Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 09

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Sridhar left and I sat alone in the house, wondering how I was going to spend the two days I had to kill before he got home again. I wandered from room to room aimlessly, wanting to do something anything but not knowing what. I would have wandered over to see my best friend and neighbor Vijaya her husband was a Banker, too but I just wasn’t in the mood.

It was still early afternoon, so there was nothing but game shows and soap operas on television, which meant I was more or less stuck with myself as company for the rest of the day. How exciting, I thought disgustedly.

Finally I ended up in the bedroom and after rummaging through my dresser drawers I found what I’d been looking for. It was a 12-inch dildo vibrator that Ratan had brought me home one summer as kind of a joke. It had turned out to be anything but a joke after I’d shoved it up my cunt, and now I was more or less in love with the damned thing.

I was only wearing a robe and panties, the sheer crotch of the panties already soaking wet with the anticipation I felt for the vibrator. My black curly cunt-hair peeked through the filmy fabric, and I could see the thick pink lips of my wet snatch gaping open and slick with moisture.

I peeled off my robe and panties and sprawled out on the bed. Spreading my damp thighs as wide as I could, I turned the cock-vibrator on and touched it lightly to my hairy snatch. A shivering spasm raced through my hot cunt, trembles so exquisite I was immediately filled with lust and a raging urge to cum.

Pushing the humming vibrator all the way up my tight snatch, I worked it in and out until I was shaking with desire. My slippery cunt-hole sucked wetly at the buzzing plastic prick, my hand moving faster and faster as I fucked myself with it.

I kept ramming the vibrator in ‘and out of my hot snatch as hard as I could, take it all the way up my hole and tingling at the tremors it sent through me. The vibrating shaft of the plastic cock I was pushing into my snatch was as big around as my waist and it was filling my cunt right up, sliding into my juicy cunt-hole and making me shudder.

It was humming deep in my snatch and I was shoving it deeper still, my hand moving like crazy while I fucked myself nearly senseless. I was getting closer to coming by the second and my breath was getting hot and fast. The closer I got to get my nut the quicker I pushed the vibrating cock up my snatch, my bare ass pumping on the bed and my knees spreading wider and wider.

I could feel myself tightening all over and then the first shudder of my climax hit me, followed at once by a jarring explosion of sheerest pleasure deep in my tight cunt. I gasped aloud as my climax overwhelmed me, my legs straightening out and my ass raising right off the bed. My thighs quivered wildly and I groaned with the intensity of the spasms searing through my snatch.

I lay there for a bit to catch my breath, then I started fucking myself with the vibrator again, this time slowly running it up and down the length of my sensitive cunt-lips and even touching it lightly against my throbbing asshole.

My asshole twitched wetly when the tip of the humming plastic prick touched it and I worked the vibrator steadily up into my butt, pushing it inch by delicious inch and thrilling to the feel of it tight in my guts.

I pushed the vibrator-cock all the way up my twitching asshole and began fucking myself with it, moving it in and out and squirming all over the bed. It was a really tight fit and it felt so good I was afraid I was going to pass out.

With my free hand I started squeezing and fingering my hairy cunt, squishing my fingers around in the wet pink hole and trembling like mad. I was shoving the buzzing vibrator deeper and deeper up my hot asshole, fucking myself with it even harder, and it was only a matter of seconds before I was coming again.

My wet asshole clamped shut around the plastic cock and I lurched and bucked while my climax flailed me, my fingers clutching at my snatch and the vibrator buried deep in my butt.

I kept coming and coming, my whole body shaking, and then I sagged back into the bed with an exhausted moan.

Sliding the still humming vibrator out of my asshole, I shut it off and dropped it between my legs. I closed my eyes and was ready for a little napI figured I deserved it after all the coming I’d donewhen there was a knock at the front door.

I had no idea at all who Rize Escort it might be, so I got up and slipped my robe on, pulling it closed in the front and heading to answer the door.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” it was my handsome neighbor Aditya – the college going guy who was obviously a hunk said, smiling broadly. I looked him over carefully, attracted in spite of myself to his rough, yet somehow charming manner. He just stood there smiling away and holding the door handle.

“Come on in,” I said finally, stepping aside. “Let’s see what you can do for me.”

Aditya stepped in and I closed the door behind him. Then I went over to the couch and sat down, crossing my legs so my robe rode high on my bare thighs. He glanced over and then looked away self-consciously, busying himself with setting up his trousers.

While he wasn’t looking, I casually undid the front of my robe so that my tits poked out a bit, my nipples already hard with excitement at the prospect of this rugged-looking character ramming his cock up my snatch. I brushed a stray wisp of hair out of my face and waited to see what he’d do.

“Now,” he said, turning back to me. “Step right over here so you can see and I’ll show you the most amazing dick.”

I stood up and walked right up behind him, standing so close my fits were actually rubbing against him. He swallowed loudly and acted as normally as he could, flipping dick on and running it over the fly.

I could almost hear him sweating, and he kept swallowing loudly, obviously nervous and wondering what exactly my intentions were. From the side I reached out and lightly ran my hand down the front of his leg, moving it back up and squeezing his cock while he stood there stock still.

I kept squeezing his cock through his pants and he kept running the hands back and forth over the carpet, not saying a word but for all intents selling his wares. Then I unzipped his pants and fished his now rigid prick out, encircling the throbbing shaft with my fingers and starting to jack him off.

Finally he turned to me his face beaded with dots of sweat, and said, “I’m a married man, Miss.” He said it so seriously I almost burst out laughing, but instead I squeezed his cock still harder and dropped down on my knees in front of him. He just watched me while I sucked his hard cock into my mouth, my lips closing around his cock-shaft and my tongue darting wetly all over it.

Aditya shivered while I sucked him off and he shivered even more when I reached into his pants and cupped his hairy balls with my free hand. I was jacking him off as fast as I could and his big prick was going in and out of my mouth, my head bobbing back and forth while I blew him.

He just stood there the whole time, staring off into space as I sucked and licked and mouthed his hard prick, my hands squeezing his balls and my wet tongue working feverishly. I lapped all over his swollen cock-head, probing with the tip of my tongue into the little slit at the front of it and squeezing his cock still harder with my quickly moving hand.

Finally I started getting some response from him, a low moan coming from his throat and then his hips starting to pump back and forth against the motion of my bobbing head. He put his hands behind my head and held me to him, his hips moving faster and faster as he fucked me in the mouth.

He was cramming his solid prick as deep as he could get it in my throat, shoving it in and out of my sucking mouth while I worked my tongue even faster over the head of it. I’d managed to get his balls out of his pants and they were swinging back and forth wildly, his hips moving rapidly as he got closer to shooting his rocks.

I wanted him to hurry up and cum; I wanted to taste his thick cum squirting down my throat. I hurried him along with my hand, pulling at and squeezing his twitching cock, my lips sucking his prick almost all the way down my throat. He kept fucking me in the mouth and moaning, his cock piston back and forth and his hairy balls slapping into my chin.

His hands were pushing my face into his hairy crotch and I was blowing him like he’d probably never been blown before, my mouth sucking wildly and my tongue lapping at him as fast as I could move it. His moans turned to ragged groans, his stiff cock jerking in my mouth, then a. stream of hi$ sticky cum spurted out and he started pumping his hips like crazy.

I swallowed his shooting cum Rize Escort Bayan as quickly as it shot out of the end of his throbbing cock, gulping it down while he let loose with one gushing load after another. It filled my mouth to overflowing and dribbled down over my chin, geyser out of his rigid prick and going down my throat.

I sucked his cock even harder, squeezing his balls and urging him to cum even more. His hot jism kept squirting into my mouth and I just kept on swallowing it, until finally his cock drained and went limp. I mouthed still one last bit of cum front his prick and then I pulled my head away, leaving his cock dangling between his legs.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt, our demonstration,” I said impishly, “but I just had to know what your cock tasted like.”

I licked the last little bit of his thick cum off of my fingers, swallowing it and smiling up at him the entire time.

He just shook his head with a laugh, starting to pull up his zipper as if that were the end of it.

“Don’t be in such a hurry,” I giggled, standing up. I feel like taking a shower and I hate getting in the tub alone. “Peel off my robe, I posed as indecently for him as I could, spreading my legs so my slippery cunt-lips gaped open invitingly. My tits were firm-up and my rubbery dark nipples stood taut, the gentle hollows and curves of my naked body shiny with sweat.

“Lead the way,” he said.

Both of us went into the bathroom and Aditya took off all his clothes, stacking them neatly on the closed toilet seat. He was quite a bit young than I was, possibly even in his twenties, but he had a solidly healthy body that was turning me on more and more the longer I looked at it.

I turned the shower on hot the way I liked it and we climbed in, me in front and him right behind me. Picking up the soap I washed him all over, pausing when I got to his dangling prick to soap it all over. His cock twitched when I started sliding my hand up and down it, his legs trembling slightly and his breath getting uneven again.

His cock got stiffer with each of my playful grabs and soon it was standing straight up and ready for whatever I had in mind. I kept sliding my soapy hand up and down his hard prick and the head was so swollen and red it looked like it was ready to bunt.

“Have you ever fucked anybody standing up in the shower?” I asked him with a smile, giving his throbbing cock another squeeze for good measure.

“Not since I fucked my school teacher a few months ago,” he laughed, pulling me to him.

He was really strong-looking and I had no doubts about his being able to hold me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rose up on my tip-toes, positioning myself so the head of his upright cock wedged just into the slick-lipped opening of my hairy cunt. Then with a little hop I hooked my legs around the backs of his and brought my snatch down all the way on his rigid prick, burying it fully in my tight cunt-hole.

Both of our expressions showed the intense pleasure we felt when his solid meat slid into my snatch and he grabbed my bare ass with his hands, helping to hold me up. I bounced up and down lightly at first, feeling his huge cock sliding in and out of my cunt-hole; then, as soon as he met my thrusts with his own from underneath, I began to really fuck with a passion.

I hung on tight around his neck and brought my cunt down on his standing prick with repeatedly hard pumping thrusts, spearing myself on his stiff cock and loving the hell out of it.

Shoving his cock deeper and deeper up my slippery snatch, he cupped my firm ass-cheeks and pulled me along even faster, his cock cleaving up into the juicy depths of my pink cunt and filling it with wild sensation.

The spray from the shower was stinging my back but I didn’t even notice, all my thoughts centered on the rigid male meat slamming up into my gripping snatch. I was bringing my cunt down on his cock with all my might, shuddering as it stabbed up into my snatch and glutted me with pleasure. I kept bouncing and bouncing, my thighs pumping and straining as I tried to take his stiff prick still deeper. My oily cunt-juices were running out of my cunt-crack and oozing down my legs, the shower washing them away as fast as they seeped down.

Aditya was working his hips back and forth as fast as he could and his hairy cock was ramming up into my wet cunt as far as it could go. His balls were Escort Rize bouncing around and his prick kept slamming into me, his expression set as he held me up and fucked me at the same time.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!” I managed to gasp brokenly, working my bare thighs and ass even faster. “OH, GOD! You’re fucking me to death! Your big prick is so hard, it’s so damned hard! Shove it up my cunt! OH, GODDAMN! OHHHHHH! Cram your hard cock up my cunt, cram it deeper! DEEPER! I love your prick in my pussy, I love the way it feels ramming into my snatch! Fuck me harder, fuck me as hard as you can, fuck me so hard it buns! Keep fucking me, keep fucking! OHHHHHH, I LOVE YOUR PRICK, I LOVE IT! OHHHHHHHH! AARRGGHHH!!”

I was squirming wildly in his arms, working my ass up and down as fast as possible. I could feel his solid prick going all the way up inside my cunt-hole, his fleshy cock-head jabbing into my hot snatch harder still.

He just kept on fucking the shit out of me, pulling me along with his hands squeezing my ass-cheeks and cramming his prick in and out of my quivering cunt.

“Play with my asshole!” I groaned. “Stick your fingers up my asshole. OHHHHHH! Finger-fuck my asshole while you’re fucking me! God, I love the feel of your huge prick in my cunt, I just love it! Make me cum, make me cum! OHHHHHHHHH, God!”

Probing with his fingers, he easily found my tight shitter between my splayed-wide ass-cheeks, his fingers going straight up my bung and making me squirm all the more. He finger-flicked my asshole until I was groaning and crying out at the top of my lungs, his massive cock slamming still harder into my sopping-wet snatch.

And then, without missing a stroke and to my utter surprise, he lifted me right up off his hard cock and brought me back down with my asshole on his upright prick. His rigid meat cleaved up into my shit-chute and filled my butt with hardness, his thrusts getting even faster as he started fucking me in the ass.

I was bouncing around and groaning uncontrollably, bringing myself down with strokes that took his cock all the way up my ass. I was riding high with my firm tits in his face and he 0an kissing and sucking at my dark nipples, running his tongue all over them and turning me on all the more.

He bounced me up and down with his prick buried in my hot asshole until I was fighting for breath, my body trembling and my cries of delight getting louder and louder. Then he lifted me up off his rigid prick again and rammed back up into my juicy cunt, pulling me down so his cock-head bottomed out in my snatch.

Overwhelmed with the fucking he was giving me, I just kept on pumping with a frenzy, impaling my cunt-hole on his hard meat and shuddering all over. My snatch was welling over with my hot juices and my wet pussy-smell was filling the small room.

The harder he shoved his cock up my cunt the more my juices flowed and my crotch and thighs were slick with moisture that had nothing to do with the shower. My snatch was so filled with his driving meat it was clenching at it wetly, the slippery muscles within sucking at his prick.

He was pounding my hairy crotch to pieces, his cock piston in and out still faster, and he had his fingers dug deep in my asshole again. Both of us were reeling with the fucking we were giving one another, our breath ragged and becoming more so.

I grabbed even tighter around his neck and ground my slick cunt into the base of his cock, squirming to take his prick still farther up my hole.

He tensed up and let out a little cry, his prick starting to jerk and twitch within my hot snatch.

His cock jerked once more and then his cum erupted in heavy streams, shooting up into my tight cunt and drenching it with his jism. He pushed his prick even deeper up into my slippery snatch, shooting his nuts off and filling me with cum.

Both of us were coming and groaning away, his cock squirting all the cum in his balls straight up my cunt. It was gushing out of his prick and I was taking it all slamming myself down on him and shivering wildly with the feel of it.

Finally I went limp on him, hanging tightly onto his neck and unhooking my legs from his. He lifted me up by my ass and pulled his drained prick out of my snatch, setting me down as he did so.

I was moaning and weak from the great humping he’d given me, my pussy filled with his cum and my asshole sore from the fucking it’d had. I leaned against him, resting my face on his solid shoulder.

“Well now,” he said with a smile, “how about if we go back and take a look at the fly..”

“I’d be very impressed with anything you’d care to show me!” I giggled, kissing him on the cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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