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This is not my story. It is Dulcinda’s, but she, bursting with wonder and delight after the event, is happy for me to relay it. I am keen to do so, because the advanced bio-technology involved, beyond my own experience and almost inconceivable, intrigued me. And I think it points the way to a near-future in which the ancient myth of the hermaphrodite points the way to further possibilities of how we can realise our sexuality. Dulcinda features in my previous stories, ‘Beyond’ and ‘Beyond Beyond,’ but if you haven’t read them, I must tell you that she is beautiful, about five feet three, with lovely breasts, a big bottom, and an enormous penis.


Overnight ferries, in my experience, are excellent opportunities for sexual encounters, and so it proved for Dulcinda. Never mind the route, the important point is that the excellent dinner on board provided, as often, the meeting-place for those desirous of a one-nighter. For while Dulcinda, sitting over her plateful, was surveying with a practised eye the potential partners of all sexualities, a tall attractive woman in her thirties asked if she might sit there.

Dulcinda had not so far taken note of this individual, but now did so, without, she hoped, appearing to stare. The lady’s brunette hair was short but thick and expertly cut. Her eyes were hazel under perfectly trimmed dark brows. These were high-arched, so gave the impression their owner was both questioning and amused, an impression increased by little movements of her plump, carmine-lipsticked mouth. She was wearing a close-fitting, short-sleeved, lemon-yellow dress, complementing her dark colouring and tanned arms. A pale-blue silk scarf round her neck was tucked into the vee-neck of the dress, but did not mask the upper crease of the cleavage between generously proportioned but not huge breasts.

No-one joined their table, and the two of them ate in silence for a short while. Dulcinda is, of course, nowadays always eager to make love, so she was quite excited by the proximity of this clearly sophisticated and probably wealthy woman, wealth suggested by several rings with opulent stones and a thick gold necklace emerging from under the scarf, drawing attention to the division of the bosom.

The woman put down her cutlery and asked, ‘Do you like what you see?’

Dulcinda was a little taken-aback, but replied almost at once, ‘Very much.’

The dialogue continued:

‘Were you going to invite me to a stroll on deck or an after-dinner drink?’

‘Well, yes, something of that kind.’

‘And during the something-of-that-kind did you wish to sound me out.’

‘To sound you out. Well, yes.’

‘With a view to a retreat to your cabin or mine, supposing one of them was private.’

‘That was my idea, yes. But you’ve cut to the chase, so to speak.’

‘Do you think it’s a chase?’

‘Not really. More of a mutually exciting possibility.’

‘Of course, you’re assuming I like to have intercourse with transsexuals.’

Dulcinda was again taken-aback, more so this time, as she was confident that her female configuration was proof against scrutiny, particularly as she was clad in a crisp white blouse and tartan skirt, with a broad black belt, emphasising her slim waist and the curvature of her bosom and hips. So, she asked, ‘Is it obvious?’

‘Not obvious, no. But I can tell if the person sizing me up has a penis.’

‘How does that work?’ Dulcinda was curious, having not met this perception before.

‘Because the owner is wanting to insert it into me, in one aperture or another, or all of them, and that intention shows.’

Dulcinda asked, ‘What about someone without a penis.’

‘A woman signals desire, or at least willingness, to enclose the penis, in one aperture of another, or all of them, but those with cocks must necessarily want them enclosed, even if just by my fingers. That’s how they function, isn’t it?’

‘Now we have got to the point, then, so to speak.’

‘We got to the point as soon as I sat at your table. Didn’t we?’

‘Yes, we did.’

‘The question is, how many points are there?’

Dulcinda was taken-aback, yet again. ‘You mean?’

‘Tell me your name, then look into my eyes.’

‘I’m Dulcinda, and I love your eyes.’

‘I’m Hilary. What do you see?’

‘Hilary, I see that we are going to your cabin or mine and we’re going to explore each other in delight. Oh, but, wait a minute. There’s something else, isn’t there? I think you have a point as well. I see what you mean. I think you want to be enclosed, too.’

‘That’s part of it, yes, but there’s more for you to find out, dear Dulcinda, and don’t worry, there are apertures as well.’

This conversation sounds a bit stilted when written down. It can’t be verbatim, of course, but the style is faithful to Dulcinda’s account. She and Hilary were enjoying the way they were expressing themselves. Especially as both were confident a night of sexual exploration would follow, which meant that they did not hurry to finish their meals, knowing Ordu Escort that they would need fuel for the approaching expenditure of energy.

Now I must try and reproduce Dulcinda’s reminiscence of what was, and probably always will be, a unique experience. For off they went to Hilary’s cabin, where they didn’t at once fall on each other and wrench off their few garments, because both wished the approaches to be slow and gentle. Dulcinda knew there was a secret to be revealed, too, which was partly indicated by those twitching lips and air of amusement, and she, Dulcinda, wanted the revelation to be gradual, and at the pace chosen by Hilary.

They began with a long, standing, embrace, with a slow opening of their mouths and deep, deep kissing. This was not only exciting but satisfying, as if a whole night of nothing more would be wonderful. But after some minutes, they began to run their hands over each other, marvelling as they did so.

‘Your breasts are perfect, Hilary. You hardly need a bra, and your nipples are so hard. I could such them through the bra you hardly need.’

‘Dulcinda, your bottom is amazing. Bigger than mine, and those cheeks must have been so ready to swell. I love the tuck-under. Your sulcus creases are perfect. They trap your knickers a treat, don’t they? No riding up for those.’

‘What about your bottom? It’s so firm and resilient. And I don’t think you’re wearing any knickers.’

‘I’m not. I took them off before going into dinner. I wanted the pheromones to fly free I love the scents of sex.’

‘What a good idea. I didn’t smell them, but, then, often you aren’t conscious of them, though they’re finding their way straight through your nose into your brain.’

There was more prolonged kissing and fondling, then Hilary said, ‘Your cock is going to suffer serious damage if it stays in your knickers much longer. Let me free it?’

‘I usually wear lycra shorts, but tonight I’m in schoolgirl bloomers. You’ll see why.’

Hilary knelt to reach up Dulcinda’s skirt and found that huge, part-erected cock. ‘My goodness, that’s enormous, and not yet right up. No wonder you keep it tucked away.’

‘It takes a while to get fully hard, but if you keep handling it like that it soon will be, and that’s just through the knicks. Can I reach down your dress? I’m longing to hold those lovely breasts.’

‘Of course. What fun it is to get under that tight elastic and draw that monster down and out of the leg. It might be a challenge to fi that into one of my apertures.’

‘Hilary, you are a woman of mystery. You must have more apertures than me, then.’

‘Wait and see.’

‘That’s lovely, but be careful or I’ll come. Can I reach down your dress? Your breasts are so sweet and strokeable.’

‘Let’s have those bloomers off. Carefully, yes. That’s better. That is magnificent. Huge and nearly fully hard. And it certainly wants containing somewhere, and we’ll find out where soon. My nipples are loving that. But I want your lips round them. I’ll stand up.’

‘I want that, too, so much. They’re so big and hard.’

‘Unzip me, Dulcinda. That’s right. Off comes the scarf and then the dress.’

‘You are so beautiful. Let me ease off the bra. Oh, those breasts. So full, so full.’

‘That’s right, that’s right. Suck the nipples in, right in. Lovely!’

After a few minutes of Hilary caressing Dulcinda’s cock and Dulcinda tonguing and sucking Hilary’s nipples, they paused for Dulcinda’s skirt and blouse to come off, till she stood in her bra, her great tool sticking out. And now Dulcinda’s attention moved to Hilary’s pubic region and registered that it was unlike any other she had seen.

There was a small, erect cock, perhaps three inches long, but it was protruding, as if a clitoris, from the upper end of what looked like a naked vulval cleft.

‘Would you take my cock in your mouth, darling?’ Hilary asked, ‘And at the same time slide your finger inside me, but not up my bottom.’

Marvelling at what was being implied, Dulcinda bent and gently took that sweet little tool between her lips. Then she ran a hand up Hilary’s thigh and felt with a finger between her legs. Where it encountered a warm, wet crease and slid into what was surely a vagina.

‘If you don’t mind, Dulcinda darling, I need to come in your mouth right now. Then I’ll explain. Put another finger in me, too, and move them gently in and out. Yes, that’s right. That’s delicious. I’m going to come in a minute. Can you feel it go a bit harder? Yes, you can. You know that means the cum is on the way. Oh, yes, here it is, here it is!’ And a few spurts of hot, salty liquid spirted into Dulcinda’s mouth and she swallowed them.

‘Thank you!’ said Hilary. ‘I have to come like that at once, just a little. There’ll be much more later, some of it in your bum, I hope, if you’ll have me.’

‘Of course, I’ll have you. I’m longing to have you.’

‘And you can come in my cunt, and in my bottom, too, if I can get that great thing in. Now sit Ordu Escort Bayan on the bunk, and I’ll explain. You must be curious.’

Dulcinda was curious, indeed, but what had happened seemed so natural that she almost took it for granted. Was certainly not taken aback.

‘First, let me take off that bra. Good. Oh, wait a minute, I can see that you must come, too, before anything else. That will be perfect. I so much want you to come. How shall we do it? Do you want to be in my mouth, my vagina or my bottom?’

‘What would you like, sweet Hilary?’ Dulcinda asked.

‘Well, I want to see your spunk shoot out, darling. Can I just toss you off?’

‘Of course, you can, but my spunk is thin and milky, not creamy at all. You might not like it. Mind you, there’s plenty of it. I can come six or seven times, till it’s all gone.’

‘I shall love it, whatever it is. And I can come a lot, too, as you’ll see. Now, here we go. Shall I just wank it away, like this, up and down. Fast or slow?’

‘Slow. Just like that. It’s nearly there.’

‘I’m going to take it on my tits. Oh yes, it’s getting harder. Even bigger. It’s even swelling and pulsing. Wonderful. Here it comes, I can feel it!’

‘Yes, yes, I’m coming. Oh, I’m coming. Take it out of me!’

And seven separate squirts of the pale white fluid splashed across Hilary’s breasts.

‘What lovely cum,’ Hilary said, gathering some on her fingers and sucking them. ‘There is just a bit of slippery, isn’t there? My nipples love it.’

Dulcinda said, ‘Yours is still hard, but mine is drooping now. But it won’t go fully soft till all my spunk is spent, and it will go hard again as soon as its handled. But now I need to know how you can have a cock and a cunt.’

‘Sit down by me, then. That’s right. Yes, rest your head on my breasts and keep licking if you like. All right? Well, I was born with indeterminate sexuality. I had a penis, but signs of a vagina, too. Just a little opening, and, of course, my balls were still inside me. My parents didn’t know what to do. The medics advised them to choose one way or the other, with suitable surgery. Whip off my cock and dig out my testes, or sew up my cuntlet. But they decided to let nature take her course and see how I developed. Meanwhile they would present me as a girl. So, they christened me Hilary, which can be either, and I wore those schoolgirl bloomers, like yours, for ten years. And down came my balls, though they weren’t spectacular, and when puberty came along my breasts grew a little and I had little touches of period. I didn’t grow any facial hair and my pussy hair was sparse, and I’ve always kept it shaved off, as you see. I discovered I could come with my cock, which is like a clitoris, and I like to have things in my vagina when I come. Sometimes I come in my vagina, too, though that’s rather special. Still, at sixteen I was just rather androgynous, dressing as a girl but longing to have sex with girls, too. I was quite pretty, though, and went out with several boys, but of course I couldn’t let them feel me up. The kissing was nice, and the meddling with my little mounds was pleasant, and I wanted them in my half-developed vagina, but I doubt there was room in there for even one as small as my own.’

‘You must have been frustrated and lonely?’

‘Yes, but then, at eighteen, I met an older woman, Janet. She had a suspicion. She would have sex with anyone if she liked them, whatever their physical or psychological gender. She was the swimming instructor at our local pool. I looked all right in a swimsuit and didn’t feel embarrassed, but she guessed I was intersex and asked me to her house. I knew she was going to help me and was very excited.’

Hilary paused, remembering Janet with gratitude and pleasure. Then, ‘She was wonderful. She undressed me and caressed me all over, and when my cock rose up she was happy and I wasn’t embarrassed. When she licked and stroked my little nipples I loved it. Then she took off her clothes and invited me to inspect her all over. At last I was with a woman, free to admire and do what I felt like doing with her breasts, and she opened her legs and I could study and put my fingers in her and nibble her clitoris. Most exciting of all, she would come, and I felt so proud and glad I could give her pleasure.’

Dulcinda asked, ‘Did she make you come, too?’

‘Oh yes, but she waited for me to be ready, to be relaxed. I almost had to ask her to bring me off, because although I knew I could come if she tossed me, and I longed to go inside her, I had to be sure that was right.’

‘How did you come first with her?’

‘I asked her to suck me, and she took me gently in her mouth and I came at once. It was amazing, not just because it was an orgasm but because she was coming me with love. It was like my orgasming her with my tongue on her clitoris and my fingers up her cunt and bottom.’

‘But you wanted to go inside her?’

‘Yes, and soon it was right to do that. She was lying legs open, enjoying Escort Ordu my lips on her labia, and I knew this was the time, and I moved up her body, laid my cheek against hers and felt for her vulva with my cock. It was a beautiful moment, the moment I knew that I would be slipping inside her and that she would take me, swallow my juice in joy.’

Hilary paused again, and said, ‘Could you go down on me again, Dulcinda? I want to come in your mouth again as I tell you about going into Janet. I’ll just lie back and you can use your lips, to remind me of Janet’s quim lips. That’s perfect. My little tool found its way between her inner labia and she clasped her hands round my bottom and pulled me in, and I began to come at once, like this, like now, Dulcinda, now!’

After she had swallowed this second instalment of Hilary’s cum, Dulcinda said, ‘That was so wonderful. That you came in that way, remembering coming inside Janet.’

‘You are going to come inside me, too, soon. I want to feel that huge tool in me, pulsing and pouring your sweet spunk deep inside. Are you ready for that?’

‘I’m longing for that, but I need to hear everything, how you came to be as you are.’

‘Can you see my vagina is oozing down my thigh? It’s ready for you, you see. But, all right, I’ll explain. Janet helped me to find myself sexually. She even made me come with a finger in my tight little cunny. And she helped me decide I wanted to be both male and female, cock and cunt, with proper breasts and labia. Fortunately, my parents were wealthy and when I told them my decision they took me to California, to a renowned gender-assignment surgeon, a woman, who helped me design just how I wanted my body to be. I think she found me an interesting challenge to her professional skill, because she prepared long and hard, working out how to achieve what you see now. But, wait a minute, I can see that huge cock swelling up, can’t I? I’ll stop talking and make you come, shall I?’

‘Hilary, I do so much want you. I want to be in you now, before you tell me how you got that perfect vagina. I want to be immersed in it and soak it in my love-juice.’

‘Oh yes, yes. I’ll wriggle round so you can be over me. Look, my legs are open for you, my cunt is open. Do you see? My lips are parted. Do you see? Is that exciting? Oh yes, here you go. Shall I guide you in? Do, do it like I did with Janet. Let your tool-tip find the way. That’s right! It’s nuzzling my labia, just beginning to push in. Do you feel it closing round your cock-head? Go slowly, darling, ease it in slowly, so I can feel it opening me up. Is that good?’

‘It’s wonderful! Your cunt is so hot and slippery and its welcoming me, holding me. I can feel it pulsing round me, and I want to go on in. But I don’t want to hurt you.’

‘You won’t hurt me. I’ll wrap my legs round you. My feels are on your beautiful bottom and I can help push you right in. Right to my cervix. Yes, like that. Are you all in?’

‘Nearly, nearly. And the feel of your cock between us is to lovely. I’m beginning to come. I can feel it gathering in my thighs and bottom. If I just withdraw a little and slide in again, like that.’

‘You’re coming. I can feel you swell and swell. Oh, let go into me, fill me with spunk. Come, darling, come hard!’

‘Oh, Hilary, that’s so marvellous. It’s coming and coming; can you feel me spunking into you?’

‘Yes, I can feel it. You’re still pulsing and my cunt feels heavenly. If you lean back and stay in me and toss my tool I can come again. Can you do that? Oh, yes, watch me come, here it comes on your tummy. Lovely, lovely!’

‘So much more this time. I love the way it spirts out in little jets.’

‘If we move carefully we can roll over together with you still inside me. I want you to stay in me while I finish my story.’

‘Staying inside will keep me quite hard. Then I can come again. But go on now.’

‘I had a series of operations. What she did was to split my scrotum and fold it back to form my inner lips, nestling them round my potential vagina. She opened that up, surgically and with stretchers, and, cleverest of all, she embedded my balls in the outer labia. That’s why they look a little swollen and fleshy. Of course, that meant re-aligning the plumbing, but she was brilliant. At the same time, I was taking a cocktail of hormones, and my breasts and bottom plumped up, and after a year I was as I am now. Of course, I have to keep on a reduced hormone regime, but I’m just as I wanted to be.’

‘How did you test your new equipment?’

‘That was my surgeon’s final gift. She said she needed to make sure everything worked, and I lay on her examination table and she tossed me off. I suppose that was unethical, but we thought it was all part of the procedure. She used a vibrator in my vagina, too, and tossed me at the same time and I came and came. She said she’d been a little concerned that my vagina might not lubricate, but it certainly does, as you’ve seen. In fact, she sent me away multi-orgasmic, with my cock and my cunt.’

‘Hilary, how you are is unique and beautiful, and so exciting it makes me want to come just to look at you.’

‘Then you shall go to the ball, Cinders. But first I want to come into you. Can I do that, can you take me up your bottom?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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