Sir’s Playground Ch. 01

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“Lilith, my shirt is hanging in the closet. I pressed it for you earlier today, please disrobe and put it on, slowly. Leave your panties for last. And turn your back to me; I’ll tell you when to turn around.” There is something exceptionally sexy seeing you in my shirt; I think ownership in the sense we talked about the other day is most prevalent; closely followed by imagining what’s underneath for me to play with tonight. “Fasten one button, in the middle.” I can’t wait to see your nipples pressed against the fabric. If I’ve learned anything in the last two weeks, I’ve learned those two little magic buttons are the gateway to hearing my name.

“When you slide your panties off, do it slowly and bend over at the waist, please.” There’s something provocative about watching her do that from behind. I believe its how their bum pushes back and I get a glimpse of my pussy. Seeing it tucked tightly between her thighs, possibly getting a glance of her wetness or something else, it’s just sexy.

Lilith hooked her thumbs inside her panties, pushed her ass out and bent over slowly as she slid them down her legs. His shirt rode up her ass and settled in the middle of her back, exposing her beautiful bum. When they reached her ankles; she put her hands on her knees, looked back at her Sir with a “fuck me please” smile and spread her legs, stretching them taut, just inches off the floor.

What a dirty girl you are, you know exactly what I like. küçükçekmece escort If it gets better than this, I don’t have the imagination to get us there but I’m going to try. “Slip you middle finger inside and get it wet. Push it in as far as it will go and keep looking at me, please.” This is so naughty and I know why. In middle school, Kay Mack sat next to me in math class. She would call my name, I’d look over and she would spread her legs. I’d watch as she would slide her panties to the side, smile and make her finger disappear. When I see Lilith do this, I can feel my pre-cum stir in my balls. “Don’t move, just fuck my pussy please.” I grab my cock and stroke it so I can show her my approval. A few sips of scotch and I can see she is ready for her Sir.

“Grab the blind fold off the bed and come here. Straddle my waist and rest your bum on my legs.” The next hour is going to be fun. I want to see if I can make her cum with just touching her nipples. With my silk boxers on, she’ll be able to feel my cock when she lowers down. And if I’m correct, my pussy will be quite wet when we get done. I’ll get to make my slut clean me and taste my pussy. When she swings her leg over me, I look at my wet mound and see her arousal. Oh yea, this is going to be fun. “Pick up my drink and let me have a sip, please. As Lilith reaches across to grab my glass, the shirt opens and exposes küçükyalı escort her breasts. Her nipples are already hard so I’m going to use the shirt to tweak them to start.

As she brings the glass to my lips, I’ll run the fabric of the shirt across the tips of her nipples. She will be focusing on not spilling the drink and distraction while adding stimulation should confuse her signals. Watch her eyes; that will signal me if it’s working. One hand above the breast, one below, shirt tight and drag it up and down against you nipple. “Careful, don’t spill your Sir’s drink. We would hate to punish you this early.” Now, increase the friction a bit and rub a little faster. “You can lower my pussy onto my cock Lilith. I want you to grind against it while I play. Please set the drink down and hand me the blind fold.”

I can feel the warmth from her cusp and I know slipping her into darkness is going to make her slip away, “Lean forward for me please, I want to kiss you before you go away.” Damn she has a perfect mouth, full lips, soft and warm. When we touch softly, I get so hard. It’s going to be difficult completing this session they way I scripted it. I like seeing her expression right before the blind fold turns out the lights. Bewilderment, fear, arousal, trust, hunger, all the thoughts that fold into her beautiful mind are written across her fac. She’s breathing hard maltepe escort now and by the pressure she is applying to my cock, I think she will fade very soon. My boxers are wet and she’s worked my pussy lips around the shaft. I can see her tilt her hips reward as she slides back; that forces her clit against me. “See you soon.”

Once I put the blindfold in place she settles in and I can open the shirt. My hands should be warm because I’ve been rubbing them together; I can’t wait to see the arch of her back and her exhale once I when I cup her tits. “That’s it; stroke my cock back and forth. Does it feel good to ride me like this Lilith?” I focus on making my tone soothing and controlled. Her breasts fill my hands and I hold her firm without touching her nipples, that’s going to come shortly.

“Yes Sir, I do.” This is the point Lilith starts to slip away and my dirty girl shoes up; her voice calm, unencumbered and breathy. If I apply firmer pressure on each breast, she matches that pressure on my cock, so damn delightful. I take my hands off her tits one at a time and get the tip of my forefinger wet. This is what she did for me while in session and I want to see the reaction. Holding her nipples at the base with my thumb and second finger and securing each breast in my hand, I glide the wet tip of my finger back and forth across each nipple. Sweet mother of Pearl, I’m going to love this game. She’s pushing down hard against my cock and I’m having difficulty focusing; she getting me quite aroused.

“Is this what you want Lilith, is this how you want your Sir to touch his dirty slut?” My voice deliberately tuned to a demanding attitude and authoritative tone. I want to hear her; I want to experience my dirty girl in person for the first time.

“Yes, yes it is Sirrr.” Oh holy, she’s here…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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