Sneaking Out for a Drive at Night

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We were parked next to a shrubbery. It was too late for anyone to pass us by. It being Ooty, there were no street lights in the windy roads outside town. We had gone for a drive to be alone, just her and I. Leaving our friends behind in the house.

I was intoxicated by this person. Who was she. How did she manage to lighten me up and let me be myself in front of her. Just driving in the middle of the night on roads we didn’t even know. Just cruising, smoking a joint and listening to some Fitzgerald, Miller, Shaw and of-course Sinatra. Not a care in the world, just blasting past tress on one lane twisties with our arms out the window feeling the cool air hit our faces as we let the music and the reefer take effect. Her hand in mine while I seldomly changed gears. Its like nothing would change, its like nothing could change for those couple of hours. I remember thinking to myself that I would rather be in no other place with no body else, that beautiful night. Just the 2 of us.

We came to a halt, and I paused the music after powering down my headlights and engine. The silence was eerie and us city folk were just not accustomed to hearing nothing but crickets and the occasional snapping of twigs by a nocturnal creature whose shape size and form were unknown to us due to the absolute darkness we were cast into. It was so refreshing yet macabre at the same time. A feeling of uncertainty as to whether we should’ve stopped in the first place. In a place unfamiliar, with surroundings unseen, with noises unidentifiable with the only certainty that we wanted to be together, with each other, at that moment, in that place. It was for no one else but us.

Could it have been love at its stages of budding? Or was it just the fascination of wanting to know one another, being intrigued by one another and what we truly were on the inside, what our true fabric was made of. Its hard to understand these things at a distance but only with time and patience would these things unearth themselves. But I could see through and so could she. Her book left open to be read and be written in.

Away from the music, away from the hustle, away from everyones thoughts. Unperturbed by convention, untouched by peers or influencers. This is where one ought to be, to just be. And just being is what we were doing, together, comfortable with the canlı bahis silence, not obliged to say something to one another, not unless we wanted to, which also was just as unburdened as the silence.

She looked beautiful that night. A simple zebra striped dress to adorn her body and a smile that seemed like it could do no harm. A smile that can be reproduced in my head till today if I were to project it on a screen through my eyes. A smile that captivated all the vestiges of my thoughts. A smile that appeared to me like it had the power to obliterate everything that was unneeded in my head. How was it possible? Well thats what put me on that trip. That’s what sent me on that drive with her. More intoxicating than the whiskey I drank that night. More than the weed we smoked too. On a different trip I was on, on a different high. A combination of pheromones, alcohol, marijuana, music, petrol, tyres, love and of course that smile. A combination that could send a man above the clouds where the Hindenburg flew, or into a fiery inferno, like it went into.

Nothing could’ve made that drive more spectacular, nothing could take it away from being our night, our night of inebriated love and lust.

Her breath in short bursts, reeking of the poison we’d been drinking and the joints we’d been smoking. I could get off on just that, but no, tonight we had each other all to ourselves. Not a soul around for kilometres. Our lips moist with our saliva, our tongues intertwined, my hands roaming her body, just trying to get some skin for me to touch, to feel, to grab, to claim as my own. And I was going to take all of it. All to myself, for no one else to share.

Our breathing getting heavier, our kisses wetter and our libidos gleaming in a flurry of colours.

I pulled her on to my lap still not breaking the contact our lips had made.

The alcohol had driven the patience out of me and probably even her, I could tell because otherwise I would’ve definitely transported us to the back seat to get into a more comfortable spot, a place where I could’ve had a chance of tasting her sex, because not only did I love the taste of pussy, but hers tasted divine. The perfect blend of pungency, saltiness, iron and cum. She hated it, but I paid no attention to it because it made her wetter and even brought her to orgasm.

She was bahis siteleri straddling me and I could tell she was horny, just how much though I was going to find out. My hands going down her sides to her hips, I slowly furled up her dress and felt her warm thighs and as I went further up to feel the lining of her panties, I couldn’t find any!! I looked down and noticed that she had been smearing her cum all over my shorts and my shirt. There was so much of it, she was dripping all over. “Youre dripping all over over me baby” I said to her as she moaned into my mouth.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as I let one finger snake through to her lips and as I entered her pussy, my finger had no resistance as it just slipped in through. She was so wet and so warm, I could only imagine what it would feel like to have my dick up to the hilt in her.

She moaned as I fingered her. “I need to fuck you baby” I said into her mouth, as I pulled down my shorts exposing my dick to her warm, moist lips. She stroked it slowly as she grinded her dripping pussy on my cock and smeared her cum all over him.

After what felt like eternity, she slowly lowered herself on my dick, engulfing all of him. She was so well lubricated that my cock just slipped in with zero resistance. I could feel the warmth of her insides being absorbed by me as she gasped while receiving all of him.

God she felt so good as she coated my dick with her juices. We reached a rhythm of constant downward drops and upward thrusts, rocking the car in the process. All I could here was the sound of her ass cheeks slamming onto my thighs, the splotching of my cum coated cock slamming into her dripping cunt as she gasped into my mouth every time I did, and our heavy breathing as we made drunk love, engulfed in complete darkness.

I tried to inhale every bit of it trying to create an olfactory memory of all the smells I could smell in the cabin of my car. Breathing her in as she breathed out, it felt like she was breathing fresh life into me! The smell of our perspiration as fresh beads of sweat trickled down as our tempo increased. the smell of her breath tainted with alcohol and cigarettes. The smell of her wet pussy as I ravaged it with my throbbing cock. It was all moving by faster than I could register it and before I knew it I was on the brink bahis şirketleri of a full fledged orgasm that could’ve sent me to the stars if I hadn’t intervened and held her but cheeks and slowed her down only allowing the tip to penetrate her sex.

As I slowed down the tempo, I heard it, I felt it. The sound of her vaginal muscles contracting as she let out an orgasmic fart from her pussy. We were so uninhibited in each others presence, the sound only brought a smile to each of our faces. Her pussy firmly held my dick in position as is contracted and dilated, slowly reducing the intensity of the orgasm she had just had, sending a fresh wave of cum dripping down my shaft onto my balls. I could feel it slowly trickling down to my bum.

“Cum for me baby” she said as she slowly straddled me.

“You want me to cum?” I asked excitedly

Half expecting her to say yes, I exclaimed, “Then give me that tongue!”

She knew just what those words meant and just what it could do to me.

Without a second thought, she engulfed my mouth with hers as she slid her slimy tongue over and under mine, riding me in a tempo that didn’t break the contact our lips had made.

Only breaking away contact to say it again,”Cum for me! Cum for me baby!” As she humped me and sent fresh saliva into my mouth as our tongues swirled in a manner too nasty for someone who didn’t enjoy a sloppy kiss like I did.

Before I knew it I was on the brink of a massive orgasm. I lifted her by her sweaty cheeks just in time as I exploded and spewed thick streams of warm semen onto her bum.

The silence prevailed as all moaning had stopped only to be replaced by the sounds of our heavy breathing as we embraced each other and took in all that had just transcended.

“I love you”, I whispered as we normalised our breathing.

We kissed, not like we had a minute ago, this was the kind of kiss that deemed us inseparable.

The kind of kiss people would search for, the kind of kiss I had been searching for.

The kiss that felt like nothing or no one could come in our way. This was it. We had found it.

We smoked a cigarette after letting the windows down and letting the fresh breeze dilute the fragrances we had emitted not too long ago. The smoke was a silent one, just acknowledging each others presence with silence.

“Lets head back?” I asked.

“Yeah Im sure they’re wondering whats keeping us” she said giggling.

I started the engine and drove back to what turned out to be a night I’d never forget and hopefully one she didn’t too.

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