Shauna Ch. 03

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.Chapter Three: Curt Makes it a Threesome

As Shauna woke, her body was moving with lust and she was moaning. Putting a hand between her legs, she found the outside of her pussy soaked. Her hand couldn’t stop moving as she began fucking herself with a finger.

She realized she had had a dream, and having just woke, the dream seemed so real. In the dream, she and her son, Billy, had been having a marathon pussy eating session. She had lost count of how many times he had brought her off and he was still licking her when she woke up.

She forced herself to stop playing and got up, heading out her door and down the hall. She and Billy had been having sex on a daily basis for the past two weeks, and she felt comfortable with what she was doing. On the way, she put her fingers into her mouth, sucking off her juices, thinking what was about to happen.

Entering Billy’s room quietly, she moved to the side of his bed, watching him lying on his back, naked, asleep. She grinned, looking at his erection. It might be a pee erection, she thought, knowing that men got those in the morning, or – – perhaps he was dreaming about her – – sharing her dream, eating her pussy. She thought that it was a good thing he was not a light sleeper and did not wake up easily as she climbed onto the head of his bed. She got on all fours over him, her knees on either side of his head and her hands on either side of his body, her mouth inches away from his cock. Then lowering her ass, she touched his lips with her wet pussy and began to hunch him.

Billy awakened to the feel of something wet and warm moving from his mouth to his chin and then up to his forehead. He realized instantly that it was his Mom’s pussy, recognizing it’s wonderful scent. He had heard boys in school laughing about the horrible smell and taste of pussy, but his experience during the past two weeks had been otherwise. His Mom’s was the only pussy he had ever smelled or tasted and if hers was representative of female pussy in generally, the guys didn’t know what they were talking about. It was a wonderful aroma and had a fine, exciting taste.

As Billy lay still, enjoying the feel of Shauna’s love honey – – she had taught him to call it that – – Shauna moved her pussy, coating him as she rubbed it over his entire face. As she hunched, she lowered her head, taking his cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down, sucking, feeling him hunching up into her mouth.

Although he loved feeling his Mom’s wetness and the feel of her washing his face with it was very erotic, his need moved him and he wrapped his arms around her ass, pulling her down to his mouth. His tongue parted her lips and slid inside, licking her love walls, coating itself with her sweet honey, then pulling it into his mouth so he could swallow it. He licked up to her clit, feeling her body jolt as he flicked his tongue up and down over it.

Shauna was aware of the involuntary shudder of excitement as she felt Billy’s tongue on her clit. Filled with lust, she wanted Billy’s cum, and wanted it now. She pulled her mouth off of his cock long enough to put her finger in her mouth, wetting it. Then as she began to suck his cock again, she put her wet finger on his asshole and pushed in, stopping at her middle knuckle momentarily and then shoved it hard, all the way in.

Billy grunted loudly and immediately came, shooting warm sperm into his Mom’s mouth. He seemed to cum forever, and felt her sucking and swallowing it. When he finished, he didn’t relax as usual, since his Mom kept her finger in his ass, slowly fucking him with it. Instead, he felt himself hunching as he attacked her pussy and clit, licking and sucking. His lust grew as he enjoyed the finger in his ass, and increased even more when his Mom began to cum, grunting, grinding onto his mouth.

When Shauna finished cumming, she pulled her finger out of Billy’s ass and got off the bed, much to his dismay. Seeing his disappointment, she said: “Sorry, Baby, but this is Friday and you have school today. Time for you to get up and get going.” She headed for the door, but stopped and turned around before exiting.

“Did you like my finger in your ass?” She grinned.

“It felt great, Mom. I was hoping you would do it some more. Maybe let me jack off while you were doing it. I really need to cum again”

“Sorry, but you can see what time it is. We will have another time, though, maybe this afternoon when you get home from school.” She left, and Billy went to his shower. After jacking off in the shower, he dressed and headed down the hall, calling out.

“Bye, Mom.” He heard her respond as he headed down the stairs, and wondered if she was laying her bed, masturbating.

Actually, Shauna was not masturbating. In fact, she masturbated very little these days, saving her sexual energy for her teenage son. She grinned as she thought that he seemed insatiable. He reminded her of herself when she was younger, especially her college years, before she met his father.

It was time, she decided to give the amatör porno house a thorough cleaning again. She started to put on shorts, then decided she would clean the house nude. It didn’t take long for her to remember how much she disliked housework. Up until a month ago, she had had a housekeeper who came in twice a week. After the housekeeper had quit one day, Shauna hadn’t felt she had the time to find another. Today made her rethink her priorities.

By three that afternoon, Shauna was dirty and tired, and decided to stop and take a shower before Billy got home, looking forward to having sex with him through the weekend. She had just finished and dried off when she heard his voice from downstairs with his customary shout: “Mom!”

“I’m up here, Billy.” She called back, listening to him bound up the stairs and then knock on her bedroom door.

“Come on in, Billy.” She said, expecting him to walk over and fondle her or say something about wanting to fuck. But today she was surprised.

“That’s all right, Mom. I’ll wait for you downstairs. We need to talk. I’ll get a snack while I’m waiting.”

Shauna walked over to her closet and picked out a pearl colored sheer robe. Putting it on, she looked at herself in the mirror and grinned, noticing that it covered practically nothing.. She could see her nipples clearly, and only the belt hanging down obscured her view of her love hair. She wondered about putting on panties, but reasoned that they would soon be off, as Billy would soon have his tongue or cock in her pussy.

As she walked down the stairs, she heard voices coming form the living room, but paid them no attention, thinking Billy had turned on the television. It wasn’t until she was already two steps inside the room that she realized that both Billy and Curt were staring at her.

“Shit!” She yelled, putting one hand over her crotch and making a “v” out of her other arm, trying to cover her tits. Quickly backing out of the room, she tried to cover up what had happened by saying. “I thought you were alone in here, Billy.”

Shauna instantly realized that she had screwed up again. She had just let Curt know that she walked around in very seductive clothing in front of her son. Once in her room, she dressed in shorts with no panties and a loose blouse with no bra. She grinned at the thought of having given Curt a thrill as she headed back down stairs.

When Shauna reentered the living room, Curt was in one chair and Billy was in another. Curt was beet red and Billy was grinning.

“Nice to see you, Curt.” Shauna said. “Billy and I are sometimes very casual around the house.” That was all the explanation she was going to give.

“Nice to see you too.” Curt responded.

I’ll bet it was. Shauna thought, laughing to herself, remembering Curt’s expression as he stared at her a few minutes ago. It was not likely every day he got to see a woman almost nude – – and a very good looking woman too, she told herself. Then she turned to Billy.

“You should have told me you had a guest.” Her eyes were serious now. If word of what they were doing leaked out, both of them would be in trouble.

“Sorry, Mom.” Billy replied. And then: “Curt is what I want to talk with you about. He doesn’t want to live at his house anymore.”

“Oh?” Shauna looked at Curt. “Why not?”

“My sister wasn’t at supper last night and my parents wouldn’t tell me where she was. This morning they told me they kicked her out of the house last night.” Curt responded, looking angry.

“They did? Why?”

“They said they found her having sex in her bedroom with another girl and they weren’t going to have someone that evil in their house.”

“Curt’s father is a minister, Mom.” Billy volunteered.

“I know.” Shauna replied, thinking about Curt’s parents. Not only was his father a minister in a very conservative Black church, his mother was a heavy-set, highly critical woman who always seemed to have negative things to say about students and teachers at PTA and school board meetings. She could almost imagine the scene and Curt’s sister being traumatized.

“I’m sorry, Curt.” She said, looking at him.

“Can he stay here for awhile?” Billy asked.

“Sure, Billy.” Shauna replied; then turning to Curt, she said. “You can stay here as long as you like.”

She had no qualms. Curt was only seventeen, but in the state they lived in, seventeen year olds had a legal right to choose whether to be out on their own. There wouldn’t be trouble from his parents either, she thought, as they would not want anyone to know their daughter was having sex with another female.

“Thanks Mom.” Billy jumped up. “Curt’s clothes are in my car. I knew you would agree.”

“Thanks Mrs. . .” Curt began, but Shauna stopped him. “Call me Shauna, Please, Curt.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Shaking her head, she realized that with the age difference, she would likely be a ma’am for a while, at least until Curt felt more comfortable.

“Where’s anal porno your sister staying now, Curt?”

“I’m not sure, but I would like to find her.”

“Feel free to use the phone to hunt for her, if it will help.”


“Now,” Shauna held up her hand. “Is anyone hungry?”

“Yes, Mom.” Billy said quickly.

Curt chimed in, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“No more Ma’am, please, Curt.” Shauna said. “My name is Shauna. Please call me that.”

“Yes, Mrs. . . . ah . . . ma’am . . .” Curt was flustered and Shauna realized anew the age difference.

“Shauna.” She said firmly.

“Yes, Shauna.” Curt blushed.

Turning to Billy, Shauna said. “I’ll start supper while you get Curt settled in. He can have one of the spare rooms.”

Billy and Curt left while Shauna went into the kitchen. Shortly, she heard them reenter the front door and head up the stairs. They stayed upstairs for about an hour, then returned and supper was almost ready.

“Curt, would you set the table?” Shauna asked, pointing to the cabinet with the dishes and then to the silverware drawer. “And Billy, I could use your help in here for a minute.”

“Yes, ma’ . . . Shauna.” Curt caught himself and taking plates, glasses, and silverware, left for the dining room.

“Billy, would you help me?” She asked as she moved toward the kitchen.

As soon as they were alone, Shauna moved quickly to Billy, kissed him deeply, rubbing his crotch, feeling him beginning to harder with her touch.

“I would love to have had you this afternoon, but we’ll make up for it.”

She kissed him again on his lips, and turned back toward the cabinet. As she did, Billy put his arms around her, hands kneading her breasts, fingers and thumbs playing with her nipples, bringing a soft moan from her.

“I really missed sex with you this afternoon.”

“I know you did.” Shauna reached back, feeling his hard cock through his pants and giggling.

They broke apart as they heard Curt’s footsteps on the tile floor approaching the kitchen door.

During supper, they talked about various things and after supper, everyone helped clear the table.

“Let me do the dishes.” Curt volunteered, but Billy broke in.

“Let’s all go in the living room and you and I will do the dishes either later tonight or tomorrow morning. After all, it’s Saturday and we won’t be going to school.”

“All right.” Shauna nodded. “And I am going to get a glass of wine. If either of you want, you are welcome to one too.”

Both boys wanted wine, and although she knew they were under the drinking age, Shauna poured them both a glass and put the bottle in an ice bucket and Billy carried the bucket as they all headed into the living room. She had let Billy have an occasional glass of wine or a beer when she had one, and Curt was his age.

In the living room, Shauna and Billy sat in their recliners and Curt sat on the sofa. They all sipped wine silently and Shauna could tell that Curt was shocked at being able to have a glass of wine openly in the house. She felt mischievous and decided to shock him further.

“May I ask what you thought about your sister having sex with another woman?”

Curt looked surprised, not used to such straightforward talk about sex, but then blurted out defensively: “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Neither do I.” Shauna answered gently. “You’ll find that in this house we have a different attitude about sex from your parents. We are very open in talking about sex, and I believe that any consensual sex between adults is good, whether the adults are the opposite sex, or same sex, male or female. Who someone chooses to fuck is their own business.”

Curt’s mouth was hanging open in shock by now, and he took another large sip of wine, almost emptying the glass.

“Do you want a refill, Curt?” Shauna asked, and Curt nodded, still not able to speak.

As she rose and moved toward Curt’s chair, she asked. “Are you shocked by my attitude toward sex or by my use of the word “fuck?”

“Both.” Curt replied. “My parents never talked like that.”

Shauna bent over to pour the wine in Curt’s glass. “Around here, we are very plain with our language. I hope you can accept that if you are going to stay with us.”

“Yes, ma . . . Shauna.” Curt replied quickly.

Shauna suddenly realized that Curt’s eyes were focused below her face, and that the neckline on her blouse was hanging open, giving him a clear view of her bare tits. This excited her and she took as long as possible pouring the wine before straightening up, placing the bottle back in the ice bucket and returning to her chair. She looked over at Billy and saw him grin. Both knew where Curt has been looking. Billy nodded slightly to let him Mom know he was all right with it.

“Back to what we were talking about, Curt.” Shauna continued. “I think sex is beautiful whether it is between a man and a woman, two women, or two men, as long as both of the partners anal breakers porno agree to what is going on.”

“So do I.” Billy chimed in.

“I guess I do too.” Curt agreed and emptied his glass again. “May I have another glass?”

Shauna looked at Billy and grinned. Billy smiled back as she moved toward Curt’s chair and bent over, pouring the wine, giving him another clear view. As she straightened up, she “accidentally” brushed his glass, spilling some wine on the sofa.

Curt immediately apologized, but Shauna cut him off. “Nonsense. That was my fault. Let me get something to clean that up before it stains the sofa.”

As she left the room, Billy excused himself and followed her. In the kitchen, he grabbed her arm saying, “What are you doing, Mom. You know Curt’s looking at your tits.”

“Yes, Honey, I know he is. And if you notice, he is turned on, judging by the bulge his cock is making in his pants. I’m not trying to take him away from you, just to get him excited. He might be more open to an advance from you if he is.”

“Oh. I didn’t think of that. I was afraid you were going to try to fuck him.” Billy laughed, a bit embarrassed.

“I would never try to take him from you, Honey,” Shauna replied, then grinned. “I’ll bet he would be fun to fuck, but I’d rather have you both some time.” As she spoke she reached down and rubbed Billy’s cock through his pants, then kissed him. “Both of you!” She sighed.

Billy gulped and managed to say, “Both of us? God, Mom! God! You want to fuck both of us? At the same time?”

“I love having sex with more than one person at a time.” Shauna replied, still rubbing his cock. “I hope you can experience that too – – very soon. Now, let’s get Curt a bit hotter, ready for you.”

Shauna smiled, turned to the cabinet, took out some upholstery cleaner and got several paper towels. Then she and Billy returned to the living room where she bent over the sofa in a position calculated to give Curt the best view of her breasts and sprayed the upholstery cleaner and began blotting and rubbing gently with the paper towels. She kept rubbing for well over a minute, then straightened up and walked back into the kitchen.

She returned to the living room shortly, stretched, yawned, and said: “I’m going to bed. You two have fun.”

“We will, Mom.” Billy replied as she left the room, then he turned to Curt: “She has really nice tits, doesn’t she?”

Curt blushed and mumbled something.

“I saw you looking down her blouse. And I can see that you have a hard-on. But it’s all right.” Billy laughed. “I like her tits too.”

Curt was silent, thinking about how Shauna had been dressed when she walked into the living room that afternoon. He wondered if she and Billy . . . .

“Want to watch a movie?” Billy’s voice broke into his thoughts.


“I’ll be right back.” Billy said as he rose and left the room. He returned shortly with a DVD, walked over and inserted it into the player and turned on the television, then moved to sit beside Curt on the sofa.

As the movie began, it was obvious that is was porn. A scantily clothed woman was walking in a lush garden when a man approached her. She was soon on her back on a picnic table and the man was between her legs, eating her pussy. Before long, he was sitting on the table and she was sucking his cock.

As the woman’s head bobbed up and down on the man’s cock, Billy hesitatingly moved his hand over onto the bulge in Curt’s pants. When Curt made no move to stop him, he began to massage Curt’s cock, up and down. Curt merely sighed deeply, and let him continue.

“Is this all right?” Billy finally asked.

“Yes. I like it.” Curt replied. “But it would be better with my pants off.”

Billy gulped as Curt stood, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pushed them down to his feet, along with his briefs, revealing a very nice erection.

“I was afraid . . .” Billy began. “I know you like girls and wondered . . “ Curt interrupted.

“I do like girls. I get very hot thinking about them. But I get turned on by guys too, and have been especially turned on by you since we were in junior high, taking showers after gym class. I was afraid I would freak you out if I tried anything.”

“Oh God!” Billy replied. “We have wasted so much time with each other. I have fantasized about having sex with you so many times.”

Curt moved over to stand directly in front of Billy and put his hands on the back of Billy’s head, pulling him gently to his cock. He threw his head back and moaned deeply as he felt Billy’s tongue lick the underside of his stiff shaft, licking the sensitive place below his pee hole, traveling down to his balls, then back up again. Then he looked down again, watching his friend lick his cock.

Billy flattened his tongue and licked slowly back up to the head of Curt’s cock, noticing precum beginning to ooze from the rigid, straining, sex organ. Looking up into catching the sticky liquid on the tip of his tongue, he looked up into Curt’s eyes as he brought it back into his mouth and swallowed, bringing a gasp of pleasure from the throat of his new lover. Then putting his finger on the large pee/cum tunnel, he milked out more cum, catching and swallowing again.

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