Size – Curse and Blessing

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I was walking to my chair beside the pool and noticed this little hottie with a hell of a sexy ass fussing over a bag. I always loved those little petite ladies. She turned and had the most beautiful smile as she caught me admiring her. My eyes roved her little body and I felt that pang of loss because every small chick encounter ended in failure. This big cock of mine was to blame. I think because I could never find a little chick that could handle all of my dick. I started feeling my monster stir as she checked out my hard body. She even gave the predictable pause and gaze on my dick hanging in my shorts. I decided I wanted to at least see her naked and taste her pussy on my tongue. Slide my lips and hands all over that tight little body. I hurried to my table and wrote down my cell number and a message. “Text me if you can handle some A.M. meaningless sex. Guy with coral shorts and nice bulge.” I hoped she was interested. REALLY hoped she was.

A couple hours and my phone announces the soon to be best sex of my life. She is being coy. The text reads “Hi”.

I send her. “Can I be blunt?”

She says, “How about you be blunt tomorrow at 9 AM at your place?”

Trumped me! My cock was flooding with blood. I know I was going to have to stroke this monster before getting alone with her. I pulled my dick out and squeezed out a dribble of precum that actually ran almost all the way down my shaft. I sent my address and sprayed ropes of sperm across my rock hard abs shortly after sending. With that release reality set in. I know that little hottie would just torture me. This dick just wouldn’t fit in a tight little body like hers. I put it out of my mind and thought dirty little thoughts about what I wanted to do to her.

The morning didn’t arrive soon enough. Sleepless and with two more jack off sessions I figured I was ready to sancak escort meet her. I heard her pull up as I finished showering and grooming. I left the towel on as I drank in her beauty as she entered through my door. She couldn’t look me in the face. Shy little thing to be 36! I was mesmerized by those green eyes and then her tight little ass as she strode into the living room and plopped down in the love seat.

She surprises me by telling me to drop the towel. Proceeds to tell me she was thinking about it all night. I felt the stirring and was glad I took the edge off my desire because I wanted to make working my first load into her take longer than 1 minute! She sat with her mouth slightly open and I could tell her breath was hard coming to her. I walked right up to her and had my monster dangling in front of her. She didn’t hesitate to grab it as I got in range and began licking my head and squeezing my shaft. Her hands were so small. Those fingers only reached just over half way around my shaft. I pushed down the thought of it not fitting in this sexy little vixen. I wanted her pussy so bad at that moment. Her tongue and mouth was like heaven and her moan when my dick was finally fully hard and leaking in her mouth made me even more grateful for the load I shot in the shower earlier.

Pulling her up off my aching cock, I undressed her slowly. Enjoying the unveiling of her perfect little bikini model body. Her little body and tits kept me drooling and hard. I pulled her up into my arms and she wrapped her legs around me as we kissed. My dick was drooling all over her stomach so I pulled her up to slide my big dick between her legs and started kissing her neck and tits. Her pussy was destroying my dick. I think it had to of been running down her legs before my dick started sarıyer escort sliding around between her legs and her pussy was leaving a coating of her wetness all over my shaft. My hands had her tight little ass hovering around my shaft and I moved her up and down to get my mouth all over her neck and breast.

I decided I needed to taste that wet pussy badly. I leaned her back on the sofa and worked my mouth away from those perky breasts down that stomach. I could smell her need. I honestly couldn’t believe a chick could be this fucking horny. (Later I found she had been fucked silly all night by her man and still she was this fucking horny. Yes, she is just that much of a needy slut.) I loved the feel of the soft skin on her belly as I worked down to my ultimate goal. The wet sweet smelling box between those fine ass legs was making me burn in my loins. I would like to say I teased it by licking around but my need to taste drove my tongue straight into her pussy. I forced my tongue as far as I could reach into her pussy to lick as much of that wetness as possible. She was as sweet as I had dreamed. It didn’t take long for my light licking around her clit to bring her to an orgasm. I kept them light and slow until she shoved me from between her legs. My chin wore her excess wetness and it spanned from her needy pussy and my chin as I slowly stood up.

My cock looked massive compared to her little frame. I forced the thought of not being able to take her out of my mind. She was still writhing on the sofa enjoying the after tremors in her pussy from the tongue lashing I just gave her. I went and got some water for us and sat on the couch next to her as she drank. My dick slung a trail of precum along my leg when I bent to sit and now it was drooling out on my stomach.

She sefaköy escort gave my cock a hungry look and stood up and turned her back to me as she sat down in my lap. Grinding her dripping pussy all over my shaft, her narrow little ass and legs were dwarfed by my fat cock. The unease started building at the thought of not tasting such a wonderfully sexy sight. She sat up and grabbed my fat shaft and aimed my dick at her pussy lips. The head immediately disappeared into her tight pussy.

A moan was forced from me. The pleasure of her box on my head was amazing but that little body sitting atop me was even more erotic. I wanted to feel the inside of that pussy. She popped the head in and out and worked her pussy juice all over the head and I could see it coating my shaft below the head, making it much easier to slide more of my shaft into her. I was amazed. That little vixen was actually getting the shaft up in her. She was stretched and I could see the walls of her pussy dragging along my shaft as she worked my cock. My balls were already rising up around the base of my shaft. The sperm was building in my balls as she was getting more and more of my cock in her. Her pussy was leaving more love juice on my shaft and running down my balls than I thought was ever possible. She loved my cock as much as I loved her pussy.

She spun around and started pumping that pussy up and down on my thick dick while I played with her tits with my mouth and her fine ass with my hands. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. She was yelling and moaning and scratching at my chest as she sprayed clear droplets of her orgasm all over my chest and stomach. That was it. All I could take. Never had a chick SPRAYED on me. Looking down at that impossibly small body getting split by my big cock sent my load coursing from my balls, up my thick shaft, through my bulging cockhead and straight into her pussy. She was so tight that my sperm immediately started pouring out along my shaft as I bottomed out in her. She pulled off and my heavy load trickled out. Her pussy was red and hung open from what my girth had done to her. She had a gap of a pussy. That sight was already starting to fill my cock with blood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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