Small World Ch. 02: Dinner and Sex

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A fantasy, very loosely based on a comment seen in a Literotica chat room.

This will make a lot more sense if you’ve read part 1, but it’s not essential.


Monday was an in-the-office day, although I didn’t get that much work done. A couple of my colleagues checked on me to make sure I was OK, apparently I was drifting away in thought. I couldn’t really tell them what I was actually thinking about, so I just claimed a poor nights sleep. I got a message from Sally mid-afternoon to confirm that she and Ruth had sorted out dinner plans, and to say that they’d both been very careful to stay away from the topic of why they were coming round. Needless to say, my distraction got worse after that and the day really dragged. Eventually I left, bang on time, and went straight home.

When I got home Sally had dinner well in hand, and I was told to go and get showered and changed. She’d laid out my black casual trousers, a pale pink shirt which suited my skin tone, black socks, and black boxers. Clearly I wasn’t getting any say in the matter of what to wear.

Grabbing a clean towel I headed into the en-suite and stripped off, dumping my clothes in the laundry basket. I dropped the bath mat on the floor in front of the sink and had a shave. I also shaved my “boy bits”, as Sally likes them smooth. I then had a quick shower and hair wash, followed by a brisk towelling, leaving me clean and dry. A squirt of body spray in the usual places, and I was ready to get those clothes on. I was tempted to be contrary and go for something different, but if I’m honest, Sally does know what suits me better than I know myself.

As I went downstairs I could smell a hint of dinner, and as I entered the kitchen I was sure. It was Sally’s beef and veg stew and dumplings, with boiled spuds. It might sound basic, and a bit stodgy, but the flavours were amazing, and the dumplings were light and fluffy and not at all heavy. I was greeted with “stir this every 5 minutes, and when the timer dings, turn off the heat and leave it,” as Sally pointed at the stew.

“Love you too,” I chuckled, knowing that Sally’s habit of focusing on cooking wasn’t rude, it was just how she was.

“Sorry, love you too, now I need to get ready,” she threw back over her shoulder as she took off her apron and passed it to me. I put it on and tied it around my waist. Checking the timer I saw that I had about 10 minutes before I needed to turn things off. That explained why she was wearing a loose t-shirt and jogging bottoms, she’d already showered and probably had her lingerie on under it, so all she needed to do was her simple make-up, and put on whatever top layer she was going to wear.

I dutifully stirred the stew as instructed, and laid for the table for four, with wine glasses, water glasses, cutlery, serving spoons, tablemats, and all the other things we’d need. Checking the timer I stirred the stew once more, waited the couple of remaining minutes, then turned the heat off. I opened the kitchen window a little so I could hear if Peter and Ruth drove in, as I wasn’t sure what time she’d arranged with Ruth, but it seemed likely to be 7:30. It was now 7:20, and I was worried that she was cutting it fine.

Just as I heard a car crunch on the gravel alongside the kitchen window Sally walked back in. I could see now why she’d picked the outfit she’d picked for me. She was wearing a pale blue, low cut, blouse, with a short black skirt. It sounds odd but the blue was as pale as the pink on my shirt was, we complimented each other. This was an example of why I said she knew what suited me better than I did; I’d never have thought of this. She had black stockings on (I knew they were stockings because she never wears tights with skirts) and heels of about an inch and a half.

“You look amazing,” I commented, “and the timer fired 2 minutes ago,” returning to practical matters.

“Perfect timing. Did I hear their car?”

“You did. And I shall perform my host’ly duties and go and let them in,” I replied, giving a little bow as I turned away from her and headed for the back door.

I should explain… The design of our house is quite old fashioned, with a large farmhouse kitchen at the side, which we also use as the dining room unless we’re being very formal. The front door leads out to a small formal garden, which Sally takes great pride in, and which is where deliveries such as post, or Amazon, come in. The drive runs past the formal garden, round the side of the house by the kitchen, and opens out into a parking area at the back. This is really useful if we have outdoor parties, as the patio and covered area are directly accessible from the drive. It’s also not overlooked, which means if we’re having a naturist gathering, or Sally’s topping up her sun tan, we don’t have to worry.

As I was walking down the back hall I wondered if Ruth and Peter were naturists; it wasn’t something that we’d discussed with them, but if tonight went the way I hoped it would, I’d be sure taksim escort to raise the question.

Arriving at the back door I opened it, just in time to see them pull up to the garden wall and shut off the engine. Ruth was driving, so I saw Peter first as the passenger side was towards me. He was dressed in a plain green shirt and smart black jeans. He was carrying a couple of bottles of wine in a cardboard bottle carrier.

“Evening,” he called out, as he closed the car door and turned back towards me. As he turned I saw Ruth standing up from the other side of the car. She was wearing something black, but I couldn’t see any detail yet.

“Evening both,” I replied, “good drive over?”

Ruth walked out from behind the car, I could see that she was wearing a black jumpsuit with a zip up the front and gold trim, simple gold jewellery, and her black handbag on a gold chain held in front of her as she put the car keys away. The gold offset her blonde hair, and the jumpsuit was snug in all the right places.

“Not a bad drive thanks, love the apron,” she joked, as she and Peter walked towards me.

I chuckled, “it doesn’t quite go with the shirt, I know.”

I gave Ruth a hug and a peck on the cheek, and Peter got the traditional manly hug with back slap, as if there was nothing different. “Go on through,” I held the door open for them, and then closed it behind us.

I threw the lock on the back door, and walked back to the kitchen to find Ruth and Sally hugging, while Peter took the wine out of the carrier and put the bottles on the side.

Peter and Ruth sat down at the table, while Sally and I put the food on the table and opened and poured the wine.

“Help yourselves,” said Sally, sitting down while I finished pouring the wine.

Dinner went well, the usual sort of chat and banter that the four of us have, although I did notice there was a slight overtone of anticipation, and it did feel like the flirting was a little more obvious than usual, but on reflection that was to be expected.

“Anyone for seconds?” I joked, pointing at the almost completely empty dishes. That got a chuckle and negative responses, so Peter and I stood up and started clearing the table, rinsing off dishes, and stacking them on the worktop. We’ve been banned from actually loading the dishwasher when the four of us get together, supposedly because we’re so bad at it, but in reality I think it’s so Ruth and Sally can have a bit of “girl talk time”.

Once we’d cleared off the table, and done everything apart from loading the dishwasher, Peter and I picked up our glasses and headed for the sitting room, leaving the dishwasher loading to the experts.

Sitting in my chair, I waved towards the L-shaped sofa, and Peter sat down, stretching out his legs and patting his stomach. “That was really good,” he commented, “Sally’s a great cook, you’re a lucky man.”

I chuckled, “Ruth is a great cook too. I think we’re both lucky, in so many ways.”

“Not going to argue with that,” he replied, smiling. The room grew quiet, and the tension rose, as we both examined the “elephant in the room”. Time passed, only a few seconds, but it felt longer.

“So..” we both said at the same time, causing us to both stop speaking, look at each other, and burst out laughing. “Go on, guest’s privilege,” I said, waving my hand towards him.

He chuckled. “That phone… we just totally forgot she’d been using it… an urgent work message that needed a reply… such a simple mistake,” he said slowly, pausing between each phrase as if he was testing out the next phrase before he said it.

“We suspected it was a mistake,” I replied, “but it appears to have been a lucky one. Assuming of course that you two feel like we do?”

As I said it, I realised I’d pretty much put our cards on the table with that wording, and I suddenly felt very nervous.

Peter took a sip of his wine, perhaps for effect, and then looked directly at me. “And how is that?” he asked.

Mirroring him, I also took a sip of my wine, and looked directly back at him. I took a deep breath, this was the moment…

“We’re willing to see how far things go, until one of us says stop.”

He smiled, “we had exactly the same thought. Let’s see how far it goes, and if any of us says stop then that’s as far as we’ll take it.”

I chuckled, amused that both couples had drawn the same limitations, and by extension the same limitation applied to us as a foursome; we were all willing to go as far things went, until one person said stop.

“Wanna bet the ladies are having the same conversation?” I joked; Peter chuckled.

Just then I heard the dishwasher give it’s distinctive “I’m Starting” beep and I heard the clicking of heels on the tiles in the hallway. Then the clicking stopped as they got onto the carpet in the sitting room. I was getting a little nervous again. I turned, to see Ruth in front of Sally, looking at Peter. He gave her a thumbs up.

With a squeal, Ruth almost ran across the mecidiyeköy escort room and (carefully, minding my drink) sat sideways on my lap, her arm round my shoulder, her legs over the arm of the chair. Sally was a little more refined, and went and sat next to Peter, leaning towards him. As she sat down, his arm went round her shoulder and she snuggled into him.

I made eye contact with Sally, and she gave me a nod and a smile, that final agreement that we were good and this was what she wanted.

Ruth turned her head towards me, her lips open and inviting, her tongue flicking around them. I leaned forward to bring mine to hers. She tasted of wine, she smelt of pleasure, her lips felt so soft against mine. The kissing started slow, but developed passion very quickly, our tongues flicking back and forth, as our hands started to caress each other.

I had one hand on her legs, running over the jumpsuit, feeling suspender clips underneath, my other arm was supporting her a bit, while also brushing against her tit. She was running her hand over my chest, and supporting herself against the back of the chair, but clearly wasn’t comfortable.

She broke the kiss, rolled off the chair and stood up in front of me, her fingers toying with the zipper at her neck, one leg cocked, in that classic sexy pose. I didn’t know what she wanted me to do, so I took a guess, sat up and forward, and reached for the zip.

As my hand approached, she held out her other hand and did the waving-finger-nope gesture. I stopped and pulled my hand back, confused. I heard a chuckle from the sofa, and out of the corner of my eye I could see Peter and Sally watching us, her hand inside his partly unbuttoned shirt, his hand up her blouse.

Ruth took a grip on the zipper, and pulled it down, stopping just at her belly button. She gave a wiggle with her shoulders, her arms behind her, clearly practiced, and the jump suit fell off her top, revealing a lacy three-quarter-cup bra in sheer black, with a little gold clip at the front. I was starting to think there was a theme here.

She turned that finger round, and crooked it towards me, pointing to the clip. More than happy to unleash her glorious looking breasts, that I’d fantasied over for a couple of years, I reached up and after a moment to work out how it clipped together, was able to unclip it. As I pulled my hand back she gave another little shimmy and there they were, in all their beauty, lovely nipples, round, curvy, I reached forward again and cupped one in my hand.

Giving it a gentle squeeze I was delighted to feel her shudder slightly with anticipation. She took my hand, and pushed me back, making me lean back against the back of the chair. She knelt down, her knees either side of mine, and leaned forward to push my face against her right boob. I opened my mouth and took the nipple in between my lips, sucking gently. She pulled back, making her nipple stretch out, giving the others a show as she moaned gently.

Leaning back forward she shifted her weight to the right, and started unbuttoning my shirt with her left hand, using the right to support herself. I just kept sucking on her nipple, and using my left hand to tweak the other.

“Stop that, it’s distracting,” she muttered, fumbling with the buttons. I chuckled and eased off both the tweaking and sucking. Undistracted she had my shirt open in moments, and spreading it wide she teased my nipples. I wondered if Sally had said anything to Ruth about that – it’s a massive turn on for me, but I can’t take it for long before it starts to get sensitive.

Sally had said something, either that or Ruth has really good instincts, as she stopped, just as it was getting sensitive. “Wanna help me get this off?” she said, standing up again. and shaking the top half of the jumpsuit off. Her bra went with it, this was clearly a practiced manoeuvre, and she pushed her hips forward for me to finish off the zip.

Glancing to my right I could see Sally had stripped down to her lingerie, and was on her side on the sofa with Paul’s cock in her hand just in front of her face, stroking it, while looking over at us, a smile on her face. Paul was watching, but I think he was enjoying what Sally was doing to him more.

I ran the zip down to the end, just as the fabric started to curve under. It started to slip down under its own weight, revealing the rest of the lingerie set; lovely lacy knickers, with no hair under them, a suspender belt, and stockings. She put her hands on my shoulders and stepped out of the jumpsuit, kicking it to one side with a practiced swipe. She’d kept her heels on, and she looked totally amazing. I think my jaw must have been on the floor as she gave a throaty chuckle, and spun round. Those knickers were a thong, her bum was amazing, she just looked so good.

I looked over at Peter, “first, you’re a lucky fucker; second, I think we’re overdressed!”

He grinned, and looking down at Sally replied “well you’re a lucky fucker too. And I think avcılar escort you’re right.”

I stood up, and started to undo my trousers. Ruth did the finger wave again, and dropped to her knees. I moved my hands away as she undid my trousers and pulled them down. My cock was so erect it was sticking out of the top, and there was a damp patch where I’d leaked with excitement.

Looking over at Sally and Peter, it looked as if Sally had just rolled off the sofa and was on her knees removing Peter’s trousers while he was still on the sofa, lifting his bum to make it easier for her. Suddenly I felt Ruth’s hand cupping my balls and squeezing. She muttered “hey, I’m down here, they can look after themselves…” with a tighter squeeze for emphasis.

“Sorry,” I apologised, to the sound of another quiet chuckle from the other side of the room.

Ruth let go of my balls, put her hands in the belt of my undies, and yanked them down. My cock sprang forward and nearly caught her in the face. She pulled back a little, kissed the tip of it, and then reached down for my socks. Helping me balance she took my socks off (which would have been easier using Sally’s method, I must admit).

Standing up again, kissing my cock once more on the way past, she eased my shirt over my shoulders and I was finally naked. Naked, in my living room, with two sexy women in lingerie, one of whom was my wife, and an also-naked close friend who (and yes, I did take a look) had a really decent cock. I thought it looked to be a little wider than mine, but not quite as long. Sally later confirmed that to be the case.

Ruth put her hands on my waist and pulled me to her, pressing her body against me, her lips finding mine, her erect nipples pressing into my chest. We kissed passionately, my hands running up and down her back and over her bum, her hands pulling my hips against her as she gyrated against my cock.

She broke the kiss, and gently pushed me down and backwards, encouraging me to sit once more. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her warm, soft, mouth. Sliding her lips down the length of it, reaching the back of her throat, before pulling back up and teasing the slit with her tongue. I moaned gently as she repeated this several times, each time flicking her tongue around the head before she sucked my dick back into her mouth.

Looking across at the others I could see Sally was now on her back on the sofa, with Peter’s face buried in her pussy, her hands on the back of his head guiding and encouraging him.

Ruth slipped my cock out of her mouth once more, but instead of sucking it again, she sat back, stood up, and stepped forward. Leaning forward, her breasts swaying slightly, she pushed my knees together and then knelt with one knee either side of me. Pushing me back so I was leaning right back in the chair she lowered herself and, with some wiggling to get the angle right, slipped my cock inside her pussy. Oh my god! It was so warm, so tight, so welcoming. The emotional rush of this, of knowing that I was inside a women who I’d fancied for several years, and with the full permission of her husband and my wife, was almost overwhelming.

She sat down hard, and then started riding me, lifting herself up and down, her hands on my shoulders, her breasts swaying. She’d stop every few strokes, and squeeze my cock with her pussy, which is an amazing sensation I must say. After a couple of minutes of this, on the upstroke, she stopped, and whispered “I’ve fucked you, now you fuck me”. I was not about to disregard that instruction. I moved my knees and hips so I could thrust up into her and started to slowly fuck her.

Suddenly I heard a deep moan from the other side of the room, and glanced over, to see Sally still on her back on the long side of the sofa, but this time Peter was kneeling between her legs clearly fucking her, his hips thrusting back and forth. Sally’s head was leaning back, her eyes closed, as Peter started to speed up. I could just see one of her breasts, rocking back and forth as he fucked her, and somehow this was the most erotic part of the whole scene.

Turned on even more than I had thought possible I carried on fucking Ruth, getting faster and faster with my hip-thrusts, hearing the sound of my thighs slapping against her bum, her grunting with each thrust. The grunting turn into words, “oh yes”, “oh fuck me”, “yes, yes”, and I’m sure Peter and Sally could hear, the idea of which I found extremely erotic.

I don’t know for sure if Ruth’s words had an effect on Peter but I’d guess they probably did, because he let out a long, drawn out, “ohhh ffuucckkk” and out of the corner of my eye I saw his fucking changing to the slow, hard, thrusting, of a man who’s cumming. That was it, that pushed me right over the edge; with no warning my own orgasm hit me. My head rolled back, I thrust deeply into Ruth, and exclaimed “I’m cumming!”

Ruth sighed in response, “me too, oh so much”, her fingers gripping my shoulders almost painfully, her pussy squeezing my cock, her whole body shuddering.

As my orgasm subsided I slowed my thrusting; Ruth added a couple of bounces at the end, then sat down hard, plugging her pussy with my cock. “We’ve both wanted this for so long,” she whispered, “I am so glad it worked out!”

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