Sister Act Ch. 02

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This took place just over three weeks after part 1…


I was sitting with Sam on the couch, cuddled close up against her. We were just watching a movie together, covered by a blanket. I had been staying at Sam’s for the last few nights, as her parents were away. Emily hadn’t been around much either, staying with various friends, so we had had plenty of opportunities to have loud sex all over the house.

Sam was just wearing a tight tank top, with short pyjama shorts, as we were just planning a quiet night in. The tight, low cut top, combined with her wearing no bra, clearly showed off her magnificent breasts. Her nipples were protruding slightly through her top, a combination of the slight coolness in the air and the light caressing of her body.

I slowly eased my hand onto her inner thigh, drawing small circles as worked my hand further up towards her hot sex. My first finger slid under the bottom hem of her shorts, pushing them up slightly as I continued to ease my fingers higher. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy as I inched closer. I touched her hot pussy lips, feeling the wetness coating my finger, and the lips slowly enveloping it.

Sam gasped loudly, arching her hips slightly towards me, my finger sliding deeper inside her. I eased my finger slowly out of her and up towards her clit. I began to circle her slippery clit, causing small moans to escape her. Her hand groped my thigh, before she landed on my hardening cock. She slid her hand under the waistband of my shorts, wrapping her fingers around the bare flesh of my shaft. I could feel her thumb rubbing the tip of my cock head, spreading my pre-come around and getting some onto my hard shaft.

I slipped two fingers into her hot pussy, feeling her wetness increasing as my thumb circled her clit. I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her, feeling her velvety folds tightly wrapped around my fingers. Wordlessly, we continued to masturbate each other under the blanket, with Sam’s moans and gasps increasing as I continued to finger fuck her. I could feel her hand stroking my hard cock, with pre-come beginning to flow from my cock head and down my shaft, lubricating the motion of her hand.

The motions of our hands began to speed up. My fingers sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy, with her hand stroking up and down faster on my cock. Her moans and gasps were increasing. Her other hand was fondling her own breast, with her stiff nipples straining to be free of her top.

Suddenly, the front door burst open, and we could hear someone coming into the entrance hall. I slid my fingers out of her pussy and she let go of my cock. We could hear the person moving around, just outside the lounge. It could only be Emily, I couldn’t think of anyone else it could be. Sam pulled the blanket up to cover her clearly hard nipples, ensuring it was covering the rest of us, as my cock was still free of my pants.

‘Sam? Are you in the lounge?’ Emily’s voice floated in from outside the room. ‘Oh, hey Ben!’ she said as she walked in, flashing a smile at me.

‘You’re back early,’ Sam said, ‘everything alright?’

‘Yea, just no-one could make up their mind what to do, and they were arguing and shit. Plus I’d been out for the last few nights, so I thought…fuck it I’ll just go home.’ I could hear in her voice that she had a slight giddiness from having been out drinking.

Emily was wearing a tight black cocktail dress, that was barely long enough to cover her arse cheeks, and could barely hold in her ample breasts. I was trying not to ogle her too openly, but checking her out, I was convinced that she was wearing no bra. As she bent forwards to slip her shoes off, I had a brilliant view down the front of her dress as her tits surrendered to gravity, hanging low down. My hard cock twitched under the blanket, more pre-come leaking out.

‘Mind if I join you two?’ Emily asked.

‘Sure,’ Sam replied ‘grab a seat, sis.’

She flopped down on the couch on the other side of me, and with my cock still free under the blanket, it was slightly awkward. She pulled her knees up onto the couch and leaned in against me.

‘Can I have some of the blanket?’ Emily asked, ‘It’s not the warmest night ever.’ She tugged at the blanket, pulling it over herself. I heard a slight gasp from Sam, as the blanket was pulled away from her chest and exposed her hard nipples. Emily didn’t hear, but I glanced over to see her top had been pulled down slightly, exposing the top of her areola. Her nipples were still straining against the fabric to be free. My stiff cock twitched under the blanket, still as hard as when Sam had been stroking me. She furtively reached up and pulled her top up to cover herself, giving me a quick smile in the process.

On the other side of me, Emily proceeded to cuddle closer up to me, pressing tight against me under the blanket. I could feel the swell of her breast against my chest, and glancing down I had a perfect view of her huge breasts. I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination, but I was sure that gaziantep sahibe escort bayan the top of her dress was lower down now. Any lower and her nipples would surely have been showing.

For a few minutes we all just relaxed in that position. My left hand was still tracing small circles on Sam’s inner thigh, while my right hand was just resting under the blanket on my leg. I could see from the flushed look on Sam’s face, and her hard nipples, that she was still turned on and that I was keeping her horny by rubbing her thigh like this.

On the other side, Emily shifted her position so that she was more comfortable. Her left thigh was now pressed up against my right leg, her body tight against mine. I felt her hand on mine, just resting on top of it, lightly stroking my hand with her fingers. I glanced at her, but she was still looking at the TV.

I slipped my left hand higher and higher up Sam’s leg. Inching closer to the bottom of her shorts, feeling the heat still coming from her pussy. I could feel her muscles trembling as she was trying not to show any movement, or make a noise that would give away what I was doing.

Emily lifted my right hand and gently placed it on her thigh, keeping her hand on top of mine. Although a bit shocked, I began to lightly stroke her thigh with my fingers. Her breathing increased in pace slightly as my warm hand caressed her thigh.

Sam pressed her lips to my ear and whispered, ‘Fuck you’re making me hot Ben!! You’re such a tease!! I’m getting so wet…I’m gonna soak my shorts!!’

With a hand on both sisters’ thighs, my cock was the only thing now supporting the blanket. There was a clear bulge where my stiff prick still stood at attention, although only Sam knew that it was naked under there. Sam’s confession made my cock twitch with pleasure again; it was as hard as a rock.

Emily placed her hand on top of mine, guiding it further up her thigh. I continued to caress her thigh, rubbing my fingers in small circles, with every circle getting closer and closer to her pussy. I was so turned on, thinking of the last time that I saw her pussy, when Sam and I spied on her in her room.

‘I saw you looking at Em before you naughty boy!! Ben, it’s so fucking naughty but I want to make Em’s fantasy come true tonight.’ Sam whispered in my ear, ‘I’m so fucking horny that I’ll do anything…oh fuck…god it’s so bad Ben. I want you to make her scream…I want to see her come…fuck I want to make her come as well…oh shit!!’

I could feel Sam’s hand next to mine, rubbing her slippery clit furtively, still trying to make sure that Emily didn’t notice anything. My right hand was sliding under the hem of Emily’s dress, as I began to reach her upper thigh with my hand. Emily’s breathing was increasing, while her right hand, on top of the blanket, was clawing lightly at the blanket. She had arched her back ever so slightly, making her breasts more prominent. Her nipples were hardening through her dress as she got more and more turned on.

I slipped two fingers into Sam’s wet tunnel, feeling her pussy lips sucking me inside her wetness. She was right; her shorts were absolutely soaked from all of the juices leaking from her pussy. Her fingers never stopped on her clit, and I could tell that she was struggling not to moan out loud. She fired a quick glance at Emily, but she was lost in her own world.

‘Fuck are you touching her already!?!’ Sam whispered, ‘Oh fuck…you naughty boy…fuck…oh shit that’s so hot!!’ She trembled as a mini orgasm hit her.

Emily moved her hand under the blanket, and lifted her arse up of the couch slightly to allow her to pull the bottom of her mini dress up higher. She could spread her legs wider now, as she leaned back into me, pressed harder against me. My hand was now at the top of her thigh, and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy.

Emily turned her head to me and whispered in my ear, ‘Please touch me Ben! I’m so turned on and horny! I want to fucking come so bad…please make me come Ben!!’

I slid my hand up to her pussy, touching her barely-there panties. I wondered what the point of them was as they were so flimsy that they barely covered her pussy lips. The lacy material was drenched in her pussy juices as I slid her underwear to one side. Her pussy and upper thighs were soaked in her juices.

I slipped one finger inside her sweet pussy lips and softly circled her clit. She gasped audibly, then quickly covered her mouth with her hand, unaware that Sam knew what we were doing, or what was happening on my other side. I was now fingering both sisters at once. Needless to say, my dick was still rock hard, with pre-come flowing copiously from the tip of my cock.

With Emily now facing slightly away from her, Sam had abandoned all pretence of trying to hide what was going on. The blanket was hanging off her, almost exposing her pussy, while she had pulled down her top, exposing her hard nipples to the air. She was alternating şahinbey escort bayan between playing with her clit and rubbing her hard nipples. Her right hand was reaching under the blanket and I felt it make contact with my hard shaft. She stroked around, lubricating my shaft with my pre-come. I continued to finger her, sliding my fingers deep into her pussy, while her juices flowed. Sam was gasping lightly now, still trying to be quiet.

Emily still had her hand pressed over her mouth as she tried to keep quiet. Her nipples had stiffened, pressing through her dress, and the top of her dress had slipped down to expose the edge of her areola. As I slid one, then two fingers into her wet slit, her left hand groped at her breasts, stroking her stiff nipples. She spread her legs wider, allowing my fingers to slide deeper into her, my palm grinding against her clit. I could hear soft moans coming from her, as she kept her hand tight over her mouth, her eyes close in pleasure. Emily arched her back in pleasure, causing the blanket to slide off onto the floor.

This now exposed all of us to what was actually happening. Sam stroking my hard cock, while I fingered both of them, and they were both caressing their own tits. My shaft was so slick from my pre-come, glistening as Sam stroked me slowly up and down. Sam released a moan that she had clearly been holding in, releasing a new flood of pussy juices onto my fingers, as she had another small orgasm. She was now thrusting her hips slightly in time with my fingers.

Emily barely noticed that the blanket had fallen off, so lost she was in her pleasure. It was Sam’s moan that alerted her to something happening. She turned her head slightly, and her eyes widened as she saw Sam’s hand stroking my hard, slick cock. She didn’t miss a beat, though as she continued to grind her pussy up against my palm and fingers. She just pulled the top of her dress down, so that it was no bunched around her waist, exposing her huge breasts. She removed her hand from her mouth and began to use both hands to play with her large nipples.

‘Oh fuck that’s hot Ben!! God your cock looks so hard!! Oh shit I’m so wet…fuck…oh god!’ Emily moaned loudly, teasing her stiff nipples. She arched her back, thrusting up towards my fingers. Her breasts were rising and falling, as her breathing got heavier.

‘Oh fuck…I’m gonna come Ben…oh shit!!’ Sam moaned loudly, ‘Oh yea…I’m gonna come….fuck…oh god!! I’M COMING BEN!!! OH MY GOD…OH FUCK…I’M COMING…SHIT!!’ Her pussy released a flood of juices onto my fingers as Sam came hard. Her hand had stopped stroking my cock as she shuddered through her orgasm. Her breathing was heavy and her nipples were stiff nubs on the tips of her breasts.

‘Oh Ben I’m close!!’ Emily moaned, bringing my eyes back across to her. She had lain down fully on the couch now, resting her head on my thigh with her hair messily spread over my lap. One leg was now propped up on the back of the couch, with the other hanging off the edge of the seat, keeping her legs spread wide open. Her eyes were open staring at my stiff cock, still encircled in Sam’s hand, and her mouth was open wide moaning her pleasure. Both of her hands were pulling and teasing her nipples, while my fingers continued to plunge in and out of her saturated pussy.

‘Oh shit I’m gonna come Ben!! Oh fuck…oh god!! I’ve never felt so much pleasure…oh god your fingers are magic!!’ Emily moaned loudly, ‘Oh god this is hot!! Shit I wanna come so bad…oh god I want your cock…god I’m so wet and horny!! Fuck I’m gonna come Ben…oh shit…I’m coming Ben!! I’M FUCKING COMING…OH FUCK…SHIT!!! OH MY GOD I’M COMING SO FUCKING HARD…OH SHIT!!’

Emily screamed her pleasure as she arched her back, tugging on her stiff nipples. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back in pleasure. Her whole body trembled through her orgasm as her pussy exploded. Her pussy juices squirted strongly from her pussy lips, covering my fingers and hand with her juices, and splattering onto the couch. Holy shit, Emily was a squirter!! I remembered watching her through her window and her juices splattering onto her bed. I hadn’t expected her to squirt so much though.

I was so turned on that it only took a few more strokes of my slick shaft to get me to the point of no return. With pre-come still flowing from the tip of my cock, Sam’s hand slid up and down softly on my prick. ‘Oh shit Sam, I’m gonna come!! Oh fuck keep stroking it!!’ I said to her.

Emily opened her eyes at those words, staring at Sam’s hand stroking my cock. My legs were trembling, and my cock was twitching with pleasure.

Emily looked up at me, ‘Please come on me Ben…please!’ She whispered.

With that, I felt my balls tighten and the come flowing up my shaft. My come exploded from the tip of my cock, shooting high into the air. The first spurt of come splattered back down all over her massive tits, the next spurt scored a direct hit on her right nipple. My cock kept şahinbey bayan escort spurting come into the air, with come flying everywhere. The next few loads splattered all over her face, with some falling into her mouth. The large shots into the air died down, as Emily placed her lips over the top of my cock, catching the overflowing come in her hot mouth. My legs were trembling with pleasure as the last of my come spewed from my cock head into her waiting mouth.

‘Fuck this’, I heard Sam say quietly. Getting up off the couch, she moved around until she was kneeling next to Emily. Her head slowly lowered until her tongue could touch Emily’s come-covered breasts. She softly licked around her areola, tasting my come, and drawing a surprised gasp from Emily as she realised that her naked sister was licking her nipples. This quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as Sam’s hot tongue caused her nipple to harden even more.

‘Oh god Ben I love the taste of your come!’ Sam moaned, as she swirled her tongue around Emily’s stiff teat, ‘I wish I had your place right now sis.’

‘Oh god Sam…what are you doing to me…mmmm it feels so good!! Fuck your tongue feels so amazing on my nipples!!’ Emily moaned quietly.

Emily removed my slightly softened cock from her hot mouth, moaning as her nipples stiffened. Sam leant further forward, with her head over Emily’s massive tits. She pressed her face close into her mounds of flesh, extending her tongue and licking all of the sticky come off her tits. Once she was free of come, Sam slid on top of Emily, their breast pressing together, and kissed Emily softly on the lips. Emily’s lips parted slightly, returning the kiss with closed eyes. Sam’s tongue slowly teased Emily’s soft lips, before entering into her mouth, intertwining with her tongue. They kissed deeply, Sam lying on top of Emily and softly grinding her body against her sister’s.

With Emily moaning softly, Sam broke off the kiss, before sliding down and softly kissing Emily’s neckline. I began to stroke my semi-hard cock as I watched this erotic scene. Planting soft kisses on her upper chest, Sam kept moving down Emily’s body onto the mounds of her breasts. She kissed and teased her breasts, getting closer and closer to her nipples. I could see Emily’s nipples hardening and her areola puckering slightly as Sam teased her. She swirled her tongue around, just teasing the edge of her areola, causing Emily to gasp and arch her breasts up towards her, trying to get Sam to suck her nipples. Sam blew lightly on her stiff nubs, continuing to tease her.

‘Oh fuck you teasing bitch!! Suck my nipples Sam!!’ Emily moaned, arching her hips to grind her hot pussy against Sam’s body. ‘Stop teasing me and fucking suck my tits…please Sam…suck your sister’s nipples!!’

I was rock hard again as I continued to slowly stroke my cock. Sam relented, placing her mouth over Emily’s stiff right nipple and nibbling lightly on it. This caused Emily to moan loudly, and I reached my spare hand down to flick and tease Emily’s left nipple. Between us, we continued to play with her nipples, as her moaning increased, and she was grinding her wet pussy into Sam’s body even faster.

‘Fuck I’m so horny…I’m gonna come again!! Shit this is fucking hot!! Oh god Sam…you’re gonna make me come again!! Oh fuck…shit…oh my god…fuck I’m so wet!!’ Emily was moaning as she writhed on the couch. Her head was still in my lap and I could hear the wetness as she rubbed her pussy up and down Sam’s body. ‘Oh fuck!! Shit I’m gonna come…oh god…oh god…oh my god!! Oh Sam…oh Ben…suck my hard nipples!!! I’m gonna come…shit…oh god I’m coming!! Fuck I’m coming again!! OH GOD I’M COMING!!!! FUUUCCCKKK!!!!’

Emily’s body stiffened as she began to orgasm, moaning and screaming loudly as she humped her soaked pussy against Sam. In her orgasmic throes, her entire body trembled and I could hear the come spraying from her pussy splattering onto the couch, and some onto the carpet. God Emily was squirting a lot of come as she was having her orgasms tonight!! Sam was moaning herself as she ground her pussy against Emily’s leg, and she could feel her sister’s pussy juices spraying against her body.

Sam released Emily’s nipple from her mouth and began to kiss her way down her body. Inching closer towards Emily’s sweet nectar, she was planting sweet kisses onto her sister’s taut stomach. As Emily realised what Sam was doing, she moaned out to her sister,

‘Oh fuck please lick my pussy Sam!! Oh shit…I feel like such a slut…oh god sis!!! I wanna feel your hot tongue on my clit!!! I want to come again and again…fuck I’m so wet and horny…please lick my slutty pussy until I come on your face Sam!!! Oh god sis I’ve fantasised about this so many times!!!’

‘Mmmm I bet you have you dirty girl,’ Sam moaned back to her, ‘something like this??’ Sam dipped her tongue into Emily’s wet slit, and then softly circled her clit.

‘OH FUCK!!!!’ Emily screamed, arching her back and pressing her wet pussy into Sam’s probing mouth. ‘Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck!!!’ She moaned again and again, whilst Sam knelt on the couch with her face buried in her sister’s crotch. My rock hard cock throbbed in anticipation as I shifted myself from under Emily’s head, replacing a cushion where my leg had been, and stood up. Wet pre-come glistened on my cock head as it stood at attention, sticking out from my groin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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