Silky Adventures #08

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Chapter 8: Don’t Touch

We loved Rome. George made us take the historic tour first; the Ancient Romans sure did build a lot of stuff that fell apart. We also ate some great food and drank lots of wine. I took twenty pictures of her making faces in front of Roman fountains and statues.

Then we went to the Spanish Stairs, which apparently is like the ass pinch capital of Italy. Ow! But the stores are down the street. We bought so many things; George made us chose only 6 pairs of shoes apiece. So Mean! But I got a pair of calf length boots in black, and they don’t really count as shoes. And this to-die-for skirt in black, it only barely covers my kootch… oh, ok. Focus.

George had to go overnight to Milan. We had this cute apartment off the Campo de’ Fiori, and we rented it for the whole week, and he told us we could stay in Rome by ourselves. OMG! But, he said, use condoms.

We love to do the Argentine Tango. It is the sexist dance in the world. You should look it up on You Tube if you don’t know. So we wanted to Tango, and there is this club called “Snakes” that is at
2 Via de Serpenti in Rome. The door is a hole in the wall, but in back there’s a nice dance floor.

Jessica and I went in and right away I saw the picture. It is about 3′ x 3′ and it says “Don’t Touch.” It is a painting of a cute girl who is naked except for a wisp of blouse that is open anyway, her tits jut out and she is squatting with her fingers in her pussy!! I saw it and just about died!

“Jess!” I hissed. “Look at that!” I attempted to direct her to the painting without pointing. I pulled her arm. “No, the picture. On the wall!”

She looked, but seemed blasé. “So?”

“Jess, don’t you see? They have public service announcements about the dangers of self-abuse! It’s a warning to not make yourself cum, because you may go crazy! That woman has gone insane from masturbation addiction!”

This is all true, it’s not made up. You can call Snakes if you don’t believe me!

I love Jessica to death, she is my soul mate, but sometimes I have no idea what she’s thinking. She looked at the warning, then at me, and then rolled her eyes and said, “What-ever.”

She better not be touching herself; if I catch her I’ll whip her ass.

We danced. In a milonga everybody changes partners, so we tangoed with lots of guys, old and young. These two cute Italian guys kept circling back and getting us again. By the third parada I could feel a bulge in one of them’s pants, so I knew we were doing ok. I rubbed thighs with him, and stroked kartal escort his legs with my foot, and pushed my boobs into him. I told you, it’s a sexy dance.

When we were taking a break we sat at a tiny table and they fed us shit. They said in Europe people were so sophisticated that fucking is practically like shaking hands. We didn’t mind, we were looking for some sack time, after all.

They never realized we could understand Italian. Mario winked at Lorenzo and said “These American cunts are so stupid. I’ll bet you €20 that I can trick the redhead into sucking my cock.”

Lorenzo passed up a chance to be noble, and replied, “The blond is dumber than the redhead. I’m going to fuck her ass.”

Now we have no objection to a little sexual play time. But we are not stupid! Or dumb! They would pay for those remarks.

“Say, we’ve got our apartment to ourselves tonight. Ya’ll want to come back there with us for a drink?” Jess took the invitation right out of my mouth.

In short order, we were all back at the apartment. I was in Mario’s lap, tongue kissing him heartily, while Jess kept Lorenzo occupied.

“So in Europe, sex is casual, is that right?” I asked.

“Oh, si, everyone does it all the time!” lied Mario.

“So what about girl-on-girl? If I kissed Jess would anyone be upset?”

“Oh, no, no,” chimed in Lorenzo. “We see sex as a natural expression.”

Jess and I stood up and stepped together. “So it’s ok if I kiss her? You’re sure?” Jess asked.

“Si, si, go ahead, we won’t mind at all!” They blurted out together.

“I’ve always dreamed of doing this, Jessica,” I said, as I gathered her in.

I kissed her softly and lingeringly. Our lips slid back and forth, glistening with shared salvia. As I probed her cavity with my tongue, I deliberately and slowly raised my left hand and caressed her right breast. I could feel the little silver ring through her nipple under my fingers. They hadn’t seen that yet. She returned the favor, and then lifted my top carefully over my head. The boys were paying attention.

She unsnapped my bra, and they could see my brand new nipple skewer that I got in a small shop right past the Piazza Navona. She bent over and began to suckle me, as I removed her top, bra, and skirt. By then the boys were at rigid attention, and they were jumping out of their clothes as well.

Soon her gentle fingers intertwined with my tender left breast, and the swelling I felt was very pleasant.

“Ya’ll kaynarca escort are sure this is all natural and normal?” I asked.

“Oh, si, si. Completely.” Mario continued to think we were ignorant.

“Then it’s ok for you two to kiss as well?” Jess fed them the bullet.

Their hard penises shrank like deflated balloons as this sank in. I lifted a towel over my body, to remind them what they wouldn’t see any more of, while I asked, “Ya’ll haven’t lied to us have you?”

They didn’t move for a count of 10. Then Mario said in a harsh whisper, “No one can EVER know of this.” And he pecked Lorenzo.

“Oh no, we want to see tongue action!” demanded Jess. I agreed.

Ever so hesitantly, they moved closer to each other, and finally closed their eyes and kissed each other. Their cocks started getting hard. We, as evil bitches, pushed their hands onto opposite members, and watched as they became stiff as well, cocks.

We stepped between them before any permanent psychological damage occurred, and Jess led Lorenzo back to a chair. As he sat, she bent at the waist and wrapped her lips around his upstanding edifice. The view of her ass and her little shaved pudenda was very nice. Mario thought so, I could tell. On cue, I grabbed a small white belt we bought at Gucci’s for this very purpose.

“Snap” I cracked it across her buttocks. “Get away from him, you whore. Can’t you ever meet any man without sucking his dick?” I screamed at her.

“But Silky, they taste so good! You shouldn’t get mad until you’re at least tried one!” Jess had tears in her eyes. I didn’t hit her that hard!

“Well, maybe.” I paused, pouted, and then knelt down beside her in front of Lorenzo. I took his shaft in my little hand and gingerly began to lick the swollen head. “Oh Yum, this is good!” I exclaimed.

Jess joined me, sucking his balls into her mouth as I deep throated his entire cock, and backed off to just licking the head like gelato.

“Hey, what about me?” yelled Mario.

We turned simultaneously and stared at him.

“You want some stupid red-head cunt to suck your cock?” I asked, in immaculate Italian.

“Or maybe you want to ass fuck a dumb blond? A bimbo?” stated Jess.

“In Italian we would be bimbas, Jess,” I reminded her.

They both became mute. The only positive thing was that they remained focused, so to speak, but they couldn’t even think of anything to say.

We stood in this tableau for maybe thirty seconds as they frantically kozyatağı escort tried to find a way out.

“We’re just funning. We want to fuck you, but don’t call us stupid, ok?” I finally let them off their own petards.

So Jess returned to Lorenzo’s re-invigorated protuberance, and I actually gave Mario what he wanted. As I tasted him fountaining his salty fluid into my mouth, I thought “Uh-oh. George said to use condoms. I hope that doesn’t apply to just bj’s. I don’t want to make that long trip home with a sore butt.”

“Ok, guys, from here forward we have to wear condoms.” Jessie heard me, because she unwrapped the first pair. Since they weren’t quite ready for more fun, she and I spent a little time licking each other’s pussies, turn about.

“Listen, we do need ya’ll’s help.” I said. “We can’t ever tell. I like to lick shaved pussy.” I pointed at Jessica.

“And I prefer bushy,’ she said with a flourish. “Which do ya’ll like most?”

That encouraged them into providing the services we desired, so that we were able to ensheath them and move on. We never got an answer, tho’.

I helped Jessica stand on Mario’s thighs and squat onto his rod. I bent and tongued his testicles, and then skated north. Uhhwe! Latex! Blah! Blah! I knew there was a reason I hated them.

Jess pounded away, and I swept up to her nubile nubbin. I had to work to keep my face in time with her fucking, but I held on by sucking hard. While thus engaged, I felt the tip of Mario’s member making itself welcome in my warm recesses. I continued to suck, and felt Jess go over the edge.

“Oh, God! Gesú Bambino! Joseph and Mary! Maria Santissima!”

Jessica blasphemes when she comes. Now she was doing it in two languages. It’s good she’s not Hindu, or she’d never stop. She came so hard she toppled over, and Lorenzo popped out. I swallowed him without missing a beat. Now he tasted of Jess, so I could put a serious suck on him. In seconds he filled the ‘reservoir tip’ with his cum, and sank down from my lips.

That allowed me to refocus on Mario, and start a counter beat to his rhythm. He was longer and thinner than Lorenzo. I generally like thickness, but he was certainly probing deeply and right on target. I exploded suddenly and before I knew it was screaming.

“Fuck me! Cazzo! Cazzo! I’m cumming! AHHHHH!” I tend to be more inarticulate than my sister when aroused sufficiently. I can never tell when a guy comes if I cum first.

When I returned to planet Earth, we unsheathed our boy’s boys and licked them clean. Mario was surprised that I cleaned Lorenzo and Jess did him, but hey, we share.

I looked at the clock and interjected “Hey. Our dad will be home any minute, ya’ll better run.”

As I locked the door behind them, I turned to Jessica. “You did get the cameras installed, didn’t you?”

“Of course. George will want to watch every minute.”

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