Short Story: A Mother’s Family

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As a reader I sometimes was interested in reading short stories. I would usually scroll down and if there was more than one page I wouldn’t bother reading and I would move on to the next story. I wish there was a way to search for short stories. This story was purposely written short for those like me. Any short story I write will say so in the title. I hope you enjoy.


I have been submissive to my husband since day one. Even before that I was submissive to my father having learned everything from my mother. To keep the tradition alive we would teach our daughter her proper place in the house. She would see my unquestioned obedience to my husband and would learn the proper way to act.

Just as with me, when I was 18 and my parents decided it was time to learn to submit sexually to my father, my husband and I began to teach our daughter sexual submission to her father as well when she was 18. She is now 19 and I have always been very proud of her for knowing her role and embracing it, but never more proud than a couple of weeks ago.

My daughter, Karen, had just finished showering. She was walking down the hall towards the living room. I was watching T.V. and could see her coming down the hall in her favorite micro fleece pajamas. Her long black hair still damp, her pajamas perfectly hugged her young body. I couldn’t help but see myself at 19 with her perky 34 B breasts narrow waist and 36 inch hips. She was taller than me at dvd porno 5’4″ with a smaller but much firmer and rounder ass.

As she was coming towards the living room, her father John was coincidentally walking the hall in the other direction. We are very used to him just taking us whenever but usually he calls us. For some reason that day he took Karen by surprise and just grabber her and pushed her up facing the wall. Then he yelled at me, “Bitch, hurry up and get the lube.”

I was slightly startled but immediately I jumped up and rushed to the room to get the bottle of lube. When I got back I saw that he already had her pajama bottoms and thong panties at her ankles. His pants and underwear were around his ankles as well and he was fully erect. He was pinning Karen to the wall with one arm while he was stroking his cock with the other. I could see she was in a little pain by the pressure he was exerting on her back.

I instinctively got on my knees and poured some lube on my hand so that I could lube John’s penis up. As I was doing that he pushed up against Karen and yelled, “SEPARATE YOUR CHEEKS WHORE!”

Karen let out a small squeal from the pain of him pushing her against the wall. She immediately placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. As she did that I quickly put some lube in her ass knowing full well her father’s intention. However as I was applying lube to her ass John pushed me away and placed his penis at her ensest porno anal entrance.

In one quick push he penetrated and sunk his dick in down to his balls. Karen let out a screaming moan that I had never heard before. As John continued pounding her fast and hard she let out moan after moan. I watched in awe at the expression on her face. She had a mixture of pleasure and pain as her father fucked her with unbridled ferocity I had never seen him do before. He was pounding her so hard that she had to release her ass and hold on to the wall just to maintain balance. Her father didn’t like her letting go of her ass. He would grab her hair and pull it back till her head was tilted to the ceiling and he’d say. “whore, did I tell you you could let go?”

“I’m sorry daddy.” said Karen as she placed her hands back to spread her ass open allowing better access for her father’s dick. But as her father kept pounding her ass hard she could barely stay afoot and had to place her hands back on the wall. Once again her hair was pulled, and it went on like that until her father got tired. He looked directly at me and told me, “BITCH, HOLD THIS WHORE’S ASS OPEN SHE IS CLEARLY USELESS.” I immediately did as I was told and placed my hands on her firm ass cheeks and separated them for her father.

“AHHH,” She yelled as her father pulled her hair again in anger that she couldn’t keep her ass open for him. “Please fuck me harder daddy, I am sorry I couldn’t hold them czech amateurs porno apart for you.”

I loved watching as his penis slid all the way in and out of her ass, and listening to her moans of pleasure and pain. Suddenly her father pushed his dick all the way in and held her by the waist as he grunted in pleasure. Slow he let his hot cum flow into her ass, her breathing was heavy as she was exhausted from the hard pounding she had taken and the warm cum inside her was a welcome relief.

Once he finished he pulled out and stepped out of his pant and underwear and gave her one last shove against the wall as he walked away to get a shower without saying a word. Karen was just left there against the wall, completely spent, used like a play thing. I could see cum trickling down her thighs.

Never before had I seen John fuck anyone like that with no feelings just pure animal lust. I got up off the floor and helped Karen to her bed where she lay face down. I quickly got some ice and tissues to clean up cum leaking down her legs and out of her ass. I applied ice to her ass as we chatted about what happened.

“That looked exciting.” I said.

“Yes it was mommy, it hurt a little but I loved it. He has never treated me like that thought. I wonder what was going through his mind.”

“I don’t know honey but I am very proud of you. You did a great job, though you should really learn to take it while you spread your ass. He wasn’t too happy about that.”

“I am sorry mommy I will make it up to daddy tonight if he allows me.”

“That’s my good girl.”

With that I left her to rest her ass. I have never felt prouder of Karen than I did that day. On top of that I can’t wait for the day John takes me like that.

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