Skylar and Rose Ch. 01: The Beginning

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Both starting their second year at a large university in New Orleans, Skylar and Rose had met when they had been paired as dorm mates their first day on campus the previous year. They were both from small towns, both an only child, and both had left home and come to school with a small-town naivety regarding a city like The Big Easy. They had both been relieved to be paired with a roommate of similar background and became fast friends. This friendship had only gotten stronger through their time as roommates. They had kept in touch over the summer break and were excited to be reacquainted this year.

Skylar was tall, 5’8″, and slender with an ample bosom and a butt that begged for a stare. She had shoulder-length, black, wavy hair that she usually kept pulled back. Her skin was a natural olive tone, but she remained very dark year round because she spent as much time as she could outdoors. She had always been athletically gifted, had been the top member on her high school’s cross country team, and had finished 2nd in the state of Georgia each of her last 2 years. She had made the choice not to participate in competitive sports at the university because she was fiercely dedicated to her studies. She had worked with devotion to be accepted to this university and she had no intention of blowing it. She was pre-law and wanted nothing more than to become a defender of the constitution. Of course, she still ran at least 3 miles every day, in the morning, before classes began.

Rose was not tall like Skylar. At only 5′, she was actually rather short, but one wouldn’t call her petite. She had a muscular physique, nothing resembling a body builder, and certainly not unfeminine. She had grown up tending to various jobs on her grandfather’s farm in Arkansas. Not only was she an only child, but she was also the only female among her cousins who also worked on the farm. Her diminutive stature invited them to poke fun at her and question her ability when she first started her work on the farm. But she had a competitive fire inside her and began using her father’s workout equipment at age 11. She pushed herself to be strong and she worked very hard at every job on the farm.

By the time she was 15, she was no longer looked upon as a girl who worked on the farm, but as a valuable member of the operation who just happened to be a girl. It was all this physical labor, along with her voracious appetite for strength training, that gave her the toned, muscular, nearly sculpted body she had now. Her breasts, though not large, were perfectly proportioned and her back side was firm and well-shapen. She had sandy blonde hair that she kept above her shoulders and sapphire-blue eyes which could be hard as steel or soft as a clear autumn sky. There was more to her than her physical attributes, however. She was also brilliant, not just smart, but a special kind of brilliant. She finished at the top of her class and was attending the university on a full scholarship. Not surprisingly, she was gong to be a veterinarian. She had tested out of most of her freshman classes and would likely be considered a senior by the end of this school year.

Aside from both being from small towns, and completely unaccustomed to the life in a city Ataşehir Escort like New Orleans, the girls’ friendship had grown because of their similarities. Both were athletic, dedicated to their schooling, and both were pretty much homebodies. Both were well-known in their home towns, popular if you will, but both kept too busy for a really active social life. That trait had carried over into college and they spent a lot of time together in their dorm. When they went out, it was usually together, and it consisted of coffee shops or dinner, sometimes to events in the student union, but never really the bar scene that so many college students preferred. There was a rather upscale wine loft just off campus where they would spend some Friday nights socializing But they rarely stayed late and never got wasted. They were, of course, hit on and propositioned by boys they knew from school, and even some men who frequented the loft, professional types who prided themselves on impressing the college girls with their stable lives and smooth, confident persona. Skylar and Rose were never that impressed with these men because they could see through their facade. They were also completely uninterested in the college boys because they were not in the least bit intellectually stimulating. Neither of them had hooked with a single guy while at school.

Now, neither Skylar nor Rose were virgins. Both had had a high school sweetheart, and other partners.

For Skylar, her high school love had been a fellow member of the cross country team. Terry had been tall, 6’3″, very fit, very attractive, and a star on the track, like her. He was her first love and her first sexual partner. In fact, they had been each others first. She could still feel the passion they had when they were together the first time. They were at a New Year’s Eve party at a classmate’s house, and his parents had gone out of town. It was a typical high school party, music, whatever alcohol they could acquire, and no adult supervision. Skylar and Terry had been dating about a month and already felt like they were in love. They had gotten pretty hot and heavy a couple of times already. She had felt his finger inside her, and loved it. She had stroked his hard dick and, even though she hid it well, couldn’t wait to get it inside her.

As the party progressed through the night, they became fairly tipsy and slipped, unnoticed, into the host’s parent’s bedroom. It was almost fantasy-like. The bed was a king-sized, pillow-top, four-post bed. They had already been kissing and petting in the living room, so they were both in the right condition to make this the night. They fell onto the bed, kissing deeply, and were already removing each others shirts. He removed her bra and clumsily began to kiss her breasts. They were both shaking because they knew this was it. As her removed her pants, he gingerly kissed at the top of her pubic hair. He touched her pussy and was amazed at how wet she was. She really was as excited as he about what was about to happen. He had her completely naked and he wanted to be as well. It felt like an eternity when he started to remove is pants.

His nervous hands fumbling with his belt, then with his button and zipper. Anadolu Yakası Escort He felt awkward, more like he thought he looked goofy, trying to remove his pants, but he really didn’t. As he already knew, his dick was as hard as it could be without rupturing. He was hesitant to start. Did she want oral sex? He wanted to do it, but had never done it, so he didn’t want to turn her off if he was not good. He lay with his pelvis between her thighs and looked into her eyes. He could see the desire. He kissed her as he pushed into her. Her back arched and she let out a lustful sigh that was at the same time one of pain and pleasure. He began to thrust slowly, in and out, and she softly moaned. As they continued to move their bodies in total synchronization, they both, whispered, “I love you.” All the passion, all the power of the moment, he couldn’t take it anymore. Just before it was too late, he pulled out and his first shot went all the way to her chin, the second and third to her breasts, the rest covered her stomach. She hadn’t reached orgasm, but she was not disappointed. She was as happy as she had ever been.

They dated for just over a year after that and the sex got amazing. She started to have orgasms. He began to give her oral sex, and got really good at it. She began to swallow his loads. They even had anal sex a few times, when her mood was right.

But, boys will be boys and Terry cheated numerous times, leading to the breakup. Skylar was devastated after having heart torn apart and for a while became quite promiscuous; sleeping with 13 guys in just about 4 months. It was her acceptance letter to the university that snapped her out of it, and she got focused.

Rose’s sexual history had taken a different path. She did not lose her virginity to her first love, but rather to a known bad boy named Stan. He was an experienced, smooth-talking, senior who set his sights on her. She was only a freshman at the time, and even though she wasn’t a socialite, everybody knew her, and they knew she spent most of her time working on her grandfather’s farm. He knew that he could charm this young, naive farm girl and he chose his timing well. There was to be a bonfire party in a field, in a neighboring farm to her grandfather’s, the coming weekend. He began chatting her up that week. She was completely smitten with him after only a couple days. When he asked her to the party, she couldn’t have forced the word no out of her mouth if she had wanted to. But she didn’t want to say no, she wanted to go, with him. That Friday at school, he told her how beautiful she was and that he couldn’t wait to see her at the part that night. She blushed. And seeing this, he tenderly kissed her lips. She immediately became aroused and could feel her pussy become wet. It frightened her a little because she didn’t know if she was ready, but Stan’s charm was enough to overcome any slight fear she might have had.

The bonfire got started around dusk and Rose arrived shortly thereafter, wearing her tightest jeans and a tight, long-sleeve, spandex shirt that showed of her already very fit body. She was eager to see Stan but he wasn’t there yet. Some of his friends were though, and welcomed her with a drink, Kadıköy Escort a fruity concoction, made with a couple different liquors, known as “hunch punch”. She took a sip and it tasted good. She settled by the fire and listened to the music from one of the truck of one of the boys there.

About the time she finished her drink,Stan came up behind her, very lightly kissed her neck, and said hey sexy. She blushed again, and again felt her arousal. Stan went to get them both a drink and came back. He told her how glad he was that she had come. He sat very close to her with a hand always touching her. After about an hour or so, he made his move. He turned her face to his and kissed her. Not the gentle kiss earlier at school, but a real kiss. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue. She liked it and followed his lead. After this kiss, he asked if she would be ok with being alone. Oh yes, she was

They left the bonfire and went to her grandfather’s barn They began kissing and she could feel her panties becoming soaked as her pussy gushed from her arousal. He was relentless, yet gentle and not forceful. It didn’t matter what he was, though, she was ready. He didn’t even have to make the first move to take her shirt and bra off because she had it off in an instant. It was the same with her pants. He touched her pussy with skill and made her quiver. She could feel the bulge in his pants and she wanted his pants off. She took care of that quickly as well. She didn’t want foreplay, she wanted his dick in her. He was very well endowed and she was a virgin. When he penetrated her, she screamed and tears filled her eyes. He did not remove himself, but pressed on, inward, deeper. As he withdrew the first time, she felt some relief, but he thrust again, harder this time, and she yelped. He continued his motions slowly until he could tell that the worst of her pain was past.

Then he began to show her why he had the reputation he had. Though it still hurt as his large cock moved in and out, the pleasure quickly surpassed the pain. Rose had never even masturbated before so the orgasm that gripped her was unlike anything she could have imagined. She moaned, and screamed, and, gripped his back so tightly that if she had had nails, she would have surely scarred him for life. When the time came for him to finish, he pulled out and moved up toward her breasts. She could see the blood on his dick from where he had destroyed her hymen. He blew his load all over her face and breasts. She was glad she had worn black panties so she could clean the blood from her aching vagina and it would not show through her jeans. They went back to the bonfire and drank a little more before she went home.

After that night, they had sex a few more times and he introduced her to oral sex and other positions, but she never gave in to anal sex. He was just too big for her to try it. As boys like him usually do, Stan, after his conquest, lost interest pretty quickly and that was that. Rose wasn’t heartbroken because she never expected it to turn into anything. She had sex with 6 more boys before meeting Will, her high school love. They dated until graduation but didn’t pretend to believe that they could stay together while at different universities. She still hadn’t had sex as good as Stan.

Skylar and Rose had shared these stories with each other during their first year at the university, and had bonded over them. As their second year began, they wondered if they would make new stories to tell each other.

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