Sister-in-Law Lust Pt. 06

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Jenny’s plans were a mix of her desire to watch her sister and I have sex, to be a voyeur and in this case a cuckquean since I was the guy having sex with another woman, and my desire for a threesome with the two sisters.

“I want you two to start out fully dressed so I can watch you disrobe each other. You need to do it slowly with a lot of touching and kissing. I just want to sit and watch. Then I want you to take her slow Bryan, switch positions, always try to give me a good view. At that point is probably when I’ll join in. Once we’ve satisfied ourselves with the threesome then I want you to finish her and Bryan I want to watch your cock spasm and pump your cum deep in her. Everyone ok with that?”

Vicki and I looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“Good! Let’s go get our showers and get dressed!”

Jenny and I showered together. We washed each other like Vicki and I had done the day before, with a notable exception.

“You were gone for a week and now you’ve been home over twelve hours and I’ve yet to enjoy your body,” I told Jenny as I held her in the shower.

“You’ll have your way with me soon enough lover boy,” she giggled.

I looked into her eyes. “I want you now, I want to feel my wife wrapped around me. At least let me edge us. You’re not just the air I breathe, you’re the woman who’s body I need. If not for this threesome with your sister you know our moans would be bouncing off the walls of this shower. Let me take you now, at least for a moment, before I have sex with Vicki. Please Jenny.”

We kissed, and without saying a word she turned around a put one foot up on the ledge and bent over. I still had a partial erection from the soaping and rinsing Jenny had given me so I stroked it a few times and was hard again. Jenny had reached back and was touching herself, like me she was still turned on from our shower session. I put the head against her and she took hold of me, rubbing the head between her lips. When she felt ready she positioned me at her entrance and pushed back. I entered my wife for the first time in a week. We both let out soft moans. Here was the tightness I craved, the velvet glove gripping my cock. She took me completely and we both moaned again.

We started fucking each other, I rocked my hips forward to meet her rearward thrusts then we’d separate until just my head was in her. Long slow strokes. It felt exquisite to be in my wife. We enjoyed each other for several minutes before I grabbed her hips and plunged into her, our bodies slapping together. She moaned a bit louder now with each thrust and soon she was nearing her orgasm. I went back to the long, slow thrusting.

“Oh lord I missed that this past week!” I really need to cum,” she said softly, “will you make me cum baby? I really need it. Besides, shouldn’t you let your wife cum on that beautiful cock before you put it in her sister?” She looked over her shoulder at me with a sexy grin.

I started pounding against her again and soon she was moaning. She helped herself along by reaching back and rubbing her clit. Soon she was twitching and softly moaning. I put my cock full into her and felt her muscles spasming on me.

“Oh thank you baby, thank you,” she said as she slid off me and turned around to lock lips. Her body melted against me and we stood there kissing for a long time, just enjoying the moment.

“Welcome home my love, I missed you terribly,” I said.

“Yeah, I bet you were thinking about me while you were devouring my sister.”

“Your sister is most definitely a great fuck and I enjoyed every minute you gave me with her, but if she left after getting dressed I wouldn’t care. You are the one I want to spend my life with.”

“I appreciate that, and I know that you love me, but let’s not forget that I’m the one who wants to watch you and my sister have sex.”

We hugged and then turned off the water and dried each other. We began getting dressed but I wasn’t sure what to wear so I asked Jenny.

“Go see what Vicki is wearing and wear something to complement,” she said. I slipped on a pair of shorts and headed for the guest bathroom.

Vicki was wearing a satin mini slip dress. The portion from waist to hem was runched on each side with a tassel at the bottom. The color was pastel sage green and looked amazing against her tanned skin. A pair of strappy heeled sandals sat in the corner, destined for her feet. She had put her hair up in a tousled updo with bangs and wisps of her blonde hair framing her face.

“You are so incredibly sexy,” I told her, “and that dress is going to look good on the floor next to my bed.”

“So I take it you didn’t cum in my sister, I heard her moaning in the shower. You better not have ruined this morning for me. I need your cock in me one more time before I go back to my celibate lifestyle.”

I chuckled, “There’s no reason the little hotrod standing before me should ever be celibate.”

“Thanks, but there’s a whole lot of pee in the dating köle escort pool for a woman my age.” She stopped applying her makeup and stepped close to me, she placed her hands on my bare chest and looked into my eyes.

“The last couple of days have been amazing Bryan. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Not only did I get to fulfill my fantasy of sex with you, but I also got to have sex without any of the tension that accompanies a one night stand with a stranger. Trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I felt safe with you and that let me relax and have experiences that otherwise I would never have. I can’t think of a time when I had so many orgasms in a single day. And I can’t imagine letting a stranger take my ass, yet I’m so glad I tried it. Plus, I’d never have a threesome with strangers so this morning is going to be really exciting for me. If my little sister ever wants to watch us have sex after today then I’m all in for it.”

“This weekend has been amazing for me as well. For so long I fantasized about sex with you and now that fantasy has been fulfilled beyond my wildest perverted dreams. I think the fact that we both wanted this so badly really made this weekend romp a mind-blowing experience. And if your sister ever wants to watch us again I’ll be putting her in the car and coming to your place before she’s even finished asking.”

We kissed softly and held each other for a moment then she stepped back and looked at me.

“You’re definitely under-dressed. Put on slacks and a sport coat, button down shirt but no tie. If I’m looking this good then you need to as well, and trim your mustache it’s looking a bit unruly.” I turned to leave and she smacked me on the ass. “Hey,” she whispered, poking her head around the door frame, “no cologne, I want to smell your natural scent.”

“Same for you,” I told her..

I returned to my bedroom and began to get dressed. Jenny came out of the bathroom with her hair in loose braid and wearing her satin robe.

“Did you decide what to wear?” Jenny asked.

“Vicki told me what to wear. What about you, what are you wearing.”

“I’m wearing it,” she replied.

“Oh no, if I have to get dressed then so do you. Besides, it will give me the pleasure of unwrapping you when you decide to join us. In fact, I know what you should wear.”

I stepped into her closet and after several seconds I found what I was looking for way in the back. It was a dress she rarely wore because she felt self-conscious in it. She once told me that she didn’t know why she bought it. It was one of those body-hugging dresses that a woman can’t wear anything under because it shows; no bra and no panties. It was held up by spaghetti straps on her shoulders and didn’t quite come to mid-thigh. The fabric was a shimmering black, it looked like a dense star field. She looked incredibly sexy in it and the few times she’d worn it out she got a lot of attention, lustful looks from men and looks of jealousy and disgust from the women. If Vicki was a hotrod then my Jenny was a sport bike, low and lean and fun to ride. I reached into her shoe rack and chose a pair of silver high-heeled ankle strap sandals.

“Wear this,” I said as I stepped out of the closet, “with nothing underneath you’ll have easy access to diddle yourself while you watch.”

She thought for a moment then took the dress and shoes and turned to go to the bathroom. “This hair does not go with this dress,” she said over her shoulder.

I took a seat in one of the chairs in our bedroom. I figured it would be a while if she was redoing her hair. While I was sitting there waiting, Vicki walked in. She looked at me then laughed.

“You should see the look on your face,” she said, “you remind me of the cartoons where the guy sees the sexy girl and his eyes bug out and his pupils turn into heart shapes.”

“Wow, you look incredible,” I said. She stepped over to the full length mirror that Jenny had placed near her closet. She slowly turned in a circle as she admired herself.

“I would have to agree with your assessment”, she said, then stepped over directly in front of me, “and this morning this is all yours you sexy man.”

I stood up and kissed her. Jenny stepped out of the bathroom and put a stop to that.

“Hey, don’t be starting without me!”

Jenny stood there in the dress and shoes I had picked out. She had altered her hairstyle by looping the braid she already had made around her head, like a crown. She had pulled wisps of hair out so they framed her face. At this moment I would be hard pressed to say which woman standing before me was the more beautiful. Of course, if they asked I’d say Jenny, I’m not stupid. They both wore dresses that displayed their assets well and both had very feminine hairstyles. The only differences were a few pounds; the brunette was lean and athletic looking, the blonde had softer curves. Fortunately I didn’t have to decide which one to have sex with, köle escort bayan I was going to enjoy them both.

Jenny kissed me and I felt a surge in my pants. Our lips and our tongues met momentarily. She ended our kiss and told Vicki and I, “You two have my permission to do anything and everything you want to each other. I won’t stop you. Let’s get this started because I’m so turned on just thinking about it that I can feel my excitement running down my leg.”

Jenny sat in the other chair as Vicki and I began. She stepped close to me and put her hands on my chest. I ran my fingers along one cheek and then placed my hand just behind her ear and pulled her lips to mine. At first we did small kisses on each other’s lips and cheeks then our lips met again and slightly parted, our tongues teasing. It was the most passionate kiss I had ever shared with my sister-in-law, not that I had shared that many. I cock rose in my pants. Our lips continued to meet as she put her hands inside my sport coat and slid it off my shoulders. Jenny took it and laid it across the back of her chair. Vicki began unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled the tail from inside waistband of my pants and finished the last couple of buttons and then handed it to Jenny who placed it with my sport coat. She touched my chest and then disengaged our lips. She kissed her way across my cheek to my ear. She nibbled and kissed my earlobe.

“I’m going to consume you, stud,” she whispered loud enough that Jenny could hear. “I’m going to consume you and take your cum while your wife watches us. She told us we could do anything and, trust me, I intend to do everything.”

I heard a small noise from Jenny, I glanced over and she had raised one foot to the seat of the chair and raised her dress. Her hand was between her legs.

Vicki kissed and licked her way down my neck and across my clavicle to my shoulder then she repeated on the other side. Kissing her way back to the notch where my clavicles meet she gave it a good lick and then proceeded up the front of my neck and across my Adams apple. Jenny had stood to get a better look. She was breathing heavy as her fingers were busy between her legs.

She then kissed and licked her way down my neck and to my chest. She gave each nipple a lick and a suck. She kissed my upper chest then back up my neck to my ear. She placed her nose against me and took a deep breath. “You smell good enough to eat,” she whispered. As she did this she slid her fingertips down my stomach and past my belt to my cock. “Mmm, that is quite a hard cock you have there. Would you like me to take it out and suck it?”

“You know I would, I want to feel your lips and tongue on it and I want to watch your lips engulf it,” I whispered.

Vicki slowly kissed and licked her way back down my chest and across my stomach to my belt. She unbuckled it and then undid my pants letting them slide down to my ankles, then she grabbed the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down as well. My cock stood at full attention. Jenny let out a slight gasp as Vicki knelt in front of me and took it in her hand. She licked it from base to tip. Jenny knelt beside us.

“Mmm, that’s a beautiful, tasty cock. I’m really going to enjoy sucking and fucking it. And how do I know that you ask? Well because I’ve spent the last two days sucking and fucking it. And now I get to put on a show for your wife so she can learn how to properly care for this delicious cock.” She put her nose as the base of my cock and inhaled. “Mmmm”, she moaned.

Vicki licked the head and then engulfed my cock, she looked directly into Jenny’s eyes as she did it Jenny’s fingers drove her to cum and she let out a long low moan. She put one hand on my hip to steady herself as she quivered there watching her sister suck me.

Vicki pulled my cock out of her mouth but continued kissing it as she addressed Jenny in a whisper.

“Oh that’s a delicious cock Jenny. He’s already leaking precum. I can taste it. It’s slippery and salty. Do you know why he’s so excited Jenny? Because he knows what’s coming. He knows that whether he cums in my mouth like that day in my kitchen or he cums deep in my pussy he is going to enjoy it.”

She sucked on the head again, being sure to lick up my precum.

“Kiss me,” she whispered to Jenny. Jenny was in a trance. Vicki leaned towards her. Jenny leaned in as well and their lips and tongue met. Vicki parted her lips and Jenny explored her mouth. She moaned softly as she sucked on Vicki’s tongue. I nearly came watching these two incredibly sexy women kiss. If they had ever done this before it was another secret they shared. Jenny drove herself to another orgasm as Vicki leaned back, ending their kiss.

“Did you like that little sis? Did you like tasting your husband’s cock on my tongue?”

“Mmmmaaaahh, yes,” Jenny said breathlessly as her orgasm subsided.

“Would you like to taste his cock little sis? If you do you should escort köle probably do it before I cover him with my wetness.”

Jenny nodded vigorously and leaned forward. Vicki held my cock and Jenny licked the tip and then wrapped her lips around it. I heard and felt her moan. Vicki put a hand on the back of Jenny’s head and pushed her lips towards the base of my cock and held it there.

“See, I told you it was a delicious cock. Don’t you agree sis?”

Jenny moaned in agreement then Vicki pulled her mouth off my cock. Jenny was panting, trying to catch her breath.

“Do you think it’s delicious enough to share? How about we both suck it? Just do what I do little sis, I’ll teach you how to be a fantastic cock sucker.”

Vicki put her lips on one side of my cock at the base so Jenny put hers on the other side. Vicki began moving her lips up my cock as her tongue licked the underside. Jenny followed suit. Up and down my shaft they kissed and licked. After several trips along my shaft Vicki pulled back.

“Look at that sis, your husband’s excitement is dripping out the end of his cock.” It was, there was a drop of precum that had collected on the tip of my cock.

“It’s time you took command of your sex life and your husbands sexual satisfaction. There are two things in this world that a man will do anything… anything, for. Those two things are pussy and a blow job. Take command little sis, lick his cock clean and give the head a suck.”

Jenny was still entranced. With the sexual tension in the room and the act of recreating her voyeurism event Jenny would have done anything we asked. So, she did, she leaned forward and licked the precum from my cock then licked the entire head and wrapped her lips around it, gently sucking me. She moaned with my cock head in her mouth. Vicki leaned in and started kissing my shaft again. I moaned, nearly ready to cum. Fortunately I was used to edging so I was able to hold back but I had to stop this stimulation before I fell over the cliff. I took a step back to disengage the two of them.

“Listen you little sluts! You have to stop before I spill my cum on your lips!”

“Mmm, did it feel good to have two women giving you oral pleasure stud?” Vicki said with a grin.

Jenny was still kneeling there with her fingers between her legs.

“I think your wife enjoyed it as much as you did.” Then addressing Jenny, “did you enjoy helping me suck your man’s beautiful cock you little slut?”

“Yes,” answered Jenny, still in a trance with her eyes closed.

“Did you like the taste of the excitement leaking out of him?” Vickie asked her sister.

“Oh yes, I want to taste more,” she answered. I was taken aback by her response.

I sat down to remove my pants and shoes and then I helped Jenny into the other chair.

“I see a problem,” I said to Vicki, “I’m naked and you’re not.”

She stepped close to me then pressed her body against mine and gazed up into my eyes. “You’re a problem solver, solve this one.”

I knelt down in front of her and ran my hands up the front of her thighs. When I reached the hem of her dress I hooked it with my thumbs and let my hands continue their journey up her body; thighs, pelvis, stomach, pulling the hem as I went. I stood and changed my grip on the hem as I continued to raise her dress over her breasts. She stretched her arms over her head as I lifted the dress above her head and totally off. She now stood there naked except for her panties and heels. Her panties were almost non-existent. A tiny triangular piece of lace barely covered the target of my lust. Two straps ran around her hips and crossed in the back forming a diamond shape. A single strap disappeared between her cheeks. I touched the lace and gently applied pressure as I ran my fingers over it, causing her to moan softly. The lace was damp. “I crave your touch Bryan,” she whispered.

I rose up and sat in the chair. “Give me your tits,” I told her. She put a hand under eat tit and held them as she stepped between my legs.

“Devour my tits like you did Friday, show our wife what you did to her sister.”

Just like the first time, I ran my palms over her hardening nipples as I lightly ran my fingertips over her ample breasts. I pulled on her nipples and twisted them just hard enough to elicit a moan then began kissing the sides of her tits and slowly worked my way to her nipples. Jenny moved around to stand behind me for a better view. I gave each nipple a suck then flicked them with my tongue. She gasped then moaned and began to run her fingers through my hair. The nipple I was not sucking and nibbling on I fondled, gently pinching and pulling. I kissed and licked all over her tits and inhaled her scent.

“Mmm, you suck my tits so good Bryan. Are you enjoying watching your husband suck these big titties Jenny? This is an experience that he’ll never share with you. He may enjoy sucking on yours but mine will always be bigger,” Vicki gloated.

“That’s true sis, but in another ten years mine are still going to be perky, with nipples that point to the heavens and yours are going to be sagging, held up only by your bra. Who’s titties will he want then?” Jenny countered.

“No need to fight over me you little sluts, I’m going to suck all the titties today,” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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