Snooty Arrogance? Ch. 03

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Susan Mackilroy is a stunning blond 24 year old Marketing Assistant in New York. She has real class and is not an easy pick up by any account. Susan has been in her new job for about six months and met this new consultant who has come from Paris – Matt Branders. Her instant attraction to this lean handsome tall man is unsettling to Susan, who is not used to such feeling. After 3 months of working together, Matt surprises her with a great birthday party for her 24th birthday and then an incredible night of passionate life changing love making. Read this part in Chapters 1 & 2.


I stirred reluctantly, not quite awake and I could immediately remember the amazing night of life changing love making with Matt. I stretched my body and felt the strong male muscles of Matt under me and his gentle but firm hand holding my ass cheeks and kneading them slowly while the other hand held my neck and his lips parted mine and kissed me softly, tenderly and yet with so much passion.

I started to wake up fully and I suddenly felt this hard hot throb in my groin. Instinctively my thighs parted a bit more and my hips adjusted to Matt’s firm hand and my pussy lips felt the gentle probe of his hard throbbing cock. Our kissing got even more sensitive and passionate as I ground my firm breasts into his chest and felt my pussy lubricate copiously as his cock head parted my folds and stared to enter me.

I do not know how I came to be in this position but I was just so filled with renewed passion for this amazing man who had made love to me so incredibly last night. I could feel Matt adjust his hips and I responded automatically and his hard thick cock started sliding into my now soaking pussy. I have no idea how I had become so aroused in my sleep but this was like a continuation of last night and all my senses just responded to the renewed sexual advances from Matt. His incredibly hard throbbing meat pole started to slide into my tight love tunnel in a steady firm thrust and I thrust right back with a moaning whimper. I opened my sleepy eyes to look into Matt’s dark brown eyes and my pussy creamed with a big surge of sexual heat as I thrust myself all the way down on his phallus.

I smiled into his eyes as my emotions took over. I crooned into his ears as I kissed him and licked his face and spoke to him about what a wonderful guy he was to wake me up like this. My body started to glide and slide over him with uncontrollable heat and urgency. I could also hear Matt’s faster breathing and smell his masculine muskiness as his body responded to me. We started to move together in a rhythm that was so spontaneous. I could feel his pulsing hard cock slide up my pussy and down again. I could also feel my soft feminine flesh knead into his body as my pussy lips gripped and massaged his turgid pole with desperation as the tiny nerves tingled with fire and pleasure at the same time.

Matt gripped my hips with his hands and started to lift me up and down on his hard fuck staff while I whimpered with uncontrollable lust and passion. I lifted myself on my arms so that I could slam my hips down harder. I immediately felt Matt take one of my nipples into his mouth and start to suck & lick on it. The added sensation pushed me into a new plane of erotic levitation. I felt like I was floating in the clouds with passion as I continued to grind and thrust my hips into Matt’s lap while he thrust back with firm long strokes. As I increased my thrusts with greater urgency Matt took his hands from my hips and now gripped my prime tits and started to tweak my nipples while he also nibbled them and kept thrusting his cock into me.

My pussy was now gushing with juices and clasping his thick cock with the urgency that I knew would soon lead to a huge eruption in my guts. I could feel Matt’s cock throb and flex in my pussy as he continued to thrust. I continued to grind my cunt on his big pole and could feel the long downward stroke start to stimulate my clit.

“One, uh uh two, aha aha aha ah three, foooo….ohh, ooooo aaaaahhhhhrrrrrrrrr”.

I exploded in a most wonderful orgasm. My thighs were trembling and clasping Matt’s hips while wave after wave shook me and I collapsed on his chest and moaned with ecstasy and my cunt continued to clasp his amazing hard cock and felt his strong throbs.

My pussy was so sensitive and yet so hot and still horny. I realised that Matt was just getting into his stride and I wanted to please him too. I felt Matt kissing my face while his hands stroked my back and ass cheeks. He would occasionally flex his cock to full attention deep inside my soaking pussy and sigh deeply. I opened my eyes again and thanked Matt while I kissed him passionately.

I said to him “Thanks for the incredible birthday and this sweet wake up call, handsome! How can I now reciprocate?”

Matt replied “You are already reciprocating with your incredible passion and sensual responses, gorgeous. I never dreamt of such an incredible experience with such a beautiful woman”.

And……. he followed that with another throb of his amazing cock buried in my now tightening şerifali escort cunt.


I moaned as my body started to respond instinctively and I rocked my hips to take him deeper into my pussy.

“I am all yours Matt. Please feel free to play with me as you wish”, I said as I kissed his lips with a sensuous and long drawing deep kiss as I probed his mouth with my tongue.

“My pleasure, my lady” Matt replied.

That phrase arrested my thoughts and my heart skipped a beat. Did he know my secret?

“Why did you say that?” I asked.

“You are an absolutely classy lady and yet you are an amazingly hot and horny passionate woman. Thank you for this incredible experience” he replied, as his thick hard cock again stirred inside my cunt and started my juices flowing again.

My pussy muscles responded a bit as they clasped his cock gently.

“I am not very experienced Matt, and I just want you to feel comfortable with whatever you want to do”, I said.

I propped myself up on my arms while my hips still ground into his groin. Matt groaned and thrust his hips up while his hands again started fondling my firm & erect breasts. He smiled and wrapped one arm around my hips and rolled me over on the bed without parting our connection. In one smooth move he thrust his hard cock deep into my pussy and made me gasp. Matt now raised himself up and started to thrust his hips into my groin with slow gentle strokes. They were strong and powerful from his martial arts toned body and yet they were gentle stokes. He seemed to change each stroke just a bit, probing my pussy from different angles and exciting new sensations inside me that I never knew existed. He leaned over and kissed me as he continued to fuck me with steady strokes. My hands roamed all over his chest as my hips responded to his thrusts. My pussy was now flooded with juices and the muscles were clasping at his thick meat with desperation as he thrust in and withdrew.

Each fuck stroke was different and my response was instinctive as I tried to get my pussy to feel his cock from a different angle. I started to feel Matt’s cock now stroke my clit from 3 separate angles and each was incredibly sensitive and shooting bolts of lightning through my entire body. I started to now buck up to each of his strokes and whimper with uncontrollable pleasure as his cock strummed my clit repeatedly. My pussy started to clench and tighten as I approached another orgasm. Matt suddenly hooked one arm under my knee and then the other. This raised my hips even higher and his cock slid into my pussy and started hitting my G spot from an angle I had never experienced before. My whole body started to shudder and shake as I erupted into an amazing orgasm. My position did not allow me to thrust back too much but I still rocked my hips and clenched my pussy.

Before my orgasm came down Matt started to increase his tempo and kept fucking me with his thick hard fuck stick. Each stroke hit my G spot and raised new sensations. This seemed to put my clit into overdrive rather than make it too sensitive. My pussy seemed to tighten its clasps on Matt’s cock and my body continued to shudder. I soon hit another earth shattering orgasm which was even more vigorous than the last one. I remember whimpering and babbling with incorrigible sounds as I felt Matt’s balls bang on my ass cheeks with each thrust. I also realised that Matt was now really fucking me hard and each thrust was ending in a hard thump on my groin. Our bodies were slapping together in lusty sounds and my cunt was one continuous sensation of arousal.

I partially opened my eyes to see Matt’s face which screwed into a grimace as his eyes were shut and his face was dripping sweat while he kept thrusting is big cock into me. His mouth opened and he started grunting as his thrusts started to become shorted and shorted and I could feel his cock really expand in my pussy. My body started to rock with another massive orgasm as Matt roared and thrust one last time into me and his cock started to pulse and throb with a huge orgasm as he pumped his seed deep into me. My pussy was clutching his cock with spasm after spasm as our two orgasms climbed together and crashed into waves as Matt’s shuddering body was met by my own urgency. Our bodies seemed to have a control of their own as we moved into different positions with our arms, legs, hips, face and lips. We continued to absorb each other’s passions and slowly settled down into a calm serene sensation.

Over the next few months Matt and I became inseparable. At work we were very professional and this lead to continued success for both of us. Matt’s proposals were approved by my company and the clients. My involvement in the project was confirmed as Account Manager. The fact that we had started dating did not even register with our colleagues or clients. Some of them even used to tease us as a good match to begin dating! This made it easy for us to work together and go to Matt’s place for amazing passion to take us to new heights. After 4 months of this affair silivri escort I moved into Matt’s apartment. I had deliberately kept Matt away from my apartment as I did not want him to stumble on to my secret past, even by accident. He would not believe my strange and unique circumstances and I did not want to lose him.

Moving in with Matt was a “First” for me. I had never lived with any of my three earlier boyfriends. This was a new experience and a surprisingly comfortable one. We just settled in from day one. The first day we moved into Matt’s place was a weekend and we brought in some curry while we settled in with my personal thinks. I brought my personal desk and chair along with a book case and some other furniture which were antiques. They seemed to be a perfect match for Matt’s furniture which he inherited from his parents.

I had a few paintings that I got from my parents’ estate and I was just putting them away under the spare bed when Matt walked in and said

“Hey, those will match my parent’s pictures perfectly”.

My heart skipped a beat and my mouth went dry. Matt quickly went to his closet and took out two paintings about three feet wide and two feet high. Mine were just a bit larger. One of Matt’s pictures was of an old English home in the hills with rolling fields and forests. The horizon had a large castle like building that overlooked a lake of some sort. My painting had a strikingly similar setting but with the main picture being a large Manor home with castle like tower rooms and an aspect across a lake, while the background had hills, forests and a stately home. My heart was racing at this unnerving similarity.

The second set of pictures was also strikingly compatible. One was a picture of a boat in a rocky bay surrounded by cliffs with a light house at the bottom. Boundaries of a large estate could be seen at one end of the picture. There was a picture of some deer on the slopes at the edge of the forest. My second picture was of a hunting lodge with some hunters arriving on horses and a stag being unloaded. Along the borders of the picture were cliffs, a lighthouse and a boat in the bay. At first glance the four pictures could be assumed to come from the same collection. The style of painting, (the period was early 1800’s), were the same.

After dinner we settled down for the night and Matt started to kiss me and I cuddled up to him. He remarked on how easy the settling in had been and how the pictures of our respective parents seemed to be so compatible. While we were talking and having a glass of wine, Matt started to kiss me softly and gently stroke my tits through my T-shirt. I quickly got up and pulled Matt by the arms and lead him to the bathroom where we ran a hot bath. We quickly got naked and into the hot bath while we continued our romantic cuddles and kissing. Matt suddenly showed a bit more passion as he started to kiss and suck on my nipples while my hands found his already hard cock. I was longing to suck on that wonderfully hard piece of man meat and quickly dried ourselves as we approached the big bed.

I could see our naked bodies in the big mirror and I gently pushed Matt on to the edge of bed while I knelt between his knees. I gently took his hard thick cock in my hand and felt it throb with anticipation. I looked into the mirror and smiled at Matt while I bent down and gave his pink knob a slow sensual kiss. I could taste his manly musky flavours as I swirled my tongue over the firm knob and tasted the salty pre-cum. I continued to kiss and lick the shaft while gripping his balls in my hand. I would look at the mirror and catch Matt looking at me and I would smile at him. He would blush like I had caught him out. He obviously liked the view in the mirror of me sucking his amazing cock. I suddenly realised that he also had a video recording arrangement which I had not checked out for the last four months.

Matt slowly lifted me up by my arms and positioned ourselves on the bed in a 69 position and he started to lick my pussy while I was kissing and sucking his fuck stick. We kept at this for a while and I could feel an orgasm coming soon and then I could feel Matt also start to thrust more urgently into my mouth. I gently gripped his balls and tugged on them while probing the cleft in his cock head with my tongue. He started to suck on my clit while his two fingers found my G spot. I groaned on his cockhead and started to shudder when Matt also groaned on my clit with his deep bass voice. That just sent a jolt of lightning through my pussy as I exploded into a huge orgasm and at the same time I felt Matt’s cock expand and erupt in my mouth. I screamed with pleasure as I held his cock in my hand and it pulsed a second time and spurt a long stream of cum on my nose, forehead and chin.

Matt had stopped playing with my pussy and he was grunting with his orgasm as I looked at the mirror to see another spurt from his huge cock and another stream of man seed hit me on my cheek and lips while I was smiling. The lewd sight of me sucking cock and getting plastered with Matt’s şirinevler escort cum on my face was a bit embarrassing and I was blushing and at the same time admiring how sexy I looked. I suddenly saw Matt looking at me in the mirror and I shrieked and blushed red and hid my face. Matt gently pulled me to his chest and started to kiss me and cuddle me in a sensitive and caring manner.

“You like watching yourself in the mirror, don’t you?” he asked.

I blushed again as I giggled and he smiled and said “I am the luckiest man in the world to have an amazing woman like you make love to me without any inhibitions.”

I ran my hand over Matt’s body and enjoyed his manly smell and muscles while I wrapped one leg over him. I moved my hand down to feel his recently emptied balls and then his recently erupting cock and was surprised to feet it getting hard again. I gripped it in surprise and looked up at Matt and smiled at him. I felt his cock stir and throb again as it quickly came to full erection.

“Let me please you some more” he said.

Matt then gripped me gently and made me kneel down so that I could see our reflections from both the mirror sin the room – one in front of the bed and one on the right side. Matt positioned himself behind me and gently probed my pussy with his now hard cock head. I had now started to feel my pussy getting wet again as I anticipated his cock entering me so soon after cuming all over my face! Matt thrust his hips into me and I slowly thrust back to feel him enter my tight cunt. My muscles pulsed and grasped his hard cock while it adjusted to his thickness and harness. I looked at us in the mirror in front and caught Matt’s piercing brown eyes looking at my face. I was surprised to see a really wanton horny expression on my face. I looked like I had already been fucked real good – face flushed, hair in a mess, a thin film of sweat, eyes hazy and my lips open with a contented smile. My face was still splattered with Matt’s cum.

I was extremely aroused by the sight and Matt thrust firmly into my pussy. I bucked right back at him and turned to look back at him. Matt continued to stroke slowly and firmly with his hard phallus while I started to whimper and thrust back. The sexual arousal seemed to be a new level for me as I buried my face in a pillow and absorbed the feeling of incredible pleasure in my pussy. I opened my eyes and looked at the mirror on the side of the bed and again caught Matt’s eyes looking at me. I again blushed and felt a strong urge in my pussy to hump back hard and clamp my pussy around his cock. Matt started to lean forward and play with my tits, one at a time. He would withdraw his cock and draw a gasp from me while he squeezed a nipple and looked at my face. I would look him in the eye while my heart pleaded for him to fuck me with that amazing man meat. As he thrust into me I would again thrust back with a squeal of pleasure. The mirror showed my firm tits wobble with each stroke. I could see Matt’s huge phallus come out of my swollen cunt and go in again. I looked at the mirror again and saw Matt again give that steely concentrated look with a half-smile as he reached down and raised my knee up.

I now had the sole of my foot on the bed while I kneelt on the other knee and my swollen pussy lips were fully exposed in the mirror and we could watch Matt’s thick hard cock split those lips as his pink wet knob slid in and reached the inner most depths of my cunt. My yoga trained body seemed to meld with his martial arts athleticism and the raw sexual image was overpowering. My arousal reached a new level as Matt started to vary the angles of his thrusts and hit my G spot repeatedly. The physical sensation of Matt’s amazing cock in my pussy and the visual arousal of the mirror images with my face covered in cum took me to levels of erotic pleasure and passion I had not been to before. I vaguely remember whimpering, moaning, grunting and even growling as I bucked at each of Matt’s thrusts. The continued attack on my clit and my G sport drove me over the edge and I erupted into a wild orgasm. I vaguely remember myself in the mirror screaming and clawing the bed with my blond hair swirling around while I bucked at the end of Matt’s cock. Matt again had that steely look but with a tender smile and a gentle stroke of this hands as he touch my bum, back, neck, cheeks, tits and talked to me.

I responded to his passionate intimacy by smiling back at him in the mirror while grinding my pussy back at his cock and moaning.

“Please don’t stop Matt. I want to feel you cum inside me, baby” I said.

Matt’s expression was one of amazed excitement and a big smile came across his face as he started to withdraw his cock from my pussy and thrust again. My already aroused pussy just clasped his cock and squeezed it as I thrust back at him and groaned. Matt seemed to understand that I wanted to be really fucked and he quickly increased the tempo to firm strong thrusts that made a slapping noise as he buried his meat pole deep in my sheath. Matt’s expression seemed to change a bit as he started to respond to my sounds and thrust with his own grunts. The long strong strokes were playing havoc with my clit and my G spot and I was now starting to climb to another orgasm. Matt sensed it and started fucking me harder. He was really pounding my pussy and my ass cheeks were now a blur of vibration in the mirror as we both started to lose control and get absorbed in total sexual oblivion.

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