Silent Night

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You enter the room, and there she is, standing by the desk, her back to you. She is wearing a simple white top and a silky black skirt that barely reaches mid thigh. You approach silently, your footsteps muffled by the thick carpet. You reach out, pressing her down with one hand at the small of her back. Without a sound, she complies, bending forward, placing her hands on the desk. The position forces her short skirt even higher. You can see her tiny black thong where it rises out of the crack of her ass. Your hands drop to fondle her tight cheeks gently. She wiggles slightly, silently asking for more. You slip a single finger under the thin black ribbon that disappears between her cheeks, allowing just the tip of your knuckle to graze her satiny skin. You caress her with that one knuckle, each successive pass just the tiniest bit deeper, until you graze the spot she most wants you to touch. She moans softly as your knuckle brushes her tightly puckered hole. She reaches back, grasping her ass with both hands, separating the rounded globes to provide you with better access to her. You chuckle softly. What she wants is quite obvious; that you are willing to provide it is her most devout hope.

You reach for the ribbons on her hips that hold her thong in place. With a quick tug, the bows are released and the tiny scrap flutters to the floor. You slide a fingertip along her wet slit, dipping in for the briefest of seconds, gathering moisture along the way. You lightly caress her clit with the thumb of your other hand, fingers splayed along the inside of her leg for support as she sways. The wet fingertip, having reached its goal, draws tiny circles around her asshole as she moans in bliss. The single finger retraces its path along her wet lips, dipping further into her pussy in its quest. When it returns, dripping, to her tiny rosebud, she whimpers as you press it against her, seeking entrance. When her natural lubrication proves to be unequal to the task, you take more drastic measures.

You erotik film izle kneel behind her, your face on a level with her perfect ass. As she feels your breath so close to the center of her desire, she tightens her hold, pulling her cheeks even further apart. You lean in, blowing warm air towards her. Your tongue begins at the top of her crack, slowly and wetly sliding downward. As you finally reach your goal, she quivers at the overwhelming feeling of your hot wet tongue delicately licking her tight asshole. You drench her in your saliva until it drips from her. The finger returns to play. Ever so slowly, you slide a single digit into her puckered hole. This, combined with the thumb still tormenting her clit, sends her over the edge. By the time your finger has disappeared to the first knuckle, she is in the midst of a shattering orgasm- no doubt the first of many this night.

She falls forward, no longer able to support herself, and rests her face and chest on the desktop. You don’t mind, as this simply raises her ass a bit higher, providing even easier access to its delights. Before long, a second finger has joined the first in her ass. She pants softly, still trying to recover from the pleasure so recently inflicted on her. Knowing that saliva alone will not be up to the undertaking you have in mind, you slide your fingers out of her. As she whimpers softly in dismay at the loss of stimulation, you slide them back into her, reveling in the feel of her tight sphincter muscles gripping your fingers tightly. This time, when you pull your fingers out, she releases her grip on one cheek and burrows her fingers into her own drenched pussy. You reach for the bottle of hand lotion sitting conveniently on the edge of the desk and flip the top up. Upending the bottle, you squeeze an ample amount onto your fingers and her ass. All the while, she fingers herself slowly and almost leisurely. Replacing the cap on the bottle, you slip the two fingers back into her ass. Knowing how much she enjoys film izle it, you ease a third finger in beside the others. As you finger her ass, you can feel her own fingers in her pussy through the thin wall of skin separating the two. She begins to pant, approaching another climax. Not quite ready for her to come again yet, you abruptly remove your fingers from her and grab her hand, forcing her to stop fingering herself. She whimpers, desperate for the relief you have denied her.

You unzip your pants, wiggling a bit as they catch on your turgid cock, then falling to the carpet, where they are kicked away. Your dick stands proudly erect, pointing directly towards her quivering ass. She shivers as she feels your hand on her again. You reach around and grab her hands, replacing them on her ass. She instinctively knows what you want, and pulls her cheeks apart again, anxious for the fun to continue.

You see her asshole, now stretched from having your fingers working in it, and are suddenly inspired. Kneeling once more, you lick your way down her ass crack again, tasting a not-unpleasant combination of her sweat and juices mixed with the lotion. When you reach her hole, rather than merely rimming her as you did before, you slide the tip of your tongue into her ass. She pushes backward against you, obviously wanting more. You gladly oblige, pushing your tongue into her loosened hole as far as you can. You spend a pleasant few minutes tonguing her ass as she trembles and groans softly. You reach between her thighs and touch her tiny erect clit and she comes instantly, her anus tightening around your tongue. It is a feeling unlike any you have ever experienced before.

You can hold back no longer. Your cock has waited patiently for as long as it can. You stand and once again reach for the tube of lotion. She removes it from your hand and dumps a generous amount into her own palm. Reaching back between her own thighs, she unerringly grasps your broad cock and smears the lotion all seks filmi izle over, from the plum-sized head down your long, broad shaft. Her hands feel so good on your neglected dick that you allow her to continue for a few moments, closing your eyes in pleasure as she strokes you the way she knows you love most.

All too quickly, however, you know that if her talented hands aren’t removed you will come in her palm instead of her ass. You take a step back, and her hands fall away as you leave her reach. You replace her hands on her cheeks, and she obligingly spreads them for you. You can see that her hole is beginning to tighten up again, having been empty for several moments. As far as you are concerned, this is all to the good. A tight hole is better than a loose one, no matter that it will stretch again very quickly. You step forward again and place the head of your dick against her puckered hole.

With one long, slow push, the mushroom-shaped head enters her tight ass. You stop, allowing her time to become accustomed to the intruder. She relaxes, spreading her cheeks wider in welcome. You look down, pushing forward as you watch your massive cock disappear inside her back door. She moans in pleasure as you begin to ease in and out. Soon slow is no longer enough. You pick up the pace, thrusting into her tight ass, loving the view of your broad cock as it disappears and reappears, loving the feel of her tight sphincter gripping you. All too soon, you feel your own orgasm approaching. You begin to slam into her, your balls slapping rhythmically against her drenched pussy, and she screams as she comes for the third time. You are right with her, the first of your load shooting into her ass before the sound of her scream has died away. You hang onto her hips with both hands, helpless to do other than feel as the intense orgasm sweeps through both of you.

You slowly pull away and she stands, wobbling on slightly unsteady legs. She turns and leans into you, pressing a gentle kiss on your sweating chest. For the first time since you entered the room, she speaks. “That was wonderful, sweetheart. I love you.” Hand in hand you head for the bathroom, intending to shower together before you climb into bed for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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