Sex with Co-Worker in Bathroom

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I don’t know exactly when my affair started. My marriage of three years had brought me one wonderful kid, but it didn’t bring me happiness. I blamed my unhappiness on my husband. He wasn’t doing everything he could to make me happy. He put more energy into his work. I grew impatient and emotionally distant. When he came home after a long day, I complained about the long hours he worked. But he never listened to me. Eventually, I avoided talking to him unless I had to. I turned to Vinit, a coworker. He was around 22 years, good looking, and tall guy. He was easy to talk to, and I enjoyed his company. Thinking I found someone who truly understood me, we spent more time together. I thought he possessed all the qualities my husband lacked. After a couple of days, I was comfortable with him; we would occasionally go for drinks together.

In just a few weeks our talks took a turn into flirting. He made me feel sexy every time we talked. We eventually started to send adult jokes and that led him to begin sending pictures of naked body. And in just few weeks from the first time we started talking, all the casual flirting would soon turn into a very erotic and intimate talks. One day he asked me if it was possible atakent escort for me to sneak away from my husband on night. I told him I would definitely meet him and I was fully aware that if I met him, it would lead to sex. It became clear that he desired a sexual relationship with me.

One evening, I was sticking late at over few of my works for filing and entry in my cabin. All of our stuffs ended up their working till 6.30 pm. There was nobody in the office except the guard man seated outside the building. At about 8 pm, after completing my works, when I was about to leave office, I came to know that I was not alone in this office. Vinit was also there waiting for me in his cabin. I was shocked.

He moved closer. We were standing close to each other, well aware of what was about to happen. And before any further action, I said no, not now.

“Nobody is there, please,” he argued.

He finally had the chance after weeks of flirting. I paused for a while, and then said, ok to him. I followed him into the hallway. He brought me to the men’s bathroom.

“In there?” I frowned. Bathrooms weren’t my idea of a good place.

“Don’t ataköy escort worry, it’s clean,” he said.

He pushed open the door. When we entered I shut the door behind us. My heart was pounding, because of the risk of getting caught. He pushed me against the wall, and leaned over to kiss me. I reluctantly held my mouth closed lightly, but quickly opened my jaw. He pressed his lips to mine, kissing me deeply. His soft lips and warm, gentle tongue played passionately with mine. He placed his both hands on my waist, slid it up underneath my black skirt, up along my bare thigh and finally ran his hand over my black panties. I felt my thighs were shrinking. I could feel him eagerly trying to get into my panties with his fingers. He pulled my panties down to my ankles and onto the floor. I moved my legs apart for him as he started nibbling and fingering my pussy. I let out a moan as i was immediately aroused. He kept stroking my pussy by one hand while he placed other hand on my breasts and started squeezing. I could feel the insistent bulge forming in his jeans.

Then he stopped and asked me to suck his dick. I sat down on the edge of the toilet seat; atalar escort I figured it was cleaner than knelling on the floor. The he pulled his jeans down to his ankles. I grinned as he took out his long dick. I slid his head between my lips, slowly running my tongue around his head, slowly sliding my lips up and down his long, swollen dick. He had his hand on my head, tried to force me to go faster and deeper into me. I used my hands to stroke his shaft as I worked it with my mouth at first. His hands unbuttoned my shirt and then unstrapped my bra, started stroking my breasts, teasing my nipples. His sensible teasing on my nipples made them instantly stiffen.

He pulled back from me, my saliva dripping from his cock. He took a condom out of his pocket and put it on. OMG! He already prepared for that.I stood up, and lifted my leg as he pushed himself towards me, his cock pushing up into me. I gasped as he pushed himself up and deep inside me. He began thrusting himself into me as I started moaning. He released me and removed his cock from my pussy. Then he flipped me over. Using my hands to support me up, I leaned forward and he took up position behind me. Then he fucked me from behind. Moments later, he pulled his dick out of me and sat down on toilet seat. Then I sat down on his lap, gripped his dick and slowly slid his dick in my pussy and moved up and down. He begged me to go faster, but the thing was hurt. While he fucked me, he fondled my tits. Finally he released me and removed his cock from my pussy. I cleaned myself up and dressed up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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