Snippets: Early Morning

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Our new house guest was settling into the household nicely. C was also insinuating herself into my life in ways I could never have imagined. Between us had developed this secret little game of peek-a-boo which allowed me delicious views up C’s skirt sans panties. Each afternoon I was like a little animal waiting for my afternoon ‘snack.’ And like anything after awhile you want more.

I rise early in the morning. It’s a habit which has slowly developed over the past ten years, so that now I’m typically up by about 5:00 am, just prior to the rising sun for this time of year. Some mornings I would go for a jog, or read a book, or articles, sometimes I would write. I loved this time of the day – the world was mine, silent and new. This particular morning for some reason my thoughts drifted to C, as I ran through my various mental images and fantasies culled from the last several months. I laid back in my easy chair and could feel myself go hard with the images which danced before my eyes, and began to stroke my cock through my jeans, masturbating myself. A little morning auto erotica. And then, I wondered about C, where she was just then (her room), what she was doing (sleeping), what she looked like (??).

I rose from my chair and stealthily crept up the third story stairs, hardly believing my bravado. I was in my socks and I could move with barely a sound. As I noiselessly moved toward her door I could see it was open slightly. The third floor tended to be a little warm, and C disliked air conditioners so that though she had one, she seldom used it. I could see that she maintained circulation by leaving her door ajar and then opening all the windows. When I stood at the edge of the door frame and placed my one eye at the doors opening, I beheld C completely nude lying on her stomach sound asleep. It was beyond my wildest dreams! Her arm was curled around her face, with her hand bent under like a small cats. I could see her profile perfectly, from toe to head. Her blonde hair was disheveled around her laying about on her pillow, I could make out her soft shoulders, the narrowing of her waist and an unbroken line along the swell of her bottom and then down along her long legs. She had one leg lifted toward the wall and away from me. I stood silently and took her in as long as I dared, before stealing away back downstairs where I breathlessly finished masturbating in the bathroom. She was up by eight and we had a normal breakfast, with me knowingly eyeing her small frame, secret possessor of this additional mental image of her laying supine on her bed earlier that morning.

Needless to say, escort gaziantep sahibe bayan this became somewhat of a habit. I didn’t go up there every day. In fact on many mornings I resisted mightily, for fear of being found out either by C or by my wife. I thought that either way there would not be too much goodwill toward my aping my sister as she slept in the early mornings. Some mornings, and this was one of them, I was rewarded with her naked form displayed before me as she lay on her back, legs bent one arm raised up over her head and one laying across her belly. I could follow the line of her hips as they formed this concave bowl of flesh which fell to her puss, rising and falling with her breath, and my eyes next beheld that small mound covered with fine blonde hairs. I do not believe she ever ‘shaved,’ but she would forever have the pussy of a child covered in down, always visible in its nakedness, barely covered by hair. Her navel was a thin line, her breasts soft swells of flesh and small nipples above a delicate rib cage. The sun would slowly creep upward along the floor until it would begin to shine on her. It was then that she slowly woke and I made certain to have stolen away before that stirring began. However, the sight of the sun on her flesh, illuminating her skin called to me siren like, and frequently I would wait nervously, or leave only to return on more than one occasion throughout the early morning (yes it had grown to repeated trips to her room).

This morning, as I stood and beheld, she without moving opened her eyes lightly and then closed them, I moved as quickly and quietly as I could out of view behind the door frame. Shit! That was too close I thought, when I heard “Jack?”

I stood silent, my heart in my mouth.

Then, “Jack, is that you?”

I stepped into the door frame again, looking down, somewhat sheepishly. What could I do?

“It was an accident.” I lied, “I just wanted to see if you were awake. I thought of something I wanted to tell you. I didn’t realize . . .”

She made no movement to cover herself, just turned herself gently, slowly so that she was laying on one hip facing me with her left hand flat on the bed in front of her. Her one leg in front of the other. Her hip bent and rising sharply from her middle and then on a long slow decline down her thighs. In the sideways position I noticed the slightest tug of gravity now on her breasts. Her hair was over her forehead. She was smiling, squinting a little from the brightness in the room.

“Come in. It’s all right. escort bayan şahinbey I was actually dreaming about you. Isn’t that weird?”

I stepped just into the room saying, “Uh, I should get back downstairs. You need to get ready. . .I’m sorry.”

“What were you going to tell me?”

“I can’t remember.”

She looked down at herself then at me. I could see that twinkle again in her eyes, “I suppose not.”

There was a silent pause. I held a sort of motion to leave but didn’t move a muscle, and I must say I simply could not stop looking at her.

She broke the silence, “Want to hear a story or do you NEED to go?”

I just nodded and sat in a chair she had by the door.

She laughed, “which is it?” obviously pleased with her effect on me just then.

“Go on.” I said.

“I went out with a guy last week. He was like totally into me, everything. Polite. Took me to great places, concerts, bands. Listened to me. He’s like totally smart too, interesting. I like that in a guy. I was really starting to like him – a lot. Anyway, his brother was having this party at his house and he wanted to know if I would go too. I said ok. Well, it was a totally great party and I was really getting into Tom, we were messing around a bit, and then he says you want to go up to a room. And I thought why not, I even thought we could get more serious, take this relationship to a new level. Anyway we were on our way up, and I got delayed in a conversation with someone there who I knew, and as I talked Tom’s brother walked up beside him and they started talking. His brother also had a girl with him who was at the top of the stairs. I have good hearing, and they were like talking in a way that I know they did not know I could hear, plus I maintained my conversation so that like I did not let on that I could hear anything. Anyway, Tom’s brother says to Tom, “I won, mines prettier.” I was like what? Then Tom says, “Yeah, well I didn’t have to pay for mine.” And I was like it was a contest they had of who could bed the prettiest girl that night. I was like so through with him then. I don’t talk to him any more. But I thought that he was really like into me, but there’s no way to know. No way for me to know. It like totally sucked. I HATE it.”

I know I have good looks, I know that men always look at me, stare at me, on the street, on the bus wherever, and like its cool. And like I use my physical to get what I want sometimes. I know that I do that. But guys just stare at my physical, it could be anybody – any body. Not ME. escort şahinbey You know?”

I summed up my courage, honesty, “C, you just caught me sneaking up here to stare at your body. That’s what I was doing. I don’t see that much difference I think.” I swallowed. God I said it now.

“ But wait, there is a difference. There is! The difference between you and Tom is that Tom wants any body that comes along, any pussy, any young cunt will do for him just the same. It was a sport Jack – I realize that now. It’s always that way for me, everywhere I go. I hate it. But you. You want – this pussy.” And she lifted her leg exposing that little puss mound between her legs to me before continuing, “And it goes with ME. You look at ME. That’s real Jack.”

I began to stammer and sort of look at the floor, I had been adjusting myself surreptitiously as she told her story, more from the sight of her than anything else. I still let my eyes linger along her length. It was so obvious to her the effect she had on me just now. The sunlight streaming on her flesh, playing in the shadows. She was shining like a golden nymph, like a morning fairy. I wanted to hold her, caress her just then, feel her body melt into me. To lay in the sunlight skin to skin, flesh and bone, and hair and sweat, breath and whispers. I had my hand moving lightly between my legs.

She saw my ‘discomfort’ (or passion?), and added, “I mean whether anything happened or not, you see ME; and I see you the same way, our passions are connected. Soul to Soul. Not just any Body/Pussy that walks your way. Your passion, you lose yourself, sacrifice yourself, make a fool of yourself, for me, to be around me.”

“Well you certainly lack inhibitions.” (Did that even relate to the conversation)

“What inhibitions?” she said, laughing as she rolled onto her back and lifted her legs in the air, let them drop and turned back to me. “I’m not like this with everyone you know.” She said holding her head low and looking up at me.

“Reaaaaally!” I said.

“Just you. . . Hey Jack!” She put her head down on the bed and lifted her hip, looking very much like a cat ready to pounce, and whispered, “Want a feel. . . to feel me? Just a touch.”

It was like I was standing on a huge ship staring across the sea at a rock shoreline. I looked back at the open door. “Ahh, C — not, just yet. My Sweet. I better not.”

“You gotta get back downstairs?” She relaxed on the bed.

I nodded, stood up, “Believe me if I could, I’d stay up here all day and watch you, get up, get dressed.”

“Dressed? That’s no fun. I do lots of other stuff when I’m up here you might like to see.”

“I’m sure. You have no idea. ”

As I left I said, “remember this is our secret.”

She twisted a key at her mouth and threw it away. “See ya. You can come up here any time Jack.”

Please respond back to me with how you liked the story or any new ideas. Your respones are the reason I keep writing.

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