Sharon’s Return Pt. 03

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His cock throbbed deep inside me and I felt the first powerful jet of his semen flood my cunt. “Oh God, you are such a great fuck,” he moaned as jet after jet filled my eager cunt.

He kept pumping, but he slowed his pace, as he emptied his balls deep in me. I could feel every contraction of his balls as he filled me. I lost count after about 7 or so.

Finally he stopped cumming and smiled down at me. He slid his cock out of me and we moved back to the center of the bed. I lay there next to him breathing hard from the pleasure of his fucking. His cock was still hard as he lay next to me on the bed also breathing hard from his exertion and his massive orgasm. It was wet from his sperm and my lubrication.

“Shit, what time is it?” I asked.

“About 8:45 or so, why?” he replied.

“I told my husband I’d be home by nine,” I said. “Where is my phone?”

I got off the bed and move to the chair to retrieve my cell. I quickly dialed my husband.

“Hello,” he answered.

“Hi, it’s me,” I said. “I’m gonna be late.”

“On my way home I got on the expressway and never even noticed that I was low on gas,” I said.

“Got myself off and called the auto club. I’m safe in the car, but they said it will be an hour before they can get someone out,” I said. “When he gets here I’ll stop and fill up. I’m so sorry.”

While I was talking on the phone. Mr. Bryan got up and walked up behind me. He slipped his arms around me and cupped my tits, his thumb and forefinger gently pinching my nipples. I pushed my body back against him and moved my free hand up to his on my breast. My hand partially covered his and I felt his hard cock against my ass.

“No, it doesn’t make any sense for you to come out,” I said. “As I said, I am safe in the car and it is off the expressway, so I’ll just wait it out.”

“OK, thanks, sorry again,” I said. “Love ya, see you soon, bye.”

I turned my head to Mr. Bryan, “We have about an hour and a half,” I said.

He moved back to his large bed. “How do you do it,” I asked, “How can you still be hard after cumming so much just a few minutes ago?”

“It takes the proper stimulation, and you, dear teacher, are just that,” he said.

I walked to the edge of the bed and indicated to him he should move to me. He quickly complied and was sitting on the edge of the bed. I reached down and pulled his hand to my breast and moved his hand across the fullness of my breasts. I let go of his hand and he continued to caress my full breasts stopping occasionally to lightly pinch my already hard nipples. I looked down at him and moaned softly as his hand caressed my tits.

Slowly I kneeled near the edge of the bed and flipped my hair to one side while I reached out with my hand to grasp his still hard cock. “Your cock is so beautiful,” I said. “Hard, thick, and long, everything a woman could want.”

I looked up at him, smiled and lowered my mouth to engulf his rigid shaft. It tasted slightly salty from his semen and somewhat bitter from my lubrication. He moaned loudly as I sucked eagerly at his cock and moved my other hand to his testicles and cupped his sac gently. His balls were large and heavy.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and eagerly licked the rim of the head of his cock. He moaned again as I again eagerly engulfed his cock and began sucking eagerly. “Oh, God, that is fantastic,” he said, “don’t stop.”

I continued to eagerly pleasure his cock with my mouth while stroking the shaft with my hand.

He reached out with his hands and pushed my head down onto his cock. He moaned loudly each time I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock. His shaft was thick and hot in my hand.

His cock felt comfortable in my mouth. It was thick and filled my eager mouth. He responded to the pleasure of my lips, my mouth, and my tongue as I pleasured his cock. He moved as I moved slightly thrusting his cock upward as I lowered my mouth to take his shaft completely. His hand gently pushed my head further Rize Escort down his cock until I had it completely in my mouth and throat.

His balls were heavy as my hand cupped and caressed them. I was amazed that they still felt heavy after he had cum so much earlier. His sac was smooth and soft in my hand.

I moved up his cock and released it from the embrace of my lips. I pushed his hard cock back against his belly and ran my tongue slowly down his shaft, from the head to the base of his cock. Once I got to his ball sac, I eagerly sucked one of his balls into my mouth and ran my tongue over the smooth skin. He moaned loudly as I eagerly sucked at his balls, first one then the other.

I sucked at his balls for a few minutes while slowly stroking his shaft with my hand. It was hard, it was thick and it was beautiful. It felt exciting to have pleasured this man earlier after he expertly pleasured me.

I moved away and looked up at him. “You seem ready for more,” I said. He smiled down at me and nodded.

“Slide up onto the center of the bed,” I said. He eagerly complied.

Quickly I moved over him with my knees on each side of his hips. I stretched forward and brushed my large tits against his chest.

I stretched up and was kneeling over him. Slowly I reached back between my legs and grasped his cock with my hand. I pulled it forward and slowly rubbed it between my swollen cunt lips. When his cock touched my labia I felt a rush of sexual excitement course through my body. “I want you inside of me again,” I said as I looked down at him.

He moaned as I lowered myself to engulf his penis with my vagina. His thick cock spread my labia and pushed past the opening of my cunt. Inch by inch he filled me the breadth of his cock spreading my vagina as I slowly nestled down on his shaft. After a few moments of lowering myself I felt my labia brush against his balls and the head of his cock push against my cervix.

I took a few moments to allow my pussy to stretch to accommodate his cock then I began contracting my cunt around his shaft. He moaned with each contraction and I felt very full with his cock as deep into me as I could take.

As I took all of him, I leaned forward and put my hands on the bed on either side of his head. My full tits swing free and brushed against his face. He quickly reached up to guide my tits to his mouth and began eagerly licking and sucking my nipples. First one then the other. “God,” I breathed, “I love it when a man pays attention to my tits.”

“Tits like these deserve attention,” he said, “they are simply perfect. Full, firm, natural and so sexy.”

I looked down to watch him eagerly return to sucking my nipples and squeezing my tits as I began to slowly move my cunt up against his cock shaft. I contracted my vaginal muscles as I began moving and he moaned loudly as I began fucking his cock.

The angle of his penetration caused the shaft of his cock to rub against my engorged clit sending a jolt of pleasure to course through my pussy. As I moved up the length of his cock he began thrusting his cock back into my eager pussy.

“Oh, fuck,” he said, “you are so tight!” “Your cunt is so hot and moist. You are fucking incredible.”

I moaned as he began thrusting himself into my cunt and I tried to grip his penis every time he withdrew. We fucked for several minutes, his cock filling my cunt with each thrust. He continued sucking my nipples and squeezing my full tits, except for the times when I leaned into him for several passionate kisses.

His cock felt good and I told him how big his cock was and how good it felt as his shaft filled and stretched my hungry cunt.

The sensation of my nipples being sucked eagerly and the sensation of his cock grinding against my clit made my pussy tingle. With each thrust, I felt my orgasm building. I started to breathe hard as the warmth of my approaching orgasm filled me with pleasure.

“Yes, yes,” I moaned, “fuck me Rize Escort Bayan deep. Fuck me hard.”

His hands moved from my tits and grasped my hips as he eagerly drove his cock deep into me. With each deep thrust, I felt the head of his cock sharply bang against the opening of my uterus. It was a sharp, but deeply pleasurable sensation. My cunt was stretched wide over his thick shaft, my engorged clit was being caressed by his shaft and his bulbous cock head slamming into my uterus with each deep thrust.

I grasped his cock tightly with the muscles of my vagina and felt wave after wave of pleasure course through my cunt and he fucked me.

Perhaps it was the fact that I was deeply in need of fucking, perhaps it was the experience of fucking a man I barely knew, but I was an excited slut at that moment and I wanted him to fuck me until I came again. He was a skilled deliverer of my first orgasm with his lips and tongue, this orgasm was to be on his cock. We both knew he was going to make me cum again very soon.

Seconds later, as he pushed the head of his cock deeply into my sloppy cunt, I felt the head of his cock open the base of my uterus. It entered me and the sensation of the head of his cock spreading me cause a violent, contracting spasm throughout my entire body. It was more forceful than any orgasm I had ever experienced before.

I was still, his cock deep within me, further than any man had ever been before, with this new sensation of having a cock truly inside of me, and my body convulsed with pleasure link an intense electric shock. I felt my insides gush with fluid that coated his cock and oozed down his shaft and covered his balls and my cunt and labia.

Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. It was so intense that I felt like I could not breathe. It went on with wave after wave of pleasure for what seemed like forever. Each wave of my orgasm caused my cunt to gush another spurt of fluid. His cock and balls were covered by my liquid.

Finally, I could hold myself up no longer as the pleasure engulfed me and I collapsed onto his chest. My breathing was heavy and labored and every muscle of my body was exhausted.

I could barely move but I managed to roll off him and onto my back next to him on the bed.

Breathing hard, my vision was blurry, but I did notice that he had moved to a kneeling position on the bed near me. His cock was covered with the milky remnants of my cunts natural lubrication and the clear liquid that I had squirted from my cunt during my orgasm.

He moved over me and was straddling me. He was looking down and me and stroking his cock with his hand. I was breathing hard from my intense orgasm and my chest was heaving up and down. I looked up at him and smiled. Moving my hands to my heavy, heaving breasts I pushed them together, hoping he would slide his thick cock between them.

He was too close to his own orgasm to take me up on my offer. Stroking his cock slowly he moaned loudly and began shooting jet after jet of semen on my tits and face. I held my tits together and opened my mouth, but his cock spewed wildly covering my tits and face with his sticky cum.

Jet after jet of his warm semen splashed on my face and breasts. He came hard for several moments and when his jetting subsided he moved closer and inserted his cock into my eager mouth.

I eagerly took his cock and to my surprise, he had a couple of more spurts for me. His stream hit the pack of my throat forcefully as I eagerly swirled my tongue over his cock head. He moaned again loudly as another jet of cum filled my mouth. After the last jet he slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and ran it over my nipples as he slowly went flaccid.

“God that was hot,” he said as he knelt over me.

I lay there catching my breath and the only thing I felt was my cunt tingling and the warm wetness of his cum on my tits and face.

“Smile,” he said. I looked up to see him with his iPhone pointed Escort Rize at me. I heard the shutter click as he took several pictures.

“Do you always take pictures of the women you fuck,” I asked?

“I could be insensitive and say yes, and actually I do try to take pictures of the women I have sex with, but in this case, I need these pics to remind me of how great a fuck you were,” he said.

“I’m not sure I am at my best right now you gave me quite the facial,” I said. “Maybe if you give me a minute to wash up you can take more,” I said.

“That would be so fucking hot,” he said eagerly.

I smiled at him and moved off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I found a washcloth and wiped his sperm off my tits and belly, and then gently washed his jism of my face.

I walked back to where he was sitting on the bed. “How’s this,” I said as I gave him a twirl.

“Very nice,” he said, “you look as beautiful standing up as you did on your back.”

“OK, I have to get going,” I said.

“No, wait, the pictures, remember?”

“OK, but just a few and you have to be quick,” I said. “I have a husband and a daughter to get home to.”

“I’ll be quick if you cooperate,” he said.

“OK, how’s this,” I said, turning my nude body slowly for him.

“Get on the bed, lay on your back and prop your head up with your arm,” he said.

“OK, but I really am crunched for time,” I said as I quickly followed his instructions. “It has been almost an hours since I called my husband and it is about a 30-minute drive.”

“Now, pull your right leg up so your leg is bent and your foot is flat on the bed,” he said.

“Great, that makes your tits look so big,” he said. He moved around the bed quickly taking shot after shot.

When he reached the foot of the bed he stopped. “Open your legs a bit, I want pictures of your deliciously tight cunt.” I complied with his request but also noticed that his cock was hard again and sticking straight out.

“OK, now move over to the edge of the bed and drape your head over the edge,” he commanded.

Once I was in position he moved over to me and took some pictures of my tits, then he moved closer, “Open your mouth,” he said.

I did as he requested and he slowly inserted his hard cock into my mouth. “Yea, baby, suck it,” he wheezed as I began sucking his shaft. “Pump it and suck it, baby, these are going to be so great on my laptop,” he said.

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, “I really have to get dressed and get going.”

“OK, one more,” he said. “Move back to the first pose.”

Again, I followed his request. While I was moving he got onto the bed and was kneeling near me.

“OK, when I move in, you drape your leg over my shoulder, and push those big tits together,” he directed.

In that position, my hips were lifted off the bed to just the same height as his cock. “Take my cock and move it to your cunt,” he requested.

I felt a jolt of pleasure as I felt his cock head slide between the folds of my labia. He then moved his hips forward and I felt his cock slide into my cunt once again. His phone was clicking as he began sliding in and out.

“We don’t have time for this again,” I protested.

“Just a few more,” he said as he fucked me.

Suddenly he stopped clicking his phone and I looked up only to realize that he was about to cum. “Oh, fuck yeah, you are so tight,” he moaned as I felt his cock explode inside me. Again, jet after strong jet of his semen was pumped into my cunt.

He moaned as his orgasm subsided and his cock slipped from my flooded pussy.

As soon as his cock slipped out I untangled myself from him. “I’ve really got to go,” I said as I slipped off the bed, grabbed my clothes and headed for the bathroom.

I cleaned up a bit and got dressed, purposely leaving my thong on the sink in the bathroom.

When I exited the bathroom, Phillip was laying on the bed, propped up on a few pillows. He was still nude and his limp cock was still wet and covered with semen from my cunt.

“I have to go,” I said.

“Yes, I know,” he said. “Too bad, I really like a vigorous morning fuck.”

“Maybe next time,” I said as I headed to the door and home to my husband and my daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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