she hovered over his cock, and let the very tip touch her slit. She then took his hands, and had him spread her pissy lips, and he did. Then, she sat down quickly, and started going up and down on his cock hard and fast. She had her right hand righ above his cock, and he left hand was pulling her hair back. She was arched back slightly, but her head was all the way back. Her breasts were bouncing up and down at each movement of her body. Daniel started rubbing her clit hard and fast, and she went faster up and down. She moaned and sighed loudly as he rubbed her clit. She leaned over a bit, and started going harder, his whole cock in her, hitting another one of her spots. She clenched at his chest, scraping her nails down him as she came again. She slid off, and laid on her back, exhausted. She had never cum this much in such a short time. He got on top of her, and kissed her forehead. Then, her neck. He went to her ear and whispered “I love you baby” she whispered in his other ear “i love you too” He started nibbling on her earloab, and then he blew a gentile stream of air into her ear. She cringed, and bizimkent escort giggled, so now he knew she was ready again. He pulled at her lip playfully, and she saw her tongue just sitting there. He pressed his lips against hers, then licked her lips, signaling that he wanted to explore her mouth. She opened her mouth just enough for them to feel around eachothers mouths, and they went for it. She took her tongue and went around in a complete circle around his. He then massaged her tongue with his, then pulled away, and kissed her gently on the lips. They smiled at eachother, and he grabbed a hold of his cock. He guided it into her, and went slowly at first, so that he wouldnt cum. He then cooled down a bit, and started rocking back and forth a little faster than before. He then grabbed her by the hips, and pressed her hips against his, thrusting in and out of her pussy. He pulled out, and shoved it back into her pussy, making her arch her back and scream. “It feels so good baby!” she said inbetween breaths. He looked down at her, and saw tears strolling down her cheeks. Her eyes were closed. He stopped, still inside her and said “ i hurting you?” She opened her eyes and said “NO! no hun. im crying because this is the best sensation i have ever felt. I love you, and its making me feel so good right now…so good.” He smiled, and started thrusting into her again. She started moaning even louder, and she clenched her pussy around his cock. He leaned over a bit, and gasped in shock. She kept clenching her pussy so hard, she could barely even move in and out. So he laid completely on top of her, and put his arms under her shoulders, and held onto her shoulders from underneath. He told her to clench, and she did. He thrust upward, not quite moving at all, but it was extremely hot for the both of them. They were both moaning so loud. She was almost screaming, it felt that good. So he pulled onto her shoulders real tight, and came into her pussy. She clenched as tight as she could as he came, and he moaned and grunted. It was the biggest load he has ever shot. Right as his orgasm was ending, she started to cum. She arched her back a little, and clawed at his back as she came. Their cum mixed in her pussy, and he pulled out of her.

“Hey baby, its time for the clean up crew.” She said with a grin spread across her face. She flipped her legs over her head, being held behind her neck, and started licking her dripping pussy. She tasted both of their cum, and it was delicious. He started licking too, both of their tongues in her pussy hole, massaging eachother. Finnally, she was cleaned up, and they put ther clothes on, they unlocked the guy in the back room, and he didnt even say anything. Considering she wasnt clothed yet. He went to grab for her but Daniel stepped in front, and without saying a word, the boy went back to the counter. Danielle and Daniel had already cleaned up the mess from the counter. they put their clothes on and Danielle was looking for those lolipops when she fell upon a security camera.

“Hey kid, where’s the camera room?” He led her to the room, and they grabbed the tapes out with them on it.

“Thanks” they took the tapes, and left hand in hand. They each have a tape for eachother.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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