Sisterly Love Ch. 09

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Illustrated version available on request to Author

“Howie … why was there semen on me when only the two of us were in the house? I want the truth, Howie. Did you fuck me while I was out of it?”

I wanted to hide like I did when I was three years old, but there was no place to do it.

“Yes,” I said, thinking the heavens would crash down on me for having had sex with both my sister and then my mother.

There was a look of incredulity on her face. “Why–why would you do such a thing? It’s–it’s sacrilegious! It’s against all natural law. Why Howie, please tell me why?”

“I—I’m always horny. I’d probably fuck anything that wasn’t moving too fast for me to catch. That’s what I am, Mom. I know what I did was wrong. But look at you, you’re a beautiful woman. You had the men at the reception falling all over one another wanting you.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Mom, you know you did. Remember when we danced? You–you deliberately pressed up against me. You knew you’d get me hard, and you did. You found it funny.

“And later, in the car, you let your dress ride up, exposing your thighs and that–that garter belt. Maybe you had too much to drink. I didn’t count them, but I didn’t see you consume that many. I think you pretended to be drunk and let me do those things to you because you wanted me too.”

“How dare you say such a thing to me? I’m your mother!”

“Yes you are, and I love you. And–and I respect you too. But I happened to overhear some of your conversation with Aunt Elaine.”

My Mother’s face went chalk white.

“You seemed to enjoy talking about my ‘jizz’ and my ‘boner,’ and how horny it made you. You also took a perverse pleasure in regaling her with how I seduced you. So with all due respect Mom, I think you led me into doing what I did, knowing where it would end. So please don’t put the blame on me.”

My mother’s reaction kept changing. She was shocked. She was stunned. She was infuriated, but none of those emotions seemed to work for her, and she finally gave up the battle, turned on her heel, and left the room, going straight to her bedroom and slamming the door.

I waited about twenty minutes for her to come back with a fresh argument, but she remained behind closed doors.


I called Regina, found out she could meet me for coffee and left the house.

Reggie and I talked and did some smooching but nothing serious. I learned that her parents were none the wiser about her activities the night before and we decided to go out on an official date the following night.

I also broached the subject of Sydnie-Ann Jablonski, she of the pigtailed red hair and milky white skin, who was Reggie’s exhibitionistic neighbor.

Normally this would have been dangerous territory, for Reggie considered Sydnie-Ann a threat, boyfriend wise. But apparently our recent sexual escapade had solidified our relationship and she confided that Sydnie-Ann had approached her and they’d gotten along fabulously, in fact it ended with their discussing a possible threesome.

Before I could question her further, Reggie giddily volunteered that they’d met only that afternoon and Sydnie-Ann had laughed about ‘that time by the window’ when she’d deliberately fornicated in front of us.’

“Wow!” was the best I could manage.

“I told her she’d made the both of us so hot we fucked like rabbits watching her.”

My erection was going through the roof.

Still I managed to get out: “Interesting, Reggie; how did she take that?”

“That’s when she mentioned trying a three-way with us!”


“Yeah,” she laughed. “That’s what I said too.”

“We’re not …” I left the words hanging.

“Yeah,” she said, dragging the word out. “I’m still thinking about it. She is soooo fuckin’ hot, you know?”

“Well, you think about it. I’ll go along with whatever you say, but a three-way … WOW!”


We made out a little in a doorway near her house, but aside from some tittie grabbing and some serious dry humping we didn’t do much and I was on my way home by 7:30.

It had been a long day, full of tension and stress what with getting caught with Reggie one night and then caught out that morning after fucking my mother.

I turned in after seeing that my mom was still in her bedroom, calling “Good night” to her and receiving the same greeting back from her without any ice attached to it. I felt some stress leave me and I went to bed and jerked off thinking about a three-way with Sydnie-Ann and Reggie. Wow, could it get any better?


It must have been just past dawn when I felt her slip into my bed.


“Shush, I just want to lie next to you for a while. That’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said. (If you can think of a better response let me know.)

“I–I don’t know how to put this, Howie. I haven’t had … what I mean is … I’m a normal woman and since your father left …”

“I think I understand, latin sex tapes porno Mom. Those dates didn’t turn out so good, and …”

“Just leave it at that, Howie,” she said and there were tears in her eyes. “So last night when I saw you and Regina … and again this afternoon when you …”

She was wearing a white nightie under the tattered robe. The robe was tied tightly and her large breasts swelled over the belt, though it was too bulky to get much of a look. Instead, I focused on her tanned legs as they travelled into darkness covered by the robe that didn’t leave anything above her knees visible, until she leaned forward to emphasize her point and her right breast was all but exposed in the dim light of the bedroom. She caught my eyes moving to her chest and she sighed as she undid the robe’s belt and shucked it off and to the floor and straddled me. She made no attempt to cover the errant boob.

“There was a time when you couldn’t get enough of these babies,” she said with that Mona Lisa smile.

My dreams…my wet dreams were coming true.

“Mom, you … want me to …”

“Umm, yeah … if you want …”

There were no more words. I pounced on the firm breast in front of me and toyed with it while she moaned with pleasure.

Only when I got around to pulling on her fat nipples did she say anything, and then it was just: “Suck them! Bite them! Bite them hard!”

I recall growling like a wild man and locking my lips around that puffy nipple and the longish hairs surrounding her areola. I had one hand cupping her left breast, my fingers dark against its silver whiteness. The other held her at the small of her back, feeling her slender body arch up to receive me.

The only sounds in the room were the rustling of sheets as we writhed on the bed and the loud, greedy sucking noises I made as I went to town on those memorable nipples.

“Ohhhh, yesssss!” she hissed, with her head bent back in raw pleasure as I moved from breast to the hollow of her neck and kissed her a hundred times or more before attacking her shoulders.

Finally she pushed me back against the pillows and spoke again, her mouth close to mine.

“Tell me you want me, Howie!”


Then shaking my head in order to clear it, I sat up and skinned out of my underpants. My dick almost slapped my belly as it sprang up. I sat there a moment; hips slightly thrust forward, cock at attention and asked, “Is this what you want?”

“Oh, my God … YES!” my mother replied, and pulled the shift she wore up, bunching around her waist, and then spread her legs.

“And is this what you want to see?”

God, it was beautiful. Her pubic hair was curly and thick on top. It was trimmed on the sides and on the lips. My mother trimmed her pussy hair! But of course, hadn’t she been dating guys trying to get laid?

Scooting her hips forward she caused our legs to overlap. She scrunched her bottom toward me. Her splayed legs pulled the lips of her pussy apart just a little and I could see the glistening pink inside. The scent of pussy was overpowering in the air, and I wanted nothing more than to bury my face in her crotch.

Below her partially-open pussy, I could just see her puckered anus. I was getting the full treatment and somehow I knew it was deliberate on her part.

My dick lurched as I hunched my ass closer to her and slowly slid my legs on top of hers.

The head of my cock was only inches from her pussy. I could see her clit as she pulled the hood back. She was showing me her little hard-on.

By now I was so excited I didn’t know what I wanted. I wanted it all. I wanted to jerk off to this … I wanted to watch her do whatever she wanted … but even more I wanted her to touch me, to touch my cock, my balls, my ass.

I paused to sniff her, like a dog. I’m not ashamed of doing it. A moment later she was licking my chest. So the feeling was mutual, sort of anyway.

“Want me to?” I managed to get out.

She answered with her pelvis, thrusting the loins that bore me such a short time before, until our sexes touched. Until the head of my now purple cock nudged the outside lip of her labia.

To this day I believe I hesitated, and instead of entering her welcoming slit, I took myself in hand and slapped at her sex with it, stimulating her even more by mindlessly cuffing her clit.

With a suddenness that shocked me, my mother seized my cock in one hand and brought it to the gaping opening of her pussy. “Shove it in there!” She croaked huskily.

And then I was inside! I couldn’t tell fantasy from reality.

Her cunt constricted on my cock and I was fucking my mother!

“Slap, slap, slap.”

Visions and images swam before me. Talon-like red nails — wet fingers holding her cunt lips open — strained, garbled, meaningless speech: “Fuck-fuck …Shit—Piss-Cunt—Cock—Semen …Semen … cumming!”

“Come on me! Come on me! Come on me!” she chanted over and over as I squirted ropy spurts of white jism in her cunt, and then on her lezbiyen porno chest, stomach and pussy hair.

I must have blacked out for a moment. My next awareness was of being held … she had my cock in her hand and was milking it. My body spasmed, a jerk that pushed an unbidden grunt from my chest.

“Oh, Howie … Dear god, please forgive me? Please–please hold me! I need to be held, Howie, please!”

We held tightly to one another for a couple minutes, or until my dick rose up again.

“OH …” my mother gasped, and like a woman possessed, climbed on top of me, seized my dick and lined it up with her pussy and impaled herself with it.

I know I let out a loud groan when she placed both hands on my shoulders and rode my cock. Within a minute she announced she was coming and after a violent shudder, she dismounted and stood quaking on the floor.

I lay in bed dumbfounded staring at my involuntarily jerking penis until she spoke to me.

“C’mon, baby, get up.”

I did, standing witless until told what to do. My mother leaned forward and placed both hands on the dresser next to the bed.

“Fuck me from behind, baby,” she whispered. “Fuck me hard!”

I obeyed, nudging her legs apart, positioned my cock at her entrance, shoved it into her, and then following her command, jackhammered into her.

I recall reaching under her and seizing her tits, tweaking and plucking and twisting those elongated nipples until she was gasping in both pain and pleasure. In return, she reached behind her with one hand and dug her long nails into my thigh; the other reached up and pulled my hair while screaming.


I kept hammering away at her. Where the energy came from is still a mystery to me, but I maintained it throughout until we both collapsed to the floor.

We lay quietly on the floor breathing hard. It took a while to recover from the exhaustive copulation just completed. Eventually we found ourselves back in the bed.

“Mom …” I began, but her finger went to my mouth in a silent shush.

“Can you do me again?” she said with a girlish giggle.

“I guess,” I replied without really knowing.

“You can? You really can?”

I laughed and said, “What would you like me to do?”

Her eyes went wide at my words. To be honest, she scared the hell out of me right then, but she replied, slowly and clearly: “Leave your mark on my body. Beat my buttocks and my breasts. Pull my hair. I want bruises on my skin. Bite marks, welts, hickeys, stuff like that so I can remember that this really happened.”

“Should … shouldn’t we be using protection?” I murmured into her ear as she stoked me back into hardness.

She laughed and replied, “There’s no need, I had my tubes tied a couple years ago after we … your father and I decided against trying for any more children. Our so-called marriage was already crumbling but neither of us saw it at the time.”

She turned to face me, kissed me softly on the mouth and grabbed my almost flaccid penis. “Howie, would you mind if I took you in my mouth?”

“No, Mom, not at all.” I’ve wondered about that request ever since. I mean, I couldn’t recall any woman asking permission to suck my dick, you know?”

Early the following morning, with my mother having to return to work and me to school, my cock wasn’t so willing to rise to the occasion and so wanting to send my mother off with a ringing tingle between her legs–her words, not mine–I untangled the blankets, slapped two pillows under her shoulders and went down on her for the first time.

I can still remember several glimpses back in time to that momentous event. Her hand clutching at the back of my head as I lapped away at her clit. Sliding my index and middle fingers into her sloppy wet cunt, then hooking them out while tapping at the inner walls and making her cum as she whimpered, “Unbelievable,” over and over and over with the bed sheets wadded in her fists as she humped my hand and the air above.

In reciprocating, my mother sucked me off, wetly and slowly. I seemed to last a long, long time, deriving pleasure from her fingers toying with my asshole and her tongue which was doing incredible things to my cock and balls.

Unable to take anymore of her slow thrilling sucks, I cupped her face in my hands and pried her mouth from my dick and pulled her up for a long tongue filled kiss. I recall kneeling on the mattress with her leg draped over my thigh.

I slipped into her with an ease that should have bothered me, but didn’t. Her feet slowly elevated as I cajoled my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. She made a little sucking noise and I realized she wanted me to kiss her again, and I did.

When my cock slipped out, both our hands went for it to return it to its rightful place.

After that she crossed her ankles over the small of my back and somehow mashed those incredible breasts against my chest, puny as it might have been all while I was slamming powerful jabs into her and screaming as we both started liseli porno cumming.

After that she called her sister, Elaine.

“I have to tell her, Howie,” she said.”I–I–that is, we’re close–so close you wouldn’t believe.”

I knew then that I wasn’t the first one in the family to commit incest. I choked back a laugh on realizing that Stephanie, my sister had in all probability, seduced me!

My mother extolled our recent sexual adventures to her sister, with Elaine making excited comments that sounded like, ‘Did you do this, or that, and then what?’

My Mother’s eyes flashed over at me. She smiled nervously, and told her that I was really hung, and had the endurance of a bull.

“Yes,” she told her sister, “I think he would. Wait a second … I’ll ask …”

I answered her question before she put it to me. “Yeah, Mom, Aunt Elaine is welcome in our bed anytime you want her over.”


I started to dress.

“Wait! Wait! Howie … we–we can do it again … there’s time!”

And to her sister, “Gotta go! He’s ready for one last time before school! Love you too!”

We went doggy-style after that, with her ass tilted skyward. She tightened her vaginal muscles around my dick and later explained the kegeling process to me. I came much sooner than either of us thought I would, and she didn’t get off with me.

I said I was sorry and dressed, then nibbling at a bagel, I left for school.

The incestuous storm was far from over. In fact, the remainder of the week was a tsunami in itself.

I picked up with Reggie; we got in a quick fuck and a 69 that afternoon behind the bleachers next to the football field. No one was the wiser, although I did find several used condoms lying about, so it didn’t come off as a ‘new’ love nest in either of our eyes.

She did have great news though. Sydnie-Ann’s parents were beginning new hours on their respective jobs. Actually they worked as a team together, something about regulating the price of gasoline on the stations in their region for the mother company. It had to be done between the hours of five and ten-thirty pm. Leaving Sydnie-Ann’s apartment open for whatever Sydnie-Ann-Ann wanted to do, and she had plans galore.

Fuckathon at Sydnie-Ann’s

The next day Reggie saw Sydnie-Ann right away in their first class. She felt nervous butterflies in her stomach but felt immensely warmed by Sydnie-Ann’s bright smile.

“Hey,” Sydnie-Ann said when they finally got a chance to talk. “Are we on for tonight?” Is Howie coming?”

“Oh, yeah,” Reggie giggled. “Howie’s real excited about tonight. Are you certain your parents won’t be home?”

“Yeah, they have to work tonight. Gas prices are going to change and their job is to notify each and every gas station in the surrounding counties. They’ll be busier than a one-armed paper hanger as my Dad likes to say.”

Reggie giggled and said, “We did it this afternoon!”


“Oh yeah, behind the bleachers; it was kinda gross there with used rubbers all over the place.”

Sydnie-Ann laughed lewdly, and said, “I bet some of them were mine!”

“Oh you … you’re awful!”

“Yeah, I’m a slut ain’t I?”

“I must be too, I’m fuckin’ soaked already, Reggie confessed.

Sydnie-Ann laughed and hugged her books to her chest. We better get to class. I’ll see you and your hunk later.”

“See you later then,” Reggie said, going off to her next class where Howie would meet up with her.


At precisely seven o’clock, I stood on Sydnie-Ann’s front step, awkwardly clutching a six-pack of Pepsi as a token gift on visiting someone’s home. I hoped that Reggie was already there and that I wouldn’t be alone with Sydnie-Ann, not knowing what she was going to want, but already knowing what she was capable of.

As the bell echoed inside the house, I conducted a breath self-test and checked to make sure my fly wasn’t open right before the door opened.

“Hey, Howie, c’mon in,” Sydnie-Ann chirped, leaning out to pull me bodily into the foyer before I was spotted by any passersby.

“Is um, Reggie here yet?”

“No, she called and said she’d be a couple minutes late.”

“Oh, I um, brought some soda you know, in case we get thirsty,” he said sheepishly. For some reason Sydnie-Ann made him nervous, and being alone in the house with her made him doubly so.

Sydnie-Ann hugged him as she accepted the six-pack from him, making sure to press her small, but firm breast against his arm in the process.

The hardon I had before knocking on the door grew perceptibly with the contact.

“Reggie’s a little behind because she picked up some splinters in her ass when you did her behind the bleachers today,” Sydnie-Ann giggled lewdly.

“She told you!” I blurted.

“We girls talk, just like you guys do,” she said nonchalantly.

“I don’t talk about me and Reggie …” I started to say but stopped. Sydnie-Ann was posing for my benefit. Stephanie had told me girls do it to see if the guy is paying attention. I took stock of her appearance.

She wore a thin, white T-shirt, much too small for her. It clung tightly to her chest, accentuating her apple sized boobs. Her nipples jutted into the already thin fabric that I could make out the brownness of her nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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