Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 03

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It was a nice and sunny morning in Chennai and everyone was or most probably just getting up but there was this nice Kalyana Mandapam(Marriage Hall) where a marriage was underway between Ashu and Laxman two young bright colleagues who decided to tie the knot and made their respective families agree to it and after a considerable wait on a nice April morning the marriage was getting into its final stages.

The bride’s father Ragaswamy was a tall smart guy of around 56 years in age and had a sexy wife Pratchi around 53 years in age whose sisters were all there for the marriage along with Shanti – the younger sister who just turned 30 years but still looked not more than 24 -25 years in age.

Extremely sexy and beautiful in the whitish cream silk saree and the jasmine adorning her hair at the back, she looked radiating sexy and adorable and eatable all at the same time.

She was moving swiftly across the floor in the huge hall, taking the heat into her stride and also at the same time ensuring that her beauty continued to attract the male in all its intensity, though not a divorcee, she was near split with her husband and it was all over between the two, he was on his own though they continued to live under the same roof.

Well – the mantras were being read and the marriage was on, all the guests were seated to bless the newly to be wed couple and Ragaswamy was eyeing his sister in law Shanti, he had come to know that the husband and wife were not going along a few years ago when she had come down from Trichy (where she worked) to share the woes with her sister and it was during that time our ‘hero’ pounced on the opportunity, and though traditional, spiritual and all, Shanti had been without sex for quite some time and Raga made use of this and fucked the shit hole on the very first occasion behind his wife’s back.

Shanti succumbed to the huge man with lot of remorse regret and agony, she did not want to cheat on her sister but Raga left her with no choice and she was dragged one afternoon while picking clothes from the can to put them into the washing machine, into the nearby bathroom and cupping her mouth with his left hand, Raga had sodomized her, it was nearly a rape but eventually got converted into consensual sex, with Shanti lovingly drinking his juice as a prize gift to him for initiating her back into the sexual world after a gap nearly 7 years, he wondered how much juice he could have got out of her if he had known this at least 5 years ago, the youth of the sister in law that time would have given his 50 year old cock much more reason to tremble in her pussy, but there was not much that he lost, he had anyway fucked her in the ass, which he had been fantasizing about her since ages.

Now back to the marriage, both knew it was coming and Shanti for quite some time did not come out of the makeup room, spent all time with her niece and wanted to avoid the contact with her brother in law, she seriously wanted to stay away from his gaze to make sure the affair does not go out of proportion spoiling her sister’s life, that was more important to her but then what is destined is bound to happen. The marriage was in full swing and the priest wanted some ingredients which were to brought and given instantly, nobody on stage, her sister called her on the cell and asked her to come and give it to Raga who was already on the stage, she came and gave the small box to him and he beckoned her to come and closer and held the hand which was holding the box and told her in the ear “After the wedding when the crowd is gone, this very place where the marriage is happening will be the spot for you, so get ready, all arrangements have been made, the men around taking care of this hall know you and know what we will do after the crowd is gone” and pressed her hand sharply.

She was not at all happy about it and quickly ran to the room, bolted from inside and started to weep. Her face was pressed into the pillow and boobs against the satiny bed cover of the makeup room’s bed and all this while her brother in law – older to her by nearly 16 years – was already planning how to lay her soon in the evening while conducting his own daughter’s wedding.

The man did not know that his son Vivek was also in the ring and while the marriage vows were being recited and the center stage was agog with people, Vivek quietly sneaked into the makeup room and coolly slid next to his aunt – at the least did she ever suspect him, he was born in front of her own eyes 22 years back and she treated him as her own son, but little did the pretty woman realize that today’s young men wanted no less than their own mother’s sisters in bed and this guy was no different.

He started to lick at her eyelids which were swollen and she did not mind even that, she had nothing to suspect after all he had been doing all this for quite some time all these years.

She was made to jump only when he quietly pulled the string attached to her blouse from beşiktaş escort the back and the clasp gave way for the garment to open up and it was all bare, the bra was strapless and her back was shining – she had applied good cream on the skin in the morning after bath and in the AC confines, she smelt wonderful. As the boy descended on her back, Shanti screamed at him and admonished him for the misbehavior and sent me off from the room and bolted it from inside but not for long – her brother in law called her on the mobile and told her to come and meet his would be son-in-law’s uncles who were desperate to meet her- she refused to come out for any such venture and stayed put inside. Soon she could hear noise outside and her sisters started to enquire about her whereabouts and that put in a spot and there started the banging on the door, slowly she got up and opened to let them in and all of them admired how pretty she looked in the creamiest white silk saree and the green silk blouse, some even commented she looked more of the bride and the not the niece and this prompted some one to be even more naughty asking what will she wear for the honey moon, and precisely at that moment her b-i-l entered the room asking all of them to come to the sanctum sanctorum (Mandapam) for the final vows and the blessings before the thread would be tied.

While all of them were leaving – standing at the door, he took cheeky swipe at her ass and cupped the left cheek amply enough to let her know his intentions. He was going to have her today.

The marriage got over and lot of the men folk in the groom’s side were taken aback by the beauties and the spot beauty Shanti.

Some even fantasized a quick fuck with her and this left many dreaming and Raga – the brother in law knowing all these lecherous fellows – had a hearty lunch, after all he was going to get the beauty soon.

Shanti looked stunning. Her tawny body glittered with gold. She wore all her own bridal jewellery for her niece’s wedding. Her long hair was braided and parted in the centre, held by a gold head-piece.

Twin patterned gold strands with dainty tassels curved down along her hairline and disappeared behind her ears. A third strand swept up from the centre of her forehead and through the parting in her hair, meeting the others under her long braid.

The three strands then twined with her thick plait. A sexy Tamil *bindi* dotted her forehead. Her eyes were lined freshly with *kajal*.

Gold earrings hung from her earlobes.

Around her neck, she wore several gold necklaces of different lengths, ranging from a short loop that hung just above her breasts, to a long, thick strand that touched her belly below her navel. Her arms were bare, and she wore twin gold bands on either arm, the ends snaking upward in a little curve.

Several gold bracelets and bands adorned her wrists.

Her fingers were studded with gold and diamond finger-rings, and, on each hand, a complex arrangement of finger-rings linked together with gold strands that lay along the back of her wrists. Her toes had rings and delicate, fine anklets hung around her ankles.

Around her bare midriff, there was a gold girdle, riding high on her hips and low under her belly and above her buttocks.

She looked younger and prettier and sexier and screw ready more than the bride -her niece and all men in the hall had stiff hardon and all wanted her badly.

Amongst all in the male crowd, the man who appealed to Shanti was Venkat, brother in law of the groom, he looked extremely fit handsome and must have been fit all his life at 6′ height he had the majestic personality -he met her during the introductions and gave her a wry nice innocent smile and looked the other way, did not give away his breath taken away by the sexy beauty.

He was not one of them to lust for something so easily – women fell for him and he had his fill though his wife was a beauty herself, Venkat did not give up or lose opportunities of outside sex, he made discreet use of any advances and in this case, it had to be Shanti who would have to make the 1st step.

Raga could see the eye contact and knew his sister in law well, she had a huge sex urging between her legs and recently had dumped the husband of her best friend who incidentally was there at the wedding and she was giving him no scope or attention.

It was clear for all who knew them that she was dumping him. Her friend was oblivious of that part in her life where her husband was sometime a paramour of her friend and now it did not matter, though the husband was sulking at the whole response and attention Shanti did provide or did not provide.

Venkat and his roving eyes did everything to spot and pick up Shanti wherever she was – Shanti had to be conscious of it and while all this was on Raja – Venkat’s brother in law and the groom’s father introduced him to Raga and soon they beşyol escort struck a chord, ‘ Raghav – would you like to rest for a while, you can take the AC room on the 1st floor, will have my sister in law take care of you’ as he made this sentence, he could see the friend’s husband trying desperately to get Shanti’s attention who kept him at a distance.

The dowry and some of the give and take to the groom’s party was still left and a sizeable amount of it was to be given in Gold, Raga had promised Raja, that he would do it in kind if not in cash. Raja was clear from the beginning – since the time the groom party landed at the Mandapam that they wanted her – Shanti for all of them, and Raga was not able to articulate that to Shanti clearly and thought he will fuck her and then get her to the place where they were staying and leave the beauty to the beasts but now – in the heat which he could see was generating between his sweet sis in law’s legs juicing for Venkat- he was sure he did not have to wait for that long.

She was obviously ignoring him but insistent Raga caught her eyes and hinted her to come by his side, she saw Venkat and smelt a rat and swiftly reached the center of the Mandapam and got the message, though very keen, she did not show it and slowly took the man to the 1st floor and all this was a dejection a jilt of his lifetime to the friend’s husband who knew the sequel to this long walk the two were taking to the room on the top, the longer she would take to come back will be the result on his heartbeat which will just climb geometrically and that was the outcome.

Venkat looked at the supple flesh hidden in the nice sexy silk saree – cream colored with green print of embroidery and a green blouse, Shanti looked extremely sexy not withstanding her age – she did not look that age at all, the sexy pussy just looked like she was not more than 28-30 years. Wow – what God does is – he faults in some and fills it in other areas. She may not have had a fine happy married life but sex came in all shapes and sizes to fill the gap.

Shanti looked at Venkat, holding his eyes and felt the first frisson of excitement ripple through her body. The man was superbly built, very sexy. He was rugged and handsome, with clean-shaven, aquiline features. He had sharp, piercing, deep-set eyes, a knife-blade nose, slender lips that were almost cruel in their line and a rock-hard jaw with a sexy cleft in the chin. His cheeks had sexy hollows in them and his hair was thick and cropped short. His body was superbly sculpted.

The neck was strong and hard and descended to broad shoulders that bulged with muscle. His arms and legs were strong, rippling with thick, long, smoothly curved muscles. His torso was a savagely slashing V, tapering from his broad shoulders to a ballet dancer’s high hips and narrow waist. The belly was flat as a washboard.

His chest was deeply cleaved, with thick pectorals that hung like slabs of granite. His silk dress was tight and she noticed again the thick, promising bulge in his crotch. The silk top he wore had a low neck and wide arm holes and Shanti noticed with a rush of pleasure that his body was glamorous and smooth, with even the armpits dilated.

“You are very handsome, why do you look at me like that, you must be married to a lovely woman, you Iyengars have lovely women in you life?” she asked.

“I do not know but feel like lost when I look at you, you are so beautiful, you are intoxicating and an addiction for men like us who do not get all the sex from their spouses have to seek solace in sanctuaries like you beautiful. Need beauties like you to regain vigor in life” he succumbed to his thoughts around her pregnant since he had arrived in the morning.

“Where is your wife – did not see her, heard a lot of her and about the two of you?” she was being cheeky.

“Well she was there in the morning, must have gone for some temple visit and later maybe some shopping, she is not the type to hang around for all the rituals. The groom my nephew is going to be with us after the wedding in the US – so will have lot of time with them, that must be going on in her mind, you look so graceful and sexy at the same time, how do you maintain it and must say, you are extremely attractive, do you mind if I touch you, is it allowed?”

She responded to the meek submission from him rather quickly, “Take off your clothes” she murmured. “Take it of first the angavastram, slowly and slowly.”

Venkat grinned and, crossing his arms, slowly lifted the top off his head.

Shanti moistened her lips.

He really was an immense turn-on.

His nipples were small and hard and dark pulled wide and low on either side of his chest. She smiled and slid her hands up his body gently, caressing the contours of his body with her fingertips, tilting her face to his. He bent his head and their lips met, fluttered, hesitated, then beykent escort opened sensuously and she pressed to him, her jewelry warm cold and hard between their bodies, exciting rough on his dark skin. He cupped her face as he kissed her, their tongue fencing erotically.

Her mouth was warm and soft and her tongue probed in his mouth. He slid his hands down to her shoulders and then lower, caressing her back, her hips, her buttocks, her thighs, rising with tantalizing slowness to her breasts.

Shanti murmured as he cupped her breasts through the sexy silk green blouse and black bra inside. They swelled and grew harder and heavier and her nipples stiffened in the taut cloth band and he flicked the hard stubs through the cloth.

Shanti’s lips parted reluctantly from his. Her eyes were bright with desire, her mouth open, her breathing shallow and rapid, the nostrils flared. With a soft moan, she dragged her lips and tongue down his face and neck to his chest.

Bending her head, she ran her tongue across his chest, lapping gently at the deep cleft in the centre, then gliding sensuously over the swell and down to one nipple, flicking it rapidly with her tongue. Venkat grunted.

His nipple stiffened and she rapped it rapidly, then opened her mouth and clamped her lips around the nipple and dark aureole and nibbled sharply. Venkat gasped. It felt wonderful. Her shapely fingers crawled across and she scraped his other nipple with her sharp fingernails.

Venkat quivered in pleasure. Her mouth was soft and moist and her tongue worked his nipple steadily while her teeth scraped across its hardness. She moved to the other slowly, then returned to the first, then the second. It was slow, exquisite, agonizing.

His cock quivered and began to swell. Her fingers crept down his belly and into his crotch and she squeezed the bulge of his penis through his shorts.

Venkat pushed her down gently and Shanti sank to her knees before him, he looked down at her, his eyes glittering with excitement, his muscles corded with tension and pleasure, breathing heavily. She smiled gently and, her eyes tilted up to watch his expression, opened her mouth and took the tip of his penis in her lips through his lungi and the underwear. Venkat moaned softly. He could feel the heat of her mouth, the muffled softness of her tongue. Reaching up, she drew down the zipper fly of his shorts slowly.

His fleshy penis bounced out, already hardening and she moaned it pleasure. It was magnificent. Already over eight inches long, an inch and a half thick, it was growing still, hardening, rising, lengthening, thickening.

The balls were low and heavy. The cock-shaft was shaved clean and smooth to the hilt. The circumcised cock-head bobbed against her face. Her breath was hot on his penis as she cradled it in her hands and caressed her face with it, running it sexily over her lips and cheeks and eyes. Slowly, she slid her tongue out and ran it over his cock-head. Venkat gasped softly, his belly rippling inward.

“Oh fuck yes!” he murmured. “C’mon! Suck it!”

Shanti resisted the temptation for a few seconds, plying the bulging cock-head with her tongue. Venkat held still, his pulse quickening, his breathing shorter and sharper. At last, her lips flowered and slipped around his cock-head and part of his shaft, enveloping his erection in her warm, moist, soft mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!” Venkat gasped, his head bent, his mouth open. “Oh fuck yes, c’mon, suck it! Ohhhhhh uhhh yeh … fuck yes, that’s it! Mm … yeh … c’mon … suck my dick, Shanti darling … do it! Ohhhhh uhhhh yes!”

His words of excitement and the tangy taste and musky odour of his penis aroused Shanti. She sucked his cock slowly and deeply and heavily, her head moving back and forth and from side to side.

Her tongue continued describing wonderfully erotic arcs around his thick cock-head. His cock oozed pre-cum gunk and she groaned, jerking his shaft, opening her mouth wide to let him see it fleck her lips and cheeks, dribble onto her tongue. Her eyes lifted to watch him, she ran her tongue down the underside of his cock-shaft to his heavy balls and, opening her mouth, let his testicles drop into it one by one, flicking them with her tongue, and sucking tenderly.

It was an exquisite feeling, having her soft face burrow between his thighs, her warm mouth teasing his balls.

“Fuck yes!” Venkat grunted. “Oh fuck yes!”

Shanti smiled in pleasure and rose again, licking his cock-head. She went higher, kissing and nuzzling his belly, tonguing his hollow navel and caressed his cock with her necklaces. Venkat groaned at the delicate rough rasp of the precious metal on his penis.

She bent his cock down and squeezed it into her deep and inviting cleavage, her hands lifting her breasts and crushing them in a tight sheath over his cock.

Slowly, she masturbated him with her breasts, her tongue and lips on his belly, her necklaces rasping over his cock-shaft. It was an extraordinary, erotic feeling and Venkat’s loins grew hot with lust. He pushed her head back down to his cock.

“C’mon … suck it hard, Shanti … suck my dick real nice and deep!”

Shanti groaned and, holding her lover’s thighs, took his cock, now fully nine inches long and two inches thick, deep in her mouth.

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