She Doesn’t Pt. 06

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Chapter 10 – Interlude 2

As we came down from our “highs”, we snuggled and talked. This time, I was much more aware of the gentleness and sweetness in what he said and how he treated me, and how concerned he was about my welfare and about everything I said.We talked about my roommate, and what I would say to her when she asked me about our date (and I knew that she would ask).

Eventually, he suggested that we should get dressed and he should take me home. When I told him I could stay longer . . . implying I might even stay all night . . . he refused. He held me tight and explained that I had some torn membranes that needed some time to heal, (I wouldn’t admit it, but I was still sore) and he suggested he pick me up for dinner and “an evening together” next Wednesday. And so, our “picnic” ended and he took me home, dropping me off at my door with a sweet kiss.During the early part of the week, I made an appointment with my Doctor to get some birth control pills His receptionist couldn’t fit me in until Friday, and when I told her that I had a date with my boyfriend on Wednesday, she told me “to exercise a little self control!” Silly woman! Then she also explained that I had to wait until a certain time of the month to start taking the pills for them to be effective, so it really didn’t matter if I saw the doctor before Wednesday or not.

I also paid a visit to Victoria’s Secret. After all, a girl has to look her best! Everything I purchased was “modest” or “conservative” according to the sales girl, but it seemed wildly provocative as far as I was concerned.

Chapter 11 – Confessions

Finally, Wednesday came!

My roommate had informed me that morning that She was going to pull an double shift at work so she wouldn’t be back until around 9:00 Thursday morning.

At the appointed hour, my buzzer rang and I asked him to come to my apartment door and I pressed the buzzer to let him in. When the elevator door opened, I was leaning against the door jam, waiting for him.

Without a word, he came up to me and took me in his arms. The kiss lasted at least two minutes, before I suggested that we step inside and close the door.

Cathy looked wonderful. She wore a medium weight plaid skirt, A loose pullover sweater with a “vee” Bostancı Escort neck and the collar of a white blouse folded over the sweater. As I stepped out of the elevator, there she was! She was just waiting to be kissed.

We kissed in the hallway, and when we moved into her apartment and closed the door, we kissed again, both of us allowing our hands to run over each other. She gasped a little when I cupped her breast, but then arched her back pressing into the palm of my hand.

Finally, the kiss broke and she breathlessly asked me, “Do you have definite reservations anywhere?”

I shook my head. “I figured we’d walk along Canal St. until we found a place that looks good to us.”

She gave me that “cat and canary” smile and said, “Right now, my bedroom looks pretty good to ME,” and without releasing her hold around me, she started moving sideways and kissed me again. We “crabbed” our way to the bedroom . As we were entwined, side by side on her bed, I asked: “Your roommate . . . ?”

Another “cat and canary: smile”. “She wont be back until 9:00 tomorrow morning.”

Obviously, the room had been prepared. No light was on, but there were numerous candles, and soft, romantic music was playing.

My caresses covered her entire body, as her hands explored mine.

“I’m going to take off your sweater,” I whispered as I petted her breasts.

I felt her tense. “I’d rather you didn’t. Do you have to?”

“No, I don’t have to. But I want to.”

“I’d rather not. At least not right now. Maybe later.”

My roommate wasn’t going to be back until tomorrow morning. That meant Barnabas and I had a loooong time to be together. We both relaxed and let our hands roam. I was still nervous and frightened as his hands caressed my breasts. But I knew I had nothing to fear from this gentle and loving man. He had never used forced on me. Even when he took my virginity, he had been gentle . . . and I really believed he would have stopped if I had asked him to. His hand was caressing … caressing . . . I like that word . . . caressing my breast and even though I felt nervous and frightened at having him . . . any man . . . touch my breasts . . . I knew I could trust him, and I knew that it brought him pleasure. Surely, Ümraniye Escort I could be a little uncomfortable so that I could please Him.

Then he asked me to take off my sweater, and I felt a cold sweat break out. All of my fears came pouring back and I wanted to cry because I didn’t want to refuse this man anything he asked for.

Finally, I was able to put him off by saying that maybe later I would take the sweater off. At least that wasn’t an outright rejection.

Her breasts, again. What was it?

She had asked for time, and we had plenty of time, so I accepted her request. After our initial long kisses, the evening was developing into a slow paced, low-keyed time, so I simply returned to exploring the rest of her.

Eventually, I had removed her skirt, pumps and stockings. There was no girdle tonight. I asked her if she wanted to unbutton my shirt, and she helped me off with it. She was fascinated as she ran her hands over the hair on my chest. She enjoyed kissing my bare chest, nipples, and even my belly button.. Finally, placing her hand on my belt buckle, she shyly asked if she could take off my pants.

I nodded, and paying close attention, she unbuckled my belt, pulled down the zipper, and unbuttoned the button. Then she tugged the pants down, taking my socks with them to the floor. She came back up and examined my shorts, teasing

“I see someone hiding in there . . . and he seems interested in me!”

She ran her hand over my partially flaccid, partially erect penis outlined in my shorts. Then seriously looked up at me to ask, “Do you mind if I satisfy some of my feminine curiosities?”

I smiled and shook my head.

She lowered my shorts and carefully inspected me in the candlelight.

“You’ve been circumcised?”

I nodded she looked at every inch of me, then examined my scrotum and testicles. “And these are very sensitive.?” She asked, as she gently cupped them in her hand. I nodded again.

She took hold of my organ and squeezed it and it responded by rising to the occasion. She watched with fascination as it grew to its maximum size. I heard her mutter under her breath, “I simply don’t believe it!”

I felt stimulated tonight, but not ruled by passion Ataşehir Escort as I had been before. We were just enjoying the touch of each other, no demands, no requirements, no pressure.

I lifted my hips as he took off my skirt, and enjoyed his kisses on my feet as my shoes and socks fell to the floor. I half expected him to take off my panties, too, but he didn’t even touch them. Instead, he returned to my side and held me, making me feel valued and treasured.

I found myself playing with the buttons of his shirt when he asked me if I wanted to unbutton it.

It was almost a game watching each button leave it’s hole and the gap in his shirt expanded. When it was open, I touched is chest and kissed it, as he unbuttoned the sleeves. Soon, the shirt joined my skirt on the floor.

I felt ‘kittenish’, but relaxed and absolutely contented. I had made love with this man. I had given him my virginity. I was twenty-five years, and he had cared for me as he led me into womanhood. I felt more like a woman now than I ever had before. I had felt his sex in my hand, and inside me. But I had never seen his sex.

So I asked him if I could take off his pants. Then I took off his underpants, also. And there he was! He let metouch him, feel him, hold him. I had never seen a naked man this close before, and never been able to look this closely. And as I touched him, I saw him grow, become hard and erect. How does he do that? That was amazing!

I realized how BIG he actually was when he was erect. Again, I wondered how anything so large could fit inside me. I was glad I hadn’t seen him before our first time, and I wasn’t thinking at all the second time. But the second time didn’t hurt, so there must be some way that it works, some way that I just don’t understand. “I don’t believe it!” I found myself muttering. “I just don’t believe it!”

Suddenly, I realized how hard he was, and that he was throbbing!

“Does it hurt you?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No, het’s just ready for business.”

“Do I have to do something?”

“No. He can wait,” he answered. “Come, lie beside me and we can watch it together.”

I lay down beside him, and he took my hand, kissing It and holding it to his chest. I put my head on his chest and watched, as the throbbing slowed and he gradually became softer, more flaccid.

“Wow!” I said. “Wow!”

We just lay there for a while. Then he said gently,

“Now it’s time for you to take off your sweater.”

More follows

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