Sharing in the Library

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The “Asian Business Development” lecturer finished the 2 hour sermon with his usual sarcasm. “If any of you believe you can pass this subject with a less than well-researched report you are right. But those of you who want a job after this semester had better turn in something rather better. Goodnight and good luck with your careers.”

The inhabitants of the lecture theatre at 8 o’clock on this particular Friday night groaned their collective replies and rushed the single exit. My Friday nights had not changed in 12 weeks and so far this one was developing as usual. I had had the pure bad luck to be enrolled in a Friday night class every semester for the last 4 years and, thankfully, unless I failed something this was to be the last. I left the business building with an upbeat swagger and strolled towards the campus rec club knowing that I was but an hour’s work on my Asian Business report and 2 exams away from my degree and a decent income.

By the time I arrived at the club, the other ‘Friday nighters’ had already arrived. We were a group of unfortunates whose only common feature was to have a Friday night lecture, tutorial or prac group. The group varied in size from week to week, but tonight everybody was present with a party atmosphere already pervading. While we weren’t all graduating this semester, at least there was no more Friday night blues for at least 12 weeks and the Friday nighters were all in a celebratory mood.

“Hey Ryan, just in time for a round of tequilas!” I turned to see Jimmy, an engineering student and drinking buddy, swallowing the last of his beer. I could tell that his lecture had finished somewhat earlier tonight by the swaying motion he had already developed.

“No can do Jimster.” I replied. “I gotta hit the library for some last minute stuff and I don’t wanna have to come in over the weekend to do it.” Jimmy replied with a choice selection of words from his exemplary vocabulary of swear words and staggered off towards the bar with his girlfriend Sarah in tow. I never noticed their coy smile as Sarah pulled her mobile phone out of her handbag.

40 minutes and a couple of light beers later, I strolled out of the rec club and across the Kidney Lawn towards the library. Hopefully, if I could get what I needed in a hurry I could go back to help finish the party still building with the Friday nighters. For the last 4 weeks I had been frustrated by the absence of a text I needed to complete my report on the causes of the Asian financial crisis. Yesterday, I had received an email from the library saying that the required journal had been returned and they would hold it for me until tonight. I reached the library collections desk and gave my details to the tired-looking librarian behind the counter.

“I’m sorry young man, but the journal issue you want has been returned to the shelves.” A momentary voice of panic overcame me and I swallowed a nasty reply as I hurried off to the stairwell leading to the collections area, already knowing exactly where the journal should be. I hustled through the quiet tomb-like aisles of paper and turned into the area I was looking for only to come to a screeching halt. There was a girl sitting on the floor leaning over a journal and scanning its pages. I couldn’t help but stare as I stood there at the end of the aisle. She had slightly curly, red hair and was wearing a well-worn men’s business shirt unbuttoned at the top. From the angle I was standing at, I could see straight down her shirt to the tops of her hipster jeans, her nipples only just covered by the loose material.

I stood there admiring this stunning view until she suddenly became aware of my presence and with a startled gasp looked up at me. Her face was an amazing heart shape with huge green slightly almond-shaped eyes. I seemed to be glued to the spot as she smiled and gave me a nervous “Hi.” Somehow she seemed vaguely familiar to me.

“Umm…. Gday.” I stammered. The spoken words released me from my immobility and I turned towards the shelves, scanning for the almost forgotten journal that had bought me here in the first place. Gradually my searching led me to a spot right over where the girl was sitting, knees crossed, on the floor. I realised, almost with horror, the issue I was searching for would be on the bottom shelf right next to her. Again she looked up at me and spoke.

“Is there something I can help you with?” I could feel my face casino siteleri burning as my mind tried to frame a reply. You see, I had always had an unnatural fear of beautiful women. Well maybe not unnatural for a 15 year old adolescent, but I was a fully fledged 20 year old virgin and right at the worst possible moment my memory chips started to cycle through every nervous (and ultimately failed) attempt at sexual awakening.

“I’m looking for the September 98 issue of The Far Eastern Economic Review” I mumbled. “It’s got an article I need to pull some references from.” Again her face lit up into a veritable sunshine of a smile and I was lost somewhere between the sunlight of her green eyes and the night-time shadows under her teasingly half buttoned shirt. She lifted up the journal she was reading and showed me the open page.

“Is this the article you’re after?” I glanced at the title of the article. Causative Statistics of the Asian Financial Crisis. Damn. Fuck. “You must be doing the same report as me.” She said and smiled again.

“How do you even know we’re in the same subject?” I said, not being able to think of something less lame.

“You sit right down the front of Doctor Hakei’s class. I sit up the back and pretend to be interested every Friday night. I haven’t even started this bloody assignment yet.” She spun that last line off with a lilting banter, but I thought I had detected a slight panic in her voice. At least I knew now where I had seen her before.

“How come?” I enquired. “I can give you a hand if you are having trouble?”

“What have I lowered myself to? Taking handouts from one of the straight-arrows?” She giggled in a very feminine manner that almost took the sting out of what she had just said. Almost. I had never thought of myself as a ‘straight-arrow’. I just enjoyed what I was studying. I think the result of the barbed question must have been displayed all over my face. She suddenly stood up and put her hand on my chest. “Hey I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I’m Sinead.” She took her hand off my chest and held it out to shake mine.

“Ryan.” I almost whispered in reply. I didn’t know whether to be angry or delighted but I know it felt like heaven when our palms touched.

“I’ll tell you what.” She continued. “I’ll let you read this article if you help me write my report.” So there I was standing in a near-deserted library, with one of the most gorgeous girls it had ever been my pleasure to exchange words with asking for my help. I looked down again at the article she was holding with the hand not still holding mine and couldn’t help but get another eyeful of her cleavage. Only this time I could smell her faint scent of soap and shampoo and feel her soft breath on my face. I could feel my penis stirring in my jeans and my heart was hammering in my shirt. I nodded once, not trusting myself to speak. I looked back up into her eyes and suddenly realised that she was checking me out as well. “This is going to be fun.” She murmured and reached down to pick up her bag. “How ‘bout one of the group rooms?”

“Fine.” I replied, still not trusting myself to say too much. We moved to the end of the floor where a number of soundproof rooms had been built to facilitate group discussions in the otherwise silent library. Sinead walked in to the smallest room at the end and hit the light switch, dropping her bag on the desk.

“Where would you like to start?” she began as I bent down to retrieve my notebook from my bag.

“Well, first you need to decide what your argument is and then…” I stood up to continue and suddenly she was standing right up against me. She was tall. Only 3 or 4 inches below my 6’2 and her face was slanted up towards mine. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips gently against mine. Without thinking my hands settled on her hips and my lips responded to her searching mouth. I felt her mouth open slightly and her tongue darted out briefly. Her hands reached up to my shirt and she gently started to caress my shoulders and chest. I think I groaned aloud and opened my lips as her tongue reached out again and found mine. I have no idea how long that kiss lasted but I remember feeling my dick straining almost uncomfortably against my jeans and my hands trembling as they slowly stroked her back and arms. She sighed against my mouth and took a pace backwards to stare into my eyes.

I stood there lost in a dream as her canlı casino hands came up and she unbuttoned her shirt displaying alabaster white skin from gloriously long neck to slightly curved belly. Then she reached forward and directed my hands inside her shirt to rest one on each firm breast. I could feel her nipples jutting proudly into my palms and her heartbeat vibrating slightly through her flesh. She sighed again somewhat louder this time and leant back over the desk behind her dragging her breasts and my hands with her. Her shirt fell completely open and her eyes closed as her thighs opened and wrapped around my waist. This was the most beautiful moment of my short life and somewhere the messages flowing into my brain were being lost and I was unable to respond.

“Do you like what you see?” She whispered. I tore my eyes from her exposed breasts and belly and looked up into her eyes again. Her usually large eyes had closed to mere slits as she stared straight into my soul. I nodded slowly, not trusting myself to speak. “Then show me…” She commanded. I leaned over and removed a hand from her left breast, gently replacing it with my lips. My tongue darted forward and drew little circles over her perfect little pink nipple. She groaned and pulled my head more firmly against her breast, while my other hand started to knead her other firm little titty. “Ryan” she whispered. “Make me naked. I want you to see all of me!” This somewhat more urgently said. I stood up again and reached around to find the light switch. “Leave it on!” She commanded. I had a momentary thought that if we were busted we would probably both be expelled from the university but I no-longer cared.

I smiled as my hands left her breasts and my fingers drew parallel lines down to her jeans. She lifted her butt off the table slightly as I unbuttoned her fly and pulled her jeans slowly over her waist and down her thighs. Her white cotton panties had been dragged down a little with them and a tiny portion of trimmed red-gold hair appeared below her navel. She giggled a little as I struggled to drag her jeans over her feet and then sighed again as my lips found her soft, white belly. I could smell her natural scent now as my lips followed my fingers sliding her panties down. She had a musky and tangy smell and my mind raced as I tried to keep my movements slow and gentle. She opened her thighs wider and her fingers reached down to spread her gorgeous little exposed pussy lips for me. “Lick me baby. Fuck my puss with your tongue. Make me cum on your face.” She almost gasped these words out at me and I was somewhere between shocked and heaven as my tongue found her pussy lips and she carefully guided me to her clit. Sinead moaned my name over and over as I licked and kissed and sucked her pussy until eventually she shuddered and cried out loud, before biting down hard on her forearm. Then she sat up and started kissing me and licking her juices from around my mouth.

“You are a virgin aren’t you?” she softly enquired as she broke the kiss. I blushed deeply and looked down somewhere between her still parted thighs and the floor. “Hey, it’s ok. You certainly just gave me one hell of an orgasm” She giggled. “Now it’s your turn.”

My knees almost buckled as she reached down and undid my jeans, sliding her hand into my boxers. I could feel the wetness of my precum against her hand as she gently ran her fingers over the end of my raging cock. Then she took her hand out and slid my jeans and boxers down over my butt. My cock sprang out against the top of her thigh dragging a line of precum with it. She smeared some of it onto her fingers and then slid them one at a time into her mouth. I think I whispered something like “Oh God” as she started sliding her other hand up and down my cock.

Suddenly I shuddered and without being able to stop it a line of cum spewed up over her thigh and into her trimmed red pubic hair. Then another spurt launched itself up onto her left breast and all over her belly. I couldn’t believe what was happening as I just kept cumming and she kept jacking me against her thigh.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I started to whisper as my face grew even redder and I started to pull away.

“No, no, its ok, it’s ok” She panted, pressing her lips against mine again. Then she leant forward and pulled my still hard cock to her lips and started to lick me clean. Suddenly I heard the crackle of the announcement kaçak casino system and some woman’s voice announcing that the library was closing and would everyone please start to leave. Sinead finished cleaning me off and reached down to pick up her panties from the floor, using them to wipe my cum from her breasts and thighs. Then she walked over and turned off the lights before gathering up our clothes and stashing them behind the desk. I quickly realised what she had in mind and pushed our two bags out of sight before she took my hand and drew me down behind the table. Soon I heard the security guard wander past and switch off all the lights on the floor.

Soon the only illumination lighting Sinead’s naked body was the greenish glow from the emergency exit lights scattered around the floor. After a while we started exploring each other’s bodies in the tomb-like silence of the empty library. Then Sinead slowly kissed a line from my lips to my belly before softly blowing on my renewed erection. She gently kissed my thighs and sucked my balls into her mouth one at a time before running her tongue up and down the length of my penis. Suddenly her mouth slid over the end of my cock and before I knew what was happening, again I started to cum, this time in her mouth. She locked her lips around the end of my cock and swallowed until she had bled me dry. She looked up at me a slid my still-hard penis out of her mouth. A little cum slid down her chin and I thought I had never seen anything as beautiful as she moved back up to kiss my lips. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue, slightly salty and bitter at the same time.

“I want to fuck you so badly!” She suddenly announced and poised her beautiful butt over my slowly wilting cock. I felt my dick begin to get hard again as she started rubbing the end of my cock over her pussy lips between her hard little clit and her arse. Then, holding my cock straight up she slowly lowered herself down onto me. I suddenly realised what paradise really was when I felt her pubic hairs at the base of my penis and her arse push against my balls. She felt wonderfully tight and hot around my dick. At least this time I knew it would be a while before I came again.

She rode my cock hard and fast her breathing becoming louder and her cries more anguished. My hands roamed over every part of her I could reach until they found their way back to her beautiful, pert little tits. “Yes baby, squeeze my little tits hard. You like that don’t you!” I groaned my assent as she continued to buck my excited dick. Just when I thought she was going to let me see her magnificent orgasm again. She slid off my cock and got down on her hands and knees facing away from me. She turned her gorgeous face to me and gave me the dirtiest of looks.

“I want you to fuck me from behind Ryan! I want you to slide your hard dick into my arse!” I was a little shocked at first, but by this time I would have happily munched on rat poison if she had asked me to. I got up on my knees behind her and pressed my cock against her anal opening. I began to push into her perfect little butt.

“Ooooh slowly babe, slowly.” She half screamed, half moaned. “Oh yeah that’s it. Fuck my tight lil arse!” I had only slid about half way in when she suddenly slammed back against me, burying my cock to the hilt in her fist-tight arsehole. I groaned with pleasure as we started rocking into each other. She started screaming with pleasure as she came again and again, increasing my pleasure, and eventually I could hold on no longer.

“I’m gonna cum in your arse babe!” I yelled out.

“Oooh yes! Cum in my tight lil butt…arghhh” She cried out again and I lost control as I felt the tidal wave of cum shooting straight up from my balls, through my cock in to her arse. I collapsed on top of her and we curled up together, just enjoying each others warmth for a while, while my cum slowly oozed out of her anal opening. Eventually we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. After slipping out through the fire escape we laughed and giggled all the way over to the rec club, which was still hopping.

As we walked in the door the Friday nighters all jumped to their feet (or at least those who still could!) and gave me a standing ovation. Jimmy stumbled over to pat me on the back, while Sarah went to give Sinead a big juicy hug. Jimmy stood back and drunkenly yelled out “happy graduation Ryan!” I looked over at Sinead and she gave me a wink. Suddenly it dawned on me. Jimmy, Sarah and Sinead had set this up between them. While I laughed aloud, mine and Sinead’s eyes locked with a wordless smile. Yes, I thought, someone had a lot of explaining to do!

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