Sixth Period Trig Pt. 11

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By Notemale

To recap:

Miss Vickie Roach, A relatively young high school math teacher started this school year as she had in the past. Although she is a beautiful, sexy woman, she was also shy and introverted. Her dress was drab and hid her body. She rarely thought about sex, nor relationships, nor was she socially adept. That is until she started receiving email messages from one of her students in her sixth period trig class.

The email exchanges transformed Vickie to her new world of sexuality, she not only embraced it but craved it.

Anyway, there’s a lot more. Read all of the chapters if you want to know every detail. I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

The last day of school.

Vickie sat at her desk. The school year had ended. The last day. The last day of a school year that had transformed her into someone she never knew existed inside her. But she liked this new person, this new Vickie.

The room was now empty but a few minutes ago it wasn’t

Most students had raced off to their summer vacations, eager to leave school behind them. Most, if not all teachers also departed as quickly as they could.

Most students but not all.

Vickie’s sixth period class, her last class of the day had come back after their last period, They visited her, they lingered, not so eager to have the school year of their dreams end. They talked and reminisced and for the first time in their school careers, they did not want the year to end. Their senior year. They felt an emptiness, a loss but Vickie assured them that they could visit her anytime. She explained that she would be eager to see them.

They shared their summer plans and asked Vickie about hers.

They shared plans but there was a sadness that permeated throughout the room.

Vickie, who during her April senior trip, never expected to be still teaching, told her students that she would be teaching an honors summer, math program. She explained that it was not set yet, due to the lack of enrollment but she hoped that it come to fruition. She needed to keep herself busy plus she truly enjoyed teaching.

They quickly ran out of things to talk about and they had made plans to meet friends, so the seniors reluctantly left Miss Roach, who was not only their former teacher but their confidant, their lover. The woman they could tell anything, the woman who not only allowed them to express their desires but allowed them to act upon them. She was their willing subject.

They exchanged hugs, a few tears and all of them took the opportunity to to touch Miss Roach. Many kissed the teacher and she willing accepted the hungry lips, the probing tongues, the aching desires.

Tommy McMichaels stood before his teacher and stared at her chest.

Miss Roach smiled and said, “That’s a good boy, Tommy. Get a good look.”

She then reached down and grasped the front of his shorts and found him hard.

“You make sure that you take care of this, Tommy. Remember, no headaches.”

Tommy turned and slowly walked away because he felt that he was on the verge of tears,. He did not want to suffer the embarrassment from his classmates overhearing the conversation but he felt that he was losing a mentor, a teacher that understood him, a teacher that opened his eyes, literally, a teacher who was a friend, a teacher with a sexy body.


“Yes, Miss Roach?”

“Tommy, if you really need me, you know where the key is.”

Tommy smiled. The loss didn’t seem as permanent now.

The entire class knew what she meant.

“Tommy is such a good guy,” said Maryellen

Her classmates nodded in agreement.

Miss Roach not quite knowing what to say added, “good guys are hard to find.”

“Hard guys are good to find,” quipped Nicole and they all laughed.

Then there was silence as they just stood there knowing the year was truly ending.

Vickie looked around at the students who remained.

Maryellen, dear, sweet, incredibly sexy Maryellen looked sad.

Veronica leaned against her friend James. James had one hand around her waist and greedily cupped a breast while the other was inside her shorts fingering her.

Vickie just smiled at them and nodded, remembering how James spent most math classes with his hand inside Veronica’s panties, at least when she wore panties. Vickie knew that Veronica would remove her panties just for math class and then playfully scold James for only thinking about sex. But Vickie saw the lust in Veronica’s eyes as James fingered her wetness.

Elona wore a cropped top that barely covered her hard tight boobs and left much of her midriff uncovered over her tiny skirt. The teacher marveled at how this foreign born student quickly assimilated into her new surroundings.

“I miss you, Miss Vickie Roach, You be my very best teacher,” said Elona in her broken accent, in a voice that barely held back tears. She then rushed towards her teacher and threw her arms around her and hugged her deeply. The teacher let the girl embrace her, she let her take her hand mecidiyeköy escort and slip it under her cropped top and hold it to her naked breast, she let Elona grab her breast and then she let her former student kiss her fully before she turned and ran out of the room sobbing.

Miss Roach. Miss Vickie Roach had explained to all of her sixth period class student about the key. Where it was, when they could use it, what to expect of her. All of them had made use of the key since the class trip. Some just to talk and seek advice but they all knew that was just a ruse. Miss Roach was eager to console them, help with college decisions, and dreams, help them with their relationships but mostly they used the key for the sex. The boys relished the blow jobs as did Vickie. Maryellen and Nicole liked to play with the teacher’s body and on a few occasions the three of them touched and probed, and licked each other till they feel asleep in each other arms and there was Dave. Dave was the one who transformed her. How patient he was as he set froth in his plan but it worked.

Miss Roach seemed to know their desires and was eager to please.

They slowly left. One after the other. Each giving their respect. Each touching her. The way they groped her was not in the least disrespectful and Vickie seemed to enjoy their touches.

Mary Ellen and Dave were the last to go.

The three of them just stood and stared at each other.

Vickie broke the ice when she asked, “well did you ever think that you’d fuck your trig teacher, Dave?”

They all laughed but the sadness filled the room.

“Can I come over tonight? I just need to taste that sweet pussy of yours,” asked Mary Ellen.

“May I?”


“It’s may I? Can I means am I capable and we both know how capable you are at licking pussy.”

Mary Ellen just wasn’t in the mood and hugged Vickie and softly whispered “please,” in her ear.

“Of course, but you know that I’ll want some of yours in return.”

Mary Ellen just released her, turned and left.

Dave started to follow when his former teacher said, “Thank you, David.”

He just nodded, fearing that his voice would crack with the heartache he was feeling.

“I expect you to visit me often over the summer before you go away to college. I need to practice hand jobs and blow jobs plus I just want to get fucked.”

He nodded and slowly exited the room.

“David, wait. Close the door.”

He did as he was told.

“Come here, my teacher. The student who taught me so much. I want to give you something to show my appreciation.”

The teacher’s hands went to his belt and she looked into his eyes and whispered, “I want to suck your beautiful cock, David, would that be okay?”

He just gulped as his teacher already had his hard cock out and was stroking it.

“Yes,” he answered

“Thank you, David.”

The teacher sank to her knees and wasted no time in putting his cock in her mouth and giving him the best blow job that she could muster.

She felt a twinge of passion when he grabbed the back of her head to hold her steady and she welcomed the flow of cum that spewed into her mouth.

She stayed that way for a while. Licking him, letting his cock soften in her mouth, lapping at the last few drops that oozed from him.

He didn’t say a word as he zipped himself up, turned and left the room.

They were finally gone.

The room empty. Quiet, yet full of the imagined noise of the year.

Miss Roach liked to sit at her desk, alone, on the last day. It was typically a shortened school day. Attendance was sparse, except for her sixth period.

Vickie just sat at her desk and thought. She thought about how close she came to resigning, to fleeing, to escaping the consequences of her indiscretions. She remembered that night during the April class trip when she told her students. She knew that they would object but she never realized how much they objected and later, that next evening how they all approached her. They made her sit and watch the video they made and she knew that it would work. She watched and knew that none of them would ever divulge what happened between them and their teacher.

She closed her eyes and the year flashed before her and she couldn’t help but bring the hem of her summer dress up and slide her hand under her panties and touch herself.

She tried to remember all of the things that went wrong and how to improve them in the ensuing years. Then, she would think of all the things that went right and how to incorporate them in the future.

She sat quietly, thinking of how she had changed. It was a slow transformation at first but things seemed to hasten during the class trip. She seemed to accept what she had become. She enjoyed her new being, and now, she craved it.

She smiled at nothing in particular and then decided it was time to clean out her desk. She opened the top right hand drawer and saw it.

A tingle ran through merter escort her body, both excitement and fear but she reached for the note. The neatly folded note, placed on top of a black blindfold.

Her hands shook a little as she unfolded the note. It was typed.

Her eyes raced over the text and she knew that she should just crumple it up and leave but she reread it and as she did her breathing got a little quicker. She was afraid. She was curious. One hand went under her skirt and she snaked a finger inside her panties as her other hand held the note.



She crumpled up the note and threw it in the wastebasket and slouched in her chair letting one arm dangle by her side but the other was still between her legs, masturbating. She thought of the Saturday night special classes where her secret class grew in numbers. How she taught in darkness and her students had small laser pens to shine on her. She so enjoyed sitting on top of the front edge of her desk and lifting her skirt. The students were suppose to be taking a test but they all knew that it wouldn’t be graded. It was all just a game they played. She thought fondly of the time that Joey was pretending to take a test, even though the room was dimly lit and no one could see the pretend test and he complained that he couldn’t hold his pencil and his cock at the same time. The class played along and watched as their teacher walked towards Joey. Saturday evening secret class allowed Vickie to wear the shortest, the sheerest, the most erotic teacher outfits possible. She stooped my Joey’s desk and assessed the situation. Joey was pumping his exposed cock as he did most evening classes.

“Poor Joey,” said Vickie, “I see what you mean. Which would you like me to hold, pen or penis?”

He didn’t bother to answer but simply took his willing teacher’s hand and placed it on his hardness. Not one of the students in this secret class said anything as the math teacher willingly pumped her student as he pretended to write. The class would use their lasers to watch as Vickie covered the boy’s cock with her mouth and accepted his cum.

Those memories faded as she started to get angry, wondering how this student, this stranger knew. Then in a burst of energy at having finally made the decision to go home and hope this student honored his word to never contact her again, she slammed her drawer shut, stood and went to the door and left her classroom.

She slammed the door behind her and started to walk away and then stopped in the empty corridor.

Maybe she should open the door, she thought. She wouldn’t want the student to get the wrong idea.

She went back and opened it and just stared into her room.

Then it happened.

She entered her room and closed the door behind her.

She sat at her desk and retrieved the discarded note and reread it and placed the opened note on her desk.

Vickie’s hands shook as she placed the blindfold over her eyes. She folded her hands demurely on her desktop and waited. Her mind raced as she thought about the danger of her decision.

What am I doing? she thought and unconsciously unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and waited. Deep in thought…


She thought about how she had almost quit. How she actually had planned the process of her leaving the vocation that she loved. She was fully prepared to quit and disappear. The fear of her actions becoming public had frightened her to the core. She couldn’t fathom the disgrace, the humiliation, the stripping of her teaching credentials , maybe even serving prison time.

She never planned on telling her students of her idea to flee but one night, she let it slip.

That night, after her first encounter with a nude beach.

The students who didn’t know about the nude beach were slightly upset, wondering where the others went.

Mary Ellen and Nicole had planned an elaborate lie about their whereabouts when they would meet their other classmates at the pool later that day.

Veronica, her hands on her slim waist, her tiny bathing suit heightening the sensuality of her tight body, demanded to know where they were until 3 in the afternoon.

Mary Ellen was about to weave the made-up tale when Vickie spoke.

“We’re sorry Veronica.”

She nodded to Veronica, to Joey, to James, to Jose, to all of them and then continued.

“We went to a different beach. It was a spur of the moment thing. It was early and we thought that we would be back before mutlukent escort anyone noticed that we were gone.”

Mary Ellen stared at her teacher in disbelief that she would abandon their planned lie, but she was also felt an admiration for her.

“Oh. So you just left us?”

“Sorry, guys,” said Vickie, “We shouldn’t have gone without you.”

Veronica calmed down a bit and asked, “What beach?”

“Three actually,” explained Vickie.


“Well, they were side by side, separated by rocks blocking the view of the other beaches.”

“Why would they block the view, was that done on purpose?”

“Originally, I don’t think so. It was probably done to help ease beach erosion but later it became a privacy issue.”

“What did they have to hide,” asked Joey.

Mary Ellen wondered what her teacher would say.

“The first beach is a normal beach but the second is for people who like to go topless.”

Veronica and the rest of the students stood in semi-shock. and you could almost picture their minds absorbing the idea of their classmates and teacher at a topless beach.

Veronica asked the obvious question.

“Did you go to the topless beach?”

Miss Roach took a deep breath and said, “Yes, we all did.”

“Whaaat?” said Jose.

“Did you take your top off, Mss Roach?” asked a shocked Veronica.

“No,” said the teacher.

The students that were left behind nodded at what they thought was the proper way a teacher should act.

“Nicole did.” explained Vickie.

“Nicole took off her top?” asked Veronica.

“Yes,” said a truthful Miss Roach and then added one word, “and…”

“And what?”

“Nicole took off my top.”

The student’s eyes went to the chest of their teacher as if they could imagine what she would look like naked.

“You went naked, Miss Roach?”

“No, topless. I was naked on the third beach.”

“Fuck!” whispered Joey.

The group went to the pool and they stood in waist deep water and Mary Ellen and Nicole explained everything that happened, everything.

The shallow end of the pool was a good place to learn about the nude beach adventure. It provided privacy and a cover for the boys’ excitement.

It’s a wonder that the group didn’t attract more attention as Mary Ellen and Nicole told them about the day.

They told them how beautiful their naked teacher looked, they told them about the old man who applied sun tan lotion on Nicole and how he got excited. They told then about putting lotion on their teacher.

“How did you guys know about the beach?” asked Veronica.

“Raoul and Josh,” said Nicole.

“Who are they?”

“Two locals, they were just trying to be helpful,” explained Mary Ellen.

“They were just trying to help the females out of their clothing,” Vickie added.

“It seemed to work,” said Veronica, “I wonder what it feels like to be naked in public?”

They all looked at Vicki for an answer.

“Awesome,” answered Vickie, “Shall we go tomorrow?”

They all agreed quickly, except Mary Ellen who dampened their spirit when she explained that they didn’t know how to get there. “Raoul and Josh drove.”

They spent the rest of the day at the pool, and Vickie couldn’t help but notice the way her students were looking at her. It was if she was naked, completely open to their stares. She was surprised at how much this excited her and she wished that she could strip now and show them her nakedness. She was willing, she was ready, she was excited.

An hour later an excited Nicole ushered two boys over to the group.

“Yo!, everyone, this is Raoul and Josh.”

They got up and stood around the two local boys and Vickie asked the pair if they could bring all of them to the secluded beach, tomorrow.

“Which one?” asked Raoul.

“The one where I can see my teacher naked,” said Joey.

“The nude beach then. Of course. Tomorrow, bright and early. Meet you guys in front at 8:00 AM”

They lounged around the pool until it was time to get washed up and enjoy some night life .

Later that evening

Mary Ellen and Nicole were both ready well before their teacher.

They went to the teacher’s room and knocked on the door.

Vickie answered and was still in her bathing suit that she wore earlier.

“Vickie, what’s taking you so long?”

“I need a shower.”

“Yeah, so. You don’t have a shower?” mocked Mary Ellen.

“I have a shower,” Vickie said defensively, “It’s just that I was hoping, um, you know.”

“No, I don’t know,” said an exasperated Mary Ellen.

“I know,” added Nicole.

They both looked her.

“She wants company. Right Vickie? You wanted us to shower with you.”

Vickie just nodded and confirmed that it was true.

Mary Ellen felt guilty. “How insensitive of me. I’m sorry, Vickie, I should have been here for you. Nicole and I are ready. How about you shower and we dry your pretty little butt.”

“Okay, but next time,,,”

“C’mon, hurry up,” demanded Nicole.

“Are we late?” asked vickie.

“No, we’re not late. I just want to get my hands on your body.”

Vickie made her way to the bathroom and the girls heard the shower running.

The unexpected knock on the door surprised them.

Mary Ellen went to the door and she was surprised to see Tommy.

He spoke first. “I thought that this was Miss Roach’s room?”

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