Sex in the Sun

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Big Tits

Marie and I were on holiday in Western France.

We’d rented an apartment for three weeks and driven down to the Royan area, after crossing the Channel from Dover to Calais.

Marie is a petite, sexy, auburn haired beauty, with a great 34, 25, 35, figure! We have been married for fifteen years, have a great sex life together, and have both had a number of sexual partners before and since we married! It’s not exactly an open marriage, but if we meet someone that we really fancy, it’s not a secret from the other partner, and it doesn’t cause the other harm, we go for it!

Marie loves to strip off and sunbathe naked, when on holiday in warmer countries. We have enjoyed great outdoor sex many times when on holiday, feeling the sun on her nude body always turns Marie on and makes her extremely horny!

On this particular day, we had spent some time on the, miles long, beaches of the Cote Sauvage (the wild coast), many of which are popular with nudists and naturists!

We had enjoyed relaxing and watching the other beachgoers. We were surprised at the number of couples we had seen having sex with each other, and in some cases, casual encounters with unaccompanied men! It seemed that many people in this part of the world, went in for outdoor and public sex!

There were a number of women, from young to mature, who seemed to spend a lot of time on their backs, or on their hands and knees, being serviced by their partners or other men, with their partners consent!

We didn’t go in for such publicly viewed sex, on an open beach. However, we couldn’t help getting aroused and touching and caressing each other! I brought Marie off a couple of times with my fingers, and we were probably observed, but we didn’t do it openly for show!

We noticed that casual encounters were agreed by unaccompanied men, by them catching a woman’s eye, and casually placing a hand on their groin, as they strolled by! If she was interested, she would nod, if not interested, she would shake her head! Simple and avoids embarrassments!

I use the term ‘unaccompanied’ men, rather than ‘single’ men, because it was sometimes two or three men in a group, strolling along! I didn’t see any women strolling along looking for casual partners, but it probably did happen!

If the woman nodded, the man, or men, would go up to the couple, shake hands with the man, kiss the woman and have sex with acıbadem escort her! Some women had sex with several partners, and would go into the sea between encounters, probably to clean themselves up!

A number of men passing by, as we sunbathed, gave Marie the signal but she always smiled and shook her head! After we had been on the beach about three hours, she said that all the propositions she’d had, made her feel horny. Some of the men had been good looking, with good bodies, and she imagined, she would have enjoyed sex with them!

I asked her, if she was trying to tell me, that she wanted to give it a try and nod her head. She thought for a moment, said that it would be exciting, but not in front of others on the beach!

After a little while, she asked me if I would like to take a walk in the forest behind the beach, where we might find somewhere quiet where we could make love! I felt her pussy and found that it was wet, she really was turned on by what she had seen!

We put our shirts and shorts on, rolled up our beach rugs, our towels and bits and pieces, put them in our bag and wandered into the woods. A little way in, we found a small grassy, sunny clearing, just off the pathway. We spread the rugs on the ground, we undressed, and kissed running our tongues in each other’s mouth.

Marie lay down and I caressed and kissed her tanned breasts and nipples. I kissed down her flat belly and she opened her legs, as I brought my lips and tongue to her pussy.

I licked her soft labia lips and inserted my tongue, then sucked and nibbled her clitoris. She moaned, and said, “Don’t tease me, I want to be fucked!” I entered her! Her juices and my precum making the perfect lubricant for our lovemaking! I fucked her hard, sensing that this was how she wanted it!

Marie soon came as I fucked her, digging her nails into my back and wrapping her legs around me. I was certain, that she was thinking of the men who had propositioned her on the beach!

I felt my own climax coming! Just before I came, I pulled out and spurted onto the grass, as I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. Marie was disappointed that I hadn’t come in her, but I brought her off again with my mouth. and she was happy!

I left her lying naked on the rugs. I wandered down the forest trail a little way. I circled back to rejoin akbatı escort her from a different direction. As I came near the clearing again, I spotted man in the bushes, watching her. I was certain that he’d watched us fucking!

He had his cock in his hand, he was masturbating slowly. Evidently, he liked what he saw! I thought it was ironic, that we had come into the forest to fuck, so she wouldn’t be doing it in public, but she was actually being watched all the time!

The man hadn’t seen me, and he moved off into the forest, obviously reasoning that he had seen all that there was to see! I went forward to where he had been, to see how much he could have seen. Marie was clearly visible a few yards away, but because of the deep shadow in the bushes, she couldn’t see me!

I was about to return to her side, when two young men came along the forest trail and spotted Marie. One said a few words to the other, and his friend nodded. They went forward and said hallo to Marie. She started in surprise, as she hadn’t heard them come up the trail. She quickly put her hands over her breasts to cover her nakedness, then said, “Hallo,” whilst blushing in embarrassment!

Both young men smiled and both moved a hand to their groins. Marie’s mouth fell open. She looked around her, wondering if I was nearby. Then I realised that she had spotted me in the bushes, because she smiled, turned back to the two men and nodded her head!

The two men stepped forward, and they sat beside her on the rugs. They each kissed her on the lips, before starting to caress her breasts and stroke her inner thighs. Marie lay back on the rugs and opened her legs. The two men removed their shorts and briefs, and I saw that they were both well endowed!

The first man bent to kiss Marie again, whilst the second man, positioned himself between her legs and began to rub his cock up and down her pussy, and finger her clitoris. She was still very wet from when I fucked her earlier, and the man put his cock into her quickly! As I said, he was well endowed, and I saw her gasp as he pushed his cock all the way into her!

He proceeded to fuck her with long slow strokes. She pushed up to meet his thrusts, she was enjoying it! She knew I was watching, and she was going to make sure the view was worthwhile!

The first man was now sucking on Marie’s aksaray escort breasts, and teasing her erect nipples. She had her eyes closed and was clearly feeling an orgasm coming. Suddenly the man fucking her started to growl and stiffen up, I knew he was about to come. He thrust hard into her three times then held his cock deep into her on the fourth thrust!

I knew that he had put three spurts of cum into her belly, and he had held his cock there as the last of it drained into her. He withdrew his cock and bent to kiss her on the lips.

The second man indicated that Marie should get on her hands and knees, which she did. He positioned himself behind her and entered her smoothly, whilst his companion lay on the rug with his head underneath her breasts and sucked on her nipples!

As the man buried deep in her pussy, started to thrust backwards and forwards, getting further into her, doggy fashion, Marie came! She cried out in ecstasy, with her back arched, and her head thrown back. Her lover continued to pound her pussy and she came again, a long drawn out orgasm. As she shuddered and cried out, I knew that she had lost all control! He was now banging her like a piston, then he came, and as he continued to thrust, I could see the cum oozing out of her around his cock!

Then they were both spent. He rolled off her, as she collapsed onto the rug! She rolled over and kissed them both. They dressed, kissed her again and walked away!

I came out of the bushes. She said, “I hope you enjoyed what you saw!” I said, “I did!”

“I wouldn’t mind betting I enjoyed it more!” She said, with a grin!

She got up and put her panties and shorts on, to hold the cum that was dripping from her. We went back to the beach and ran into the sea, to let the seawater clean her off. Then we dried ourselves and went back to our apartment, where we fucked again before dressing and going out for dinner.

“I think I might try fucking on the beach tomorrow,” she said. “Perhaps, I can see how many I can take in a day, I am sure a lot of the other women on the beach would welcome a little attention from you as well!”

Our holiday was never going to be the same again! It was going to be even ‘fucking’ better!

That evening, in the restaurant where we had dinner, we were served by the delightful French waitress that we had flirted with the night before! She was very attractive, and we both flirted with her again!

Out of sight of the other customers, Marie had her hand up her short skirt, as we ordered our meal! We invited her to go to the beach with us later in the week. She said that she would love to go, and we said we would show her our little clearing in the forest!

What happened that day is another story!

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