Snorkeling Adventure Ch. 03

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Snorkeling Adventure Ch. 03 (Final Chapter)

Emma stirred within the tight circle of Nate’s arms, her breasts slippery with sunscreen and sweat against his bare chest. She kissed the corner of his mouth one last time before she peeled herself away from him.

“I don’t know if it’s the day heating up, or how hot you just made me, but I need a swim!” Emma grabbed Nate’s hand and tugged him back towards the snorkeling gear that they had dropped in the sand earlier. “What do you say we finally do some real snorkeling?”

Nate was eager to continue their mutual exploration, but he also realized that he would need a bit of time to recharge after his second intense orgasm in just a few hours. By his reckoning, they’d been dropped off at the deserted cove about five hours ago. They’d shucked their clothes within minutes of the little plane’s departure, and had spent about four of those hours either making love in the water or on the beach. And yet, it would be at least another six or seven hours before Hector returned with the floatplane to take them back to Cancun, so they still had lots of time to enjoy each other.

“Fantastic idea, Em!” He followed her to the pile of masks, fins and snorkels, and admired her shapely form as she bent over to pick out her gear. “I like the sights already” he smirked as he passed his hand over the smooth skin of her bottom.

“Nate!” she cried in mock exasperation. “This time we ARE going to see some sea life!” And with that, she looped the strap of a disposable underwater camera around her wrist, placed the mask around her neck and walked into the water to put on her fins.

“Yes ma’am, whatever you say.” Nate followed her into the water until they were both waist deep, and then he offered his arm to steady her as she leaned back and struggled into her fins. He grinned as the movements caused her ample breasts to jiggle and bob enticingly in the shallow water.

After winning the battle with her fins, Emma ducked her head back under the water, pushed her hair back, and eased the mask over eyes and nose. “Come on, buddy, hurry up!”

Nate tried to follow suit while Emma floated in the water beside him, floundering as he wiggled into the fins and falling back into the water. He came up sputtering and he coughed out some seawater. “Somehow I think there is a more graceful way of doing this!”

Emma pulled his hand so that he floated upright beside her and steadied him as he put on the fins. “Maybe…but it wouldn’t be as nearly as funny” she chuckled, as she brushed his lips with hers before popping her snorkel in her mouth. She paddled backwards, moving away from him into slightly deeper water, before flipping over onto her stomach and using long graceful strokes to swim towards an outcropping of coral where small waves were breaking.

Nate followed along behind her, content to watch her smooth legs kick in the water, and to catch glimpses of her naked breasts buoyed underneath her as she swam.

As they approached the first outcroppings of coral, Emma motioned towards the base of the rock where a quick flash of color disappeared almost as soon as he saw it. They hovered in the water, Nate’s right hand in Emma’s left, using their free hands to stabilize their position as they both peered below the surface, hoping for the fish to reappear. There was something very sensuous about floating side-by-side, naked, hand in hand, in the salt water, feeling the ebb and flow of small waves caressing their bodies.

Just as Nate turned to admire Emma’s graceful body again, he saw her eyes widen behind her mask and he followed her gaze to the group of brightly colored parrotfish that had made their way back around the coral. They watched for a while as the fish sifted through the bits of rubble in the sand, looking for tasty morsels to eat, and Emma extended the camera in front of her to snap a photo.

When they tired of the parrotfish, they began to swim across the deeper water to the shore along the east side of the cove. There was a noticeable difference in water temperature as a deep-water current moved through the bay. Emma felt her nipples tighten as the cooler water slid over her body, but the feeling only served to remind her of the pleasures Nate had given her earlier that morning as he had suckled her breasts, and she smiled around her snorkel.

Nate’s waving hand broke her out of her pleasant reverie and she directed her gaze to where he was pointing. Flashes of silver appeared in the water a hundred meters ahead of them, and they swam forward curiously. As they closed the distance, the flashes of light resolved into thousands of individual fish, about six or eight inches long. They both bobbed to the surface for a minute and removed their snorkels.

“What are they?” Emma asked. “There’s so many, I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“I think they’re sardines” Nate answered. “Let’s see if we can get closer.”

With that, they swam slowly towards the glistening mass of Yozgat Escort fish, and much to their surprise, the school didn’t flee but instead seemed to ooze and flow around them. After a few minutes, they were in the dead centre of the teaming globe of sardines, with thousands upon thousands of the small fish surrounding them. They stared in amazement for endless minutes, holding hands, watching the sun reflect off of the multitude of silver bodies, just as that same sun warmed their backs and bottoms as they floated on the surface. Again, Emma managed to take a few pictures, this time sneaking one of Nate hovering beside her when he wasn’t looking.

After a time, there was a shift in the movement of the sardines, and a wedge appeared in the wall of fish, almost as if someone had run a knife into the mass. They watched as the wall of fish parted before their eyes, and then Nate heard Emma yelp in fright as a torpedo-like mass moved through the opening….a barracuda, intent on a sardine lunch, had entered the school.

Emma flipped over and splashed back noisily, quickly putting distance between herself and the barracuda. When she was a safe distance away, she surfaced and spat out her snorkel. “Cripes, did you see the teeth on that thing!”

Nate chuckled. “What…that little fish?”

“Little? Are you nuts, it was like 5 feet long!” Emma huffed.

“Um…right…sure it was, Em!” Nate splashed towards the area where they had seen the school of sardines. “But don’t worry, I scared it away.” He used her fright as an excuse to circle his arms around her protectively, letting the sides of his arms brush against her breasts.

“Hmmmppfff.” Emma didn’t sound convinced. “Let’s get move back towards shore, away from that thing.” She shivered within his arms, and he felt goose bumps rise along her skin. He suddenly felt guilty for making fun of her fear, and he rubbed the goose bumps with his hands. “Sure thing, Emma. Let’s go over to those outcroppings over there,” he pointed, leading the way.

As they swam towards the shore, the sea bottom changed from rough coral to swaying short sea grass, bright green in the sunlight, and as a current of warmer water soothed their bodies, Emma began to relax. They paddled lazily together, looking from side to side, occasionally letting their strokes brush against the other’s body. Nate loved watching his hand glide up over Emma’s smooth buttocks, which looked tantalizingly silky and smooth in the fragmented sunlight that passed through the water’s surface. Emma would slow down every time he did this, allowing his hand to linger before sliding up her back in a soft caress.

The water here was just silty enough to cloud their long-distance vision slightly, and Nate saw Emma stiffen again in apprehension as a dark shape appeared in the water ahead of them. She moved closer to him as the shape came closer, but then smiled in delight as she identified the large round shell of a sea tortoise swimming towards them. She grabbed his hand and led him closer, and together they watched as the tortoise grazed through the sea grass, totally unconcerned with their presence.

They continued watching for about ten minutes, just hovering on the surface of the water. Eventually, though, they started to become chilled with inactivity, and after Emma took some pictures, they struck out for the coral along the shore. As the water became shallower, it also became even warmer, and they reveled in the way it felt against their bare skin.

The coral here was twisted and gnarled, providing the perfect home for hundreds of colorful little fish. They worked their way along the shore, taking turns pointing out each new discovery…a small black fish with electric blue dots and a yellow tail, schools of bright yellow and black striped fish, fan coral, sea urchins, and solitary angelfish.

Nate motioned Emma over to a wall of coral with particularly deep pockets, and he took her hand to draw her closer. A large flash of yellow within the coral had caught his attention, and he swam closer, almost pressing his face into the opening. Nate suddenly screamed around his snorkel and launched himself backwards, just as a large yellow moray eel, at least 5 feet long, barreled out of the opening. Nate, who had a strong aversion to anything resembling a snake, especially if it had rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth, almost yanked Emma’s arm out of the socket as he dragged her backwards.

They were halfway back to the beach before he slowed his pace, chest heaving. “Ohmygodohmygod” Nate muttered. “That was freaking awful!”

“What, that little thing?” Emma taunted, echoing his early words about the barracuda. “He was pretty. Come on, let’s go back, I want to get a picture.” She tugged on his hand playfully.

“Are you CRAZY? We aren’t going back there. Those things are dangerous!”

“Oh, he was probably more scared of you than you were of him.”

“I doubt that’s possible, honey.” Nate Yozgat Escort Bayan stiffened as a thought suddenly occurred to him and he looked down his naked body, flaccid penis swaying in the water. “Oh geez….what if he thought I was dangling bait?” He shuddered.

Emma bit back her laughter and wisely kept her retort to herself. “Come on, we should get out of the water for a bit anyway, we don’t want to burn our backs.”

Relieved, Nate led the way back to the shallows where they took off their gear before walking back up on shore. HE looped his arm around Emma’s waist and pulled her close to him. “Wow, this has been an amazing day, Emma. Full of fun and excitement!” His eyes sparkled.

Emma turned in his arms and brushed his lips with hers. “The day’s not done yet…I’m hoping for more fun and excitement” she mumbled against his mouth. The tone of her voice made Nate forget all about the eel and he felt a stirring within him. “Down boy!” he told himself. “We still have plenty of time!”

They returned to their blanket, pulling it into the shade, and Emma popped open the cooler, pulling out a bottle of water. She guzzled thirstily, some water spilling down her chin and splashing on her breasts. “Want some water?” Nate nodded, mesmerized by the drops trickling over her roundness.

“Nate?” Emma waggled the water bottle at him. “Want some water?” she repeated.

“Oh…um…yes…thank you!” Nate reluctantly dragged his eyes away from her chest and took the bottle from her, draining it dry. He put the empty bottle back in the cooler and snapped the lid shut. Turning back to Emma, he saw her sitting on the blanket gazing out to sea, a content smile on her face. Her long legs were stretched in front of her, arms extended behind her, propping her up, and he felt love and desire swell within his chest. She turned her gaze back to him, her smile broadening as she caught him looking at her. She let her eyes travel obviously over his body, before locking onto his eyes and silently urging him towards her.

But Nate had other ideas, and he suddenly rose and offered his hand to her. She looked at him quizzically, surprised that he had refused her silent invitation.

“Come on” he laughed. “We have more exploring to do!” He nodded towards a path that disappeared from the beach into the lush vegetation, and pulled her to her feet.

“Oh…um…OK. Let me find my sandals.” Emma quickly located them and strapped them on, and then reached for a bright flowered sarong, which she wrapped around her body and tied around her neck, creating an impromptu sundress. She pulled a bandana from her bag and used it to pull her damp hair away from her face.

“Oooo…neat trick!” Nate said with admiration as she tied the sarong, liking the way the fabric outlined the curves of her breasts and hips, and Emma smiled back shyly. He pulled on his own shorts, covering his obvious reaction to her, and then his sandals. As an afterthought, he grabbed a towel and put it across his shoulders, before taking Emma’s hand and leading her along the path.

They followed the twists and turns, and the air cooled off noticeably within the dense vegetation. Within just a few hundred feet from the beach, they heard the tantalizing sound of splashing water.

As they rounded the next bend, the jungle growth opened into a small clearing. Two tall trees with intertwined braches formed a canopy over the clearing, which was carpeted with lush soft grass. The clearing was buttressed on one side by a waterfall that tumbled to form a small pool before flowing off towards the beach.

“It’s so pretty!” Emma beamed, “just picture perfect.” Nate could only nod in agreement, as he began to form his own perfect picture in his mind. He drew Emma towards him, and held her face in his hands as he kissed her lips softly. Her eyes fluttered closed and she moaned against his mouth, deepening the kiss as she felt her body responding.

Much to her surprise, Nate broke the kiss and drew back from her slightly. She opened her eyes to find him staring intently into hers, searching for something. She looked back with unspoken curiosity.

Nate trailed a finger along her cheek. “Em….do you trust me?” She looked at him, bewildered, but nodded silently.

“Good girl.” Nate kissed her lips again before working the bandana loose from her hair. She watched as he shook it out, then folded it lengthwise several times. Comprehension began to dawn in her eyes as he reached back towards her and he placed the folded fabric over her eyes, tying it behind her head. She stiffened slightly, and then forced herself to take a deep breath, a mixture of apprehension and excitement beginning to course through her.

Nate took her hand, and led her partway across the clearing, before placing his hands on her shoulders and telling her to stand still. He trailed his fingers across her face and behind her neck as he kissed her nose and cheeks tenderly. She felt Escort Yozgat him work at the knot that tied her sarong, and then it slid from her body. She realized that once again, she was naked before him and she shivered in anticipation, but stood still, waiting breathlessly.

Nate dangled the silky fabric against her skin, dragging it upwards so that it lifted and tickled her breasts before pulling free. He then trailed it down one arm, causing another delightful shiver to pass through her. She felt the fabric begin to wind around her wrist as he twirled it, and her head snapped to attention as he raised her arm over her head. With his free hand, he raised her other arm, and she felt the silk wrap around that wrist too, binding them together.

With a slight upwards tug on her arms, Nate tied the loose end of the sarong to the branch overhead. Suddenly self-conscious and a little afraid, she broke her silence. “Nate! What are….”

“Ssshhhhhh” he interrupted her. “You trust me, right?”

She nodded, somewhat more hesitantly than before. He leaned forward and kissed her lips, before sliding his mouth to her ear and whispering “I want you, Em. I want to explore every delicious inch of you. You look absolutely beautiful.” A bolt of electricity shot from her nipples to her groin at his words.

Then suddenly he was gone from beside her, and Emma strained to hear him. “Nate? Nate!” A note of panic entered her voice.

“Ssshhhhh” he said soothingly. “Relax. I’m here for you.”

Emma felt a sudden trickle of cold water on her shoulder, sliding down her breast, and her nipple immediately tightened into a hard knot. Nate began to wash her with the damp towel. “It’s a fresh water stream” he whispered. “I thought I’d get the salt off of your skin.”

With that, he began to wash her methodically, starting from her face, and working his way down, leaving not an inch of skin untouched. He returned to the stream as needed to refresh the towel.

Emma stood quietly, her breath shallow as her body became hyper aware of his gentle touch and the soft roughness of the towel. Nate tenderly worked his way down the outside of each arm, and up the soft underside, trailing kisses as he did so.

After reaching her shoulders, Nate worked his way down her sternum, using soft teasing strokes from the centre of her chest out towards her nipples. He tugged on them gently through the fabric of the towel, and Emma moaned at this new feeling. He slid his tongue along the same path, circling each areola slowly before suckling the crinkled nipple into his mouth.

“Ohhhhh” Emma gasped, feeling her legs begin to quiver. She arched her back, trying to push her breasts towards him, but he pulled back and chuckled. “In time, my dear, in time.”

He worked his way down her abdomen with the towel, delving into her navel with his tongue before brushing against her mons. Emma’s hips began to rock and she tilted her pelvis towards him.

“Patience, sweetie!” Nate left to remoisten the towel while Emma’s head reeled with desire. When he returned, he pushed her feet apart slightly, and she squirmed as she felt a warm breeze pass between her thighs. Nate began washing from her ankles upwards, taking time to caress behind each knee before kissing his way up her thighs.

By now, Emma was gasping, aching for his touch. She arched her back and thrust her hips forward eagerly. She squeaked loudly when she felt his warm breath on her nether lips. With gentle fingers, he pulled her folds apart and just gazed at her womanhood, breathing in the scent of her and watching as her juices began to trickle from her. “God Emma, you’re so beautiful!” he sighed as his tongue reached forward, coming into contact with her clit. Emma swooned at the contact, and wiggled her hips.

Nate cleaned the salt from her folds with his tongue, working into every crevice, sliding his tongue deep into her center before stroking back up over her hood. Emma was panting now. “Please…Nate….please…”, but he merely chuckled at her frustration. He washed her clit with three broad strokes of his tongue before rising, causing her to moan out loud and to cast about for his touch, arching her body this way and that, trying to renew contact.

The sight of her writhing before him was so sensuous that for a moment Nate forgot to breathe. But his desire overcame him, and he quickly stripped off his shorts and relieved the pressure on his aching cock. Never had he been this aroused.

He walked softly behind Emma, who was straining to hear any evidence of his location, and he whispered softly into her ear as he slid his hands around her sides and over her breasts “Emma…you are the most incredible woman I’ve every known. I want you so badly!” She whimpered at his words, echoing his need.

He kissed the side of her neck as he pressed himself against her back, nestling his hard member against the soft cleft of her buttocks. Emma was nearly delirious with desire and she arched back against him, sliding her back against his chest. He tugged on her nipples as he wiggled against her, and incoherent sounds came from her lips.

Nate slid his hands down over her abdomen and across her hips, pulling her back into his groin, and it was his turn to moan.

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