Sisterhood of the Travelling Snatch

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I don’t know if it happens for you like this, but sometimes I just look at someone and know we are going to fuck. Immediately. Not, “I hope we do.” Or, “Maybe this will happen.” Simply, “Oh, we’re going to fuck. Alright.” Utter certainty.

It isn’t like that very often, but it’s happened a few times now, so I’m confident in my assessment. It doesn’t hurt that I’m cute, but I’m not a model or anything. I’m not the kind of woman who could pick any man and say, “I think I will fuck him.” And get to.

But sometimes I absolutely know.

The time in question was a few years ago and I love thinking about it still. It was when I still lived at home. I had just finished my second year of college and was celebrating my younger Sister’s high school graduation with friends and family. My posse of girlfriends were there, my Sister’s closest fellow grads, my parents, grandparents, cousins, neighbors and old family friends. It was a fun, informal events, packed with people.

My girlfriends and I were talking in the front room, while most people were in the great room and the kitchen. We college women were pretending we were above all this, but we were playing a Game we had played since junior year.

The four of us had been playing a Game we got from a movie. This Game determined who we slept with, how many lovers at a time, and what we did. It was a simple dice rolling Game that we made up and shaped over the years into our own specific, ever evolving Game.

It always depended on the available men, and where we were at in our personal journeys. We had all played the Game to determine to whom we gave our first blow-job too, and how many boys we gave them to. Mine had been to Marshall William, Chad Torbet and Devon Smyth-Shore.

We rolled to lose our virginity- Richard Dansforth and Mark Herman- and to try any number of sex act that the others claimed to have tried already. It was a sexual competition, and an initiation into the deeper mysteries of sex.

There were enough men at this gathering to make the idea of the Game possible, but since many of them were my relatives, I had been spared from committing to playing. The others were working up their nerve to try and sleep with one of my family members, or guests, in my house, in the middle of the afternoon and it was getting me hot thinking about sneaking off to fuck in my own room.

Sadly there were only boyfriends of my Sister’s friends, cousins or gross middle aged neighbors for me to choose from. We still hadn’t started sleeping with married men or guys with girlfriends, but that did start later.

Then the doorbell rang.

My Dad used to be a musician, my Mom had been an actress and singer and they had met during a musical theater tour they had done together in the nineties. Now he runs a company my grandma started and my Mom is a Drama Teacher, but they have all these cool friends from back then.

I answered the door and saw my Dad’s best friend Callum. I’d known Callum for as long as I could remember. He was a guitarist who toured with all sorts of performers as a go-to player. He wasn’t a permanent member of a band, usually, but he made his living playing for solo artists as a tour player or as a session guy on recordings.

To be honest he had always seemed a little square when I was little. I liked him fine but he was weird and loud and laughed at all my Dad’s dumb jokes. But the last time I’d seen him a year ago he seemed different, somehow.

Now as I opened the door I almost didn’t recognize him. He had lost weight, he looked super fit, he had grown his beard really long and looked like a cool hippy. Except for the fact that he had a lot of grey in his beard, at a glance he looked like he was in his late twenties. He had somehow become a Silver Fox.

When he looked at me I saw him register that I was now a woman. He hugged me, and his tight, firm body pressed along mine and I felt a flush wash over me as I responded with pleasure in his embrace. He hugged me really intimately, but not sexually. He didn’t press his cock into me or anything; it was more that he really cared about me as a person, not just an extension of my father.

I knew immediately we were going to fuck.

I played hostess and showed him around. I watched him greet my Dad, and then I even hung around to hear about the latest news. Callum was playing with a young band of his own. They had been using his connections to open for bigger artists and- at least hearing it from him- they were getting a lot of attention.

He seemed really grounded, confident, and sexy. My Mom came over and gushed over him, then my grandmother, who he had worked for as a musician, and I could even see some of my Sister’s friends trying to get a look at him. It was as if a celebrity had dropped in.

Over the years I had met so many actors and musicians I suppose I’d forgotten than most people never meet actual artists, and that artists are different. He stood calmly and confidently in the centre of a big rip her up porno group, telling stories and listening closely to other’s stories. There was a vibe that he was perfectly comfortable here, even though he looked and dressed like he could be a New York nightclub. Almost everyone else there looked square and suburban next to him.

Finally I went back to the girls who pressed me for information. They had all met him before but not one recognized him. I was glad I hadn’t been the only one that had never noticed how hot Callum was. I was sure he hadn’t been that cool when I was a teenager, and later, looking at old photos, I saw he wasn’t.

By this point two of the ladies had rolled and chosen both who they were going to seduce, and what they were going to do. They knew me, and could tell I wanted to play now, because of Callum so the dice were handed to me.

Courtney spoke to me formally, in the voice we all adopted when challenging the others. “There are three men here you could have, Kyle” (My Sister’s odd childhood friend; cute, but probably a virgin.)”Collared Shirt,” (Ted, a single teacher from my Mom’s school who was there for some reason) “and Callum.” They all grinned knowing I wanted him. They wanted him too.

“Tiffany could have five. Those three as well as Josh and Emmet.” My cousins.

Rather than try and explain I’m just going to tell you what happened that day and hopefully you can piece the Game together. First Tiff and I rolled the die to see who went first. I rolled a five and she rolled a three. I went first.

Which meant, in this case, I rolled the die after assigning numbers to each guy I could potentially fuck. 1-2 were for Kyle, 3-4 were Ted, and 5-6 were Callum. Once that was established I rolled and… I wouldn’t be telling you this story if I hadn’t rolled Callum, with a five.

Since it was the middle of the afternoon, and no-one was drinking that much, except us, we all agreed that sex was all that was required of us. We didn’t have to pull off anything difficult or particularly risky. Although I might have argued that fucking anyone in my parents’ house was difficult. That meant that I didn’t have to roll to see how many men I fucked, that was the norm for us now.

I also didn’t have to roll to perform any specific sex act the ladies felt I was due to perform, or hadn’t tried yet. The latter was getting scarcer, so we’d have to get inventive in the future. But when this story happened I still lived at home and my house was full with people we all had known since we were children. My parents still treated me like a child.

I had stayed at home to go to school because I didn’t need to go anywhere; the best music program in the country was in my hometown, and not far from where we lived. But it was beginning to suck trying to have a nightlife.

I hadn’t been laid in months, and I knew that was a big factor in my willingness to risk playing the Game in this setting. That, and the huge thrill of seducing a man who thought of me as a little girl.

Once all of us had a target, we set off. The way we worked was both competitive and co-operative. We would be able to use each other in any way necessary to pull off our goal, but we were each trying to be first. That got us the most points.

Oh yeah, we have a running tally of total points scored, and had yearly targets for the title of Champ Tramp. Champ Tramp was Tiffany this year. I hadn’t won since senior year because I didn’t have my own place. I was falling behind.

I mingled with my Mom for a while, knowing she would go to Callum soon, she always did. She had a crush on him, but I didn’t think it was sexual, more that he listened to her with new, interested ears, unlike Dad who did his best, but…

As I hoped, she used bragging about me as an excuse to talk to Callum almost as soon as I joined her. Mom told him about my singing and my grades. I had competed in a band competition at school but didn’t win because the rest of the Sisterhood were terrible musicians. I didn’t care, it was fun to sing with them, but it was embarrassing to tell Callum about.

As Mom bragged about her little girl, I couldn’t get enough of how Callum looked at me. He knew me, had known me my whole life. He had memories of me I didn’t even have because I had been too young. I felt young under his gaze. His eyes are blue, but they change colour with his mood, which I’d noticed years ago.

I’d never seen them this dark before, and I realized it was because his pupils were dilated. Once I stopped feeling like an insecure child, I assessed him again and was suddenly sure that he was attracted to me. His entire being was focused on me, and I flushed once again with lust.

I peeled out after a tiny bit of flirting, right under my mother’s nose, and I started tidying the debris of the party. This gave me the chance to let his hunter’s instinct kick in, please my Mom and become invisible to most of the crowd.

While I was cleaning, rus porno I decided to troll for his attention. I wasn’t dressed provocatively, but I have a tight, sexy body. I bent from the waist so I could stick out my ass, which looked great in tight jeans.

I caught Callum looking. His eyes glanced up at mine and after just a Moment, I looked away. Did I see him checking me out? Did I mind? He wouldn’t be sure.

Then I let some wine from a discarded glass spill on the floor beside him. I put down my handful of stuff and used some paper towel to wipe up the spill. I cleaned and scrubbed vigorously, trying my hardest to flash my tits as he looked down at me.

I was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, with a knitted vest over it. The t-shirt had a deep V-neck. I rarely wear a bra because my tits are only an A-Cup. I love showing off my boobs, I think they are super cute, perky and sexy. When I thought he’s had enough of a show I stopped wiping the floor. I glanced up as I stood and saw his eyes were locked on my chest. Then his eyes met mine again and he smiled.

It may have been a smile of thanks for cleaning, or it could have been a secret smile of awareness. I wasn’t sure. I reached out with my empty hand and stroked along the back of his arm, grazing his triceps. His shirt was soft and his flesh firm.

“Do you need anything?”

“No, thank you.” How had I never seen how poised he was, how grounded and still? It was like being next to a monk, except he radiated sexual confidence too.

“You’re smile is really beautiful.” He said. Had he not seen me since I’d gotten my braces off?

“Thanks.” We talked a bit about my teeth, and I was delighted in how focused his attention on me was. I realized he had always been like that; I’d just been too uncomfortable with it. Even now I was insecure, it was difficult to be sure if he was flirting or not. I tried to be as sensual as I could as we talked about my mouth, but braces aren’t that sexy.

I touched him on the arms at least three other times, getting a sense of how muscular his arms were. He was trim, maybe 5’10 and 175 pounds, and his beard was huge, really thick and long, but amazingly sculpted. It made him look like a Viking warrior, except he was shorter and less muscle bound.

The way he dressed was odd, but cool. He had on tight, fitted jeans that showed his legs were fit and muscular, his socks were funky stripped things that were really popular right then. He had a huge, thick leather belt with a simple but large buckle that looked vaguely piratical.

His shirt was a gorgeous soft materiel. It was simple in design, and lumberjack/long-johns looking thing, but the colour faded from dark blue at the shoulders to a pale blue at the cuffs and hem. He wore a soft ski hat, that slouched on his head and tilted to one side, sort of a gnomes hat, of light tan. It was really cool, and overall he looked like a mountain man rock star, which, I guess he was.

The beard smelled amazing, and suddenly inspired, I grabbed Courtney’s arm as she walked by with an empty glass.

“Smell his beard.” I said. “It smells amazing.”

Courtney gave me a weird look, and then leaned in and pressed her annoyingly sexy body against him as she took a deep sniff. Going in for another smell she absently pressed her hand to his chest to feel his pec. Then she gave up trying to twat-block me, distracted by the amazing smell.

“Wow, this is great.”

For his part Callum accepted it humbly, but clearly pleased. With the ice broken, I was now free to do what I’d been dying to do. I also pressed myself to him, using a discrete hand to pinch Courtney on the nipple.

The smell was a mix of spicy, subtle, manly smells. It was some kind of hair oil and the beard itself was far softer than it looked. I really liked the way it tickled my cheek. My tit was pressed to his arm, and I too caressed his pec, enjoying how firm and heavy it felt.

I was on my tiptoes to get my face close to his, and I enjoyed how small and feminine I felt next to him. My nipples tightened palpably, and my pussy was opening. It was so sexy flirting in my own kitchen with my Dad’s best friend, while my family filled the room. God I was so bad!

Our behavior attracted attention, so I pulled back and called my Mom over to smell him. There were a few Moments of discussion about the beard oil he used and we ladies gushed over him. The smell was really sexy though. He looked a little scruffy, which I liked, but he smelled better, and more subtly than any guys my age ever did.

My Dad came over and they talked for a bit and I peeled out again. Now I could feel his eyes on me everywhere. I finally had him.

Now what?

My folks made a little speech and cut cake. The afternoon grew mellow, conversation everywhere.. I could see Tiffany getting close with Josh, it wouldn’t be long now for them, but I had home court advantage.

Gathering Courtney and Giselle I asked them to cover me as I went sert porno upstairs. I waited for Callum to be alone for a Moment and then asked him if he wanted to see my guitar? I left it in my room, the perfect reason to get him up there.

The door to my room opened onto a landing that overlooked the great room and kitchen. I could see right up into my room from where I stood in the kitchen with Callum. I needed the Sisterhood to help me. As I lead him upstairs, the ladies came too, right behind us, obscuring us in a small crowd so it didn’t look like a couple going into a room.

I entered my room and Callum followed, and passed me as I shut the door behind him. Courtney and Giselle stayed up there talking for a Moment, then left when attention was properly diverted.

“This is sweet.” Callum said of my acoustic. My Dad had helped me pic it out and I figured Callum would approve. He sat on my bed, conveniently, and started to play. His nimble fingers danced along the fretboard and I was genuinely impressed.

Feeling like a teenager, I sat next to him and adored his playing for a bit. Unable to help himself, Callum showed off for a pretty girl. Noodling a complex riff, he sang softly, his voice light and pitch perfect.

When he was done I was actually breathless, my heart swollen with lust and my panties soaked. Watching a confident player sing and play passionately mesmerized me. When he put the guitar down I leaned in and kissed him, actually a little bit in love.

Kissing back, he allowed me to lead and I explored his mouth hungrily, happy to be feeling his beard, lips and tongue. I was panting. Vibrating with nerves and lust. I pulled back, needing to catch my breath.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly, his eyes kind and amused.

“Holy fuck. I can’t believe how horny I am. What the hell?”

He grinned, embarrassed and pleased. I saw the man he would have been when my parents and he were young. He seemed shy and hopeful, but I saw an inner security that I doubt had been there back then.

“I guess I’m not the only younger woman to throw herself at you, am I?”

“Is that what’s happening here?”

“Yes.” I whispered, suddenly shy myself.

“I admit to being surprised.”

“Oh yeah? How could you not predict the daughter of one of your oldest friends suddenly wanting to fuck you?” we laughed.

“I wish you hadn’t reminded me.”

“Oh yeah? Isn’t that part of the thrill?”

Glancing away, he nodded and smiled, chagrined. It was super cute and made me want him more. I loved knowing he knew it was wrong, but that he wanted it too. I felt powerful, alluring, and dangerous. A Femme Fatal.

Reaching out, I took a hold of his beard and used it to pull him in to my mouth. I kissed him hungrily, amazed at how incredibly charged this Moment was. I was kissing the oldest man I had ever kissed and it was amazing, he was a much better kisser than any of the other boys I’d kissed.

More than that though, the mental part of this, the risk of being caught, the layers of taboo were inciting me. I couldn’t wait to show him my body. I wanted a man I had known forever to see me, judge me, and want me, as an affirmation that I was totally a woman now.

As we kissed, his hands shyly began to touch me, on the shoulders at first, then my arms as we grew more and more heated. I wanted him to take me, so I lay back on the bed and lifted my arms over my head. I wanted to look languid and available, I think it worked. Lowering his head to my chest, he pressed himself to my breasts and sighed.

I tried to imagine how he would feel, seducing his best friend’s daughter. It might feel as awful as it did good. To distract him, I ran my fingers through his hair and lied.

“I’ve wanted this for so long. I have thought of you, alone, at night, when you slept over. I hoped you would come to me in the night, but I knew you wouldn’t… until I was older.”

Callum lifted his face to look into my eyes. I felt more vulnerable when he did that. I felt like he could see right through me. I’d never been this intimate with someone who had been around the block and had probably seen girls like me play these kinds of Games before.

I stopped lying; his focused attention was too present. I felt exposed as I spoke, so I let him see me, and I told the truth.

“I don’t know how this happened, but I felt sure when I saw you at the door. I want you. This is the day, our one chance for this experience. Right now. I don’t know why I’m so sure of that, but I am.”

Compassionate eyes locked on mine and I felt safer than ever before. Emotionally safe. There was no danger from him, just risk in the situation.

As he hesitated, looking inward, I took his hand and placed in on my breast. Sighing at just the warm weight pressing on me, I waited for him to begin to fondle me. When his fingers curled and gripped my mound I mewled a totally unexpected sound of yearning.

The feel of his hand massaging my boob was making my hips squirm as my jealous clit tried to find satisfaction. Then we were kissing passionately again, his mouth devouring mine. It felt different now. He was masterful, confident and the sexiest mix of passionate and gentle.

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