Sex Island Ch. 02: The Initiation

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Samuel now set off happily in the golf cart to the admin block of the complex to meet Harry. He could also see the other guys hurrying along blowing kisses to their companions at the door and setting off in their carts for the office block.

As Samuel entered the office, he found Harry lounging with his feet up on his desk playing with a ball.

“Heard you had a great time yesterday,” said Harry grinning ear to ear chucking Sam a ball. “I am sure the entire neighbourhood heard you with the racket you were making. All the guys returning from work got to know the new man in town. Well! Well! enough of fun and games. Let me show you your office and introduce you to your colleagues.”

“You’ll be pleased to know that as a geologist you don’t really need to go down to the site as often. We have the geologist lab right at the back of the admin building,” said Harry leading Samuel to a lab like building behind the admin block. “There are just four of you precious guys that we have here. And quite critical stuff, you have to decide and map out the best spots to mine and where all the Lithium and other rare earth stuff is going to turn up. As the geology head’s sitting in Sydney, you four here are your own boss!”

As Sam entered the building, he could already detect one familiar face, the beach stud from last night who gave Sam a quick wink as he entered.

“Say Hi to your colleagues Sam,” said Harry flourishing towards the three guys now coming forward to meet him.

“This here is Dave. He’s spent two naughty years now, eh Dave!” said Harry giving the beach dude a good-natured slap on the back. “Dave here is from Iceland enjoying the tropical sunshine. He’s a champ at work and a bigger one on the beach. Quite the exhibitionist Dave is. God knows how he keeps his dick in his pants while at work.”

“I sure have competition from what I heard last evening,” grinned Dave leaving Sam red-faced as he shook his hand. Up close, Sam noticed that Dave had sea green eyes set in a muscular bearded face with a ponytail.

“Next up we have Martin. Martin is from the Czech Republic and with us here for 5 years now. Quite the veteran,” Harry said as a tall skinny guy with a boyish youthful face and crew cut hair stepped forward to greet him. “Don’t be fooled by his innocent looks, Martin here is the naughtiest of the lot. There’s no pussy on this island that Martin’s not fucked and quite often behind other guy’s back. You’ll need to be careful of him,” remarked Harry as Martin let out an innocent dimpled grin.

“And finally, here we have Vlad. Vlad’s from Siberia and with us for 7 years. He is quite the silent brooder, our Vlad is, but good at heart. And tonnes of energy as you’ll get to see I’m sure,” said Harry as Vlad stepped forward with a barely visible smile. Vlad looked like he had just been freed from a prison camp with a rough scar running down his throat, a shaven head with gaunt dark eyes and a rough stubble. Acknowledging Vlad’s firm vice like hand shake, Sam felt a hint of trepidation about working with Vlad going forward.

“And I am sure all three of you know Sam. Sam’s from London and our new resident expert geophysicist. I am sure you’ll get on great guys, so I’ll leave you up to it,” said Harry as he set off back for his office with a wink and a quick handshake with Sam.

Martin stepped forward with a massive hug. “Welcome Sam to our little team. We are going to throw you a welcome party tonight at my place. There is no better way to get to know each other than a sinful party. Even Vlad’s agreed to join us! Come let me show you the ropes of how we operate here.”

The day breezed past quickly as Sam setup his work station and got to know of the work expected from his colleagues. The key task as he understood was to monitor stuff and send the lab reports over to Sydney every week. Not a tough ask, and quite up Sam’s sleeve after his studious year in university. Martin and Dave were impressed with his skills especially in remote sensing.

As the day ended, Sam setoff for his villa to get ready for the party at Martin’s place with a sense of excitement. Mia greeted him on the door as he stepped in, dressed in her trademark white apron and stockings. Samuel gave her a firm passionate kiss while grabbing her ample buttocks and slapping them. Already feeling horny, he started feeling his way down to Mia’s pussy only to have him stopped by her.

“Not now master,” Mia smiled with a mischievous grin. “You’ve got to save your energies for tonight. Martin, Dave and Vlad put on one hell of a party.”

Mia had already set out party clothes for him in his bedroom. A white satin shirt and a dinner jacket. Posh clothes supplied courtesy the company. Mia even had him change into a new Armani silky white brief while liberally applying Cologne all over his body. She herself came back in a short while dressed in a kinky Playboy bunny outfit with her boobs about to pop out of the tight dress.

“The theme for tonight is the Playboy mansion, master. So, we have to go dressed accordingly,” she said wrapping his arm around her waist and setting off. Martin had the Ataşehir Escort bungalow at the cliff top set out facing the beach with its own private beach at the back reached down by a glass staircase. The party had been setup in the small private beach Sam noted. The other guys were already seated around the sofa dressed in matching dinner jackets with their arms around their bunnies.

“Welcome Sam to my pad!” said Martin hugging him with a wide toothy grin. He then proceeded to greet Mia grabbing her by the buttocks and giving her a massive smooch on the lips. “Welcome back Mia, long time!” Sensing the slightly dazed look on Sam’s face he said, “That’s how you greet the girls on the island, Dude. Though anything beyond is strictly with their master’s permission. Hope you are not possessive for we do have an open house between us guys.”

“Not at all,” remarked Sam with a grin wondering how far this open house went as he spied the curvy bottoms and juicy tits of the other bunnies.

“Here, meet Angela, my bunny,” said Martin bringing forward a curvy blonde with a massive ass, hazel blue eyes and juicy red lips. Angela’s had massive tits and her nipples looked all set to break free from the shackles of her dress. She looked quite curvaceous especially in front of Martin’s tall lanky frame. Angela stepped forward and gave the delighted Sam a passionate kiss as Sam pinched her bottom.

Next Dave stood up with beach brunette. “This here is Rose” he said as Samuel now completed the now familiar ritual of kissing Rose while Dave smooched Mia. Samuel could feel Rose’s massive breasts pressing against his chest as he kissed her. This one will be fun he thought, as Rose stepped back.

Finally, Vlad stepped up with a young innocent looking school girl. Tiny in front of Vlad’s massive frame and brawn she did have some perky breasts popping up beneath her suit.

“This is Abie,” said Vlad as he planted a rough kiss on Mia. Samuel also stepped forward to kiss Abie. She looked so light as though she would get blown away by the wind but ooh her kiss was deep and minty.

“So as we are now all settled, how about some drinks,” said Martin clicking his fingers. Almost as if by magic two girls appeared from behind a small bar hidden behind an outlying rock wearing the bunny dresses. Samuel noted that they were both identical twins, tall, slender and with sexy bouncy hips and ample cleavage. With passionate dark curls they looked positively Mediterranean.

The girls brought Samuel a beer while Vlad took a Vodka and the other guys took a scotch. The girls were all having wine. Setting this down the twins now stepped back towards a stage like setup framed with live flames for an added effect.

“I borrowed these girls off Harry for our party tonight,” remarked Martin. “It’s taken him quite some time to find him twins. They are yet to be setup as companions so he’s lent them over for the night. The girls do put on a great lesbo show. So, enjoy guys.”

The girls were now in the process of erotically kissing each other on stage as the guys relaxed with their drinks with their arms wrapped around their bunnies.

The twins continued now by taking off their dresses to reveal two perfectly identical bodies with perky D cup tanned boobs, a slender frame and tight pussies down under. They now proceeded to lick each other’s boobs erotically as Samuel could feel a sharp urge down in his pants. He grabbed Mia closer who had by now started rubbing her hands over his pants. Martin had already unzipped his pants to bring out a tall slender cock dripping wet with pre cum. Angela was rubbing her hands over it crooning with pleasure. As the show continued, Samuel could now also see Dave unzipping and Rose bending over to release his gigantic cock. Vlad had left the job to Abie who was now unzipping him to bring a really thick cock. How does she take that in Sam wondered?

Taking the cue Sam also unzipped his pants to bring out his cock monster. Martin gave out an appreciative hoot as he brought his 9 inches of meat slithering out.

“Dude that’s one hell of a cock. I wouldn’t want to be the pussy that takes all that in,” smirked Martin. “You’ve got some competition Dave. We’ll have to see which one is longer.”

Dave also gave Samuel an appreciative smile as did Vlad, Sam noted. Pleased he made Mia bend down to start sucking on his dick as the twins now proceeded to lick each other’s pussy.

“Come on now guys, time for some action,” Martin said getting up with cock hanging out lazily from his unzipped pants. “Samuel and Dave let’s see whose got the better moves. Grab a twin each and show us what you’re made of.”

A bit surprised Samuel looked at Martin who was now stripping off his pants. Taking the cue Samuel too got up to kick off his pants. Dressed now in matching white satin underwear and their dress jackets with their large cocks hanging out, both of them now approached the twins who were both furiously kissing each other.

Grabbing one of the twins Dave now proceeded to set her up doggystyle. Samuel too setup the other twin doggystyle as the twins Anadolu Yakası Escort continued kissing each other. He gave her pussy a good rub with his hands. It was already warm and wet but for good measure, Sam spat at it and gave it a good rub.

Dave had by now proceeded to rub his massive member against the pink pussy. He was already probing for an opening as the twin whimpered. Samuel followed his lead rubbing his dick over the pink pussy. Martin was looking on with a delighted face egging them on as Angela stood below sucking on his dick. Vlad was already fucking Abie on his lap. The dick did fit, but God it was massive for that tiny pussy. Mia and Rose were making out on the sofa.

Without further ado both Dave and Samuel plunged their dicks in the twin’s pussy as they both let out a sharp whimper of delight.

“Let’s see who goes in deeper,” egged on a delighted Martin grinning ear to ear with his boyish face as both Sam and Dave now proceeded to fuck their twins at a furious pace. They continued at it for a few passionate minutes as beads of sweat were now glistening on their foreheads. Acknowledging their mutual efforts, they gave each other a high five as the fucking of the twins continued. After a bit Dave signalled to exchange as they both swapped positions and started fucking the other twin. It sure did not feel different. The warm tight pussy felt just the same. Twins were shaped same inside as well Sam thought.

Martin was by now sitting on the sofa. Mia, Rose and Angela, all three were now fighting over Martin’s dick as he relaxed with his eyes frozen on the fucking of the twins.

Dave was by now at the end of the tether as he let out a loud grunt and with a heave let out a stream of cum in his twin. Matching his timing, Sam too felt his balls tightening as he too shot off his cum deep inside his twins’ pussy.

Delighted Martin stood up clapping and Vlad too joined in his face now red with fucking Abie.

Vlad now signalled he wanted the twins as he stepped forward to seat first one twin on his massive dick and grabbed the other’s pussy to eat. With some effort, Vlad managed to get his dick inside the twin and was now fucking her roughly while chomping on the other twin’s pussy.

Dave’s dick was already rising Sam noted as he grabbed Abie to give him a blow job.

Sam too decided to have his pick of the girls as he grabbed both Angela and Rose, the two busty beauties to suck on his dick. Martin was by now in another state as he was now snorting coke from Mia’s breasts.

Angela and Rose set about to make his snake rise again, licking and sucking at his balls and his dick. They both kissed each other with Sam’s dick in between. Pure delight kicked in as Sam felt not one but two tongues exploring the glans at the tip of his cock. True to form Sam felt his dick rise again. Grabbing Rose he now made her ride his dick reverse cowgirl style while sucking at Angela’s massive titties. Dave was by now fucking Abie corkscrew style, the tiny girl lodged firmly beneath his muscular frame. The twins too appeared to be having a rough time with Vlad as he now changed the pussy to be sucked and fucked.

Martin with stoned dazed eyes was giving Mia a sideways fucking on the sofa. The whimpering, moaning, grunting on the secluded beach looked enough to raise a storm, Samuel thought as he licked at Angela’s boob while gently pinching the other nipple. Rose sure was a great fuck. Already Sam could tell the difference in the ways that Mia’s, the twins’ and now Rose’s pussy had felt on his dick.

While Mia’s pussy would rub and squeeze his dick and felt like a feathery pillow, Rose’s had some gentle grooves that tickled his dick. The twins’ pussy had felt really tight like a virgin’s pussy as he had squeezed in. Wanting to try the next one, Samuel now switched Rose with Angela with Angela riding on his dick while he lay on the beach and ate Rose’s pussy. He could taste the juices, perhaps his own, oozing out of Rose’s pussy. Angela’s pussy had a cool mint like feeling and was giving him sharp stabs of pleasure as his dick head appeared to hit deep inside her pussy. She must have rubbed some lubricants. Her tits were bouncing as she rode up and down.

Vlad had already turned both the twins hot and sweaty. Sam could see that Vlad had stacked both twins one above the other as he first fucked one pussy then the other. Very soon Vlad too let out a loud grunt as he shot off his load in one of the twins. Not one to leave the other behind, he promptly withdrew and shot the remaining cum in the other twin. Both twins were now dripping with thick yellow cum oozing out of their pussies.

Turning around he could see Martin screwing Mia rapidly with his slender cock while grabbing her big tits. His boyish face reddened and screwed up with the effort, he continued till with a whoop he too released his cum but weirdly outside Mia’s pussy spraying his cum over her boobs instead.

Vlad and Martin were now relaxing on the sofa panting but with happy grins as the twins now brought fresh drinks. Dave and Samuel continued for a bit. Dave Kadıköy Escort had now lifted the tiny Abie up in the air and was thrusting her up and down on his cock. Samuel too now decided to up the tempo as he lifted up Angela slightly and proceeded to rapidly fuck her with his erect cock.

“Woo hoo man, Fuck! Fuck!”, Martin cheered from the side to the sound of Sam’s body slamming on Angela’s butt cheeks. Sam too could now feel his second load coming so grabbing Angela hard by the boobs he let a thick stream of cum loose in her. Delighted Sam now also stood up and joined the other guys on the sofa with a drink as Mia stripped him of his sweaty satin shirt. Dave joined them in a bit having ejected his load in the cute tushy of Abie.

“Here dude we are now proper introduced,” smiled Martin giving around high fives. For a bit all the guys relaxed as the girls brought in more drinks and snacks. Both Martin and Dave, Samuel noted were snorting off copious amount of coke off Angela’s boobs. Often Angela and Rose were also joining in. As Martin offered him a line, Sam shook his head. Sam was a pussy afficianodo and not much into getting stoned. Vlad was also sitting back relaxing as Abie brought him a Cuban cigar.

Great time Samuel thought fondling Mia’s boobs. The twins had brought in platters of food as they all sat down to dinner. In a bit the twins cleaned up and disappeared with Rose for a bit. The twins now brought in a large trolley draped in a sheet. Uncovering it before the guests, Samuel saw Rose lying on the tray her body erotically covered with food to be dined off her. Her pussy and boobs were covered in a creamy desert.

Delighted Martin started licking the cream off one boob while erotically picking up the cherry on the nipple in his mouth and then feeding it to Mia with a grin. Dave had set about on the other boob. Grabbing the opportunity, Samuel started licking at the pussy. It appeared that whipped cream and caramel custard had been setup there as he licked rose’s pussy delightedly. Vlad was happy rubbing his hands in between to scoop up some cream and also pushing it inside the pussy. Hungry for more, Samuel however plunged his fingers inside Rose’s pussy to extract the pussy flavoured cream. Chocolate sauce had been laced seductively over the body that the guys proceeded to lick off Rose. Satisfied they all now sat back as the girls also joined in on feeding from Rose.

“This was one hell of a party dude,” Sam remarked as he lay down on the sofa relaxed and stark naked like the other guys.

“We’re not done yet. We still have to do the initiation ritual,” Dave remarked with a mock serious face.

“All the guys have to fuck your companion together and mix their juices in her pussy to signal our brotherhood The oldest guy shoots first and you go last,” Martin answered seeing Sam’s quizzical look. “Hope you’re up for it?”

“Sure of course,” replied Samuel looking around at Mia who had put on a demure shy face.

Vlad then stood up with his prison frame muscular body. No more distracted with fucking, Sam noticed he had a massive dragon tattoo running down his body with his dick emerging from the mouth of the dragon like its tongue. He picked up Mia in one swoop and started fucking her doggystyle as the other guys looked on appreciatively. The other girls had now started working the cocks again and Sam could see Abie giving him a blow job.

Mia’s ‘initiation’ at Vlad’s hands continued for a bit. The twins were helping out licking Mia’s Pussy and Vlad’s balls as he thrust in. The fucking and the blow jobs went on for another five minutes till Vlad gave out his characteristic grunt and blew his load inside Mia’s pussy. Stepping back for Martin, Vlad plunged back on the sofa his dragon glistening with sweat.

Martin had a cheeky grin on his face as he too grabbed Mia from behind and started rubbing his dick on her pussy oozing thick Vlad cum. “This time we are coming inside sweetheart,” Martin whispered to Mia as Sam understood the significance of what he had seen earlier. And then with a mock screwed up face Martin plunged inside Mia fucking her wildly from behind as she let out loud moans of pleasure. Vlad’s cum was sticking on and lubricating Martin’s dick as Samuel wondered how it would feel to fuck a cum filled pussy.

Martin was giving out mock groans as his dimpled face reddened from the effort of fucking Mia. After a bit Martin gave out another whoop as he now proceeded to ejaculate his cum deep inside Mia.

“Phew that’s done then!” Martin remarked as he stepped back to the sofa, his dick glistening with cum. Angela swiftly moved in to lick it clean.

As he sat down, Dave now stood up and gave Martin a high five and then set about to fuck Mia. Dave, Samuel noted was closest in build and physique to him. Dave had by now grabbed Mia from behind. First he rubbed his cock over Mia’s cum dripping pussy to scoop it all up and then with a big push he thrust in his dick driving in all the copious cum that had leaked out. Dave, Samuel noticed would bite his lower lip while fucking intensely as he was doing now. He would slice in without making any noise but Mia was now giving out her loudest ooh’s of pleasure. Turning Mia sideways, Dave continued fucking her as she appeared to be lost on the seventh levels of heaven. Dave went through a few more positions before releasing his load deep inside Mia.

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