Snorkeling Adventure Ch. 02

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Thanks to all of those who read the first installment of Snorkeling Adventure, but especially to those who took the time to let me know what they thought, and who prompted me to write this sequel.

This chapter takes up where the first one left off, so you may want to go back to read the first part, but if not, here is a brief synopsis.

In the first installment, relatively new lovers Emma and Nate skipped the final day of their conference in Mexico to journey to a deserted cove in the Mayan Riveria for a full day of sun, relaxation and fun. Their plans to go snorkeling got sidetracked as they had more fun exploring each other in the water than the surrounding reefs. Afterwards, they retreated to a blanket on the beach, where they dozed off in each others’ arms.


Nate slowly became aware of the warm breeze passing over his bare skin, the sounds of tropical birds in the trees overhead, and the smell of the salt air. He kept his eyes closed as he got his bearings. A smile crossed his face as he remembered the delight he had taken in exploring Emma’s body in the warm waters, and the excitement he had felt when he finally entered her in the shallows. Just the thought of her reactions as he had touched her, and how they had both climaxed as the gentle waves swept past them was enough to get his heart beating faster.

And to think that had all happened within the first two hours after the tiny plane had dropped them off in the deserted cove. They had another 10 hours or more before the plane was due to return to pick them up, and Nate resolved to use the time to learn as much as he could about what made Emma tick, sexually speaking.

After making love in the water, they had retreated to their blanket in the shade, where they collapsed in each others arms and drifted off to sleep. Now as Nate’s senses returned, he realized that Emma was no longer curled up against his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see her sitting cross-legged at the foot of the blanket, still delightfully naked, looking at him with a smile.

“What? What are you looking at, and what’s so funny?”

“Nothing’s funny, goof. I was just enjoying looking at you” Emma replied. “Do you realize that this is the first time we’ve been able to spend more than two hours alone together since we first met six months ago? I haven’t had the luxury of just watching you before!”

Emma was right, of course. With their work schedules, Emma’s roommate, and Nate’s daughter living with him, they didn’t get much time alone. When they first started going out, they took things slow, and only made love for the first time 2 months ago. Since then, they’d only managed to be intimate together a half dozen times, in stolen pockets of time. Nate’s daughter, Jenny, liked Emma and she knew that her dad and Emma were dating, but even though Jenny was technically an adult and a university student, Nate didn’t feel comfortable yet having Emma spend the night.

“I know what you mean” Nate grinned. “I was just thinking the same thing as I was waking up. We still have most of the day ahead of us, and I for one intend to take advantage of it…and of you!”

“Take advantage of me? What does that mean, exactly?” Emma feigned coyly.

“Oh, I don’t know” Nate grinned wickedly, “I’m sure you can use your imagination. This jungle surrounding us brings out the beast in me!” He looked from Emma up into the lush forest, arching his eyebrows suggestively.

Emma shivered, her imagination quite active. “Beast, huh? Is there anyway I can tame this wild beast?”

Nate growled, and pretended to prowl towards her on his hands and knees. “Oh, I don’t know; this beast is pretty hungry. Maybe a kiss…..” he trailed off as he pounced on her, pushing her back against the blanket.

Emma fell back giggling and happily raised her lips to his. Nate nibbled on her lower lip, sucking it into his mouth. “Delicious…good enough to eat,” he mumbled against her mouth, and his stomach suddenly growled loudly. He suddenly realized that he was famished. “Speaking of eating….”

Laughing, Emma pushed him away and stood up. “Wait here, I think I can take care of that.” She walked into the dense shade of the bush, where she had dropped the cooler bag, feeling Nate’s eyes on her backside as she went. Just the thought of him looking at her that way caused a tingle to move through her body. Never before had Emma felt such a connection with someone, and she smiled with anticipation for what the rest of the day might hold.

When Emma turned back towards the blanket, she saw Nate quickly direct turn his gaze out to the beach, pretending to be enthralled with the scenery. A glance down to his lap told her that his thoughts had been on something other than their natural surroundings. Emma cleared her throat with an exaggerated “Hmm-hmm” to bring his eyes back to hers. She purposely let her glance move to his groin and back up to his eyes and then she raised her eyebrows in amusement

“I couldn’t Zonguldak Escort help it,” Nate blushed. “You’re so damn sexy walking around naked!”

“That’s OK, hun, its kinda nice to see” Emma grinned back. “You look pretty darn good yourself.” She let her hand linger on his thigh after she sat down beside him, and she gave him a quick kiss. “But right now…FOOD!”

Emma pulled a checkered tablecloth out of the bag and spread it over the blanket, then began to lay out a feast before them: three different wedges of cheese, slices of spicy dried sausage, fresh crusty rolls, containers with chunks of fresh pineapple and mango, a bowl of creamy yogurt, and a thermos of rich, sweet coffee.

“Holy crow, Emma, are you expecting company?”

“I had a feeling that we’d need something to keep our energy up” Emma quipped back, as she handed him a knife to cut the cheese. “I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have breakfast, and I’m starving!”

Nate realized that he hadn’t eaten anything, either. He had been nervous about getting onto a boat with anything in his stomach, so he had shown up at the marina without having had breakfast. He remembered his amazement when he realized that Emma had actually chartered a small plane instead of a boat, and for a moment he looked bewildered.

“Emma, how on earth did you arrange all of this? Finding the location, the pilot, arranging the food…it’s all incredible!” Nate hand her a roll with a slice of cheese, and poured them both cups of coffee.

“Well, I told you that my friend Susan told me about the cove, and she knew the pilot, too. As for the food, it’s amazing what a $20 tip to the kitchen staff can do.”

“Well, it’s fantastic…the whole idea…the location…the time…wow! I am so happy you pulled it all together.”

“Thanks” Emma said quietly. “I kind of had an ulterior motive.”

“Oh? And what was that?” Nate asked curiously.

“Well…” Emma hesitated, and looked down to her lap. “Nate…I really, really like you….have from the first time we met…and I love spending time with you…and so far the sex has been fantastic…”

“Uh oh…I’m not sure if I like the way this is going. I sense a ‘but’ coming” Nate said.

“Oh…no…it’s nothing bad” Emma laughed. “It’s just that so far, we’ve always been so rushed…we haven’t been able to take our time. And…well…” Emma smiled shyly, “I want the chance to explore every inch of you, without interruption. And I want to find out how to best please you.” She rushed on, talking faster in her nervousness. “I want to know what turns you on, and how you like to be touched, and what drives you crazy, and what your fantasies are, and, well, everything!” She stopped abruptly, and looked up at him, wondering what he was thinking.

Nate swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly dry. “My god,” he thought to himself, “What did I do to deserve such a wonderful person?” And to think that her thoughts were mirroring those he had earlier as he had woken up on the blanket. He felt his chest swell with a combination of emotion and desire.

“Em….I don’t know what to say! You already please me in so many ways, I can’t imagine anything more….” he trailed off, his eyes searching her face.

“Sssshhhh,” she placed her fingers against his lips. “There is always more to learn, even if you don’t know it yourself yet. Like earlier, when we were in the water,” Emma looked at him with tenderness and the beginnings of arousal, “Nate, you touched me like no one else has; you made me feel things I had never imagined; it was like…I don’t know…you were connected to me in a way I can’t describe. That’s what I’m talking about; I want to be able to touch you the same way, to find that connection.”

“And I think there is something magical about this place” she continued, looking around the deserted cove with awe. “Earlier, it was like the surf was helping us, the movement of the water, the feeling of the sun, even the sand against my back, it all added to the experience.”

Nate could just nod, mutely. He recalled how she had responded to his touches in the water, opening magically like a rose bud unfurling before his eyes, and he had to agree with her. He had felt something powerful about their surroundings, but didn’t want to say anything for fear she would think he was being silly. Something about a primal connection to nature, to the Earth they lived on. It felt like they were the only two people in the world, and all that mattered right now was them.

Emma suddenly grinned, the serious expression moving from her face as she popped a chunk of mango in her mouth. “So eat up, beast, while you have the chance.”

Nate saw a drop of juice fall to her breast just before the fruit reached her mouth, and he watched as it dribbled over the curve to perch upon her nipple. He couldn’t help himself; he leaned forward, his eyes locked on hers as his tongue reached for the drop, and he suckled her nipple in briefly, Zonguldak Escort Bayan before rising up to kiss her, tasting the sweet juice on her lips. “Emma, you are truly amazing.”

Emma closed her eyes as a surge of desire swept through her, and then she simply smiled. “Down, boy! We have all day, remember?” and Nate just chuckled and sat back, a silly grin on his face.

They sat back and enjoyed the rest of their meal in silence, feeding each other tidbits of food, sipping the hot sweet coffee, until they were both sated. Nate helped Emma pack the remainders back in the cooler, and carried it a bit deeper into the jungle where it would remain sheltered from the sun.

“Well my dear lady, what would you like to do now?” Nate turned to her and asked.

“Before we do anything, you really should put some sunscreen on,” Emma looked towards the sun. “It’s after 10 o’clock. If you aren’t careful you’ll burn…especially those special bits that rarely see the sun” she laughed as she brushed her hand over his special bits, causing an almost instant reaction.

“You’re right, of course. I hope you remembered sunscreen, because I didn’t!” Nate suddenly panicked, envisioning them both turning into lobsters by the end of the day.

“Right here.” Emma reached into her large bag, pulling out a couple of beach towels and a large bottle of sunscreen. “I already put mine on while you were still sleeping. Why don’t you come and sit here, and let me do your back?” She spread the towel out over a large fallen log in the shade, and straddled it, motioning for Nate to sit in front of her.

“Well if you insist.” Nate settled happily in front of her, his back to her, his hands propped on his thighs.

He gasped as she squirted a generous stream of sunscreen across his shoulders. “Holy crow! Did you have that in the cooler?”

“Oh relax, you big baby. It was just in the shade. Here, I’ll warm it up,” and she scooped the sunscreen off with her hands, blowing into her cupped hands to warm it with her breath. She coated her hands, and placed two white handprints on his back. “There, is that better?” she asked as she started to massage it into his shoulders.

“Mmmm….indeed it is.” Nate sighed and relaxed his shoulders, just enjoying her touch. She moved up his neck, and down over the tops of his shoulders, alternating her touch from a light caress to a firm massage. “Oooo…that feels good” Nate purred as she worked a kink out of his shoulder.”

“Hmmmppppfff…Some beast!” she teased. “More like a kitten!” She ran some light wavy scratches down his back and he groaned appreciatively. His groans turned to smothered laughter as she spread the lotion out to the sides, along his ribcage.

“Oh, you’re ticklish, are you?” Emma laughed as she took advantage of the situation and dug into his ribs to watch him squirm. “Good to know!”

“See, already I’ve learned something new about you” she whispered in his ear, as she reached around and slid her oiled hands over his chest, and pressed her own breasts into his back briefly.

“Learning where I’m ticklish isn’t exactly what I thought you had in mind” Nate quipped, and yet her statement reminded him of her earlier pledge to learn how to best please him, and he felt his cock stir.

“Well, you never know what may come in handy if I need you at my mercy, ready to do my bidding.” Emma gave his ribs one last tickle before slapping him playfully on the back.

“Huh…and here I thought you were a sweet innocent angel” Nate complained. “I’m beginning to wonder exactly what I’m getting myself into.”

“Oh, stop complaining, you love it and I know it!” She tapped his back between the shoulders again. “OK, you’re back is done, but I need to get the backs of your legs, and that cute butt of yours, too. Why don’t you lay down here?” she said, as she pushed his shoulders forward.

Nate did as she asked, stretching himself out lengthwise along the log, crossing his hands on top to pillow his head, with his legs trailing off either side, feet resting on the ground. He had to shift and roll a bit to one side to give his growing member some room, and he was glad for the thick towel covering the bark on the log. He tensed for a minute when he realized how vulnerable and exposed he must appear to Emma, who still straddled the log sitting between his legs. But then he remembered how much he was coming to love and trust her, and he felt a wave of pleasure that she wanted to see him this way. He closed his eyes, breathed in the warm jungle air, and listened to the birds and the rustling of leaves, and lost himself in these earthly gifts as he waited for her heavenly touch.

“My, my, what a gorgeous sight” Emma thought to her self as she scooted back a bit on the log so she could more easily reach the backs of his calves. She squirted a dollop of sunscreen in her palm and again warmed it with her breath, before beginning to spread it up the back of Nate’s right Escort Zonguldak calf. She watched the muscles in his buttocks tense when she first touched him, and heard his quick intake of breath, but otherwise he was silent. She carefully spread the lotion up the back of his leg, pressing firmly when she got to the back of his knee, not wanting to set off another round of tickles just now. Nate started to make small humming noises of pleasure as she continued with his left leg.

Emma reached for the bottle again, and this time she drizzled a long line of lotion from the back of Nate’s right knee to the top of his thigh, watching with fascination as goose bumps magically progressed along the same path. She did the same with the other leg, noticing his hips squirm a bit against the log as she did so, but if the cold lotion bothered him, this time he didn’t complain.

She took her time spreading the sunblock over the backs of his legs, one hand moving slowly up the back of each thigh, sliding from side to side in a wave pattern that headed towards the crease where his thighs met his buttocks. Because of the way Nate’s legs straddled the log, Emma was able to stroke the sensitive skin of his inner thighs with sweeping strokes of her thumbs. Nate shivered when he realized that her fingers were just millimeters away from the silky skin behind his balls. Suddenly his entire attention seemed to be focused on that one spot, and he felt his hips lift up towards her.

Emma smiled when she noticed the slight movement and the subtle change in Nate’s breathing pattern. She applied some more lotion to her hands, but kept them at her sides for the moment. She leaned forward and let her breasts fall against the backs of his legs as she kissed along the crease at the top of each thigh, starting at the outside and moving inward, stopping just short of that spot that held Nate’s attention. At the same time, she began to massage the lotion into his buttocks in firm circular strokes. Her left hand moved counter-clockwise and her right moved clockwise, so that with each sweep around, her hands spread his cheeks apart, exposing more of him briefly, before pushing them back together.

Nate let his breath hiss out through clenched teeth. “Geez, Em……” His voice trailed off into a soft moan as he enjoyed the sensations. With each circling of her hands, Emma now used her thumbs to slide up being his balls, over that smooth patch of skin and between his buttocks as her hands moved upwards before circling around again to the sides. With each pass, she noted the little hitch in his breath and the way his legs tensed and then relaxed again.

Sliding her hands along his hips, Emma bent further, and began to kiss the small of his back, moving downwards, inch by inch, until her lips caressed the back of his balls. This time Nate’s moan was more of a groan, and Emma’s hands tightened on his hips as she pulled him slightly towards her. She tongued each smooth orb within his sac, tugging at some of the loose skin with her lips, exploring the rough texture.

Nate had to lift his hips to make room for his swelling shaft, and that just encouraged Emma to explore further. She started to slide her tongue upwards.

“Emma….oh god…you shouldn’t….I mean you don’t have to…” His hands fell to the ground and he grabbed onto fistfuls of rich green jungle grass to steady himself.

“Ssssshhh,” Emma hushed him, before continuing what she started. A noise that sounded like a cross between a groan and a squeak escaped from Nate’s mouth when her tongue passed over his rosebud on its upward journey. At his reaction, Emma reversed direction, this time letting the tip of her tongue dwell on the crinkled opening, flicking around in slow circles. At the same time, she slid one hand between his thighs, and cupped his balls in her palm, with her thumb lightly stroking the smooth skin behind.

“Oh gosh, Em….you’re driving me insane!” Nate moaned and his hips began to rock instinctively against the log.

“Mmmm…Good!” she murmured against his ass. “That’s what I was striving for.” She swirled her tongue around his opening a few more times, pressing in gently, before rising and patting his ass affectionately.

“Time to get the other side, big boy. We wouldn’t want to forget the front and have you getting a sunburn”.

Nate slumped against the log weakly, so shaken was he with desire.

“Come on, lazy bones, roll over.” Emma tickled him in the ribs, causing him to bolt upright in laughter.

“OK, OK, I’m moving!” Nate cried in mock protest.

“See, I knew that new information would come in handy,” Emma chortled.

Nate lifted himself from the log and turned to face Emma before sitting back down facing her. She grinned when she saw his erection jutting up proudly from his lap.

He reached his hand behind her head, pulling her forward to kiss her passionately. After a minute of pure heaven, he pulled his mouth away but leaned his forehead against hers. “Emma….I….Emma…’re…” he fumbled, at a loss for words that would accurately capture what he was feeling.

“Ssssshhhh.” She hushed him again with a kiss, before breaking away and reaching for the bottle of sunscreen again. Unable to finish his sentence anyway, Nate complied.

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